SCEPTER – Give Courage to Take Action

scepterBLOG-IMAGEThis week we’re going to talk about Scepter crystals. I’ve never dug a Scepter crystal in Arkansas, but I have some that are Tibetan. All the pictures of the Scepter crystals in this blog post are Tibetan. Since I didn’t have any really excellent pictures, I included a drawing (see image, left) I did of a scepter crystal for my upcoming book.

So, as you might have guessed, Scepter crystals are crystals which have a scepter shape. We don’t have a lot of cause to see scepters this day and age, so as a reminder, a scepter is the long staff that is usually topped with jewels and ornamentation which Kings and queens carry. They are symbolic of their rule, power and sovereignty. If a person was unsure which of the people in a line-up had the most power, they would simply look for the person wielding the scepter and they would have their answer. A Scepter crystal looks like a king’s scepter in that there is a central “rod” which appears to be topped or capped with another crystal (the ornamentation).

The key feature to look for in a Scepter crystal is what I would call the top of the “neck”. This is the little ledge of facets at the bottom of the “capping” crystal where it attaches to the “rod” part of the crystal. Following is a diagram. The image is of two photographs of the same crystal. I have shaded in the ledge (neck) and outlined the edges on the image to the right.


Following is a photograph of a small group of Scepter crystals. I have drawn arrows pointing to the ledge of facets. As you can see, some of the “rod” parts of the crystals can be rather thick. They don’t always have the thinner “rod” like you imagine a textbook perfect Scepter crystal to have.

scepter crystals

Following is another picture of three more Scepters to show you that they really do come in many different shapes and sizes. If you notice, however, there is always the bottom row of facets in the neck area (maybe it is actually the chin and jowls area, the rod is more like the neck). Anyway, you can see what I mean below. Also notice that the bases also vary. In this picture, the first is double terminated, the second is double terminated as well, but tapers off narrowly similar to an upside down Laser Wand, and the third has a base which is broken off.

scepter crystals

Some Scepter crystals might also be described as partial Scepters. The crystal to the right in the above picture is a partial Scepter. This means that the “capping” crystal merges with the “rod” crystal in some areas and doesn’t have the faceted shelf all the way around. Below are some pictures to illustrate. I have shaded in the shelf areas, you can see where they don’t go all the way around, making them only partial Scepters.


So, now that we know what a Scepter crystal looks like and how to identify one if we saw it, how might one work with a Scepter crystal and what kind of energy do they present? Many people believe (of which I am one) that we are all Gods and Goddesses, and that we each have an inner-how would you put it- inner regal part, or True Self. Borrowing a paragraph from Wikipedia, “Higher self is a term associated with multiple belief systems, but its basic premise describes an eternal, omnipotent, conscious, and intelligent being, who is one’s real self.”  It is that piece of us which is untouched by our human path and reminds us of who we are and from where we come. Just like wielding the scepter as King or Queen, the Scepter crystal helps to remind us of who we are, why we are here, and helps establish a firm connection to the “True Self”. Because they are associated with power and regal authority, they give us courage to take action.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about Scepter crystals. Next week we’ll discuss Transmitters!

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DRUSY (To assist with ideas or thought forms ready to spring forth and grow such as thoughts or dreams, desires or wishes.) purchase DRUSY    read blog post

DOW or TRANS-CHANNELER CRYSTALS (For divine balance, and a connection with the self and Universal Truth.) Note: Dow crystals are rare, and I don’t always have very many of them. Sometimes the ones I have are Dow by count (7-3-7-3-7-3) but have one large 7-sided face (present as a Channeler) or two large 7-sided faces and one small 7 (present as a Transmitter). If you order one, I will let you know at time of purchase what I have available.  purchase DOW or TRANS-CHANNELER crystal     read blog post

DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTALS (Useful in any application in which you want the energy to flow in both directions) purchase DOUBLE TERMINATED crystal    read blog post

DOLPHIN CRYSTAL (To encourage teaching in a loving, fun, joyful way, or alternately, to assist one to enjoy learning) purchase Dolphin crystal   read blog post

CURVED CRYSTAL (To assist with flexibility “go with the flow” or to cleanse or brush your aura)  purchase CURVED crystal    read blog post

CLUSTER CRYSTAL (Raise the vibration in an environment or to assist with group dynamics)  purchase crystal CLUSTER    read blog post

CATHEDRAL or LIGHTBRARY CRYSTAL (Raise your vibrational frequency or access Akashic Records)  purchase CATHEDRAL or LIGHTBRARY crystal    read blog post

CHANNELER or CHANNELING CRYSTAL (To access higher wisdom, guides, other-world beings)  purchase CHANNELER crystal    read blog post

BRIDGE or INNER CHILD CRYSTAL (To help Bridge between worlds or help to access your innermost self)  purchase BRIDGE or purchase INNER CHILD    read blog post

BARNACLE QUARTZ CRYSTAL (Wise energy; ‘new souls’ attracted to ‘old soul’ energy)  purchase BARNACLE    read blog post

See you next week for Transmitter quartz crystals.

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  1. Hello Beautiful Being of Light:

    I had a vision of sitting on a large square crystal arm chair holding a crystal scepter, like a staff with a round crystal surrounded in gold at the top.

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