If you have been working with crystals for a long time, (or even a short time), you might wonder how to prepare for receiving more information. This subject falls under the category of unzipping Lineated Sides.

The process of unzipping Lineated sides is a subject I have saved for last in this discussion of working with and communicating with your crystal.


image of stepped Lineated sides - Prepare For Receiving More Information To begin with, we have to understand what I am talking about with “Lineated Sides”.

Most all crystals have sides which are Lineated. What that means, is that there are striations across the sides or body of the crystal. This occurs during growth and nearly every crystal will have some lineation on the sides.

From crystal to crystal, some crystals will have more (or deeper) lineation than others, and also on the same crystal, some sides may be more lineated than others.

If a crystal is completely smooth on every side, chances are very good that the crystal has been polished.  (If you want a refresher on Lineated Sides, CLICK HERE.)


unzipping lineated sides - Prepare For Receiving More Information Lineated sides can be worked with to do something called “unzipping” the crystal.

To do this, you find a side which is comfortable; (usually it is one without Barnacles, Imprints, Keys or other inconsistencies), and drag a thumbnail or fingernail from the terminating end (top of the side) to the base end (bottom of the side).

If you have a crystal which has two terminations (Double Terminated crystals), determine which end you feel is the dominant end and treat that as the “top”. As long as you are consistent with which way you unzip, it won’t matter on a Double Terminated crystal.


unzipping lineated sides - Prepare For Receiving More Information When you prepare for receiving more information by unzipping your crystal, it sends a signal of sorts to your crystal that you want “more”.

This “unzipping” lets the crystal know you have assimilated what you have been working with and that you are ready for more information.

I experience it as a subtle opening sensation but the experience will probably be a little different for everyone.

Going back to the different “clairs” from the previous blog post, (I am primarily clairsentient), I experience this as a feeling of opening (click here to review the post about the different ways of communicating with your crystal).

A person who is more clairvoyant may experience this as seeing something different. Someone who is primarily clairaudient may experience this as hearing something different. Someone who is claircognizant may simply know they have accessed more information.


unzipping lineated sides - Prepare For Receiving More Information unzipping lineated sidesVenus has explained unzipping to me in this way; once you unzip a crystal, the unzipping process is also infinite.

What this means is that there isn’t a finite amount of information you will gain by unzipping.

I liken it to taking the lid off a box, and seeing that there is just one marble in there.

You think that once you have explored the marble, you wouldn’t have any reason to open the box again, because you have seen the marble and that’s all there is.

However, unzipping is more like this; you take the lid off the box (when you “unzip”) and discover there is a hole in the bottom of the box which is open to infinity.

How to prepare for receiving more informationIt can be compared to Hermione’s magic tent in Harry Potter. If you are familiar with the movie, her tent looks like a small pup-tent on the outside, but once you enter, it appears to be as big as a mansion inside.

The caveat Venus adds is that it is more like it may appear as a pup tent on the outside but when you enter, you access not simply a mansion (which is finite), but endless mansions on endless worlds… infinity.

Therefore, you may unzip the same crystal one or one hundred or one thousand times, and there will always be “more” opening, like an onion with an infinite number of layers to peel back.


unzipping lineated sides - Prepare For Receiving More InformationWhen you are through with the session, it is polite to “zip” the crystal back up to let it know you are done for now.

This is similar to hanging up the phone after saying your thanks and so-longs to your crystal. If you don’t “zip” back up, your crystal may be left hanging, wondering if you are coming back to continue or . . . ??

To “zip” your crystal back up, you simply reverse the procedure you did to “unzip”. Simply drag your thumb or fingernail from bottom back to top (in other words, in the direction opposite to how you unzipped).


When you decide you are ready to work more intensely with a particular crystal, it is helpful to prepare for receiving more information by a process called “unzipping”.

  • Determine which side you would like to unzip (one that has less outcroppings or more deep Lineation).
  • Drag your thumbnail or fingernail from the top of the side to the bottom.
  • See if you feel a subtle opening sensation, notice something different visually, hear something different or simply know that you are receiving more.
  • Next, work with the information until you are complete for this session.
  • Finally, when you decide you are done, it is polite to thank the crystal and “zip” it back up. Remember, to do this, you drag your thumb or fingernail from the base of the Lineated Side back up to the top.

Viola! You are done with the process to prepare for receiving more information while working with your crystal.

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  1. Kathleen Stroyek says:

    I’m just starting out
    I’m learning I have The Crystal Bible 1& 2. By: Judy Hall
    And another book
    Crystal’s gor Beginners
    By: Frazier

    I’m reading as much ad i can.
    What should I do next?

    I have a few crystals
    Moss Agate
    Aventurine Green
    Blood Stone
    Snowflake obsidian bracelet
    Chevron Amethyst ( broken)

    • Genn says:

      Hey Kathleen! It sounds like you are on the right track. Read your books, experiment with your crystals, see if what the books say also rings true for you (it may or may not). I found that working with, holding and experiencing many different crystals helped me to understand when I was receiving something from them. Most importantly, listen to your own inner guidance and have fun !! Enjoy !

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