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Hello all! I have been ruminating on the upcoming total solar eclipse. It is sure to mean a lot to the United States since it is going right across us (time to step out of our shadow, right, U.S.?), but also certainly important globally. This post has been shifting and squirming in my mind for several days and it is finally deciding it is time to be born into the light… (pun intended)… I don’t know about you, but I have been having some trouble putting my thoughts into words lately. My thoughts are so much bigger than my words that I get tripped up and end up remaining silent instead, since the words just aren’t adequate.

Typically I tend not to say much politically, mainly because there is SO much going on, (not just here, but all over the world) that one couldn’t possibly mention it all… and it all needs mentioning. So much pain and strife, so much suffering, so many dynamics at play. Here in the US we are (still) having a time with hate and bigotry and so much more unspeakable awfulness (the United States has a long history of awfulness). Today in Hot Springs Arkansas, they are having a “gathering” of the KKK and others who were present in Charlottesville Virginia to protest the removal of statues commemorating the confederacy, erected mostly during the times of the Civil Rights Movements. Sending prayers for a peaceful demonstration in Hot Springs today.

Without getting into all of it in detail, suffice it to say that the pain we are seeing, that touches us and our loved ones, that makes us sick in our soul to even think about, much less to experience… all has a purpose and meaning on our paths.

The eclipse is a reminder that all of this pain and discord that we see… all of it… IS us. It is me, and it is you. It isn’t “other”. It isn’t “them”, or “those people over there”. IT IS US. Let that soak in for a minute.

It. Is. Us.

Maybe, since the path of totality of the eclipse is touching all of the United States (U.S.), this is the Universe’s way of giving us a heads up and a reminder that it is US. It is our shadow and must be seen, felt, embraced and released.

My knee-jerk reaction to all of these horrors happening in the world is to scream: “This is not me! I am not this hate and divisiveness, this pain and suffering. This pushing back and snatching and grabbing and yelling, ‘mine!’ This killing, blame and bigotry!” But truth is, it IS me. We are all one. So I AM the “good” AND the “bad”. So what does this mean? I must work to lovingly embrace this shadow side of myself so that it may be more easily released. I must acknowledge it so it may stop screaming for attention.

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So in light of this rumination, my plans for the eclipse have morphed as I read and learn and study, as I ask for and receive guidance. I have watched my plans go from outer, to inner. In my plans, I see a pulling in, physically, and ultimately spiritually. To explain this, initially, I was going to go out and “watch”. We planned to travel 7 hours to central Missouri to be closer to the path of totality. Then we scaled our plans back and decided to go an hour north and watch with family in Northwest Arkansas. Today I have scaled back even more, and have decided that Monday will instead be a day for INNER contemplation. I’m not sure if I will even go outside. Certainly I won’t be looking at the sun. In reading the shifting of my plans you can see the act of pulling in!

I am viewing this eclipse now as a time for embracing my shadow, my neighbor’s shadow, the world’s shadow. My day will be spent in prayer, in meditation. I will spend the time leading up to and during the actual eclipse embracing the shadow, seeing it as myself and my hidden thoughts and negativities, and then I will see the light, the love and goodness returning to us. Instead of going outside and watching the moon overtake the sun, I plan to be inside, fully expressing, loving, embracing and releasing the shadow, followed by visualizing and envisioning the LIGHT (aka goodness, hope, and LOVE) bursting out.

The Crystal People have been and are working on our behalf, raising vibrations and assisting humanity and the planet. I will be joining them in my meditations Monday. I am sure they will be joining in with us. Be aware of your Crystal Friends. Include them in your thoughts. Thank them for their tireless service!

I have been reading some excellent articles, and I encourage you to follow the links below and read them as well, they may be of benefit. The first is an excerpt written by Sam Littlefair in Two Practices for Times of Tragedy. This article outlines teachings from Tibetan Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön and Zen teacher Bernie Glassman:

Times are difficult globally,” explains Pema. “Awakening is no longer a luxury or an ideal. It’s becoming critical.” Bernie sees practice in a similar light, saying we can use meditation to “get involved in the healing of the earth, in the making whole of the human race.”


The next excerpt is from Everything We Do Matters, But Two Things Are Critical, by Zen teacher and Unitarian Universalist minister James Ishmael regarding the recent events in Charlottesville VA but which applies to cruelties all over the world:

Yes, these are dangerous, dangerous times. There’s a temptation to join those who would just burn it down, hoping that maybe something good might rise from the ashes. But what rises from ashes is usually just dust, and bones, and more ash. We have the capacity to do better.

“We have met the enemy, and he is us. We have met the friend, and he is us. That is the secret that will win the ultimate victory, if anything will. And this is our way. Looking inward, and reaching out a hand and acting. Heart with heart, and hand in hand, we will build a community of hope and possibility.”

We are born out of each other and this world. We live among all things as part, fully a part, with no extra part not of it. And when we fall, we fall together. Intimate.


In conclusion, there are many many people planing global meditations on this day, Monday August 21st, 2017, and as Lightworkers, it is our honor and duty to join in, in whatever way we can. I can’t encourage your participation enough. A quote from the Global Unity Peace Meditation:

By reaching a critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.


PS if you need “proof” that the Universe is behind us on this, my eye was drawn to when the last revision of this post was made, which was a completely “random” clicking of the “save draft” button: REVISIONS: Genn, 1 min ago (August 19, 2017 @ 11:11:11)

WOW. We can do this. See you on the other side!


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