2018 Ozark Research Institute’s Dowsing & Alternative Healing Convention

This is a friendly reminder that the convention is this weekend. There are speakers scheduled throughout the weekend and there is a vendor’s area open to the public with all sorts of awesome offerings.

If you can’t make it to the workshops, the vending area is free to visit anytime during the weekend. Everyone who is speaking will also have a table in the vending area where they will be offering goods and/or services.

Arkansas Crystal Works’ Booth

I’ll be doing in-person Ask Genn crystal readings. This is a great offering which you should take advantage of! It’s like a tarot reading via living crystal. Fun!

I have lots of really nice crystal points and clusters ready for adoption. Of course, I will have books and coloring books available as well.

Something NEW !

For something extra, I will be featuring something new and exciting also! Handcrafted, lighted crystal display boxes.

This is a project my partner and I dreamed up and since she is a brilliant wood worker, she was able to create them! We’ve had ours running nearly non-stop since she created it. The purpose is to illuminate your quartz crystals on these custom boxes simply for the beauty, for collecting, for the healing energy they emanate or for all of the above (and more).

These beautiful crystal boxes have a LED light inside that has 16 colors and a remote control. When turned on, the crystal gives off a luminous glow. Rainbows and inclusions become more pronounced.

This is truly a beautiful way to display a crystal and to experience the healing energy emanating from it. We’ve had the project ready to go for months but I have been having issues photographing to my satisfaction. I was guided to quit being such a perfectionist and post them already. They will be available for the first time at the convention. Be the first to get one!

handcrafted lighted crystal display box

What is the Schedule?

The vending area will be open from 9am  to 7pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday and 9 to 5 on Monday.

Following is a schedule of speakers for the entire weekend. For more information on prices and more information on each speaker, a synopsis of their workshop and their bios, check them out on the Ozark Research Institute website at this link. Here is the schedule:

Ozark Research Institute schedule of speakers FRIDAY April 13th 2018

Ozark Research Institute schedule of speakers SATURDAY April 14th 2018

Ozark Research Institute schedule of speakers SUNDAY April 15th 2018

Ozark Research Institute schedule of speakers MONDAY April 16th 2018

As you see, I am scheduled to speak Monday at 10:30. In this hour and a half talk I will present the most popular configurations of clear quartz crystal (we will discuss over forty configurations, as time allows) and I will demonstrate easy ways to remember their unique properties. Working with crystal shouldn’t be confusing, overwhelming or complicated. This lecture is designed to help you take the stress out of working with your crystal friends.

In Summary

I hope you can make it out, to enjoy the speakers and the convention if possible, if not, just to meet everyone in the vending area and enjoy some quality time with like-minded people!

Hilton Garden Inn, 1325 N Palak Dr., Fayetteville Arkansas

Email me if you have questions or need more information:

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