DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTAL – energy which flows in both directions

This week we’ll discuss the metaphysical properties of Double Terminated quartz crystals; what they are, how to determine if you have one, and how to work with their unique energy.

We discussed crystal Clusters in an earlier post. We mentioned at that time that there are some crystals which don’t grow on a matrix, they basically grow from a “seed” of silicon dioxide in clay. That is what we’ll discuss in this blog post: Double Terminated crystals.


double terminated crystalDouble Terminated crystals have a termination on both ends.

The point or end of the crystal is called the termination. It is confusing to refer to a single crystal as a “point” and to also call the end of a single crystal the “point,” so we call the pointy end a “termination”.

Sometimes Double Terminated points may almost appear to be in a “ball shape” because the sides are so narrow in relation to the terminations.

Below is a picture of this type of Double Terminated crystal. I have drawn lines to indicate the sides versus the terminations:

squatty double terminated crystal

As I mentioned earlier, Double Terminated crystals grow from a “seed” molecule of silicon dioxide in clay and grow outward in both directions. They are not formed on a matrix. The energy in these crystals flows in both directions as well.


In single terminated crystals, the energy is directed from the base (bottom) and out the top (termination).

Based on the growth pattern, crystals with two “pointy ends” (Double Terminated crystals) don’t have a base or bottom as such, and the energy may be directed (flows) both ways.

To imagine this, picture an arrow. In a single terminated crystal it would look like this: base  x=====> tip, in a Double Terminated crystal it would look like this: tip <===x===> tip. The “x” signifies where the growth of the crystal began. Here’s a graphic to illustrate direction of energy flow based on growth pattern:

Double Terminated crystal energy flow

Even though they have two terminations, usually there is one end that feels like the “top” and one that feels like the “bottom.” Naturally Double Terminated points that are exactly the same on both ends don’t have this “top” and “bottom” feeling, but they are rare.

Single terminated crystals (those which have broken off a matrix) are sometimes polished to have two terminations, but they will have the energy of a single terminated crystal (energy flowing from what used to be the bottom out the top).

Double Terminated points may occur as single points or they may be clustered or grown together.

As with all crystals, they may also have characteristics other than just being Double Terminated. To revisit some configurations which we have previously discussed, here is a picture of a Double Terminated crystal with Barnacles and one with Bridges:

Double Terminated Barnacle and Bridge

Remember the Dolphin crystals from last post? Here is a Dolphin crystal that is also Double Terminated.

Double Terminated Dolphin


Double Terminated points send as well as receive energy, so they promote psychic ability and dream recall. They are also used for balance.

Detail of directional crystals in crystal gridDouble Terminated crystals are useful in any application in which you want the energy to flow in both directions.

I like using them in healing layouts or grids because of the bi-directional energy flow.

In the photo grid example, there are two pink, double ended arrows on the two Double Terminated crystals. The other crystals are single terminated, and the arrows (energy) is directed primarily one way.

Don’t let the arrows and energy direction confuse you, however. All crystals (both single and double terminated) are capable of both sending and receiving (there is no “stop valve” inside which prevents the energy from flowing both ways)… It is just helpful to remember that the energy is most focused or directed in the direction of the terminating end. Meaning x=====> or <===x===>. The differentiating terms would be flow (all crystals allow energy to flow) versus direction (energy may be more easily directed out the terminations).

A further (visual) example would be this: One might hold a single terminated crystal in their hand and point (direct) energy to a source… ZAP! (think crystal wand). On the other hand, one might hold a Double Terminated crystal in their hand to direct energy outward, while at the same time, accepting a return of energy inward.


Today we’ve learned that:

  • Double Terminated crystals grow from a “seed” rather than breaking off a matrix.
  • The energy in Double Terminated crystals flows in both directions like a double ended arrow.
  • The crystals may form in “single” points or may grow in clusters of Double Terminated points.
  • Double Terminated crystals promote psychic ability and dream recall.
  • Use them for balance.
  • Double Terminated crystals are useful in any application in which you want the energy to flow in both directions, such as healing layouts of grids.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about Double Terminated quartz crystals; what they are, how to determine if you have one, and how to work with them. Next time we’ll discuss Dow or Trans-Channeler quartz crystals.

Here is a link in case you might like to work with one:

DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTALS (Useful in any application in which you want the energy to flow in both directions)

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39 Responses to DOUBLE TERMINATED CRYSTAL – energy which flows in both directions

  1. Decklynn says:

    We are new to making Orgone and want to
    Gift some of the negative 5g towers that are making everyone on edge with brain fog.
    In my area you have about a 5 hour energy load before you are drop dead tired. It use to not be this way.

    I did not know that double terminated crystals were harder to source and that are even grown differently.
    I always thought terminated crystals with one side works well when working with Orgone.
    Ate you familiar with this topic of Orgone gifting?
    You know many ways crystals can be used and the energy properties they hold 🙂
    People do not realize what this amazing stone can do.
    I am so glad to find a way to help. I hope the dark side keeps there campaign up against this wonderful e energy gift.

    • Genn says:

      Thank you for doing your part to help transmute the 5G energies. Crystals are amazing, I agree! Thanks for your comment <3

  2. Kylie says:

    Thank you for posting all this wonderful information on your blog, which I found today.

    I’m new to the world of crystals and hoping you can give me some advice.

    I’m looking at sourcing a piece of amethyst to stop nightmares. But the best form/shape is confusing. Sphere/generator/double terminated.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.🙏


    • Genn says:

      Hey Kylie! Sorry to hear about the nightmares. Really, whatever shape calls to you is going to be the best shape for you. Are you drawn to one of these shapes you mention over others? If it’s going to be by the bedside (for instance on the bedside table) then you might like something larger like a cluster which would have a more diffuse energy. If it is to hold and meditate with, then a size more suitable for holding would work. It really depends on your use, your budget and what resonates with you the most. Also keep in mind, just because one type is more expensive than another doesn’t mean it will be better than the less expensive choice. Meaning just because it is expensive doesn’t make it better (or just because it is less expensive, it doesn’t make it weaker or less potent). I hope you find the perfect crystal to help bring peace to your dream-state.

      • Kylie says:

        Thank you so much Genn. Dreams aren’t anything drastic, just bad dreams, waking me up most nights. Will look at cluster as you suggested.

        Thanks for your blog. Alot of information. It is really great resource. So much to learn.

        Many thanks 🙏

  3. Moon says:

    Dear Genn,
    I would like to use a set of (machine polished) chakra double pointers in healing sessions. Would you recommend placing them in horizontal position (pointing sideways) when placing them on/near the chakras or vertical (pointing up and downwards?
    Kind regards,

    • Genn says:

      Hey Moon! This is totally up to you and how you intuit that the crystals need to be placed. That being said, I am almost always guided to place them vertical (in alignment with the chakras) to help link the energy between each chakra. It would be like drawing a continuous line between each chakra versus a stop line (horizontal) between each. The energy will be more flowing and continuous when your crystals are placed vertically. Imagine the energy flowing out each end of the termination of the crystal (base to crown). If you were using more than one crystal per chakra (for instance in a grid pattern) some of them might be placed pointing outward (like spokes on a wheel), but for a single crystal over each chakra, I would definitely go with parallel to the body, in line with the chakras. Hope this helps!

  4. Beleszove says:

    what great information! thank you

  5. Frankie says:

    Thank you for this great explanation! Love and light 🙏🏻❤️

  6. Rose Coulter says:

    I found your web site when looking for more info. on double terminated quartz Crystal’s and found your site so informative I am very impressed! You are now one of my favorite sites in which I tagged for future returning. Thank you Blessings coultergirl58

  7. Mary says:

    Hi can you please recommend at place online that sells real authentic double terminated crystals. Thank you for all the great information.

  8. Terry says:

    Your explanations are easy to understand and very helpful for a “newbie” like myself. Thanks so much.

  9. MB says:

    Hi: Can DT crystal be used as a pendulum?

  10. Lisa says:

    I have a double terminated crystal I’d like repaired, any suggestions or recommendations? Where I can take it to be repaired?

  11. Marilyn B says:

    Hi just wondering if my double terminated clear quartz can be used during crystal healing sessions for clients is so how to as I’m really used to using single terminated.
    Thanks Marilyn

    • Genn says:

      Hey Marilyn! Yes, absolutely!! If you are accustomed to working with single terminated crystals, you can simply swap them out for your doubles. It will give your working a boost. Depending on how you use the singles, you simply tweak your intent. For example: if you hold your crystal in hand and your intent is to infuse energy INTO the client, then with a Double, your intent may be to infuse energy (healing) IN and to pull discordant energy OUT at the same time. If you LAY your crystals on or around your client, if you situated your singles either toward or away from your client, then the Doubles would be able to run the energy in both directions (in and out). In with the “good”, out with the “bad”. Simple, really! I hope this description has helped. If not, please ask and I will help clear any questions up. Happy healing!

  12. James says:

    Hi Genn, This is helpful here; thank you. I have a double terminated (cut) clear quartz crystal that I purchased some years ago for some shamanic studies I was doing. I’m now wanting to possibly use it to enhance the quality of a supplement I’m getting ready to make called ormus. Do you have any suggestions as to how I might best do that with the crystal? Thank you again.

    • Genn says:

      Hey James! Sorry for the delay in responding! I usually suggest placing the crystal near or on the supplement rather than IN it, but it is 100% up to you. I personally do both. It is helpful if you program your crystal, which is simply telling it what your intent is so it and you can be on the same page. Here are several blog posts on programming, maybe they will be helpful to you. Happy Ormus making!

  13. Ivannia says:

    Hola, how are you, hope everything is marvelous! I want to know if a double terminated clear quartz is good for a smoke pipe? I’m looking for healing my self! And I really looking forward to that, I’m doing some research and I found the clear quartz is good for boost energy and help with brain, mind, memory and grounding also for focus and business ideas and to fight procrastination. (That is what I’m looking for and more) So I was reading in your article that double terminaded quartz are powerful and the energy flows both ways, to direct energy outward, while at the same time, accepting a return of energy inward. So I hope u understand my English because I’m trying hard here lol I really want to know your thoughts about a double terminaded clear quartz for smoking pipe? Thank you so much for your information and helpful articles grettings and positive energy from Costa Rica ✨??

    • Genn says:

      Hola Ivannia! Yes, Double Terminated crystals are good for energy work which flows both ways. I suppose one would work if converted into a pipe, though quartz is quite hard and would have to be tooled with a diamond bit. Most certainly when you find the crystal, you should first ask it for permission and if it wants its shape to be converted into a pipe for medicinal smoking. Thanks so much for your question! Let us know how it turns out!

  14. David says:

    If one end of a DT is broken, will that damage lessen the characteristics of the DT

    • Genn says:

      Hey David! It depends on how much of the point is broken off. If broken off completely, it will effect it, (also you wouldn’t know if it is a DT or not right!?) but if partial, the energy still flows in both directions. It might be less precise but it will still flow. I tend to see people work with broken DT crystals in applications where they might not see the point such as in Orgone Generators. Thanks for asking!

      • David says:

        Well, one can tell it’s a DT, but 3/4 of the end is gone on one end. Super seven crystal.

        • Genn says:

          Thanks, David! The energy will still flow in both directions, since that is how the crystal grew (from the center out). Even if the entire end was missing, this still holds true, but like I said, unless one was very sensitive to a crystal’s energy, one might not be able to tell this for certain without the clue of the partial remaining tip. Thanks for commenting, and enjoy your crystal!!

  15. Cheryl says:

    I am taking my time with studying your descriptions of the various quartz and how best to work with them…savoring actually. It is helpful to have the outlines to see exactly what you are talking about, so many thanks for helping us all! Sending happy thoughts your way.

  16. Sarah says:

    I am at the beginning of a Healing Crystal Course here in the UK. This is the best explanation I have found on double terminators. Great website and very helpful information. Thank you so much. xx

  17. Anon says:

    Thank you, this information was extremely helpful. I had not found a single site to explain double termination as clearly as you did.
    This is very appreciated. 🙂

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