TRIGONIC RECORD KEEPER – Soul Retrieval, Transitions and Knowledge

trigonic-record-keepersThis week we are going to discuss Trigonic Record Keepers. First, we need to know what they look like. How do they differ physically from what we learned in an earlier Blog Post about traditional Record Keepers?


A Trigonic Record Keeper (sometimes called Trigon) is an upside-down Record Keeper that you can easily feel and see. Traditional Record Keepers are little triangles which point up, like a teepee or pyramid. Trigonic Record Keepers point down and seem to be “cut” into the surface (meaning you can easily see and feel them). They are like tiny Keys, actually, except that they are shaped like a Record Keeper (triangle) with the flat “bottom” of the triangle at the top, and the point facing down.

Here’s a comparison of some of the  features in a Record Keeper versus a Trigonic Record Keeper:

Trigonic-Record-Keeper-vs-regular-Record-KeeperRECORD KEEPERS

  1. surface features which you usually can’t feel and are only apparent when lighted properly.
  2. May be equilateral triangles or have curved edges
  3. appear point up
  4. comparable to opening a book


  1. appear to be cut into the surface and can be easily seen and felt
  2. may appear to be beveled if larger
  3. appear point down
  4. comparable to accessing a library

Like traditional Record Keepers, sometimes Trigonics are tiny, sometimes larger. When they are large, sometimes they appear to be beveled. And unlike traditional Record Keepers which normally only appear on faces, Trigonic Record Keepers may appear on the face, side or base of a crystal. They are fairly rare.


Lots of times Gas Phantoms have Trigonic Record Keepers in the Etching which is characteristic to them. Here is a picture of an Etched and layered Gas Phantom with Trigonic Record Keepers in the etching (there are too many to label):


Here is another picture of a crystal with lots of Trigonic Record Keepers, see if you can spot them all in the picture to the left and then check the picture to the right to see how you did.

lots of trigonic record keepers

Here is a picture of a large Trigonic Record Keeper in an old, Smoky Tibetan crystal that shows the beveling really well:


And a picture of a crystal with both small and large Trigonic Record Keepers:


Next, I wanted to talk about what kind of energy Trigonic Record Keepers have specifically. But first, I want to revisit Record Keepers (and accessing their unique knowledge) in general.


I have (and I assume you have, as well) read about Record Keepers or Recorders in various places over the years, stated in various ways, but the gist is that Record Keepers were placed on crystals as time capsules of a sort by people (possibly in Atlantis, Lemuria etc) with specific information for future generations (more specifically, certain people) to access.

I agree with this thought, in part. I’m not a firm believer that there is some hidden knowledge in these Record Keeper structures that is accessible to only a few with the magic key to open them. I believe when we see them, we are drawn to look deeper, work more closely, connect on a deeper level with the Crystal People in general. That there IS a “hidden gem” in the crystal with a Record Keeper and it is a reminder to go the extra mile.

I DO think they have a special energy about them and I definitely think the Record Keepers are super special. Possibly it is in the seeing of these Record Keepers that somehow unlocks the knowledge that is already within us? I go much more in depth on this subject of accessing special or hidden knowledge in my past post on Record Keepers, you can find it here.

Bottom line, I don’t think that the mere presence of a Record Keeper (or any other configuration) automatically allows a person to magically access this information without work on their part. Crystals don’t work that way. They are here to HELP US, but not to DO IT FOR US. It’s a big difference that I think many people miss. The whole reason for us to be here (on the Earth plane, in physical incarnation) is to experience and grow, learn and experiment. The Crystal People aren’t going to jump in and fix things for us any more than our Angels or Spirit Guides would.


trigonic_record_keeperSo to return to our previous thought; what kind of energy presents in Trigonic Record Keepers and how might we work with them?

Trigonic Record Keepers have an interesting and unique energy. I think they feel like a traditional Record Keeper on steroids. The energy of a traditional Record Keeper is one of a quiet exciting knowledge or information held within the crystal itself and Trigonic Record Keepers feel more like a doorway to endless information. As mentioned in the previous list, accessing the knowledge of a traditional Record Keeper would be like opening a book; while that of a Trigonic Record Keeper would be comparable to walking into a library.

To access the knowledge of Trigonic Record Keeper crystals takes time and patience. They are crystals of transition, are good for soul retrieval and can work as a key to the future. They are rare, special and have tremendous potential and exciting energy.

If a Trigonic Record Keeper has blessed you by entering your life, get to know it. Talk with it. Meditate with it. Make friends. Spend time. Ask. I believe it will be unique to each of us how we access or work with them. They are rare, special and have tremendous potential and exciting energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion on Trigonic Record Keepers. Next week we’ll discuss Windows in crystals!

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DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTALS (Useful in any application in which you want the energy to flow in both directions) purchase DOUBLE TERMINATED crystal    read blog post

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CURVED CRYSTAL (To assist with flexibility “go with the flow” or to cleanse or brush your aura)  purchase CURVED crystal    read blog post

CLUSTER CRYSTAL (Raise the vibration in an environment or to assist with group dynamics)  purchase crystal CLUSTER    read blog post

CATHEDRAL or LIGHTBRARY CRYSTAL (Raise your vibrational frequency or access Akashic Records)  purchase CATHEDRAL or LIGHTBRARY crystal    read blog post

CHANNELER or CHANNELING CRYSTAL (To access higher wisdom, guides, other-world beings)  purchase CHANNELER crystal    read blog post

BRIDGE or INNER CHILD CRYSTAL (To help Bridge between worlds or help to access your innermost self)  purchase BRIDGE or purchase INNER CHILD    read blog post

BARNACLE QUARTZ CRYSTAL (Wise energy; ‘new souls’ attracted to ‘old soul’ energy)  purchase BARNACLE    read blog post

See you next week for Window crystals.

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