If you’ve ever had the opportunity to see Rainbows in a crystal, it is a beautiful thing!

You might have exclaimed “Wow! Rainbows in crystals!” and wondered “what are they and how do I work with them!?”

If so, you’re in luck. We’ll talk a little about that in this blog post.

Let’s start by looking at some Rainbows in crystals!

rainbow crystal



wow !


In a nutshell, Rainbows in crystals represent hope and optimism.

A description I read long ago which I liked was: “Rainbows are a gift from the Spirit Keeper of the crystal”.

I liked it because the saying is so poetic and concise. But I didn’t take the part about the Keeper 100% literally. There is much more to this concept so I am making a separate blog post about it (stay tuned!).

Venus says:

Regarding the reference to the “Spirit Keeper” of the crystal: The “Spirit Keeper” might be described as the crystalline energy and consciousness of crystal interacting with the physical vehicle or body of crystal, and hence the description of there being a Spirit Keeper is very accurate if you take it in this context.

Thank you, Venus!


At any rate, Rainbows carry a happy joyous energy and are uplifting. It is like finding a special surprise in the crystal that is there just for you!

I say it this way because normally seeing a Rainbow requires us to interact with the crystal in order to SEE the Rainbow (we must turn it to get the light in such a way that the Rainbow “appears” for us), therein lies the “gift”! Of course, the Rainbow is ever present, but we don’t see it until we interact with the crystal.

rainbows and mirror fractures

The crystal says, “Oh, hello! a gift for you!”


RAINBOW CRYSTALAs we discussed earlier, Rainbows are usually caused (physically) by some sort of damage to the inside of a crystal. Either physical damage: such as out-of-the-Earth dropping, or inside-the-Earth movement from quakes and shakes. Sometimes they’re caused by shocks or traumas such as extreme temperature changes.

Metaphysically, the Rainbow represents how external pressures (physical or emotional) create an area for a Rainbow to appear.

Without having experienced the damage, the Rainbow wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be formed, so wouldn’t be able to lift us.

The same can be said for our human traumas, shocks and challenges.

Once the trauma is complete and we are on the healing side of it, we may have to “turn” our trauma about a bit. Get a different look at it, in bright light. Twist the experience around and look beneath the forming scars to find the gift or the rainbow.

I know it is true for me, (with the benefit of hindsight) major traumas in my life have always brought unexpected gifts (rainbows) with them. The gifts weren’t always obvious at first blush. I had to get out the bright light and turn the experience about a bit.



There are also Rainbows which appear on the surface between two closely connected (fused) crystals.

Metaphorically, this can represent how a relationship with a closely-attached-other can bring us Rainbows. Often the fusing of the two crystals produces a surface on which Rainbows like to ride.

If the crystals become unfused (which is what leaves behind crystal Imprints), the Rainbow disappears. It is the interaction between the fused crystals that produces the beauty of the Rainbow.

The bottom line is the relationship with the closely-attached-other creates a Rainbow to be explored and honored while the two are connected.


Ahhhhh. So soothing…




I feel happier already!


I hope you have found some insight about Rainbows in crystals after reading this post.

Consider twisting and turning your crystals in bright light to look for possible Rainbows.

If you’re not sure where to start, typically, you will find them in crystals which are Empathic. Empathic crystals are those which are chipped, dinged or damaged in some way. Remember I said lots of crystals which have sustained damage will also have Rainbows.

Crystals which have sustained the most trauma tend to have some incredible beauty, caused by that very trauma!

Use this as a metaphor to tip and turn your human traumas to look for the Rainbows the challenges brought you. Look at the space between you and your closely-attached-others to see if there is a rainbow gift riding there, waiting for you to discover it while you are still connected.

If you are looking for crystals that have Rainbows, you might find something that resonates with you at my store Arkansas Crystal Works, under the heading of TYPE – Rainbow.

Do you have a Rainbow experience to share? We’d love to read it in the comments!

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About Genn

Genn John has been acting as the legs for the Crystal People as the Keeper at Arkansas Crystal Works, an internet-based source for crystals and crystal knowledge, since 1995. Having accepted the honor to be their voice as well, she is the author of Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers; a crystal reference book for people who desire to fully understand their connection to the crystal kingdom and who wish to enhance their working knowledge of these majestic beings. Genn has also published a 4 part series of coloring books which are a useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning the anatomical structures of quartz crystals. It features precise, extraordinary hand-drawn designs crafted especially for easy coloring and interactive study. Find the store and more at www.arkansascrystalworks.com, or her blog at www.crystalgenn.com. To connect: email - genn@arkansascrystalworks.com, facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ArkansasCrystalWorks, Instagram - gennjohn or Twitter @GennJohn.


  1. Mariah says:

    Love this blog. Thank you!

    • Genn says:

      Glad you’re enjoying it, Mariah! It’s my great honor and pleasure. Thanks for taking the time to comment

    • Lợi Nguyễn says:

      Hello Genn! I love your information. I have a quartz crystal, inside the quartz, there is a rainbow circle on top. Do you know what does it mean? Thank you.

      • Genn says:

        I can’t really tell you more than what is in the blog post, not being able to see how your Rainbow presents. Just speaking generally, Rainbows are gifts. They bring hope and optimism, sometimes from situations that are possibly less than ideal. What feelings does it bring up when you see your Rainbow? Pay attention to these things (thoughts, feelings, stories in your mind, subjects that are brought to mind, etc). They are messages about what the meaning is meant to be for YOU. Your opinion and thoughts about it are infinitely more accurate than mine would be. Have fun exploring the possibilities of what your crystal has in store for you. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Emma M says:

    I have just found an old rose quartz that I have had for maybe 15yrs, and had got shoved on a box and forgotten about. I just found it while sorting stuff out and it has 2 rainbows inside it. I’ve just been holding it whole reading about it and the energy it’s giving off is crazy. I can feel my hand vibrating and starting to travel up my forearm. I feel quite emotional holding it also.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Emma! I think it’s a lot of fun discovering new things on our “old” friends. Sounds like maybe this rose quartz is carrying a message of hope and optimism regarding love (love of self – love of other – etc). Enjoy! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sofia says:

    Dear Genn,

    I am so glad I’ve found you and your blog.
    I am going through a very tough time at the moment, suffering from depression and anxiety. I bought myself a little chipped citrine crystal online and was so very excited to have found a tiny little rainbow in a chip of the crystal. This has given me a “tiny” hope…However, a few days later, the rainbow disappeared and no longer there… Is it possible that I “killed” it and it is never to return again? I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Genn says:

      Hello Sofia! I’m sorry to hear you are struggling! It’s a rough time for everyone right now. The ascension energies are really bringing up some stuff for all of us to deal with. Hang in there!! You didn’t kill anything in the crystal. Sometimes Rainbows can be tricky. I have experienced that a lot, I will see a Rainbow very clearly and then it will hide. I see this as a metaphor to remember and hold on to the TRUTH that there is ALWAYS hope, even when you can’t readily SEE it. It is there. Hold on to your hope, trust in the knowing that all will be (is) ok, even during the uncomfortable times. Here’s a link to the Rainbow crystals I have posted online right now, you can work with their energies through their pictures (I am not pushing a purchase here)… here are a few more blog posts that might be helpful found on my main page (Arkansas Crystal Works), the first about anxiety and fear, the second about working with crystal for free. I’m sending you love and holding space for you. Keep your chin up! {{{HUG}}}

      • Sofia says:

        Thank you so very much for your wise and kind words, Genn – I will remain hopeful 🙂 Meanwhile – off to discover the wonderful world of crystals from your website. Love. Sofia

  4. Tracey says:

    Hi , there . What does it mean if a Crystal had no rainbows when I bought it and over time they start to have rainbows in them ? So interest to know

    • Genn says:

      Hey Tracey~ Sometimes crystals evolve over time. Science skeptics might say that it is impossible, that they have to be in the earth with the proper “ingredients” to grow or change. I’m not a geologist, so I am not qualified to debate that. I CAN say that I have seen for myself and heard stories from others (like you) that crystals change (outside of the initial growing environment). They will produce Record Keepers where there weren’t any, they go from cloudy to clear or clear to cloudy. They produce Rainbows etc. Sometimes the feature is there and we simply overlooked it or it wasn’t time to see that feature at that particular time. Other times they simply change. Whatever it is, it is good that you notice and are aware of the changes. This is your crystal “speaking” to you. Look at your life and see if there is a parallel there for you. Have you had sudden epiphanies or has joy suddenly made itself known to you where it wasn’t previously? Conversely, have you suffered traumas or difficulties and can you look at them and see the gifts they brought you (along with the pain)? I’m glad you noticed the difference presented to you by your crystal. Thanks for reaching out!

  5. Xuan Quynh says:

    Hello Glenn, I was searching rainbows in quartz and your post came up.
    I have a question. I have some quartz’s, some of them I bought and some of them were gifted. After having them, rainbows started appearing inside and on the surface of the quartz. 90% of my stones have rainbows and the others will have rainbows soon, I believe.
    Do you know what caused rainbows in my situation?

    • Xuan Quynh says:

      I am sorry for mistyped your name, Genn.

      • Genn says:

        Hello Xuan Quynh! (I’m not sure which is your first name. Names can be tricky, can’t they!? And no problem about mine, it is a very common mistyping, thank you for acknowledging!) So, my friend ! It sounds like Rainbow crystals are attracted to you! It’s difficult for me to say what is causing the rainbows in your situation. It could be any number of things. It could be that you need the hope and love brought by them, or that you SHARE the hope and love brought by them (maybe both). What does your intuition tell you about this, after having read what it means to find rainbows in your crystals? I would always go with what your intuition is telling you over what someone else can offer. If you still aren’t sure, ask your crystals if there is a special meaning there for you regarding all these rainbows. In any case, they are there for you to enjoy and explore, and if possible, share the uplifting energy they bring to you (aka “spread the love”). Thanks so much for sharing. I hope the answers you are seeking come easily from the Crystal People. I think they will. Just get still and ask why all these Rainbow crystals have been drawn to you (and you to them). Trust the answers you get (it might not only be in words, but could be in a simple knowing, in colors or sounds, feelings or sensations… be open to all forms of communication). Happy exploring!

  6. Crystal Childs says:

    Thank you for this.. I just got a new rose quartz tower with rainbows all down one side. I just suffered a harsh dark night of the soul after a 13 year relationship ended and my little boy was left without his father.. It took me 2 years to alchemize it AND to know this rainbow is HOPE inside my rose quartz tower means EVERYTHING <3

    • Genn says:

      Sorry to hear about your heartbreak. Nothing better than rose quartz full of rainbows to help you. You’ve got the perfect crystal helper there, it sounds like!! Yay! brighter days ahead <3

  7. Deborah says:

    Great information.
    Thank you.
    I have found a rainbow in a new celestite geod.
    I have a special affinity/connection with rainbows and found your post very uplifting.

  8. Kimberly says:

    Hello Genn! Thank-you for your website!! I have an interesting story..since about the age of 42 I have slept with a crystal or stone in my hand at night. Quartz Crystals with ABSOLUTELY NO rainbows in them will appear after only a few weeks after sleeping in my left hand. I can also heat them up just by holding them in my hand. I’ve been told it’s a “gift” to be able to do that..I just don’t understand “how to use it for the betterment of humanity”. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Blessings to you!!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Kimberly! My sincere apologies for taking so long to respond, I wasn’t getting notifications about new comments. Thanks for sharing your experiences! The best advice I can offer is to go with your gut on this. If things happen this way with crystal and you, I am sure you are bettering humanity in many ways (obvious and not obvious)… meaning just in “being you” you are offering a higher vibration and frequency. Listen to your intuition on how to proceed, and try asking the Crystal People if there is something more you can do with this connection you have with them. Thanks so much for your comment!

  9. Lisa says:

    I found rainbows inside all of my crystals. I don’t know much about crystals but have been researching them. I have had my crystals for awhile. I really believe I have been and an being a victim of black magic. I don’t know anything about magic. The things that have been going on in my life in the past year, I believe with all of my heart, someone with evil intentions has done this to me.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Lisa~ Sorry to hear about your problems with negative attack. Sounds like it is time to take your power back and raise some impervious protective shielding. That isn’t my area of expertise so I really can’t advise you. As to your crystals, I’m glad you are finding the rainbows! They really are special. Thanks so much for the comment!

  10. Lillianne T Lang says:

    Hi Genn
    I have had 2 citrine crystals and both had rainbows in them and both 9f them have fallen and broke. I was so heartbroken cause I just loved especially one of them. Can you give me your thoughts on this?? Thank you so much
    Lill 🙂

  11. Katherine says:

    I have had my crystal pendulum for many years now. I have very recently been trying to tune in more. I just noticed that it has a rainbow inside of it. I never noticed this before. What are your thoughts about this?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Katherine! It is possible that the Rainbow presented for you now because you are in need of that energy… or it was there all along and you never noticed it because that particular energy wasn’t on your radar. Rainbows can be elusive and it sounds like this one is! Thanks so much for your comment!

  12. Nealie Anderson says:

    Hi Genn,
    I recently completed surgery and radiation for breast cancer and as a next step for treatment have been guided to crystals, prayer and meditation. I say that because once the Dr.s finished with my body, my mind said “what next?” That’s when I received a rose quartz bracelet from my BFF which I took as “here you go” and I haven’t stopped enjoying the learning and happiness I’ve received. My mother had a piece of quartz crystal that my grandfather (born in 1902 youngest of 12) played with as a child. It is such a gift and another sign I am on a healing path! Thank you for your story and website! It’s both moved me and moved me forward with my spiritual journey. I feel blessed!

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