SELF HEALED CRYSTALS – Healing with Persistence and Determination

This week we’re going to talk about Self Healed crystals. Self-Healed crystals are crystals that have been broken from the matrix and started to re-seal their broken ends with new growth. How might this happen and what is the matrix? All crystals which aren’t Double Terminated start out on a cluster (the porcupine looking masses of crystals). These clusters grow along veins. When the earth moves and shifts, individual points or sometimes clumps of points break off. The broken ends of these crystals (and also the space where they came off the cluster) will often continue to grow, or “self-heal”.

A Self-Healed crystal looks like it has scales or triangular layers which vary from very teeny almost imperceptible scales to large triangular layers. Self healing can be present on the bottom, sides or even tip of a point or cluster. Self-Healed points also present as crystals that were broken in half but sort of “glued” back together with new growth. I intentionally made these pictures large because the detail in some Self Healed crystals can be hard to see. I apologize if it is taking time to download.

Here is an example of a Self Healed side, zoomed in:


And here is an example of a Self Healed base, zoomed in:


Here’s what Self Healing looks like in the very beginning stages. As you can see, in order to see the features, you need to tilt the crystal toward the light, just as you do when trying to see Record Keepers or any other surface feature.


Here’s the next stage with a little bit more scale-like layers:


Here are some examples of what I call “heavily” Self Healed:


And here is a crystal with a smooth large layered presentation of Self Healing. These can sometimes look like Double Terminated points:


As I mentioned earlier, crystals may break in half with Earth movement or may even split in movement that is twisting in nature. Here are some examples of crystals which have self healed their body (not just their base):


A lot of times the broken crystal will get sediment in the crack which is subsequently grown into the point (the orange hue in the crystal in the upper left), or it may have clay in the cracks which you can get out with a fine pick or tool (such as the crystal top right or middle bottom).

Here is an example of a crystal in which the sides are Self Healed, this is leaning toward an Elestiated definition.


Here are some more presentations of self healed bases:


And we’ll end the pictures with a very heavily self healed crystal which really broke into a lot of pieces but was able to stitch itself back together:


Which leads me to how we might work with Self Healed crystals. As you might imagine, Self-healed crystals are good for healing. They have a healing energy because they have been through traumas and kept right on growing in a new way. They are helpful to our own healing journey to use the crystal as an example of how it is possible to heal ourselves. It may take a long time, it may be a very slow process, but every day, we are adding a layer of healing to our wounds. Some crystals have been broken, healed, re-broken and healed again. They keep on healing the breaks. They are not quitters! Very often internal fracturing causes Rainbows, which reminds us that our wounds also bring beauty and depth which might not have been there if we hadn’t experienced the injury (whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual). Self Healed crystals have sturdy, optimistic persistent energy.

I’m sure the question will arise (as it has in the past) whether crystals are able to self heal once they are out of the Earth. Geologists would tell you that no, it is impossible for crystals to change once they are out of the environment  in which they grow. However, I have had people over the years tell me that crystals which live with them have indeed changed and healed areas which were not previously healed. I can’t say that I have noticed this happening with any of my crystals, but that doesn’t mean I discount the experience which others’ swear to. I tend to think that perhaps the person has become more in tune with the subtle nuance of their crystal friends and notice what they may not have been able to notice before.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion of Self Healed crystals. Next week we’ll talk about Sheet crystals.

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See you next week for Sheet crystals.

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