DRUSY or DRUZY CRYSTAL – thought forms ready to spring forth and grow

This week we’ll be discussing Drusy. Drusy is a crystal shape that falls into the category of crystals on crystals. Very similar to Barnacles, Drusy (sometimes spelled Druzy) consists of very small points that are described as “a myriad of very closely set tiny crystals.”


Drusy may be present on points (like the one above) or on the points of fully formed clusters or they may be simply present on a matrix, these are called Drusy Clusters. The Drusy clusters consist of tiny crystal points in their very formation, and may be encrusted sandstone, quartz or other mineral matrices. I like to call it “Sugar Drusy” because the tiny crystals making up the Drusy look like sugar crystals. Often you will see tiny quartz Drusy growing on agate and inside geodes.

Basically, you could think of Drusy in stages of crystal growth. Drusy is the tiniest crystal on crystal formation (looks like sugar, or glitter, from fine grain to chunky), next would be Barnacles (tiny to small points), both of which lay on the surface, and finally would be Inner Child and Bridges (larger points which penetrate).

drusy vs barnacle vs bridge

Lot of times you will see Drusy oriented all on one direction of a point or cluster (kind of like you see moss only on one side of trees in a particular forest). See how the crystal below doesn’t have any Drusy on the front-side, but the backside is covered (all the bright white is Drusy, except the larger points within that white, which are Barnacles).


Here’s a crystal which has both Barnacles and Drusy. I have drawn a line around the Barnacles and a line around the Drusy. Basically the only physical difference between Drusy and Barnacles is size.


Here’s another example of the way Drusy will grow on a particular side. This crystal also has Bridges.


While it is true that the only physical difference between Drusy and Barnacles is size, there is a difference in them energetically. As we discussed in the blog post on Barnacles, they are crystals (new souls) attracted to an old soul crystal for the wisdom and teaching the larger/older crystal holds. Drusy is often present on crystals with Barnacles, but the Drusy crystals to me feel more ethereal, amorphous, less driven than Barnacles. They have a soft, subtle and magical energy.

When would a person choose to work with the energy of Drusy crystals? Drusy crystals assist with ideas or thought forms ready to spring forth and grow. To me, thoughts which aren’t quite plans are similar to Drusy. If you have a seed of a thought or dream, desire or wish, you might choose to work with the energy of Drusy crystals.

We’ve covered several crystal types up to this point, so it might be a good time to discuss the various ways we might work with these different kinds of crystals. This will apply to any crystal we have covered or are yet to cover. There will be slight variances, but generally speaking these suggestions will always apply.

The first and most important thing is to get to know your crystal and let it get to know you (carry it around, or keep it by your bed or desk, touch in and talk to it, send it hugs and smiles, etc):

1. MEDITATE TOGETHER you may want to meditate with your crystal, it is best to cleanse, clear and program your crystal with specific intent so you both are on the same page. I find that if I am working with a crystal with a particular feature I will put my finger on, or rub the feature in question as I work with it. It helps to activate that particular energy.

2. MAKE A GRID you may want to make a grid, featuring the crystal with the configuration to assist that energy. If you only have one of that type, then place this crystal in the center of the grid, if you have more than one, you can put them at the cardinal points as well as the center, etc. Same applies to the grid as the meditating as far as cleansing, clearing and programming.

3. CARRY IT WITH YOU you may want to wire wrap your crystal or carry it in a pocket or medicine pouch, cleansing, clearing and programming applies here as well.

The main thing to take away from this is that the crystal will assist you, but you must be an active participant in the work with your crystal. It is a co-creative endeavor. Simply having the crystal will not automatically work without your active involvement. I think this is the reason so many “non-believers” or “nay-sayers” scoff and say that crystal healing or working with crystals is bunk. Because it IS true that to expect that simply obtaining said crystal and expecting it to turn things around for us magically and without effort on our part IS bunk. As much as it would be bunk to think that simply buying a hammer and putting it in the tool shed will magically nail all your boards together and build your house. Always, always remember we are working WITH our crystal friends.

Today we’ve learned that:

    • Drusy falls into the category of crystals on crystals.
    • It consists of very small points that are described as “a myriad of very closely set tiny crystals”.
    • It may grow on a variety of places, including points, clusters, matrix, agates (other minerals) or inside geodes.
    • Drusy crystals’ energy is ethereal and amorphous.
    • Drusy crystals assist with ideas or thought forms ready to spring forth and grow such as thoughts or dreams, desires or wishes.
    • Drusy crystals have a soft, subtle and magical energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about quartz crystal Drusy; what it is, how to determine if you have it, and how to work with it. Next time we’ll discuss Eight-Sided Face or Grounding quartz crystals.

Here is a recap of the past posts featuring the metaphysical configurations and links to where you might find these various crystal configurations if you decided you might like to work with them:

DRUSY (To assist with ideas or thought forms ready to spring forth and grow such as thoughts or dreams, desires or wishes.) purchase Drusy

DOW or TRANS-CHANNELER CRYSTALS (For divine balance, and a connection with the self and Universal Truth.) Note: Dow crystals are rare, and I don’t always have very many of them. Sometimes the ones I have are Dow by count (7-3-7-3-7-3) but have one large 7-sided face (present as a Channeler) or two large 7-sided faces and one small 7 (present as a Transmitter). If you order one, I will let you know at time of purchase what I have available.  purchase Dow or Trans-Channeler crystal  read blog post

DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTALS (Useful in any application in which you want the energy to flow in both directions) purchase Double Terminated crystal   read blog post

DOLPHIN CRYSTAL (To encourage teaching in a loving, fun, joyful way, or alternately, to assist one to enjoy learning) read blog post

CURVED CRYSTAL (To assist with flexibility “go with the flow” or to cleanse or brush your aura)  purchase Curved crystal    read blog post

CLUSTER CRYSTAL (Raise the vibration in an environment or to assist with group dynamics)  purchase crystal cluster    read blog post

CATHEDRAL or LIGHTBRARY CRYSTAL (Raise your vibrational frequency or access Akashic Records)  purchase Cathedral or Lightbrary    read blog post

CHANNELER or CHANNELING CRYSTAL (To access higher wisdom, guides, other-world beings)  purchase Channeler    read blog post

BRIDGE or INNER CHILD CRYSTAL (To help Bridge between worlds or help to access your innermost self)  purchase Bridge or purchase Inner Child    read blog post

BARNACLE QUARTZ CRYSTAL (Wise energy; ‘new souls’ attracted to ‘old soul’ energy)  purchase Barnacle    read blog post

See you next week for Eight-Sided face or Grounding quartz crystals.

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2 Responses to DRUSY or DRUZY CRYSTAL – thought forms ready to spring forth and grow

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for this article. I love the barnacle descriptions defining druzy. Can you please do a piece on Sugar Quartz so people can know the difference? The primary difference is that this stone is porous, unlike any other stone out there.

    I alerted several scientists and they created a wiki page for Sugar Quartz to show the scientific and historical differences.

    Thanks again for doing all the amazing crystal & light work that you do.

    Appreciatively and Productively Yours,

    Marco Antonio Berrios
    aka thewonderdawg

    • Genn says:

      Hey Marco! That you for your comment! It got buried somehow, apologies for taking so long to respond! The sugar quartz sounds very interesting, here’s a link to the wiki page in case others might like to read. I have sometimes called the Drusy-appearing quartz as “sugar” but only because it resembles sugar. Thanks for sharing! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_quartz

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