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YAY!  OK, so we had a question from my friend, Karen (the Feng Shui Lady) Adams. She writes:

“Tell me about crystals with “Keys” such as squares and triangles. I have heard about gazing at them in meditation? Anything else you can share would be exciting!”

Oh! this is a great question.

example of pokey bottomed Key (photo credit:

example of pointy bottomed Key (photo credit:

Key is created when a crystal pokes into another crystal during its growth. Sometimes Keys have a pointy bottom and sometimes a flat bottom… What do I mean by this? Well, Pictured on the left is an example of a pointy bottomed key in a crystal.

poking something in clay (photo credit:

poking something in clay (photo credit: Red and the

Here’s a visual example of how they are created. Take a crystal, and stab the top of the point into a cylinder of clay and then remove the crystal (pictured is actually a round object, but pretend it is a crystal). The impression left in the clay (surrogate for our crystal in this example) is the Key. “Key” seems like a misnomer, really, because it is actually more of a keyHOLE in shape, but they are called Keys, none-the-less.

Key crystal, flat bottom, (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Key crystal, flat bottom, (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Now take the same crystal (assume it has a flat base) and press the base into the clay, instead of the tip… this pressing will create a hexagonal shape like the picture to the left.This crystal actually has both a flat bottomed and a pointy bottomed Key. The pointy bottomed is that notch in the top right of the crystal.

six-sided Key

six-sided Key (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Here is a zoom-in of the same nice six-sided (flat-bottomed) Key. Crystal is hexagonal (six-sided), so Keys are normally six-sided, but not always. Sometimes the portion of the crystal that is smashing into the other crystal (the clay in our prior example) isn’t aiming head on so all six sides aren’t in contact or part of the crystal making the impression is half on and half off the crystal receiving the Key. These are called partial Keys and also Imprints.

So, what are these Keys and Imprints useful for? Key crystals are good to help you unlock answers to questions you may have. You can access them in different ways. You may (as in Karen’s question above) gaze into them during meditation, or simply close your eyes and enter the energy of the crystal, imagining it opening and see what answer you get to a question you may ask. There are many different ways, use your intuition for the best way!

Imprints show how something is affected by outside influences. The original structure adapts to its environment as outside influences change its shape or form. This allows for growth and change, while still maintaining its basic inherent truth and beauty. I like to meditate on this and see how it applies to my life and circumstances. It makes me feel softer and more loving toward perceived flaws I may have.

lip on the edge of a triangular shaped indentation

lip on the edge of a triangular shaped indentation (photo credit Arkansas Crystal Works)

It can get weird in examples of triangles which don’t appear to be either Keys or Imprints. On some of these Key-like markings, the inside of the triangle is flat, and there is a LIP on the edge of the triangle. What makes this is odd is that if this configuration was created in the traditional way (poking a crystal into another crystal) there would be no way to leave an edge or lip, right!? Sometimes the lip is really deep. These triangles typically have the energy of a Key, and also an amped-up Record Keeper. I don’t know how they are formed, it is possible that they fall into the Growth Interference category. To me, the mystery is part of the magic. They have the most AWESOME energy which really pulls you right down into them.

Bevel edged impressions

Bevel edged impressions (photo credit: Arkansas Crystal Works)

Sometimes the triangles and or squares have beveled edges like the picture to the right. These bevel-edged crystals have a softer energy than traditional Keys. Ask the crystal for help in determining the best way to work with it. I find myself rubbing the beveled areas and feeling the energy that presents.

So, as you can see, there are many different ways triangles and squares may appear on a crystal, created in different ways and presenting in a wide range of sizes, shapes and forms. In working with any of them, the most beneficial method is to sit with the crystal and experience its special energy as an individual. While they may appear similar, they are all different. However they present, I find the energy of these shapes thrilling. As for how to work with them, use your intuition, the Crystal People will help you to figure out how to best work with your particular crystal. It will vary as much as the crystals themselves.

So, that was a really fun question, Karen, thanks so much for asking!! 


If your teachers were anything like mine, they used to say “There are no stupid questions” and “Chances are the person next to you has the same question as you”. I would love to address the questions you may have about the Crystal People! To encourage you to step up and ask those questions you may have, if I answer your question in a blog post, I am offering a free pdf copy of my “make your own” Wire Wrap Pendant instructions.


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    Love your website and the information you provide. This particular blog has been super informative for me.

  2. Hey Genn,
    This was VERY helpful! Even though I’m sure I’ve read about Keys before, your explanation and examples are so much easier for me to understand! Thanks so much! 🙂

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