Other Triangle and Square Shapes on Crystals (Growth Interference and Record Keepers)

Last time we talked about Keys and Imprints. There are other ways that triangles and squares may present on crystals. We’ll discuss those here, namely Growth Interference and Record Keepers.

Indentations and markings similar to Imprints and Keys also occur but they fall into a different category. Some of these triangular and square-shaped impressions are caused by what is called Growth Interference. Growth Interference happens when another mineral grows during the development of the crystal and then subsequently disappears.

Growth Interference

Growth Interference with “buzz saw” look (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

As well as the square and triangle, more often than not, it looks like a buzz saw was taken to the crystal. Sometimes there is a little bit of mineral left in part of the crevasses.

Growth Interference crystals function a bit like crystal Imprints. They represent how we can adapt and grow around a certain situation (or person), and then if the situation (or person) no longer serves, it leaves, but not without leaving a mark.

Some Growth Interference presents in square shapes and not in the typical buzz-saw fashion.

wow! Growth Interference

wow! Growth Interference

The crystal to the right has lots and lots of square-edged indentations. Remember the example I gave of pressing a shape into clay when imagining how Keys and Imprints were formed in the last post? Imagine taking that piece of clay and a Lego, (“let go of my leggo!” wait… what??) and stick them all over the crystal. In this instance, though, you don’t pull the Lego out, you leave it there. Imagine that over time, as the crystal grows, the Lego disintegrates or melts or falls out on its own accord due to changing temperatures or other variations in circumstance. The crystal is left with characteristic indentations, and that is called Growth Interference.

Growth Interference with large shaped squares on the base of a cluster

Growth Interference with large shaped squares on the base of a cluster

The photo on the left has large, very deep squares, the one above has smaller squares. Both of these examples are on the side of a point but they also might occur on the base, for instance on a cluster.

Remember that the difference between Growth Interference and Keys or Imprints is that in Growth interference there used to be another mineral in those spaces (not another crystal).


Moving from Growth interference and onto surface features in triangle shapes, other triangles you might find are called Record Keepers (sometimes called Recorders).


photo of Record Keepers taken with a microscopic digital camera (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

photo of Record Keepers taken with a microscopic digital camera (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Traditional Record Keepers are surface features which you usually can’t feel and they are not apparent unless the light is at the proper angle. The Record Keepers in the photo look like you would be able to feel them, however this is a picture taken with a powerful zoom. Occasionally you may be able to feel a Record Keeper when you run your finger over it, but usually you can’t. The triangles usually have very sharp corners as the picture to the left. Sometimes, however, I find them with curved edges, almost teardrop in shape. I call these non-traditional Record Keepers.

It is said that a Record Keeper crystal will find its way to the person who needs the information it contains. They contain special wisdom. I don’t know how that works exactly, but I also don’t know how a CD can hold a sentence much less a whole encyclopedia. Suffice it to say that they represent storage devices and that the information was placed there by someone, perhaps in Atlantis or Lemuria.

Triangles found on crystals can also be Trigonic Record Keepers. Trigonic Record Keepers are different from traditional Record Keepers in that they appear to be (for lack of a better description) cut into the surface, whereas traditional Record Keepers are surface features which can’t be felt (normally). And another remarkable difference is that Trigonic Record Keepers appear point down whereas traditional Record Keepers appear point up. Look at the photo of the Record Keeper above, and notice how the point of the triangle is pointing UP toward the top of the crystal point. Now look at the picture below right, how the point of the triangle is pointing DOWN, away from the top of the crystal.

Sometimes they are tiny, sometimes larger, there may be just one or dozens. Typically they occur just on the faces or facets of crystals, not on the sides. Lots of times Gas Phantoms have them in the Etching which is characteristic to them. Below, on the left, is a picture of Trigonic Record Keepers on a Gas Phantom point, to the right, a rather large traditional Trigonic Record Keeper.

Trigonic Record Keeper

Trigonic Record Keeper (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)


Trigonic Record Keepers on a Gas Phantom point (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Trigonic Record Keepers on a Gas Phantom point (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Trigonic Record Keepers are crystals of transition. They are good for soul retrieval and can work as a key to the future. They have an interesting and unique energy. I think they feel like a traditional Record Keeper on steroids. 

The energy of a traditional Record Keeper is one of a quiet exciting knowledge or information held within the crystal itself. Trigonic Record Keepers feel more like a doorway to endless information.

To illustrate further, accessing the knowledge of a Trigonic Record Keeper would be comparable to walking into a library, whereas that of a traditional Record Keeper would be like opening a book.

To access the knowledge in either of these crystals takes time and patience. Sometimes the Record Keeper markings appear and disappear. To me, they hold a magical, exciting energy.
This is a lot of information. Here is a recap:
  1. may occur in buzz-saw shapes or triangles or squares
  2. an interruption in the crystal structure occurs due to the presence of another mineral during the growth of the crystal
  3. they represent how we can adapt and grow around a certain situation (or person), and then if the situation (or person) no longer serves, it leaves, but not without leaving a mark.


  1. surface features which you usually can’t feel and are only apparent when lighted properly.
  2. May be equilateral triangles or have curved edges
  3. appear point up
  4. information is comparable to opening a book
  5. will find its way to the person who needs the information it contains


  1. appear to be cut into the surface and can be easily seen and felt
  2. appear point down
  3. information is comparable to accessing a library
  4. crystals of transition, good for soul retrieval and can work as a key to the future
I know this can be confusing at first, so I hope I have shined a little light onto this subject for you. If you happen upon crystals like these, either Growth Interference, Record Keepers or Trigonic Record Keepers, consider yourself blessed! They are rare, special and have tremendous potential and exciting energy.
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27 Responses to Other Triangle and Square Shapes on Crystals (Growth Interference and Record Keepers)

  1. Tessa says:

    Hello, I have a dark smoky quartz which shows record keeper marks but on it’s side rather then on it’s point… would this be considered anything? Thanks!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Tessa! It would be unusual for traditional Record Keepers to present on the sides, that doesn’t mean they haven’t. That being said, it’s possible it is Etching or Sigils. If you want, you can send me some photos to genn@arkansascrystalworks.com and I can take a look for you. Thanks for checking in!

  2. Audrey says:

    Hi Genn,

    I have an amethyst cluster with 4 circles on it. I would like your opinion on what’s the meaning of the circles.

  3. Maureen Tullier says:

    Hi Gen , I wonder if you can help me , I have a Lemurian seed crystal , When I first obtained it , it had dozens of triangles on it , and now they have all disappeared !! Are you able to enlighten me as to why ??
    Thank you so very much .
    Kindest regards …Maureen

    • Genn says:

      Hey Maureen! Yes, sometimes Recorders will appear and disappear. It is possible that you have accessed the information that they were a portal to or the information is no longer relevant (perhaps you changed trajectories or time-lines). Sometimes with intense sustained work, Recorders will appear or darken and likewise they can also fade. If you haven’t worked with it for awhile they might have gone “dormant” until it is time for you to work with them. You can always meditate with that crystal and ask IT why and where the Record Keepers went. Ask that if they are meant to return that you are able to work with them. You also might try using a magnifying glass. Sometimes they fade but don’t actually disappear completely. I hope this helps!

  4. Carina says:

    Hi Glenn, thank you for this excellent article.
    Can a record keeper be four sided, like a diamond shape?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Carina! There are other shapes that appear (like diamonds), but technically they aren’t Record Keepers. Surface features (presenting like Record Keepers do) in diamond shapes would technically fall into the category of Sigils. If they are indented (like physically pressed in) they would fall into the category of Keys, or if they look kind of ‘scratched’ in, it could fall under Etching. There are lots of variants of shapes and expressions, so don’t be trapped into pigeonholing the shape or configuration into a specific category. Sometimes they are a bit this AND that AND something else! Take each variant and ask the crystal on which it appears what its purpose is or how to work with the unique energy it brings. I don’t believe books (or blogs or otherwise) are the be-all and end-all of knowledge or naming or working with crystals. I see them more as jumping off points for us. There is so much to know and experience, and just like with people, each crystal will bring something new and unique to the table. It would be sad to miss the expansiveness of their gifts by narrowing each configuration tightly into a category and discounting others if they don’t really fit into ANY category perfectly. If it FEELS like Record Keeper/portal knowledge, go with that in this instance. I hope this helps and didn’t muddy the water! Thanks so much for your question, it was a good one.

  5. Mila says:

    Hi i would like to know if record keepers can be big! I cant tell if it is or not one in the crystal they offer me

  6. Jennifer Riggs says:

    I have a quartz with 2 downward facing triangles. I am curious if they are record keepers or not. How can you tell the difference?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Jennifer! Thanks for your question and for sending pictures. Unfortunately the pictures are too blurry to tell, but You either have Trigonic Record Keepers or Growth Interference. Some clues… If they are triangular like a slice of pizza, crust up, point down, appear “cut in” and only on the faces, then you might have Trigonic Record Keepers. If they are square or parallelograms, and appear on the crystal in the sides or bottom as well as faces, then Growth Interference. The Trigonic Record Keepers sides usually have a slope into the bottom of the triangle, Growth Interference tends to have straight walls. This isn’t always the case, though. It can be difficult to know for certain until you have seen many of both and can learn to discern the difference. Sometimes they are ambiguous (might fit into either category). Thanks for asking!

  7. Denise says:

    I have a very interesting growth interference on a strawberry lemurian from Minas Gerais and would love your opinion if you don’t mind, May I send you the picture?

  8. Senka says:

    Hello, I have an Amethyst worry stone and it has a visible triangle (I can see its depth but cannot feel it since the surface is smooth). I would like your opinion on what it is, can send pictures

  9. Hailey Moen says:

    I have a question, can a tumbled stone or crystal be a record keeper? From the research I’ve done everything is saying it’s a surface feature on a crystal and you wouldn’t find them on a tumbled stone since there is no raw surface

    • Genn says:

      Hey Hailey! Great question! This is sort of a question with both yes and no answers. First, that’s exactly right. With the surface having been either polished or tumbled off, there is no way to know if it once contained Record Keeper markings. So technically you couldn’t definitively say it is a Record Keeper. That’s the “No it can’t be a Record Keeper” answer, I guess. However, if it did have the markings before being altered by polishing or tumbling, it still might have the Record Keeper energies. That’s the “Yes, it CAN be (worked with the same as) a traditional Record Keeper” answer. The way I have come to understand Record Keepers through my Crystal Guide, Venus; the information isn’t “burned” onto the surface in these triangles, therefore the information can’t be “sanded off” or lost. The triangles are there to “tickle our remembrance” if you will… To trigger us to work with these Record Keeper crystals. I always imagined they worked as a CD would (specific information “burned” into these triangular markings). Actually, in truth, they work as a portal might. So, long story short(ish)…If you have a stone that you sense has deeper information for you (as a Record Keeper would), don’t hesitate to work with that crystal just as you would one that you can SEE the Recorders. Hope this helped! Thanks for your question 🙂

  10. Connie says:

    Hi genn. I bought ac record keeper awhile back from you. I just came from a gem show and brought a crystal back with a square étched looking on the side of it. Almost like you’re looking down at a pyramid. I’m curious what it means.. If anything.


  11. Vesiah says:

    Thank you for the tips of how to access the record keeper . I was so surprise to see those triangles pop up unexpectaly , and they are overlapping each other in such a beautiful way. Love them so much with the rainbow reflection inside

  12. Hi Genn, I’d like to comment on Record Keepers if I may. I have heard of a number of ways to access the information they hold, from rubbing them in a direction with a thumbnail to holding them to the light. My personal favorite is to sit with the Record Keeper crystal held between me and candle light, or a full moon. That feels best to me.
    I also wanted to mention that Record Keepers can come and go on a particular stone – I had a hiddenite (green kunzite?) piece that would range between 15 Records some mornings to a high of 43 Records other mornings. That was a fun one!
    The last thing I wanted to say is that Record Keepers can appear on rubies and kunzite and hiddenite, too — not only quartz crystals, in other words. Life is Good!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Diana! Awesome! Lots of interesting ways to access the information. I like your suggestion with candle or moonlight. I always get really quiet and sit with mine. I become very familiar with the look of the Record Keepers and then I am able to see them in my minds eye. I like to rub my thumb over them as I sit and find it is best to be as open and unassuming as possible. I find the longer I sit with them (maybe even over days, weeks, etc), I become more acquainted and more is revealed. I love the appearing/disappearing act… that is super fun. Sometimes they are really faint and then “POP” (and pop pop pop pop in the case of the one you mentioned) and then subsequently fade fade fade fade then pop pop pop pop ! haha I didn’t know about them appearing on other gemstones, that is SUPER cool. I love Record Keepers!!! Thanks for commenting!

      • Brenda Friesen says:

        Hi! I appreciate your connection with crystals! Also interesting that you are channeling Venus… this has been a theme for me. I just received a gift crystal, a Super Seven, long story about how it found me… and it has a diamond/parallelogram record keeper! Does Venus and yourself have any info to share about this? Very exciting! It is also a double terminated piece, which I find interesting…

        • Genn says:

          Hey Brenda! That’s awesome! Exciting when we find cool, different (unexpected) features, isn’t it!? getting the answer from VENUS: “Record Keepers, markings and configurations come in all sizes and shapes, the most common have been ascribed names and definitions, others that occur more rarely have not. The best advice on these “undocumented” features (which applies to all features, actually) is to go within and see what the feature means to YOU. How are you able to utilize and work with it, according to your own intuitive hits?” And I, too, find double terminated crystals have a special pull to me. Thanks so much for your comment and question!

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