EIGHT-SIDED FACE or GROUNDING CRYSTAL – stop, refocus and ground

This week we’ll be discussing Eight-Sided face or Grounding crystals.

eight-sided face

Eight-Sided face is a crystal shape that falls into the category of crystals of which you must count the edges of the main face, as we discussed with Channeling crystals.

As a reminder, we need to discuss faces (also called facets) and edges of faces.

anatomy of a crystal

Remember that the edges of the faces are the boundaries of each face (or facet). Structurally, quartz crystal has six sides and six facets, and the “main face” is the largest face. Here’s a reminder of counting edges:

counting edges of faces

In the image above, there is only 7 faces, an Eight-Sided face crystal has…. EIGHT! Surprise! You may have noticed the name Eight-Sided Face and wondered why it isn’t called “Eight-Edged Face”. It is because edges of faces are also called sides. I know. I can hear what you’re thinking; “Geeze, Genn! We have sides of the crystal and sides of the face! Will I ever figure this out?!” Hang in there, you can do this! You will count the edges of the face, but then you will call them sides. In this case, Eight-SIDED face.

eight-sided face

As I said, these crystals are also called Grounding crystals, and they have eight edges on the main face. If you remember, I said generally crystals have 6 sides and 6 faces. While it isn’t uncommon to have seven edges to a face, in the case of Eight-Sided Face crystals, there is an extra edge. This is a rare occurrence (there are still only six sides on the body and six faces on the termination of these crystals).

eight-sided-face shapesGenerally the Eight-Sided Face crystals are symmetrical (more like a “Stop Sign”) but they may be in any shape (as the crystals in the example above), as long as there are 8 edges. A more desirable Eight-Sided Face, Grounding crystal, will be more similar in shape to a stop sign.

What kind of energy does an Eight-Sided Face or Grounding crystal bring to the table? As the name implies, they are good for grounding. A stop sign also has eight sides; use this to remember that these crystals help you to stop and ground. I like to put my thumb on the grounding face (the largest face) and use it that way. You may also press and hold the grounding face to ground energy in any chakra.

eight-sided-face STOP SIGNAn Eight-Sided Face crystal may have some of the sides missing due to crystal Imprints or damage. You can extrapolate and count edges. These crystals still have the energy of a Grounding crystal.

eight-sided-face extrapolate

When might a person choose to work with the energy of an Eight-Sided Face or Grounding crystal? If you are feeling spacey or flighty, not quite all the way in-body… any time you feel the need to be more grounded is a good time to work with this crystal. To revisit just a few ways one might do this:

1. MEDITATE TOGETHER you may want to meditate with your crystal, it is best to cleanseclear and program your crystal with specific intent so you both are on the same page. I find that if I am working with an Eight-Sided Face or Grounding crystal, I will put my finger on the main face, and press or rub the face as I connect to the grounding energy.

2. MAKE A GRID you may want to make a grid, featuring the Grounding crystal to assist that energy. If you only have one Eight-sided Face crystal, place this crystal in the center of the grid. If you have more than one, you can put them at the cardinal points as well as the center, etc.

3. CARRY IT WITH YOU in a medicine pouch, pocket, purse or as jewelry.

Today we’ve learned that:

  • Eight-Sided Face crystals can only be determined by counting edges of the main (largest) face
  • Grounding crystals may be symmetrical or not, the energy is grounding regardless
  • An Eight-Sided Face crystal may be missing edges due to crystal Imprints or damage, but the energy is still grounding
  • The eight-sided face, similar to a stop sign will help you to remember to “stop and ground”
  • Work with the energy of an Eight-Sided Face or Grounding crystal any time you are feeling flighty, disconnected or too much in your upper chakras.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about Eight-Sided Face or Grounding quartz crystals; what they are, how to determine if you have one, and how to work with them. Next time we’ll discuss Elestial or Elestiated quartz crystals.

Here is a recap of the past posts featuring the metaphysical configurations and links to where you might find these various crystal configurations if you decided you might like to work with them:

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DOW or TRANS-CHANNELER CRYSTALS (For divine balance, and a connection with the self and Universal Truth.) Note: Dow crystals are rare, and I don’t always have very many of them. Sometimes the ones I have are Dow by count (7-3-7-3-7-3) but have one large 7-sided face (present as a Channeler) or two large 7-sided faces and one small 7 (present as a Transmitter). If you order one, I will let you know at time of purchase what I have available.  purchase Dow or Trans-Channeler crystal     read blog post

DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTALS (Useful in any application in which you want the energy to flow in both directions) purchase Double Terminated crystal    read blog post

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See you next week for Elestial or Elestiated quartz crystals.

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10 Responses to EIGHT-SIDED FACE or GROUNDING CRYSTAL – stop, refocus and ground

  1. Jeanette Gonzalez says:

    Do you ever see 9-sided face quartz crystals? I think I have one, and I’m curious about its energy. Thank you!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Jeanette! No, I haven’t. Sometimes the count is altered by Imprints, Keys or otherwise so what seems like a 9-sided face actually isn’t. That certainly doesn’t mean they don’t exist. That being said, if it is, I would assume a google search (or prior knowledge of) the numerological significance of 9 might be a good place to start. Also, using your intuition as to what it means to you would be even more pertinent, if that makes sense. Wish I could have been more help! Thanks for reaching out <3

  2. Brenda says:

    I was drawn to this Smokey starbrary… I new it was special but I had no idea why! Well it is beautiful but I had NO idea About 8 sided face crystals! And i saw it in your book today… and it called me over just now and I realized oh my gosh It is one! (And just what I need especially now) thanks so much to you and Venus for your gifts of knowledge! Would have never really known how to use this beauty or why I got it. It is on my heart right now. I so appreciate it with all that is going in the world, the best gift !

    • Genn says:

      Hey Brenda! Isn’t it the best when we find that we already intuitively got the crystal we needed (before we even KNEW what, why or how)?! That’s where the magic is! Thanks so much for sharing, and love to you and your Starbrary from Venus and me!

  3. Suzanne lasala says:

    My Daughter bought the Eight Faceted mixed Metal Crystal for me, for Mother’s Day?
    It is a perfect gift since i was feeling a little scattered.
    Not one aspect of my life is the same as I was in 2017. Including becoming a Grandma to Jake 8 months to Baby Girl J coming in Sept.
    I really appreciated your explanation of all the Crystals!
    It has Helped me to realize what I need to add!
    I’m Very Grateful My Daughter has introduced me to You!
    I think I’ll need your help in finding something for My Daughter now
    Thank You

  4. Big thanks for your complete article on Metaphysical Quartz Crystals. It happens that I’ve just stocked more than a ton of perfect six sided hydrothermal quartz crystals from a remote area in West Java. Kindest regards, Miko

  5. Pam Farnham says:

    I really like you’re very helpful drscriptions…nice job!

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