CHANNELER or CHANNELING CRYSTAL – To access higher wisdom, guides, other-world beings

This week we’ll discuss the metaphysical properties of Channeling or Channeler quartz crystal points; what they are, how to determine if you have one, and how to work with their unique energy. They are referred to as either Channeler OR Channeling, both are correct and are used interchangeably.

Metaphysical description: Channeler quartz crystals help you access higher wisdom, either in the form of your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, or of Angels. These crystals exude a crisp, regal energy. Channeling crystals can bring you love and light from beings in the higher realms.

When would a person choose to work with a Channeling crystal?

As the name and metaphysical description implies, you might work with a Channeling crystal to contact Spirit Guides, Angels or other entities. They have a high vibration, and a focused, connecting energy (think of a “channel” on the television or radio, it connects you to a particular broadcast). A channel when referring to water connects two larger bodies of water to each other. Apply those familiar descriptions of a channel to that of a Channeler quartz crystal and it may help you visualize the energy represented.

channeling grid by Genn John - Arkansas Crystal WorksYou might create a grid using the Channeling crystals on the cardinal points (North, South, East West) and pointing IN to the center to bring the energies of Spirit Guides or entities IN to you, or pointing OUT of the center if you are reaching OUT to same. In the grid above, I placed Channeling quartz crystal points facing OUT on the cardinal points (N, S, E, W) and facing IN on the intermediate points (NW, NE, SW, SE), and so on. I also placed a large Channeler quartz crystal at the center of the grid to hold the energy.

You can create a small grid which would sit on a tabletop like the one pictured, or cast a large circle and create your grid, inside the circle, on the outer edges, with you in the center, holding a Channeling crystal. The sky is the limit! Obviously the more Channeling quartz crystals you have access to, the better, as your grid (or cast circle) grows in size.

If you only have one Channeler crystal, I would place it in the center of the grid or circle and use other quartz points, programmed to channel, on the outer edge to amplify the energy of the Channeler.

How do you determine if you have a Channeling quartz crystal? Channeling or Channeler crystals are one of the metaphysical configurations determined by counting edges of crystal faces. In order to understand what I mean by this, we need to discuss faces (also called facets) and edges of faces.

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal -

Channeling or Channeler quartz crystalHere is the description I give about Channeler or Channeling crystals in my book Understanding the Crystal PeopleThe termination (point or top of a crystal) is divided into what are called facets or faces. The faces are what make up the pointy end of the crystal.

The largest face of the point is called the “main face” (which is also the front of the crystal).

In a Channeling crystal, the main face will have seven edges and the face directly behind the main face will have three edges. This is known of as a 7-3. To determine whether the crystal is a Channeler, you will have to count the edges of each face.

Beginning with the main face (remember, this is usually the largest one), put your thumb or finger on one of the edges of the face to keep track of where you started or discover the counting method that works best for you and use that one. Keep track of how many edges (sides) each face has.

Channeling or Channeler quartz crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

If it is a Channeler quartz crystal, the main face will have seven edges. Directly behind that seven-sided face, there will be a three-sided face (triangle). As I said earlier, this configuration is described as a 7-3. If giving the Channeling crystal a numerically descriptive name seems odd, it is because there is also a 7-3-7, which is a Transmitter, and a 7-3-7-3-7-3, which is a Dow or Trans-Channeler. We’ll discuss each of these fully in later posts. If, when you are counting edges of faces on your crystals at home, you come up with more than one 7-sided face, make note of where you keep that crystal for the upcoming posts on Transmitters and Dow crystals, they are very special. You can also click the following links for brief information on a 7-3-7 (Transmitter) or this link for a 7-3-7-3-7-3 (Dow) if you can’t wait to find out.

As you can see, in most of these pictures I have outlined the area of the crystal to which I am referring as I did with the posts describing Barnacles and Bridges. I made a little skip in the line to show where the edge of each face starts and stops. Look at the crystal without the lines and see if you can count the edges. This will help familiarize you with counting the edges of your crystals at home.  Sometimes, like in the example below, one of the edges is very tiny, so count carefully!

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

The Channeling face isn’t always symmetrical, as in the crystal pictured above.

Gas Phantom Channeling quartz crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

However, the most textbook-perfect Channeler quartz crystals usually are symmetrical (as in the Gas Phantom pictures above and below). To be clear, Gas Phantom crystals aren’t always Channelers and Channelers aren’t always Gas Phantoms. These just happened to be among the pictures I had on-hand.

Gas Phantom Channeling quartz crystal -

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal -

The triangle or three-sided face behind the seven-sided face may be very small, or it may be large as it is in the crystal pictured above.

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal -

Here’s a side-view of a Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal.

Channeling or Channeler quartz crystal -

Above is another side-view, this time with the edges of the Channeling face outlined.

Sometimes a crystal will be Empathic (chipped or damaged) but they may still be a Channeler.

Empathic Channeler quartz crystal -

You can extrapolate (form an opinion or make an estimate about something from known facts) and count where the sides of the face were before they were lost to the damage. You can still work with these Empathic Channeler crystals even though the entire Channeling face isn’t present.

To recap:

  • A Channeler is a crystal that has a seven-sided face with a three-sided face directly behind it (7-3).
  • We may work with Channelers to access our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels or otherworldly entities.
  • Creating a crystal grid incorporating Channelers at the cardinal points is a great way to work with them.You may make a small grid to hold the energy and represent a larger space. Alternately, you may create (cast) a circle large enough to sit or stand within, place the Channelers at the cardinal points, and optimally, hold one while working from the center of the circle.
  • Another great way to work with these crystals is to hold one and sit quietly and connect to the Channeling energy. This is the optimum method if you only have one Channeling quartz crystal.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about Channeler or Channeling crystals; what they are, how to determine if you have one, and how to work with them. Next time we’ll discuss quartz crystal Cathedral or Lightbraries.

Here is a link to the store at Arkansas Crystal Works in case you might like to work with a Channeling crystal.

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  1. Ryan says:

    I know this thread is a few years old but I’m wondering, I have a rose quartz crystal I bought years ago that has the channeling face on it.

    Would this be better for channeling healing and loving energy.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Ryan! Absolutely! You have the Channeling face energies combined with the qualities of rose quartz. Win/win! Thanks for your question

  2. JR says:

    I often refer to your website information, Thank You!
    I have a quartz crystal with 7 sided front facet, 2-3 sided facets on either side of it. Directly behind the 7 sided front facet is a 5 sided trapezoid shape facet and on either side of it, 1- 6 sided facet and 1- 5 sided facet. With this facet configuration is there a special name to give this crystal? Thanks for your time and information!

  3. Ailin says:

    Hi! Thank you for the information, it´s awesome having this to have a little more knodlegde about this beautiful creatures in earth! Do you have some information about the 8 side channeling quartz?
    Thank´s again,


  4. Your page is very informative, Thank you for your work, we have some of your (followers) come to our mine at times. I own Twin Creek Mine in Mount Ida.

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