Crystal Healing: Helping Ourselves

Rainbow crystal

Rainbow crystal

Hey everyone! Another question has come up that I thought I would address as a blog post. Curt asks:

“I find my crystal work is more effective in assisting others than it is when I assist myself. What do you advise?”

That’s a really great question, and one I have often asked myself over the years. Why is it that most healing modalities seem more effective when we apply them to others than when we work on ourselves?

When we work on ourselves, many different factors come into play: 1) our (sometimes desperate) desire for healing, 2) doubts about our ability coupled with the ingrained thought that others know better and can do more for us than we can do for ourselves (the pattern of chronically handing away our power), 3) being split between being the healer and the recipient  4) expecting results with only one healing session, and 5) forgetting to implement an ongoing healing practice.

These are but a few reasons working on ourselves may seem to be less effective than working on others. Let’s look at these reasons in more detail.

Golden Healer with Window

Golden Healer with Window


For me, the level of my desire for healing, (coupled with the severity of the ailment from which I am needing relief), directly coincides with the amount of healing I feel I can usually achieve on my own. For example: oftentimes my back begins to hurt when I sit for long periods at the computer when I am posting crystals for adoption. When I become mindful of the fact that my back is aching, I may ask one of the crystals I am currently preparing for the website to assist me in easing the pain. Nine times out of ten, I will find that my back pain eases up right away if I put my attention there and remember to ask the crystals’ assistance.

In contrast, if I am sick with bronchitis or pneumonia, I find that I am not able to affect a noticeable difference in my level of healing as quickly as I would like. I may be able to ease my comfort level, and shorten the length of the illness in comparison to previous bouts, but I’m not able to snap my fingers and have it disappear immediately (as I would like). When my cancer was present and I was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, I could work with the crystals on alleviating small symptoms such as nausea or anxiety, but I really didn’t have faith in my ability to heal myself of cancer.

Self Healed Soulmate crystal

Self Healed Soulmate crystal


That leads me to the next point: faith in our ability. Normally when I am working with the crystals on another’s behalf, I am not coming from the mindset that I am healing them. I see myself completely as a conduit for something much greater than myself to work through me. In other words I remove myself from the equation. In this way, I don’t have to have faith in my ability, because it is not my ability. I know that I am working for the person’s greatest and highest good and I have called in guides and masters and helpers. I am simply the hose (channel) which the water (the healing principle) flows through to the plant (recipient) in need of nourishment or healing. I am not the water, nor do I expect myself to be. Which leads me to the next point:

Old soul crystal

Old soul crystal


When we work with the crystals on another’s behalf (rather than on ourselves), 100% of our attention and energy is focused on the healing process of that other person. They are 100% in receiving mode, and we are 100% in giving mode. We are able to open to the channel of healing completely and without reservations. Our focus is outwardly directed and we work with the crystals as extensions of our energy stream.

When you direct that healing towards yourself, it is more difficult to differentiate between the hose (channel), the water (healing), and the plant (recipient). How can a person be both the hose (channel) and the plant (recipient)? For me, when working on myself, I feel like I am responsible for directing, causing and receiving the healing (being hose, plant and even water). Therefore I see myself as a failure (both as healer and healee) if I don’t see an immediate and complete response. The implication is that I have done something “wrong” as the patient or don’t have healing capabilities in the first place if I don’t see 100% relief in the first (and usually only) session. In the past, this mindset prevented me from even making the attempt in the first place, which admittedly was a very defeatist attitude. It is my desire that if you share this attitude that reading this post will help you change your outlook and bring you a renewed sense of confidence in your crystal healing abilities.

I don’t expect myself to “heal” another person of an ailment. I don’t go into it full of ego, waving my crystals and promising remission or complete and immediate relief. I am open and receptive to that happening, of course! But that part of the process is beyond my control as conduit to the healing flow. I am assisting the recipient’s own healing process. In contrast, when I work on myself, I find that secretly I expect such ego-driven results. This doesn’t take into consideration the “bigger picture” reasons we have illnesses (another blog post coming up on this topic). As much as possible, in your healing sessions, afford yourself the same compassion in the healing process that you allow for others. In other words, don’t be so hard on yourself either as the healer or as the recipient. Remember that in this situation, you are both the hose and the plant and because of this expect some differences in the process.

Perhaps in playing the two roles, you can set up your healing sessions with this in mind:

1. First be the “healer”

  • Become clear on the desired outcome and make the steps small. (For example, if it is the flu, work to alleviate the nausea. Next session work to alleviate the aches and fatigue, and so on.)
  • Once you are clear on the step you are working on, program your crystals. (Here is a reminder of how to do that: Choosing and Clearing your Crystal, then Programming Your Crystal.)
  • Ask for assistance from your desired “Higher Power” (eg: Creator, God/Goddess, Spirit, Higher Self, Guides, Masters, Angels, etc).
  • Prepare the room as if you are setting it up for a cherished friend.
  • Place your crystals around the space in which you would place the “client”, and maybe reserve one to place on your body. (For examples of what to do, see these two posts, Crystal Grid for Lung Issues, My Most Recent Personal Grid. These are both examples of small scale grids. To set up a healing grid, simply apply the principles on a large scale, with your body as the central point.) I will write a post on crystal healing specifics soon!

2. Once you prepare the room and healing space as the healer, then take off that hat and
become the beneficiary of the healing.

  • Enter the space the “healer” has prepared for you.
  • Engage in the process 100% as the recipient of this healing session.
  • Let your “helpers” work with the crystals, and you simply receive.

Don’t forget to cleanse and charge your crystals between healing sessions and remember to thank them for their assistance. (See: Cleansing and Charging Your Crystal)

Gas Phantom Channeler crystal

Gas Phantom Channeler crystal


Plan to engage in more than one session with yourself and don’t expect an outside source to “cure” you. Like I said earlier, there are certainly “spontaneous” remissions and “miraculous” healing, but truth be told, there has been some internal healing work in progress there. Some of it happens more quickly than others. In the meantime, work on discovering the message or the lesson which has brought you this illness. I know my tendency is to resist the discomfort, rage at the disease, curse my body, harden against the symptoms or try to pretend they don’t exist. This doesn’t make the symptoms or illness go away, it tends to make them more persistent.

Rainbow crystal

Rainbow crystal


One final note in helping self-healing sessions with crystal to work more effectively is to remember to do it ! Much the same way that antibiotics aren’t going to help a bit if you don’t take them, neither will healing with crystals work if you don’t remember to ask them. I know people who keep adopting crystals because they are touted to help heal a certain ailment, but they never put into practice the healing portion of the healing equation, which is actual engagement with the crystal. They buy another and another and another. Continuing to fill more and more prescriptions will not help unless you take the first antibiotic and give it a chance to work.

In summary:

  • Be mindful when symptoms occur and remember there are helpers ready and able to assist you. You must ask and then work together. Healing is a co-creative process.
  • Make your goal for the healing sessions clear and in small manageable steps.
  • If your symptoms are persistent, don’t expect to get full relief from just one sitting. It will most probably require repeated sessions.
  • Set up your healing sessions as if you are two separate people (the healer and the recipient) and engage fully in each aspect of the process, separately.
  • Try not to resist the symptoms or blame your body. Greet each with loving-kindness.
  • Do your best to understand and resolve the underlying message which has brought you these symptoms or illness.
  • Engage fully with the crystals you have at hand before seeking a different remedy in the form of yet another crystal.
  • The final and most important step in helping ourselves with crystal healing: DON’T FORGET TO DO IT!

I wish you crystal blessings and happy healing!

Arkansas Crystal Works

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Orgonite: What is it?

orgonite pyramid by Rockwell Driver

orgonite pyramid by Rockwell Driver

The subject of this post is Orgone and Orgonite. Although I have never studied it, the subject of Orgonite has been in my working vocabulary for years. I’ve been sending crystals out all over the world for making devices such as Orgonite, Orgone Generators, Cloud Busters, Orgone Accumulators and Holy Hand-grenades (to name just a few). I’ve always wondered what they were (I knew in general, but in specific I had no idea).

Recently, a friend contacted me about obtaining crystal for Orgonite Healing Sculptures he has been making, and he sent me one, made specifically for me. He included gemstones with properties specific to my needs as well as special gemstones and a crystal I sent from my personal family of stones. All this prompted me to wonder what Orgone actually is and to find out more in general about this substance called Orgonite.

picture of Rockwell Driver

Rockwell Driver

All of the following technical information is from my friend, Rockwell. Because there is a lot of information on the subject of Orgone, much of what you will find in this post is paraphrased from lengthy explanations and all of it has been sifted through the Genn filter for easier understanding.

I submit the caveat here that I am not an expert on Orgone or Orgonite. You can find volumes more information easily in a basic web search and the detailed version of the following conversation will soon be posted on my website. There is also a copy of Rockwell’s business card at the bottom of this post. Feel free to contact him if you would like more information. Following, in question and answer format, is an email conversation about Orgonite I had with my friend, Rockwell. I have paraphrased his answers so this blog post won’t be so long.


Rockwell: Austrian born Wilhelm Reich coined the term Orgone in the 1940’s as a “Universal Life Force Energy” not dissimilar to Sanskrit’s ‘Prana’ or the Chinese ‘Chi’ in explaining the connective network of all energy and form.

Orgone exists in healthy and in stagnant forms. For example: healthy Orgone can be found near high mountain peaks, waterfalls, green forests and many other natural environments untouched by pollution. The unhealthy, negative, energies are most always associated with urban environments; phone masts, cell towers, electro-magnetic frequency emitters, electronic devices of all kinds and any disruptive or predatory energies.


R: Orgonite is a device made from a 50-50 ratio of organic (resins) to inorganic (metals). It also contains at least one quartz crystal, and often additional crystals and gemstones with healing properties. It is used to convert stagnant or negative energy (DOR/Deadly Orgone) into neutralized or positive energy (POR/Positive Orgone).


R: Austrian Wilhelm Reich invented an energy accumulator (an Orgone box) and began experimenting with healing cancer in rats. The government powers of the time, influenced by mainstream psychology experts, had Reich jailed in 1955 for continuing to market his Orgone energy accumulator after persistent warnings to stop. He died incarcerated in 1957. Reichian theories and psychoanalysis techniques have evolved and have continued to this day although under different names especially soon after his death.

Another Austrian, Hans Welz, evolved Reich’s Orgone accumulator by casting resins, metals and quartz crystal in molds (coined Orgonite) for the purposes of neutralizing and transforming electro-magnetic frequencies. Welz furthered the work of Reich, invented Orgonite, continued his research and has since devised generators of Chi, Orgone and Prana, the etheric makeup of the “Universal Life Force Energies”. In 2006, Welz patented the term Orgonite.

Others have enhanced on Welz’s Orgonite creation, including oracle clairvoyant Carol Croft and her husband Don, who helped popularize a worldwide movement of the “gifting” of Orgonite and neutralizing and transforming electro-magnetic radiation as well as building Orgonite “cloudbusters” for breaking down chemtrails. They also produce a line of devices and began adding precious metals and stones to their Orgonite and jewelry designs. Many have joined the “gifting” and making of Orgonite.


Rockwell's kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Rockwell’s kitty and Orgonite pyramid

R: The sculptures that my brother Lee and I create require the organic resins to attract and hold Orgone energy and the inorganic metal shavings to initially attract and then immediately repel those same energies. Because of the organic materials’ ability to attract and hold energy as the metals repel it, a back and forth ‘scrubbing’ action takes place, essentially cleansing it and leaving the energy neutral or positive.

We use our Consciousness to interact with the Orgonite and Orgone energy, “mind over matter”, as Orgone is the building block of our material reality. We can use our thoughts and emotions to interact with it and shape the material world in which we live.

inside orgonite sculpture

inside orgonite sculpture


R: A quartz crystal is used and is sometimes wrapped in a cubital copper coil with a positive and negative end embedded into the resin and metal matrix. With great intention, the crystals are programmed for their job of emotional cleansing and negative energy clearing. We include precious stones which are assigned more individual tasks.


R: While living on the Pacific coast of Mexico in 2013, I met a world traveler who offered to show me how to make Orgonite. He stressed to me the importance of positive intention in the creation process and using the proper gemstones according to the outcome desired.

It was in this vein that I began casting Orgonite. I asked, in the making of that first sculpture, that I be able to see inside my heart chakra and to connect with my disconnection of mind and spirit. I was excited by how cool that first piece came out. I loved it! I couldn’t stop looking at it.

While taking a siesta in the hammock, I awoke in a dream-like state (an epiphany) with the sculpt resting on my chest. I had an experience which was the start of my passionate search for getting my heart free from its fears of transparency.

Rockwell Driver's business card for more information about Orgonite

for more information about Orgonite

I have since moved back to the states and have cast over a hundred sculptures. Some of my first thoughts were of blending the science, the metaphysics and mysticism of crystals and precious stones and the Art of making beautiful sculptures with healing potential for a specific person with specific needs.

I have since brought my brother into the equation. He is a builder of amazing furniture, spiral staircases and now, beautiful hard wood bases for our sculptures. They have lighted mirrors, reflecting magically and the stands accentuate our healing Orgonite Pyramid Art. Without his touch, I feel these sculptures are incomplete. We call them “Healing Orgonite Pyramid Art:  A Meditative and Energy Clearing Sculpture.”

We now build sculptures after consulting with the recipient, and provide the intended stones and crystals necessary for balance, redirection and flow of energies for the individual. My brother, Lee, and I will soon will have a page at Arkansas Crystal Works where you can order a healing pyramid sculpture made especially for you.

Thank you, Rock, for that information about Orgonite, in general, and your healing sculptures, specifically!

The sculpture I have lives by my bedside. Before I had it refitted with the wooden base, I would place it on my chest during rest or meditation. Even though the pyramid is quite heavy, the sensation of weight would disappear and the sculpture would seem to blend into my aura. Since moving it to my bedside, I have noticed that my sleep comes much more quickly. I sleep more deeply and have vivid dreams.

The subjects of Orgone and Orgonite have always fascinated me. I hope you have found this brief history and explanation enlightening and informative. Do you have experiences with Orgonite or Orgone Generators? I would love to hear them!

Arkansas Tornado Assistance 4-27-14

Well, everyone, I am behind on blog posts. I was working on a post about Orgone and Orgonite, but that isn’t going to happen right now.

tornado Mayflower AR 4-27-14

tornado Mayflower AR 4-27-14

If you have a television or access to news on the internet, you may have seen that Arkansas was hit pretty hard with the recent band of severe weather that came through. We were on high alert where I live and narrowly dodged the bullet. In Arkansas alone, right now there are reports of 14 deaths and many injuries. The news is so fresh I am having trouble actually finding accurate numbers. The towns of Mayflower and Vilonia (suburbs of North Little Rock) are essentially leveled from what I understand. According to Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis, “The National Weather Service expects to find EF3 Tornado damage in the Mayflower or Vilonia along a damage path some 40 miles long. The damage survey may take several days to be completed but damage they’ve already seen is consistent with winds from 136-165mph.”

As you might imagine I am feeling a little helpless in the aftermath of the destruction I am seeing through the media and to prevent a feeling of hopelessness, I am writing this blog post. I know there are people in Oklahoma which were also affected by this storm; Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, Georgia ETC!! Yikes!!! I am probably missing some states as well.

Anyway… we can’t do it all, so we do what we can, right? I am particularly struck by the people who have lost and injured furbabies because I know what kind of shape we would be in if any of our furbabies (and feathered babies) were injured or if we were in a shelter or temporary housing where we couldn’t keep them. In light of this we have offered to foster 1 to 2 pups until their families are in a situation where they can bring them home. I am also going to donate to Maumelle Friends of the Animals (MFOA). They are coordinating with a local vet who is triaging the wounded animals and there are lots of broken bones and pets in need of treatment and surgery. MFOA was founded in 1992 and their mission is “To save shelter pets from going out the back door and to help educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering.” They are a non-profit group helping animals get a second chance at life. Right now they are helping the tornado victims (human and animal) in Mayflower. Here is their most recent post 4/28/14 @ 6pm:

Mayflower update:
We sent 4 vehicles in today with 7 volunteers/workers. We got an initial assessment done. Many, many animal deaths. Pet Crematory Services was able to come out and help. We dropped food off at City Hall where Mayflower Animal Clinic was stationed along with areas along the way. We brought back 6 dogs and 6 cats, but we got a late start.
Tomorrow will start another day and another attempt to go in. I have taken names and numbers and we will start utilizing the offers to help from volunteers tomorrow and the next few days. It’s been a long day. Here are a few pics of our caravan. It was nearly noon before we were even able to confirm eligibility to go in. We will continue to take donations and continue where we can to help. Thank you to all for the donations and calls to help!!!! Y’all have been awesome!

SO! This is where you and I come in… I am going to donate the proceeds for all crystal sales through the end of this month. That’s tomorrow (Tuesday April 29, 2014) and the next day (Wednesday April 30th). If you have had your eye on a crystal, now would be a great time to pick that up. Any amount will help. I have lots of crystals under $10 on the specials and sales pages.

Here is an example from MFOA’s Facebook page of who we will be helping with our donations:

Daisy has found her family but has surgery in her future

Daisy has found her family but has surgery in her future

MFOA: “This is Daisy. Her family has lost everything, including another pet. Maumelle Animal Clinic will be accepting donations for Daisy’s care, upcoming ortho surgery, and for other pets needing medical care. We are about to head out to Mayflower. Lots of animal deaths and injuries. Pets and livestock. Maumelle Animal Services accepting all types of donations. Don’t forget the livestock. Thank you all.”

Thanks, everyone, for helping me to help our local friends and neighbors and their furbabies and hopefully ease their pain just a little.




If you aren’t in the position to help by buying a crystal, please send Reiki, prayers, love and light. Those are desperately needed as well. Please share this blog post with friends.

Here is a link to the crystal pages for your convenience:

Arkansas Crystal Works

or if you prefer making a donation directly, here is the donation page to Maumelle Friends of the Animals page on Facebook.

Love and thanks


here is a wonderful update on the pup pictured above, Daisy: video of Daisy on the news

here is an article about Daisy’s family who were getting married in a nearby town from  “Wedding on day of tornado ‘saved our lives’


Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for a successful fund raising event for the displaced and injured animals from the Arkansas Tornado in Mayflower and Vilonia. It was an EF 4 Tornado 13 football fields wide with winds approaching 200mph on the ground for over 40 miles. We had crystals adopted here in AR (Ft. Smith and Eureka Springs), NH, PA, CA, AZ and the UK!! Some people donated directly. $273 of crystal sales went to Maumelle Friends of the Animals. Thank you for the healing thoughts, prayers, Reiki and monetary assist. May it be returned to you 1000 fold !! May all who have been affected by this storm, in Arkansas as well as the other states, find peace and healing. Love you all

– with Maumelle Friends of the Animals.

A Discussion about Crystal Spheres or “Crystal Balls”

A recent blog post about polished versus natural (unpolished) crystals sparked some questions and a brief discussion about spheres with my friend jack.  

Q: Where is it that the energy moves through a sphere that would be cut from the middle of a larger point? Would it still have the original flow?

sphere_energyA: Great question! There’s not really a “directional” energy flow in a sphere. The nature of a sphere (physically as well as in sacred geometry) is basically flow in all directions (movement: getting the ball rolling). Imagine the energy from a sphere as you would the light coming off a globe of light (think light bulb without lampshade or cover versus a flashlight, which is directional).

Q: So since crystal spheres are created, not natural, does creating them allow the energy to release in all directions by design?

A: Well, some crystal spheres are cut from a solid piece (hence the reason they are so costly). There might be a directional grain like in wood, but the energy is going to come out all over.  Imagine the grain in wood. If the energy came out at the tip of each grain where it is cut, because it is a circle, it is going to have a cut grain on every surface, and the energy would come out all over, you see?

Q: I have a rose quartz sphere that was cut from a chunk and I didn’t know how that worked in reference to the blog and the talk of direction of energy in reference to polished points.

A: Yeah. Usually the points are going to have a basic directional flow, and spheres are going to have more of a glow. Imagine the same principle about the energy redirection which occurs out of an artificially placed termination in a polished point. In a sphere, there IS no termination, so the energy rolls… Hence the reason the energy from spheres tends to be more diffuse, less directional, but still strong. (If you missed the post about polished versus natural points, here is a link:

Q: What about big chunks of, say, rose quartz that have been cut and polished into spheres? Is the sentience of the larger piece then split into smaller pieces? And is the sentience still intact or is that like having babies, where a piece of you moves on and develops it’s own mind while the original mind stays intact?

A: Well, the sentience in crystal all comes from one main source, so technically there really is no “individual” or “separate” like we think of it and how we see ourselves. Do you follow?

Q: I guess the human idea of individuality doesn’t particularly apply to all beings and all things. It’s like a person looking through a gem. The eye sees many but the mind is one.

A: Yeah. It’s like the light coming through the gem is the sentience. The sentience remains even if you smash the gem. Group consciousness. The many are the One and the One is the many.

Q: What about glass spheres? Is there a way to determine if the sphere is glass or crystal?

Cherry ‘quartz’ sphere photo credit: ebay

A: Sometimes what you THINK (or are told) is a polished quartz crystal sphere (it may even be labelled as quartz crystal) is actually glass. Often you will see spheres for sale called “Cherry Quartz”, “Strawberry Quartz” etc… They may be very convincing, but these are not actual spheres made from a solid piece of  quartz crystal.

A real giveaway in the case of Cherry or Strawberry “Quartz” is the color. (Quartz crystal doesn’t come in these colors). However if you don’t know this, two determining factors you can go by are price as related to size and the presence of bubbles.

An affordable (say under $50) large sphere billed as quartz crystal is almost always glass, or reconstructed quartz, not crystal (meaning not cut from a larger crystal). Obviously, there may be exceptions to this, for example, an authentic quartz sphere that an individual is selling at an affordable price because they may not know the value of what they have. This would be rare (certainly there would not be more than one for sale at this price).

Cherry ‘quartz’ sphere photo credit: ebay globalminers

The second giveaway is the appearance of bubbles. If you look inside of the sphere and there are tiny (or large) bubbles, it is glass or man-made.

On the other hand, if there are no bubbles or wispy inclusions, a low-priced, perfectly clear, flawless sphere is most certainly going to be glass or possibly lab-grown or reconstructed crystal. Obviously there are exceptions to these rules, these are just basic guidelines.

One example of a flawless crystal ball cut from a single piece of crystal is in the National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C., USA. I have seen this large sphere, and it is a sight to behold! Below is a picture of it. I can’t imagine the size the original crystal had to be to create a sphere so large and perfectly flawless.

Flawless crystal ball photo credit: National Museum of Natural History, Washington D.C., USA

So, as you can see, there are exceptions. But a flawless crystal ball isn’t going to be priced at $29.95.

If you have the desire for a very large sphere (for scrying or just for looks), a quartz crystal sphere which is cut from a solid crystal may be WAY out of your price range (I know it is mine). In these cases, a large glass sphere is perfectly acceptable. I have one I got in Mexico and I love it! It is full of bubbles and reminds me of fairies. Just because it isn’t quartz doesn’t mean it is of no value or is useless as a tool. For an affordable, clear, ‘flawless’ sphere, consider one made of reconstructed quartz.

I hope this discussion cleared up the subject of crystal balls or crystal spheres and helps you in future purchases.

Crystals with Water in them or Enhydro Crystals

Here’s another awesome question from my friend Karen, this time, about Enhydro crystals. She asks:

Enhydros (sp?) Crystal? Have you come across any of these? Can you share more of what they do? I have learned they balance the Divine Masculine/Feminine. Is this correct? Thanks!

Enhydro Crystal photo credit:

Enhydro Crystal photo credit:

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Enhydro crystals. For those that don’t know, they are crystals with water (fluid) inside them. The only way to know if you have an Enhydro (if there is water or fluid present) is if they have something IN the water (usually an air bubble, sometimes sediment of some kind, but most usually air)… or if the fluid is colored as in the photo to the left. Most Enhydro crystals present as clear crystals with clear water, so to see them you turn the crystal and the air bubble (or sediment) moves. If it is sediment it will move down because it is heavier than the water, and if an air bubble, it will move up because it is lighter than the water (imagine the bubble in a carpenter’s level). In the photo above, the fluid in the cavity is golden colored. It is very striking to see such a crystal because you are able to easily see where the fluid is. As in the photograph below, in a clear crystal with clear water, you are only able to “see” the water when the bubble moves.

Enhydro crystal photo credit:

Enhydro crystal photo credit:

The sensation I get from these crystals is one of excited possibility…. magic… hidden potential. It’s like finding an unexpected prize or bonus (like buying a coat at a tag sale and years later, discovering a hidden pocket with a diamond ring in it!)

Unfortunately I don’t have the pleasure of coming across a lot of Enhydro crystals in the Arkansas crystal I see as they are fairly rare.

Enhydro crystals have such a feeling of possibility. The energy I experience from an Enhydro crystal is what I would imagine it would feel like to experience the sensation of a baby moving inside you: a fluttery excitement and a feeling of promise and great potential.

Since I haven’t had the opportunity to work with a lot of Enhydro crystals, I asked the Crystal People for their input regarding Karen’s question concerning a balance of feminine and masculine in Enhydro crystals. Here is their answer:

To your question, of a balance of the Divine Masculine/Feminine, I could see how this would be true, yes, in this way: In experiencing the Enhydro as described above, the feeling of potential, a seed, if you will. The seed (potential) requires incubation, going within (feminine) which then requires the masculine energy for the manifestation of the potential, so therein would lie the balance of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to see the birth of this potential. So in working with the energies of the Enhydro crystal, one is working with the Feminine, Masculine and the Divine by engaging with the crystalline energy towards the highest good.

The other miracle in Enhydro crystals is that inside this crystal, which we have established is thousands of years old, there is trapped water (or fluid) which has been there since the crystal’s inception. It’s an unlikely occurrence to begin with, when you imagine the heat and pressure required to create a crystal. To also have present the creation of a cavity in the crystal, which fills with fluid and enough air to create a bubble, which is then also sealed sufficiently with more crystal deposit to prevent the fluid from escaping… it defies logic, and yet it exists. Therein lies the magic. While crystal itself is a link to the ancient past, the presence of water inside the crystal is a further link. To imagine that water is still accessible today which was present millennia before is awe inspiring.

Enhydro crystal photo credit: pentacle overlay by Genn

In returning to Karen’s question, water is Feminine and Air is Masculine, so to access the energies of both in one crystal via the Enhydro can be balancing. A crystal also represents both Earth and Fire. They are made OF Earth, IN the Earth and the piezoelectric properties link them with fire, not to mention the heat required to create them. Take the Earth and Fire elements present in all crystal, add the Water and Air principles of the Enhydro crystal and your intention of linking with the Divine (Spirit) and you have all possibilities. In this way an Enhydro crystal encompasses the energy of all five sacred elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit).

What could possibly be better than that!?

I hope this has helped shed some light on this special crystal configuration! If you have questions about other configurations occurring in clear quartz crystal, send me an email or post in the comments below.

Other Triangle and Square Shapes on Crystals (Growth Interference and Record Keepers)

Last time we talked about Keys and Imprints. There are other ways that triangles and squares may present on crystals. We’ll discuss those here, namely Growth Interference and Record Keepers.

Indentations and markings similar to Imprints and Keys also occur but they fall into a different category. Some of these triangular and square-shaped impressions are caused by what is called Growth Interference. Growth Interference happens when another mineral grows during the development of the crystal and then subsequently disappears.

Growth Interference

Growth Interference with “buzz saw” look (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

As well as the square and triangle, more often than not, it looks like a buzz saw was taken to the crystal. Sometimes there is a little bit of mineral left in part of the crevasses.

Growth Interference crystals function a bit like crystal Imprints. They represent how we can adapt and grow around a certain situation (or person), and then if the situation (or person) no longer serves, it leaves, but not without leaving a mark.

Some Growth Interference presents in square shapes and not in the typical buzz-saw fashion.

wow! Growth Interference

wow! Growth Interference

The crystal to the right has lots and lots of square-edged indentations. Remember the example I gave of pressing a shape into clay when imagining how Keys and Imprints were formed in the last post? Imagine taking that piece of clay and a Lego, (“let go of my leggo!” wait… what??) and stick them all over the crystal. In this instance, though, you don’t pull the Lego out, you leave it there. Imagine that over time, as the crystal grows, the Lego disintegrates or melts or falls out on its own accord due to changing temperatures or other variations in circumstance. The crystal is left with characteristic indentations, and that is called Growth Interference.

Growth Interference with large shaped squares on the base of a cluster

Growth Interference with large shaped squares on the base of a cluster

The photo on the left has large, very deep squares, the one above has smaller squares. Both of these examples are on the side of a point but they also might occur on the base, for instance on a cluster.

Remember that the difference between Growth Interference and Keys or Imprints is that in Growth interference there used to be another mineral in those spaces (not another crystal).


Moving from Growth interference and onto surface features in triangle shapes, other triangles you might find are called Record Keepers (sometimes called Recorders).


photo of Record Keepers taken with a microscopic digital camera (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

photo of Record Keepers taken with a microscopic digital camera (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Traditional Record Keepers are surface features which you usually can’t feel and they are not apparent unless the light is at the proper angle. The Record Keepers in the photo look like you would be able to feel them, however this is a picture taken with a powerful zoom. Occasionally you may be able to feel a Record Keeper when you run your finger over it, but usually you can’t. The triangles usually have very sharp corners as the picture to the left. Sometimes, however, I find them with curved edges, almost teardrop in shape. I call these non-traditional Record Keepers.

It is said that a Record Keeper crystal will find its way to the person who needs the information it contains. They contain special wisdom. I don’t know how that works exactly, but I also don’t know how a CD can hold a sentence much less a whole encyclopedia. Suffice it to say that they represent storage devices and that the information was placed there by someone, perhaps in Atlantis or Lemuria.

Triangles found on crystals can also be Trigonic Record Keepers. Trigonic Record Keepers are different from traditional Record Keepers in that they appear to be (for lack of a better description) cut into the surface, whereas traditional Record Keepers are surface features which can’t be felt (normally). And another remarkable difference is that Trigonic Record Keepers appear point down whereas traditional Record Keepers appear point up. Look at the photo of the Record Keeper above, and notice how the point of the triangle is pointing UP toward the top of the crystal point. Now look at the picture below right, how the point of the triangle is pointing DOWN, away from the top of the crystal.

Sometimes they are tiny, sometimes larger, there may be just one or dozens. Typically they occur just on the faces or facets of crystals, not on the sides. Lots of times Gas Phantoms have them in the Etching which is characteristic to them. Below, on the left, is a picture of Trigonic Record Keepers on a Gas Phantom point, to the right, a rather large traditional Trigonic Record Keeper.

Trigonic Record Keeper

Trigonic Record Keeper (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)


Trigonic Record Keepers on a Gas Phantom point (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Trigonic Record Keepers on a Gas Phantom point (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Trigonic Record Keepers are crystals of transition. They are good for soul retrieval and can work as a key to the future. They have an interesting and unique energy. I think they feel like a traditional Record Keeper on steroids. 

The energy of a traditional Record Keeper is one of a quiet exciting knowledge or information held within the crystal itself. Trigonic Record Keepers feel more like a doorway to endless information.

To illustrate further, accessing the knowledge of a Trigonic Record Keeper would be comparable to walking into a library, whereas that of a traditional Record Keeper would be like opening a book.

To access the knowledge in either of these crystals takes time and patience. Sometimes the Record Keeper markings appear and disappear. To me, they hold a magical, exciting energy.
This is a lot of information. Here is a recap:
  1. may occur in buzz-saw shapes or triangles or squares
  2. an interruption in the crystal structure occurs due to the presence of another mineral during the growth of the crystal
  3. they represent how we can adapt and grow around a certain situation (or person), and then if the situation (or person) no longer serves, it leaves, but not without leaving a mark.


  1. surface features which you usually can’t feel and are only apparent when lighted properly.
  2. May be equilateral triangles or have curved edges
  3. appear point up
  4. information is comparable to opening a book
  5. will find its way to the person who needs the information it contains


  1. appear to be cut into the surface and can be easily seen and felt
  2. appear point down
  3. information is comparable to accessing a library
  4. crystals of transition, good for soul retrieval and can work as a key to the future
I know this can be confusing at first, so I hope I have shined a little light onto this subject for you. If you happen upon crystals like these, either Growth Interference, Record Keepers or Trigonic Record Keepers, consider yourself blessed! They are rare, special and have tremendous potential and exciting energy.

Keys and Crystal Imprints

YAY!  OK, so we had a question from my friend, Karen (the Feng Shui Lady) Adams. She writes:

“Tell me about crystals with “Keys” such as squares and triangles. I have heard about gazing at them in meditation? Anything else you can share would be exciting!”

Oh! this is a great question.

example of pokey bottomed Key (photo credit:

example of pointy bottomed Key (photo credit:

Key is created when a crystal pokes into another crystal during its growth. Sometimes Keys have a pointy bottom and sometimes a flat bottom… What do I mean by this? Well, Pictured on the left is an example of a pointy bottomed key in a crystal.

poking something in clay (photo credit:

poking something in clay (photo credit: Red and the

Here’s a visual example of how they are created. Take a crystal, and stab the top of the point into a cylinder of clay and then remove the crystal (pictured is actually a round object, but pretend it is a crystal). The impression left in the clay (surrogate for our crystal in this example) is the Key. “Key” seems like a misnomer, really, because it is actually more of a keyHOLE in shape, but they are called Keys, none-the-less.

Key crystal, flat bottom, (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Key crystal, flat bottom, (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Now take the same crystal (assume it has a flat base) and press the base into the clay, instead of the tip… this pressing will create a hexagonal shape like the picture to the left.This crystal actually has both a flat bottomed and a pointy bottomed Key. The pointy bottomed is that notch in the top right of the crystal.

six-sided Key

six-sided Key (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Here is a zoom-in of the same nice six-sided (flat-bottomed) Key. Crystal is hexagonal (six-sided), so Keys are normally six-sided, but not always. Sometimes the portion of the crystal that is smashing into the other crystal (the clay in our prior example) isn’t aiming head on so all six sides aren’t in contact or part of the crystal making the impression is half on and half off the crystal receiving the Key. These are called partial Keys and also Imprints.

So, what are these Keys and Imprints useful for? Key crystals are good to help you unlock answers to questions you may have. You can access them in different ways. You may (as in Karen’s question above) gaze into them during meditation, or simply close your eyes and enter the energy of the crystal, imagining it opening and see what answer you get to a question you may ask. There are many different ways, use your intuition for the best way!

Imprints show how something is affected by outside influences. The original structure adapts to its environment as outside influences change its shape or form. This allows for growth and change, while still maintaining its basic inherent truth and beauty. I like to meditate on this and see how it applies to my life and circumstances. It makes me feel softer and more loving toward perceived flaws I may have.

lip on the edge of a triangular shaped indentation

lip on the edge of a triangular shaped indentation (photo credit Arkansas Crystal Works)

It can get weird in examples of triangles which don’t appear to be either Keys or Imprints. On some of these Key-like markings, the inside of the triangle is flat, and there is a LIP on the edge of the triangle. What makes this is odd is that if this configuration was created in the traditional way (poking a crystal into another crystal) there would be no way to leave an edge or lip, right!? Sometimes the lip is really deep. These triangles typically have the energy of a Key, and also an amped-up Record Keeper. I don’t know how they are formed, it is possible that they fall into the Growth Interference category. To me, the mystery is part of the magic. They have the most AWESOME energy which really pulls you right down into them.

Bevel edged impressions

Bevel edged impressions (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Sometimes the triangles and or squares have beveled edges like the picture to the right. These bevel-edged crystals have a softer energy than traditional Keys. Ask the crystal for help in determining the best way to work with it. I find myself rubbing the beveled areas and feeling the energy that presents.

So, as you can see, there are many different ways triangles and squares may appear on a crystal, created in different ways and presenting in a wide range of sizes, shapes and forms. In working with any of them, the most beneficial method is to sit with the crystal and experience its special energy as an individual. While they may appear similar, they are all different. However they present, I find the energy of these shapes thrilling. As for how to work with them, use your intuition, the Crystal People will help you to figure out how to best work with your particular crystal. It will vary as much as the crystals themselves.

So, that was a really fun question, Karen, thanks so much for asking!! 


If your teachers were anything like mine, they used to say “There are no stupid questions” and “Chances are the person next to you has the same question as you”. I would love to address the questions you may have about the Crystal People! To encourage you to step up and ask those questions you may have, if I answer your question in a blog post, I am offering a free pdf copy of my “make your own” Wire Wrap Pendant instructions.


Polished Crystal versus Natural (unpolished) Crystal: What’s the Difference?

photo from

example of polished crystal points (photo credit

I often get questions about polished crystal and how it differs from natural crystal. When I talk about polished crystal I am referring to crystal which has had its sides and or faces cut and polished with a machine, like the picture above. 

natural unpolished quartz crystal

natural unpolished quartz crystal (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Natural crystal is crystal which has not had its shape altered and remains the same as it was when it grew in the earth. The crystals above are natural (unpolished) crystals.

Sometimes crystal is polished because of surface dings or marring caused from the mining process. Lots of Brazilian points come to us completely polished; termination, bottom, and sides. At times just one side or face and the base (which is usually beveled as well), will be polished while the rest of the crystal is left in its natural state.  Sometimes the crystal points are so damaged that they would be unusable (due to sharp edges, etc), so in these cases it is really beneficial and best for the crystal that they do this.


example of points polished with centrally located terminations (photo credit: CoyoteRainbow

Many times a point will be polished into a Generator (six equal faces with a centrally located point) or even Channeler or Dow. However, while the termination may have been ground or polished externally into that shape, the internal structure is still going to have the energy of the configuration prior to the polishing.

drawing of side and top view of a Generator quartz crystal

drawing of side and top view of a Generator quartz crystal

To demonstrate, let’s take a look. Imagine a crystal in your mind’s eye. Grasp the crystal around the body, turn the crystal and look straight down into the termination of the point. Imagine it as a clock face. In a Generator crystal, for example, all the faces will come together in the middle and the tip of the crystal will be in the very center of the clock face.

Let’s imagine a crystal which has its tip or termination leaning over to one side (as the crystal in the photo below). As we know, the energy of the crystal will spiral up the body and out the tip.


discrepancy in energy flow

Understand that this crystal which originally had a non-centrally located termination has a natural energy flow which is spiraling up and out left or right of center. If this leaning-termination-oriented crystal were physically altered, the energy would still want to come out where the termination used to be (rather than the center). If were artificially polished or ground into the shape of a Generator configuration (tip in the center of the clock face), the energy will still end up coming out the center, but it won’t be as intensely focused out the center as a crystal which occurred in that configuration naturally. In the picture, I have drawn the actual energy flow of this natural crystal point in tan. I drew in pink where they would probably trim and polish this crystal. You can see in this pretend cut and polished crystal the energy wants to come out sort of off-center so it will have to re-direct to come out the new now centrally-located tip.

This is the reason people sometimes feel that polished crystals aren’t as “powerful” as natural crystals. In truth, what they are feeling is the discrepancy between the directional flow that the artificially polished termination indicates the energy is going and the flow it actually has determined by the internal molecular structure. I think innately we feel this difference and notice something is “off” but can’t put our finger on it.

energy flow vs cut

I have found the energy can seem “muted” or less intense in polished points, and I attribute that to the fact that the surface features have all been ground away. Pictured left is another natural crystal with pink energy line and tan proposed cut termination. In this example, the sides of this point would also be ground away. As you can see, Barnacles, Keys, Crystal Imprints, as well as Self Healing, Bridges and multiple terminating bases such as Extra-Terrestrials would be lost. Also lost to polishing are surface features such as Lineated Sides and Faces, Record Keepers, Etching and Sacred Sigils.

It is important to note that a polished natural quartz crystal is still sentient and still works with us but the energy may feel less “raw”, “natural” or “immediate”. There is no better or worse, there is no right or wrong. It is simply helpful to have the knowledge about the differences between the two to help you understand what you may be experiencing.

If you pick up a new crystal and it is polished or have one in your current family of crystals, sit with it a moment. Feel the energy. Decide whether it is a match for you based on how you connect, not whether or not it is natural or polished. Depending on your needs and the co-creative contract you make with the crystal, a polished point can be a very useful friend to have. You can never go wrong if you decide in the moment from a place of non-judgement. This is a good practice to follow in many areas, is it not?

Crystal Grid for Lung Issues

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would share with you my most recent crystal grid. I have been battling Pneumonia and the after-effects for several weeks now. I created this grid so the Crystal People could help me bring balance and health back to my lungs.

Grids are very interesting, and something from which we can all benefit. I believe it is best to use what you have (no “special” crystals are necessary) and to use your intuition when building a grid (versus having an “expert” build one for you).

When we use our intuition, we are being guided directly from our higher Selves, our Spirit Guides, Creator and the Crystal People. It is time to trust our own guidance instead of giving our power away. We are all Masters and have the ability to be connected to Source just as much as our perceived Gurus.

We aren’t limited to only working with crystals in our crystal grid. This is a magical working. We are connecting to all time. Our crystal grid helps us to align with our healthy self in this now moment.

I am sharing this grid to spur your ideas and to suggest things which may not have occurred to you. Also to let you know THERE ARE NO RULES!!! Let me illustrate by using pictures of my own grid.

Here is a picture of my grid (which I built on my black piano bench, which was a great idea for grid placement, not such a great idea for photography) I apologize for the picture quality:

Lung grid

Lung grid

I began construction of the grid from the center out. It helps me to use a focal point which represents the theme of the grid. In this case, it was my lung issues.

I Googled images of healthy lungs, found this nice picture and printed it out. I added the little photograph of me that I used in my last grid. If you remember, I choose to use this picture because it represents, to ME, a time when I felt most healthy, balanced and aware. What you use may be as varied as a photograph, a favorite stone, a stuffed animal, or maybe nothing. It is your choice, and there are no wrong answers.

I built the grid outward from there. Some crystals I pointed in toward the center, and asked the Crystal People to bring healing energy IN. Others, I placed pointing away from the center and asked the Crystal People to take energies that no longer serve, OUT.

Here are some pictures with arrows indicating energy flow:


I usually begin by placing crystals with inflowing energy. It is just a habit of mine, and best to do whatever you are called to do. The large blue arrows on the outer edge were placed first. This time I started with the four cardinal points (North, South, East, West) and then filled in the diagonals (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest).

I placed the crystals going away from the center next, and then moved back to the crystals I am about to describe. However, for the sake of keeping the images from being too screwy, I will finish describing the inward facing crystals.

The little half arrows (blue)  are the inward facing termination of some Pecos Diamonds I have. Pecos Diamonds are double terminated quartz crystals which are smokey and included with (I am guessing) a sand or other inclusion. They are special and come from the Pecos River Valley. My Granny picked up these four crystals while rockhounding there, so for me they hold an even more special energy.

The green arrows are four Chlorite included crystals which my good friend Sammy dug in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Chlorite is very healing and also the connection to Sammy (who has transitioned to Spirit) gives these special meaning. You don’t have to find and incorporate these specific crystals, it is just what I happened to have on hand. I incorporated these stones not only for their special qualities, but also for the special connection I have to them. This is important to note.

Next I will describe the crystals which I placed with the terminating end pointing away from the center (to carry unneeded energies out and away):

These crystals were placed facing outward and I asked them to remove any unwanted energies from my chest area. The arrows are in grey.

I also drew little half arrows on the terminating end of the Pecos Diamonds, but they don’t show up very well in the graphic. Just keep in mind the energy of these double terminated crystals flows both toward and away.

I was drawn to add more to the grid which didn’t necessarily have to be crystal oriented. It’s important to remember you can do this with your grids to add depth and also to encourage you to follow your intuition. I have circled these next items in pink.

I was drawn to represent the element of Air. For this I used the four feathers you see pictured. They are special, both because they come from my lovebird, and they are rainbow colored. To me, as well as representing air because they are feathers, the colors represent the Chakras and balance.

You see, it is perfectly appropriate in the building of your crystal grid to include items which mean something to you (whatever that might be). It is also good to remember that as you build the grid you are infusing it with the energies you wish to manifest.

Moving back to the picture above, the next items I was drawn to place were on the outer four corners. Here I placed hematite to ground the energy and also to serve as energy “sinks” (they draw energy). My intent is that the energy which is being drawn from my lungs (the energy which no longer serves) is being pulled into the hematite and grounded out.

Finally, I placed the two crystal friends which I work with when I meditate and do Green Tara practice on each side of the grid for further assistance and also for balance. At this point, my grid felt complete. I spent some time connecting with the grid and thanking all the helpers.

In summary, when building your grid, I can’t emphasize the following points enough:

  1. Use your intuition and trust that you are receiving guidance from not only the Crystal People, but also your Guides, higher Self, Spirit, etc.
  2. Include what you are drawn to include. Follow your gut even if something seems silly.
  3. As well as crystals, feel free to incorporate other items which have significance to you.

Remember to connect with your grid frequently. Thank all the components for assisting you to achieve the goal (the focus of the grid). If the grid is running for a while (mine has been going for about 3 weeks now), periodically cleanse the grid with a touch-in, intend it cleansed (you don’t have to deconstruct it) and reinforce the purpose of the grid. We need to remember to engage with the grid. It is a co-creative endeavor. We are working WITH the grid, it isn’t working FOR us.

I hope this has encouraged you to #1 make your own grid, and #2 to experiment with different ideas! Happy gridding!


photograph of Genn John

Genn John with The Crystal People

Well, kids… it’s time for an update on the book…

Understanding the Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers is ready for purchase!

The birth process has been a doosy… massive thanks to all those people who have been holding my hand and mopping my brow through the process… I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge a few of them here.



  • Angel Walton, for tirelessly combing over the manuscript again and again, (and again). Also for re-introducing me to my Crystal Guide, Venus, also “The Gang” and for delivering wonderful lessons and messages from the Other Side.
  • Rita Ibison, for the FEFT. 
  • Crystal friends who attended my workshops, and who have adopted new members into their crystal families over these many years.
  • Fenix Deroche and Lammie Nguyen, for the day we spent at the crystal mine, (2 weeks out from shoulder surgery). Fenix, for the photographs and for delivering the message that I will be the crystals’ voice as well as their legs. Lammie thanks for carrying my bucket and for being such a wonderful friend. You’re my favorite Lunch Ho.
  • Meg the Media Maven, much gratitude for the info on social networking and for being there when I had questions.
  • Kent Hesselbein for the wonderful cover design and for putting up with my nit-pickiness.
  • Michele Doucette for the assistance with the final polishing, for guiding me through the publishing process and introducing me to Stan at St. Clair Publications.
  • Last but not least, Deb-la, Moto, Mom, Dad, Rita-mom, and Tribe of the Tree People… your support and enthusiasm have kept me afloat when my arms got tired from paddling.

There are countless more people to thank, but I don’t want to put any more of you to sleep (I heard some of you snoring in the back row!) If you weren’t named here specifically, please know you have my friendship, love and humble thanks, always.

Obviously and ultimately, I thank the Crystal People.

I am publishing through St. Clair Publications, books are available on Amazon, Amazon UK and I will also offer autographed copies from my website (click here). If you purchase a personalized autographed copy through Arkansas Crystal Works, it will come with a free crystal point selected especially for you, at a special “Crystal Friends” discounted rate.

For those of you in the Arkansas area (or who like to travel) I will be having book signings here in Van-Alma, in Fayetteville at Passages Rising and in Eureka Springs.

The signing in Van-Alma will be at the Psychic Fair at the Healing Art Center on Saturday October 26th, 2013 from noon to 5pm. I will also be teaching a crystal class and will have a booth set up with crystals and books.

I will be at Crystal Waters in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on November 9th, 2013 (7 Basin Spring Avenue) from 5 – 7 pm. Here is a link to Crystal Waters’ Facebook site for directions and info:

I will be at Passages Rising in  Fayetteville, Arkansas (14 E. Meadow) on November 16th, 2013 4pm – 8pm. There will be fingerfood and music. Dennis and Kapotahi Frederikson will be playing Native American flute and Susan McBay will be debuting songs from her latest CD.

Thanks so much for your patience and support through this process!

Love and Crystal Blessings~  Genn   :)