MASCULINE QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Masculine ?

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Masculine

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Masculine

Last blog post we discussed Feminine quartz crystals, today we’re going to revisit Masculine quartz crystals. As with our discussion of Feminine crystals, we’re talking about what a “Masculine” quartz crystal looks like. In this first part, we’re discussing whether a crystal is called Masculine by features only, not by energy.

In the past I have called this an “anatomy lesson” because basically we’ll be discussing whether a crystal presents physically what has been described as Masculine. (In the next post we’ll revisit Yin/Yang quartz crystals.)

I have described whether a crystal is described as Masculine (e.g. has “man parts”), is described physically as Feminine (e.g. has “lady parts”) or presents physically as Yin/Yang (e.g. as a mix of both). Because it is pretty short and sweet to describe the LOOK of a Masculine crystal, I will also cover the energetic possibilities at the bottom of the post. Remember, just as with humans, simply because a crystal presents a certain way (masculine or feminine) in appearance “anatomically”, it absolutely DOES NOT mean that it will also absolutely be energetically feminine or masculine. This is an important point. Just as with humans, many crystals masculine in appearance have feminine energy and many crystals feminine in appearance have masculine energy.

We’ll start with the physical description of MASCULINE crystals:


Very clear points are described as Masculine. They may be optically clear, or they may have some Fairy Frost (the wispy inclusions inside a crystal). The base of a Masculine crystal may be dense with frost, however if more of the point is clear than cloudy, it is described as Masculine. But as I mentioned above, remember not to have preconceived notions, energetically speaking. Just because a point is Masculine by description doesn’t automatically mean it can only present masculine energy (the same is also true for crystals described as Feminine).

Very clear crystals are often described as “water clear”. Here is a picture with some examples of Masculine crystals which would be described as water clear. Notice how very little Fairy Frost is present, just a few wisps here and there (the crystal in the far left has a Phantom):

masculine crystals

You will find that most crystals are part Feminine and part Masculine, a little bit more of one than the other, but not fully either. These would be described as “mostly Feminine” or “mostly Masculine”. Here’s an example of that:

feminine and masculine

The crystal on the left would be described as “mostly Feminine” and the crystal on the right, “mostly Masculine”. I’ve drawn on the photos to show the areas which are described as Feminine or Masculine. I didn’t mark them as well, but the little dark areas in the crystal on the left (the mostly Feminine crystal) are the Masculine areas, the lighter areas on the crystal on the right (the mostly Masculine crystal) are the Feminine areas.


Now, let’s talk briefly about crystals which present as energetically MasculineWhether or not a crystal presents as Feminine, Masculine or Yin/Yang physically, energetically speaking, here is what you might expect from an energetically Masculine crystal:

Masculine crystals have a sharp and direct energy, and are helpful when you need to get to the point. Yang in nature, Masculine crystals are more action-oriented and the energy projects rather than recedes. The energy of Masculine crystals is more focused and linear. If its energy were described as a light, it would tend to be a high power flashlight or even a laser pointer (directed out the end in a focused beam).


Many people have a preference or are drawn to primarily Masculine, Feminine or even Yin/Yang crystals. You may have a preference that you weren’t aware of. You may tend to gravitate naturally toward one or the other. I personally am more drawn to the look of Masculine crystals and the feel of Feminine crystals! Do you find that you have a preference or that your preference has changed over the years? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

This concludes our discussion of Masculine crystals, next time we will wind up this three-part “anatomy” lesson and talk about Yin/Yang crystals.

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