RECORD KEEPER or RECORDER – Messages From the Past/Access Hidden Knowledge

Record Keepers (also called Recorders) are special surface features found on some crystals. They aren’t super rare but they aren’t common, either. I remember when I first started learning about crystals and sorting them for the website, the crystals I had found nearly ALL had Record Keepers on them. Dozens and Dozens. I thought, man, Record Keepers must be a very common thing! So if a crystal had Record Keepers and also any other configuration such as Barnacles or Rainbows (fairly common), I would sort it in the Barnacle or Rainbow box. I soon discovered that Record Keepers AREN’T that common and I had been gifted a very rare gift, indeed, to have found so many crystals covered in Record Keepers!!

First we’ll start with what Record Keepers are. They are triangular shaped features found on the faces of some crystals. Because they are surface features, you have to know how to see them. I have covered this before, but I will repeat it here. To view the surface (to keep from looking inside of the crystal), you hold your crystal with the face you are looking at parallel to a light source so that you can use the glare that the light creates in order to see what is on the surface. Here’s a picture of a couple of crystals with and without glare (there aren’t Record Keepers on these faces):

surface features

As an example: on a very clear lake, if the sun isn’t shining off the surface, then you see right down into the lake and you see rocks and fish etc. When the glare of the sun is on the water, you can see things floating on the surface like dust, bugs or ripples that you wouldn’t have been able to see without the sun’s glare. The same is true for viewing surface features on a crystal.

The best way to do this is to find your best light source, the sun if you are outside or a bright light or lamp if you are inside. Then, starting with the main face, work your way around the crystal by tipping it until you can see the surface features in the light’s glare. This is how you look for Record Keepers. I also use a large magnifying glass because sometimes they can be very faint or quite small.

Record Keepers usually can’t be felt and they are not apparent unless the light is at the proper angle. Sometimes when you see a Record Keeper they look like you would be able to feel them. Occasionally you may be able to feel a Record Keeper when you run your finger over it, but usually you can’t. The triangles usually have very sharp corners. Sometimes, however, I find them with curved edges, almost teardrop in shape. I call these non-traditional Record Keepers. Here are some pictures of each:


traditional record keepers


non traditional record keepers


non traditional and traditional record keepers

It is said that a Record Keeper crystal will find its way to the person who needs the information it contains. They contain special wisdom. Much more on this below.

Record Keepers are known to appear and disappear, they may be very faint and barely discernable one time and then after working with the crystal or just becoming acquainted with the crystal, the Record Keepers may become very clear and impossible to miss. Sometimes there may be only one or two and then when you check again, there may be several or layers and layers, varying from faint to crisp and clear.

Sometimes people will be gifted crystals with Record Keepers or will find crystals with Record Keepers making their way to them. To me, these crystals were supposed to come to those people, whether or not there is a special message from the Record Keeper for the person is really between the person and the crystal.

I have a couple of different theories (and they are just that, theories) about Record Keepers, and I will attempt to share them with you here. They may seem to contradict one another, but really they don’t, hang with me through to the end.

I have read about Record Keepers or Recorders in various books over the years, stated in various ways, but the gist is that Record Keepers were placed on crystals as time capsules of sort by people (possibly in Atlantis, Lemuria etc) with specific information for future generations (or specific people) to access. To this end, I have had people ask me if I personally have been able to access this “hidden message” from Record Keepers and my honest answer is: no, I personally have not been able to receive anything specific from them (like discovering a hidden record, which is what I imagine, or …?). This does not mean that they do not, it is simply my honest answer.

Firstly, I’m not a firm believer that there is hidden knowledge written or trapped in these Record Keeper structures that is accessible to only a few who have the magic key to open them. I do believe that when we see them, we are drawn to look deeper, work more closely, connect on a deeper level with the Crystal People than perhaps with a non-Record Keeper crystal (we are looking for the “Record”). So in that vein, there IS a “hidden gem” in the crystal with a Record Keeper and it is a reminder to go the extra mile.

However, that being said, here is my second theory about Record Keepers. I do think they help allow access to knowledge, and are special, and were perhaps even created specially to provide access to very specific knowledge or information… BUT I don’t think it is something that magically downloads into our brains if we are special enough or if the Record Keeper is “meant for us” and that if we aren’t able to access it, that it isn’t “meant for us” or we aren’t special enough to understand it. This isn’t to say that I don’t believe others if they say they have received special knowledge from a Record Keeper. And it isn’t ENTIRELY true for me to say I have not. I receive special knowledge from the Crystal People all the time, and it MAY be coming from a Record Keeper type source!

"Carnac" by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia - draw a parallel, I’ll tell a story. What if a time traveler materialized in front of someone in the 1800’s with a smart phone in hand and said, “this little box holds not just a word, and not just a story, but a whole WORLD of information, in stories and pictures and words!” maybe he drops it and then he disappears. Next, this person from the past believes what this person told him must be true, because he has already witnessed the miraculous appearance and disappearance of the traveler. So he might show it to others and say “Look! This little box holds a whole WORLD of information!” His friends, incredulous, would doubt this, and they’d be like “No Way!!” and he’d be like “Way!” So they’d say “Ok, prove it! Show us!” So he thinks to himself, ‘well, the guy said there’s information in here, I absolutely believe him, and beside that, I KNOW it to be true, in my gut!’ He also wants to save face, and he desperately wants the others to believe what he knows to be true, so holding the phone to his forehead, “Amazing Carnac” style (ala Johnny Carson) and he tells the people…. “YES! I am getting the information now!”

But we know that that isn’t how the phone works, (even though we know it DOES get us to the information)! Just as in the recent commercials of the confused old ladies scotch-taping photographs on their “Wall” at home and calling it Facebook, the savvy old lady says “that’s not how this works… that’s not how ANY of this WORKS!!” My theory/belief, then, is that yes! the information is there! but perhaps not in the way we might imagine, therefore it might not be accessible in the way we might imagine.

So, no, I haven’t ever received coded, special information from Record Keepers (and not because I think it isn’t there, or that I am not “worthy”) but more because I think it requires a special knowledge of HOW to “open” them or access them fully. I think maybe it is similar to a smart phone, in that it isn’t so much the phone (Record Keeper) which has trapped this information within it, but it is the signal, which is accessed through the phone. I think it is probably something we can do within ourselves, but I don’t know how to tell you what it is because I think it is different for everybody. What is true and works for me may not be true or work for you.

I DO think they have a special energy about them and I definitely think crystals with Record Keepers are super special. I tend not to buy into the information I have read on some (non-metaphysical) crystal pages which say that Record Keepers are simply incomplete faces or incomplete growth plates (or something to that effect). Because I have also seen them disappear and reappear, or be very faint but then POP after meditating with them or working closely with them (I call it popping, it is they get very pronounced and really easy to see) so I don’t think that would happen if it were simply a growth pattern. If it were, I would think they would be static and unchanging, and they are not.

Possibly it is in the seeing of these Record Keepers that somehow unlocks the knowledge that is already within us (or opens the channel to this information, like a smart phone allows us to access the internet).

When I asked Venus (my Crystal Guide) about this, I was told/shown/guided that a lot of things were done in a much different way than we do them now. The visual I was given was that for instance, the seeding of the crystal beds here in Arkansas wasn’t done like a physical shovel-and-hoe dirt garden, and in the case of the Record Keepers, they weren’t taken, crystal in hand, and “put” on the crystal (like they didn’t put a CD in the computer and “burn” the info in there…) that things were done with their mind so much more than their physical being… so the crystal beds were seeded (mind) and tended (mind) and the Record Keepers were created (mind) and accessed (mind).

Like the crystalline energies I have spoken about before, (regarding The One)… they are mostly both on and off-planet. The crystalline energies aren’t stuck inside a physical crystal deep in the earth forever until they are brought out into the light (any more than the information of the world wide web isn’t trapped in our smart phone). They come and go, they inhabit and do their work and they go back and forth from in the earth to out, and in the crystal to out. They are vibrating, healing, shining, spreading light from deep within the earth as well as from outside.

I know this seems a little confusing and seems off of the Record Keeper topic, but it is kind of a complex idea. To explain it just very generally (which would be much easier to follow!) so much is missed that it might look like I have no idea what I’m talking about, but to explain it fully, it easily becomes convoluted. So for that, I apologize!

I have been asked if I know about any scientific explanation for how or why Record Keepers might form. I wish I could say, yes! I do know scientifically or geologically… but I don’t. Like I said, I have read geologists who work with crystals (meaning physically, like rock specimens, not metaphysically) who say that the whole Record Keeper idea is bunk and New Age Hooey, that the markings on the faces are simply made by growth and coming into contact with other crystals during growth… But I strongly disagree… Mostly because if Record Keepers were simply an inert formation caused by growth or contact, they would not change. Ever. Oh, you might be able to wear one off by rubbing it a lot or something (over years and years, I mean) but there is no way they could be there, and then NOT be there, or be very faint and only one or two, and then become very prominent and dozens of them crop up on the same face, same crystal, if it were simply a growth pattern. This does not say to me either “inert” or “structurally caused by growth”. I may be sadly wrong. I am the first person to tell you I don’t have in-depth knowledge of the crystals from either a scientific or geologic background beyond the common Earth Science classes in high school and college, strata and whatnot. I am simply sharing with you what I have experienced. I am not infallible and the more I learn, the more I realize I do not know.

Bottom line, is I don’t think that the mere presence of a Record Keeper (or any other configuration) automatically allows a person to magically access this information without work on their part. I also don’t think that crystals work that way for healing or any other thing. It is a CO-creative endeavor, crystals are here to HELP us, but not to DO IT for us. It’s a big difference that I think many people miss. They think, well, this crystal is for abundance or this crystal is for health or fill-in-the-blank, and if I buy it or possess it, then POOF! it should happen, or else it is all a big hokey New Age lie. Yes, they will HELP with those things, but we have to take responsibility. The whole reason for us to be here (on the Earth plane, in physical incarnation) is to experience and grow, learn and experiment. The Crystal People aren’t going to jump in and fix things for us any more than our Angels or Spirit Guides would. It’s (to borrow a saying from Star Trek) against the Prime Directive… for lack of a better term. I really wish I could say that crystals will do all this magical stuff for us, but there IS no magic pill (outside of ourselves)… Don’t get me wrong…. I most DEFINITELY KNOW they CAN do all these magical things, but THEY WILL NOT… Prime Directive stuff again.

So, back to the Record Keepers. If you have one, get to know it. Talk with it. Meditate with it. Make friends. Spend time. Ask. I believe it will be unique to each of us how we access or work with them. It’s not for me to tell you how to walk your path. That’s the beauty of working with the Crystal People. It is as personal as falling or being in love. It is different (and the same) for everyone, but it can’t be fully understood until you experience it for yourself.

I know this blog post was exceptionally long, and I appreciate you sticking around to the very end! if you have questions or comments, please, leave them below, I love to hear from you!

Next week we’re going to talk about Self Healed crystals.

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See you next week for Self Healed crystals.

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6 Responses to RECORD KEEPER or RECORDER – Messages From the Past/Access Hidden Knowledge

  1. Sandy says:

    I met someone who found a ruby record keeper and then sanded the record keeper right out of the stone just to make a polished cab. What does that do to record keeping stone?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Sandy! Because a Record Keeper works more as a portal to the information rather than a storage facility for said information, I think stones like this (stones in which the Record Keeper has been “lost” due to polishing etc) still retain their Record Keeper abilities. However, in the guidance I have received in the past, I have learned that the purpose of a Record Keeper is more in SEEING the shape to help trigger the act of retrieval in each of us… (meaning it isn’t like the “information” has been “burned” into the Record Keeper or placed there for physical retrieval)… SO, there is no information “lost” in the polishing, but without a visual clue that there is a recorder there, (beyond the people who know it was there initially), others won’t have that visual reference point. This being said, it can still be worked with in the same way (just without the visual cue of the Recorder). So in summary, the information isn’t lost, but the visual cue to look for the information is. I hope this helps answer your question. Thanks for taking the time to ask the question here!

  2. Sherry Stone Ray says:

    Genn, Record Keepers have just fascinated me. I have several and have never received a message from them during the time I was actually meditating with them. However, I feel they have pointed me in a direction where I discovered new knowledge shortly thereafter. Sort of like suddenly I come across a book in the half price book store, or a new you tube video or a website that I’ve never seen all regarding ascension or how the earth came to be or ET’s or related information. Or someone wants to turn me on to a new song-SYNCHRONICITY type happenings. I get the impression that because I am what I have always called a “Truth Seeker” they guide me toward this kind of info. Before I came to know the Record Keepers information was much slower getting to me. I have never had access to the Akashic Records though, so maybe that will come.
    Anyway, just another input from another rock lover!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Sherry! Thanks for sharing!! I have never received direct messages like that either (like turning on a CD and playing back the information) which is kind of how most books describe the Record Keeper, like if the Recorder is meant for YOU, you will magically receive this crazy super cool message. It might be why some people are discouraged from working with crystals, because their expectations are so vastly different from their experience and they think they are incapable. What they don’t realize is that they ARE successfully working with their crystals just as it is meant to happen!! Maybe the Record Keepers downloads happen for SOME people like that, but I think, more often than not, it occurs like you described (and probably also a hundred different ways as well!) Thanks again, so much, for sharing your experience with everyone!

  3. Invisible says:

    hi, Just a wise comment freely shared regarding record keeper crystals. they actually DO have specific knowledge ONLY for the being they manifest for. this knowledge will NOT be available to any one else. This is NOT because the person is “special”, (which is only a very ego based narcissistic belief), but simply because particular information NEEDS to come to a particular person. and nothing More. Every being is at a certain level of consciousness, which will resonate with specific record keepers….. there is NO such thing as ‘special’, this only causes MORE division between human beings which is irrevelant anyway. the record keeper that is meant to come to a specific person will NOT be able to be “read” by another person. It IS that simple. Evolution is the ONLY reason for being, and record keepers assist ONLY those whom they know wish for true evolution. it would be wise NOT to be arrogant in thinking that anyone is special. We are ALL Divine beings, evolving in every moment. Blessed be.

    • Genn says:

      Thanks for your comment on Record Keepers. I agree with you completely. I do think that there is knowledge specific to the individual for whom they manifest, but I don’t think that the information is accessed IN the crystal or Record Keeper as much as THROUGH it. I also agree completely with your comment about the label of “special” being possibly divisive and is based in ego. (With the caveat that if we did use the word, that we are ALL special, (as you say ALL Divine beings) and equally so; none more or less so). Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts! Blessed Be!

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