Programming Your Crystal

programming a quartz crystal

programming a quartz crystal

Recording what you want assistance with is the basic premise behind programming a crystal. You simply determine what kind of assistance you would like from your crystal friend, and then respectfully ask the crystal to agree to help you. 

With focused intent and a clear request, it really couldn’t be any easier. Programming your crystal isn’t a requirement. The crystal will still function in all kinds of ways (such as raising vibrations, clearing a room of negative energy and amplification of positive energy, among other things).

However, if you are going to request the help of a crystal for something specific (during meditation for magical work, astral travel or to contact Angels or Spirit Guides, for example), you will get better results if you program your crystal with that specific intent. It is similar to making sure two people who want to work together get on the same page about their goal or end result.  Programming your crystal allows you and your crystal to work together toward a clearly focused goal. 

You may worry that in the beginning you might program a crystal the “wrong” way. Again, with programming as with cleansing and clearing, Intent is more important than content. You really can’t do anything wrong with a crystal if your intent is good. You can’t mess it up or cause irreparable damage with your programming. You might wonder, “What if someone wanted to program a crystal for evil purposes? What happens then?” Because crystal ISN’T simply an inanimate tool like a hammer or screwdriver, those with negative intent (incarnate or discarnate) can’t use a crystal in simply any way they choose.

So let’s get back to programming your crystal. Your program should focus on a single desire. Have you heard of the computer acronym GIGO? It stands for garbage in, garbage out. If we are scattered in our desire, the crystal will help us as much as it can, but unless we are focused, it can’t HELP us to be focused. Each crystal that we are programming is helping to pull us into this NOW moment regarding that particular program or desire. If you have several things you need help with, enlist the help of more than one crystal. If you only have one crystal, (gasp!) work on one issue at a time.

Okay, so now you have decided which crystal you want to assist you with your desire (program). Now cleanse and clear that crystal. Cleanse it in case it has picked up residual energy in the environment since the last cleansing, and then clear it of any prior programming. Even if you haven’t programmed this crystal, someone might have in the past, and so it is always good to erase the blackboard and ensure that you are starting with a clean slate. If it is a crystal you have had for a while, you might have programmed it and forgotten.

The next thing you should do is familiarize yourself with your crystal. Sit with it and check in with how you feel before you pick it up. Then notice how you feel differently with the crystal in your hand, etc. You may have already done that with this crystal. That’s okay. It is important to do all of this again. It just means it may take less time than it did in the beginning; but it is still an important step. You need to reconnect, and the best way to do that is with the check-in.

Proper sitting posture is important. Sit with your spine straight with your feet flat on the floor. Don’t forget to clear your mind. You want to focus on this one thing that you need assistance with, so you don’t want to boggle your crystal up with mind chatter. Connect your head to the heavens and your feet to the earth. Ground yourself while remaining uplifted.

Programming is usually best done with your crystal in your dominant hand. You are going to send your desire from your mind, feel it in your body, imagine it as complete. This is the usual “Law of Attraction” philosophy. Visualize and feel yourself not in the wanting and waiting stage, but in the completed stage. Your crystal can connect you to all times, remember – past present and future. Be in the NOW with your desire that you are programming into your crystal, complete and successful. Your crystal should be in your dominant hand because your non-dominant hand is receptive. You are sending this program. You may use the crystal in your receptive hand after it is programmed. This will vary on program and desire.

Here is a recap:

  • When you select your crystal for a specific task, ask the crystal’s permission to program it;
  • Determine your intention and hold it in your mind in clarity;
  • Check in, first without the crystal and then with it in your hand;
  • Listen carefully for any guidance you receive;
  • Feel yourself in the moment of successful completion of your desire.
  • Pour this feeling into the crystal. Whatever it is you are programming: See it. Feel it. Taste it. Send all of this into your crystal so it can remind you of this successful feeling when you need a boost or assistance with this task.
  • The final step: When you are finished with your positive visualization and focused intent, indicate to the crystal that you are finished. Let it know that you are ready for it to take over in holding your intention. Thank it for its assistance in helping you complete this task, whatever the task may be.

Remember that because it is present in all times (past, present and future) your crystal is already there with your successful self. The crystal can “see” that you have already completed whatever task you programmed it to help you achieve. Be grateful and thankful. Ask your crystal to hold that vision for you until you have achieved it or until you have changed your direction. Ask that it remind you when you need a boost. Ground out the energy and put your crystal somewhere special.

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7 Responses to Programming Your Crystal

  1. Jaymz says:

    I have a milky vein quartz chunk. I would assume most would say it is not a pretty piece but I like it. It is not clear or have points. Can it be programmed?

  2. Tallyn says:

    My question is what other quartz, gems, ect, can you use to program and help you?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Tallyn! Thanks for your question! I imagine you could do this with any of them… However I liken talking to other stones to speaking in a foreign language… I speak/understand “quartz crystal” fluently, but while other gemstones to me are lovely and fascinating, I don’t understand their language like I do quartz. I compare it to going to a foreign country, I could probably convey my meaning and understand other’s rudimentary sign language, but the subtleties would be lost on me. Same with other gemstones. I don’t speak their language fluently. But you can certainly try the same basic techniques and see if it resonates with you. Make tweaks as you need to or are led. Thanks for a great question!

  3. Christopher says:

    Are smokey quartz crystals programable and how to reprogram if already done?

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