config_WINDOW_BLOG_POST_IMAGEThis week we’re going to discuss Windows in crystals. A Window crystal is a crystal with an extra diamond-shaped facet. To determine if you have a window, you count the faces. Here is a description of how to do this from my book (Understanding the Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers):

Start counting faces by putting your finger on the main face and count until you make your way back around to the face under your finger. If you count more than six faces in the termination, then you have a Window (or more than one Window depending on the number of faces over six). If, when you count your faces, there are only six, then none of them is a Window.

Many times a face will have the appearance of a Window (for example, it may seem to be diamond-shaped or even appear to be “floating” between a side and the termination) but don’t let this mislead you. Always begin by counting faces, and if there are only six, it is not a Window.

When you discover that you do indeed have more than six faces, in order to determine which ones are the extra faces, (Windows), start at the top of each side of the crystal and find its corresponding face, or roof. When you find the two adjacent sides which each appears to have two roofs; then the roof which they both share is the Window.

This can be confusing, initially, but it will get easier with practice. The “rule” for intact crystals (meaning no Imprints or partial points) is to count faces. Remember, if there are only six faces, no matter how convincing it is, you don’t have a Window. Here’s a cool hint: if you have a partial point, you can still determine a Window by looking for two adjacent sides (walls) which share a face (roof).

Windows are also called “Time Links”. A Window with an upright diamond (points oriented to north, south, east and west) is simply called a “Window”. If the diamond (now a parallelogram) is squished sideways and leaning to the right, it is called a Right Activation Window, or Time Link to the Future. If it is squished sideways and leaning left, it is called a Left Activation Window or Time Link to the Past (we’ll talk about “leaning” windows next week).

window_drawingIn this blog post we’ll just talk about WINDOWS (upright Time Links).

Windows are upright, traditionally shaped diamonds. Ideally, the diamond-shaped window face would be large, but this is not always the case. Small windows can be just as important as large windows. If you were taped into a cardboard box, and the only “window” was a hole made by puncturing the side with a pencil, that small window still allows you to see out (or in, if you are outside), so, still important!

If you determine that you DO have more than six facets, then one of them is a window. Now you need to determine which one is the window. This will require we revisit the description of the parts of a crystal. Here’s a picture to help in the description:


In this instance, we will be focusing on the SIDES and the FACETS or FACES.

sides and faces

A typical, intact quartz crystal will always have six sides and six facets/faces. If you imagine the sides as “walls” and the facets as “roofs”, each side (wall) will have a corresponding facet (roof).

In the drawing to the left, you can see that each side (wall) has a corresponding facet (roof). If we could turn the crystal, you would find 6 sides and 6 facets, each side topped with a corresponding facet (or face).

The quickest way to determine whether you have a window is to look at the terminating end of the crystal and count faces or facets. If the crystal is intact, and there are 6 facets, you don’t need to proceed, you don’t have a Window.

If the crystal isn’t intact or you just want practice counting, keep your finger on the side you begin with so you don’t circle twice. After picking a side, locate the top end of the side (which is also the bottom of the facet which tops it), and work your way up the facet toward the tip. If there are 6 sides and 6 corresponding faces, none of the facets are windows.

sides and facesNot all crystals will be uniform like the first illustration. That is a generator, and each facet is the same size and each facet meets at the tip or termination which makes the counting easy. In a less uniform crystal like the drawing to the right,  you will notice that not all faces reach the tip. That’s OK and it is quite common. Generally any face that reaches toward the tip and has a side for its bottom is one of the six faces. A small facet like in the drawing to the right often tricks people into thinking they have a window when they don’t. It’s important to locate all the facets and determine if there are more than 6 before you decide it is a window.

sides and faces and a windowIf a facet seems to be trapped between two faces and two sides, it is a Window.

Another way to determine which is the Window is: if two adjacent sides (walls) each have their own facet (roof) and they also share a facet (roof), then the shared facet (roof) is the Window.

Of course, as with all crystals, you will find what seem to be exceptions to this, (especially on some of the more difficult crystals to read). It may take some practice to master this skill.

It IS possible for a crystal to have a Window (diamond shape) and also a Left Activation and Right Activation Window all in the same point! I have also seen two large diamond shaped (upright Windows) on one point. Counting facets and corresponding sides is key.

window/time links

Now that you know how to determine if you have a Window crystal or not, how might you work with their unique energy?

Window crystals can be good for scrying if they are large enough, and accessing other realms, as well as accessing our own soul (window to the soul).

As with most of the metaphysical descriptions of crystals, apply the common sense description of the name (in this case “window”) and ask yourself the question, “what are windows good for?” Thinking of traditional windows, answer the question.

  • Windows provide extra light in a room (shine a light on something which might be obscured in darkness).
  • Windows allow us to see out if we are feeling boxed in.
  • We might also climb OUT of a window to explore what is outside or climb IN a window to further explore the inside.
  • We might gaze out a window if we are daydreaming, and visualize a different scenario than we are currently experiencing. For example, sitting in a classroom, taking a test, we gaze out the window and see the playground. This causes us to think about recess and playing with our friends. We experience the sensations of playing so we are transported to that different time (either past memories OR future fantasies); hence the descriptor: “Time Link”. Recall the feeling of being disconnected from this Time Link when the teacher taps on your desk to remind you how powerful a time link sensation can be!
  • Windows provide a view of something outside (ourselves), and they also provide a view of things inside (ourselves) (for example “windows to our soul”).
  • Windows are portals, linking this reality (the world inside of our house/our selves) to another reality (the world outside of our house/our selves).

Think of other ways you use actual windows and apply that to windows in crystals. To work with your window crystal, you might meditate and work with these different applications. You might use window crystals in a grid or carry a window crystal in a pocket to remind you of the additional view it affords you. If you have other ways you have found window crystals to be useful, please share in the comments below!

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion of Window crystals! Next week we will review the ways to determine if you have a window and we will apply that to Right and Left Activation Windows and discuss how the energy is tweaked a little bit in these specialty windows.

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CHANNELER or CHANNELING CRYSTAL (To access higher wisdom, guides, other-world beings)  purchase CHANNELER crystal    read blog post

BRIDGE or INNER CHILD CRYSTAL (To help Bridge between worlds or help to access your innermost self)  purchase BRIDGE or purchase INNER CHILD    read blog post

BARNACLE QUARTZ CRYSTAL (Wise energy; ‘new souls’ attracted to ‘old soul’ energy)  purchase BARNACLE    read blog post

See you next week for Left and Right Activation Window crystals.

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  1. Future time link quartz is also a communication device, When you stand out side and grasp it with your left hand and communicate with your third eye to the universarse.You will get a response back, when you communicate.

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