ISIS FACE CRYSTALS – Connect to Goddess Energy

This week we’re going to talk about Isis Face crystals. An Isis Face is a symmetrical 5-sided face. They are not always the largest face on the termination, but oftentimes are. Isis face crystals have a distinct look and are easy to spot, but as a reminder, to determine if you have a 5-sided face, you count the edges of the face. Below is a picture from a previous blog post of the parts of a crystal. anatomy of a crystal

Although they are named “Isis” Face, this isn’t to mean they are connecting (only) with the Goddess Isis (although you could), but rather Goddess energy in all its forms. Isis Face crystals have a distinctly feminine energy, regal and majestic. Isis face crystals tend to have this feminine energy even in crystals which present as masculine by definition (clear).

Sometimes at first glance, a face may appear to be an Isis Face but the top angles off, giving the edge count an extra side like the example in the following photo. This is not an Isis Face. Therefor it is important to count the edges. As an aside, the crystal pictured might not be an Isis Face, but it does have a Phantom. See the grey just inside the crystal? We’ll get to those in a couple of weeks.

6-sided not Isis Face

The Isis face will look like this instead:

Isis Face

Sometimes the Isis Face is missing a piece due to either damage during growth or in the mining process. These crystals still have Goddess energy and are considered Isis Face, here are a few examples:

Isis Face - damaged

Now that you know how to determine whether you have an Isis Face crystal or not, how might one work with Isis Face crystals?

grid-with-channelersYou might create a grid using Isis Face crystals on the cardinal points (North, South, East West) and pointing IN to the center to bring in powerful Goddess energies, or pointing OUT of the center if you are reaching OUT to same. The image to the left is a grid I made with Channeling crystals, but the same would apply, substituting Isis Face crystals. In this grid, I placed Channeling quartz crystal points facing OUT on the cardinal points (N, S, E, W) and facing IN on the intermediate points (NW, NE, SW, SE), and so on. I also placed a large Channeler quartz crystal at the center of the grid to hold the energy. To make your Goddess grid, you would simply place Isis Face crystals where I have Channelers.

You could create a small grid which would sit on a tabletop like the one pictured, or cast a large circle and create your crystal grid, inside the circle, on the outer edges, with you in the center, holding an Isis crystal. If you only have one Isis Face crystal, I would place it in the center of the grid or circle and use other quartz points, programmed to connect with Goddess energy, on the outer edge to amplify the energy of the Isis Face.

If making grids or casting circles doesn’t interest you, you might just meditate with an Isis Face crystal and focus on the strong Goddess energy they bring in. I like to place my thumb over the Isis Face to strengthen the connection and also to anchor in the energy.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion of Isis Face crystals. Next week we’ll discuss Laser Wand crystals.

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See you next week for Laser Wand quartz crystals.

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10 Responses to ISIS FACE CRYSTALS – Connect to Goddess Energy

  1. Mitzi says:

    I have a crystal with an Isis facet but it’s upside down. Does that change the metaphysical property? If so, how?

  2. Allison Lizotte says:

    I thought I had an ISIS lemurian but I now see it has 6 sides. Is there any info you could give me on this. All I’m coming up with is 6 sided generators but it doesnt look like your typical generator. The points and faces aren’t even.

  3. Sigurd says:

    Hi Genn!
    We have Activation/Time link crystals, Isis crystal, record keepers and Lemurian quarts etc and they are all identified by their shape, form or by glyphs/carvings. Aren’t many crystal forms altered by the process that involves cutting and polishing? Just because the crystals you buy have an Isis face doesn’t necessarily mean that it had that form before the cutting process. Is it wrong to presume that those who cut/sells crystals sometimes alter the shape of the crystal because certain shapes sell better or maybe insert fake carvings that look like the record keeper triangle? How do you know for sure and how common are these shape/form altering procedure?
    Ty for an interesting blog and topic.

  4. John Cook says:

    One of my crystals that emits a very strong pull has a 7 sided window. It is very clear quartz. I use to call it an ISIS face, but I see now that is not the case. I put it in my palm whenever I am making lists. Todo list, do not forget lists, what to take lists and the such. It enhances my ability to focus, sort my thoughts, be precise and feel confident about completion. I would like to know if this configuration has a title.

    • Genn says:

      Hey John! Yes, it does! Actually, what you are describing is called a “face” or “facet”. A Window is an _extra_ facet. A typical quartz crystal, (providing the crystal is intact and not missing an area to an Imprint or other anomalies), has 6 facets. You will notice there are 6 sides (walls) and each side has a corresponding roof (face or facet). A face with seven edges is called a Channeling crystal. There should be a 3 sided face directly behind the 7-sided facet. Here’s a blog post which has pictures which should help show this: initial post from 2015 and revisit post from 2018. I hope this helps! If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to email me @ Thanks for your comment and question!

  5. Cheri says:

    Can Fluorite have an Isis since it is Natural?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Cheri! Let me preface this by saying that I really only know about quartz crystals, not other minerals and gemstones, because I have worked with just quartz for these 25+ years… but I suppose if the description fits that it could be. I don’t know about the energy. Thanks for asking. It’s a good question! I wish I could have been more help!

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