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charging_crystalThis week, the “planned” post was going to be about crystals with Inclusions. As you might have already figured out, this isn’t that post.

In the last few weeks, we have been winding up the talk on the individual configurations and their metaphysical meanings. Which (if you’ve noticed) is the reason the past few posts have been out of alphabetical order (I am picking up crystals I didn’t cover for one reason or another). However, there are three reasons I decided to revisit charging crystals this week, instead: #1 my mind has been on the Moon phase (more than usual) lately, #2 the Full Moon is coming up, and #3 a friend asked a question about charging.

To address the first reason, this year, the New Moon and my 50th birthday “happen” to fall on the same day (this is no accident, I am sure). This realization brought my attention to the Moon phase in general and of course, birthdays. Birthdays tend to be a time when we look back over the previous years, and at the same time, ahead to the upcoming. In most cases, when I mention my impending birthday, there is a common thread I have heard, from both friends and strangers alike, regarding their 50th. The gist of the statement is: “I never expected I would even make it to fifty! But here I am, well past!” I presume that in most cases the people saying this didn’t expect they would die before reaching 50, but more that they never could envision themselves getting “old“. (Is 50 old? “Old” seems to incrementally move away from my current age like the watery oasis approached in TV deserts…)

In my case, however, reaching the “50” milestone is something I certainly hoped for but didn’t really expect. For those of you who don’t yet know my history, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 27. More times than one, the doctors almost succeeded in killing me along with the cancer. Thank the Moon and stars, luckily, I am here to tell the tale. What a wonderful and synchronistic way to start this new beginning (reaching the 50 milestone) with the energy of new beginnings (the New Moon).

As for reason number two, when visiting the subject of Moon energies on my upcoming birthday, it led me to realize that the Full Moon is coming up in a day or two, and the Full Moon is a great time to charge your crystals. That helped me to decide to postpone the discussion on Inclusions and to revisit the subject of charging crystal.

Before we get to reason three, (the question), let’s review what charging is.

charging quartz crystal in full moonSometimes it is easy to get terms crisscrossed when talking about crystals, and the terms “charging”, “clearing” and “cleansing” are often misunderstood (the three “C’s!). To easily remember what charging is, charging a crystal is similar to charging the crystals’ “battery”. There are different ways you may charge a crystal, but they do like to be charged by the energy of the Moon. Compare charging to giving your crystal a vacation from work to rest and rejuvenate.

As a side note, because I think some people may wonder, there are reasons you might choose to charge a crystal during the energy of a New Moon. Depending on your intent, you would need to pay attention to and use the phases of the Moon differently when charging your crystal, but only if you are pairing charging with programming. For instance, you would use the energy of a New Moon for crystals you are programming with subjects of increase or new beginnings (eg: financial abundance or new relationships). The energy of the Full Moon, for crystals programmed with intent for decrease or endings (eg: weight loss or stopping an addiction). Remember, this reference to different Moon phases regarding charging is only true for crystals which you are charging and pairing with specific programming; meaning it will lend energy to your programming if you charge and program in the Moon phase which corresponds to the intent of your program. (And if this brings up a question, no, it doesn’t hurt to charge a crystal in the Full Moon which holds a program dedicated to something related to New Moon energies. However, if you are working with a crystal which is programmed specifically, it is wise to revisit your program monthly and recharge and reinforce the program during the specific Moon phase). This may seem confusing, so I will write another post dedicated to just programming soon.

The bottom line is this: For the purpose of charging in general, the re-charging, restful, rejuvenating type of charging, Full Moon energy is preferred. This is the time the lunar energies are at their fullest.

You may wonder then, if the Moon is the only energy one should use when charging. A person might just as easily choose to charge their crystal in the energy of the Sun, as crystals like the energy of sunlight as well. However, there are a few reasons why you should probably choose the Moon’s energy over the Sun’s. First, sunlight can fade some crystals. You don’t have to worry about this with clear crystal of course, but amethyst and other colored stones will fade to clear if left in too much sunlight (even if it is indirect sunlight coming in from a window). Another reason you might choose the Moon’s energy is that you can’t always depend on the Sun being visible on any given day (meaning it might be cloudy or rainy). However, the Moon is full every 28 days like clockwork. This makes scheduling charging easier and puts remembering to do it regularly on a naturally built in timetable.

How do you go about charging if you have a LOT of crystals!!? If you are like me, (and if you are reading this blog post, most likely you are), then you may have far too many crystals to carry them all outside. That’s what we are going to address in this post; and this leads me seemlessly to number three, the question. Basically, my friend’s question was this:

What do we need to do in order to charge our crystals, and what if, logistically, we aren’t able to put them all outside (either due to the number of crystals, or the inability to find a safe place outside in which to leave them)?

Since I have already posted about charging crystals in my words, for the answer to this question, I went to my crystal guide, Venus, to see if she could ‘shed a new light‘ on this subject. As one might expect, I much prefer her description to mine! So, without further ado, here is Venus’s answer:

“You don’t have to move everybody out into the sunlight or moonlight. Sometimes you live where you can’t physically do this, and sometimes you have too many crystals. There are many many reasons why one might not be able to do this. The IMPORTANT thing in charging your crystals is that, #1 you are aware that they need charging (both your INTENTION and ATTENTION is on their well being) and, #2 that you haven’t forgotten to think of them.

At the point you realize they need charging (when you would put them out in the energies of nature if you could), then simply request that the energies of nature come inside. You know that the Full Moon energies affect you, even when you aren’t in the moonlight… (or a sunny day even if you are inside all day long…) as does the pull of the tide when the view of the Moon is hidden from it on the other side of the planet.

Your roofs and walls are no match for the energy of the Moon and Sun. But just as they are no match, you also construct them as a shield of sorts, against the weather, but also, believe it or not, against certain energies. So by requesting that the sunlight or moonlight come in and recharge your stones, you are in essence breaking the shield you have created, but in a safe way, as you are opening to the energies of the Moon and Sun, but not opening to any and all energies present. Does this make sense?

So to summarize, it is important to be mindful of the needs of your Crystal Friends, and then with intention, request that the Moon, Sun and Nature recharge us with positive intent.”

I think this is brilliant and I am so glad that Venus explained how to deal with charging our crystals without the worry of physical placement. So, on this Full Moon, (and on the upcoming Full Moons as well), connect with all your crystals, on the shelves and in the drawers, the crystals living inside and the crystals living outside, lining walks and living in gardens. Connect with your intention and your attention and request the energy of the Full Moon penetrate your shield and fill your crystal friends with renewed energy. While you’re at it, thank them for their continued service and love.

Perhaps next week we’ll cover programming while it is fresh on our minds. See you then!

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