Question and Answer: Working With Crystals Using Positive Intent Without Permission?

I received this question just after answering the last question, and immediately one of my crystal Guides (name: “Cassandra”, who comes through with a heavy Spanish-sounding accent) has stepped in to answer the question. I am honored and blessed!


I understand what you said about crystal energy being too high to be able to be used by someone with negative intent. But can it be used to help guide someone in positive ways? For example, can I use my crystal to make my teenager be more polite or clean up her room as I ask? Can my crystal help my boss be more respectful of his employees or finally give me the raise I honestly deserve? Would my crystal help me make our politicians behave more responsibly?

ANSWER: (Cassandra speaking)

Great questions and thoughts! Let me answer them separately. Crystal can absolutely be worked with to assist and guide people in positive ways. Crystals’ vibrations are high and love-filled, with best intentions, always. While it would be nice if we were able to cause your children to behave by magic (sparkling laughter here) it is not our way to, how would you say, manipulate others in that way. Don’t get me wrong. Our vibrations are high, and will lift the vibrations in a room, naturally, so in that way, yes, we would help. We might be able to assist you in assisting your teenager, if you worked with us and programmed us to that end. If we know that is your intent (to have well-behaved and happy teenagers) then we would assist you in that way. By raising YOUR vibrations, the vibrations you emit will automatically raise those around you.

As for your boss, again, with free-will in place, we cannot make another do your bidding. However, we might be able to shift your attitude so that the things you desire come to you naturally, due to your change in vibration. While we are able to do these things (create magic, if you will), we simply do not do this, as it is not our way. We are here to assist.

(Laughing sadly) Oh… that we could straighten up your politicians, wouldn’t it be so perfect!! However, again, free will. We can assist the people to raise their vibrations, be filled with love and positive intent, help them to see the value in loving our great mother, Gaia… in this way we will help the politicians to straighten up and stop acting as babies with a toy. But it will be the people who make these changes, with the assistance of the Crystal People. We have great love for you and wish always the best for you. We shall go now and return when there are more questions for us.

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  1. Diana says:

    Oh the teenage years! Having raised 4 sons, I can so relate. What I found was that the sputnik form of aragonite can help young people take responsibility for themselves without a word from the parental units. As in, my #4 son wanted only to play video games on the PC. So I placed an aragonite (sputnik form) right by the keyboard. Next thing I knew, my son was washing/drying his own clothes and had figured out that loading/unloading the dishwasher was something he wanted to do. Hurrah! No worries about freewill, and it certainly helped the atmosphere around the house.

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