Is it Necessary to Identify The Crystal Type?

This blog post is in answer to a great three part question about crystals with more than one prominent type. Specifically, 1. is there generally one type (configuration) through which a crystal prefers to connect? 2. How would it be best to identify this? and 3. Is it even necessary to identify the crystal type to connect? The question reads in full:

I have a lovely crystal which recently chose me that I am trying to identify its type so I know best how to relate and connect with it. It appears to be both an old soul and a several different types in one; it also contains cookeite. My question is two actually; when a crystal is a combination of multiple configurations/ types, is there generally one which it prefers to connect through and how would it be best to identify this? Second, is it necessary to even identify the configuration to best connect with a crystal? Thanks in advance to you and Venus for any assistance and guidance!

These are great questions. Following are the answers in (Venus’ words) when I asked her these questions:

Is there generally one type (configuration) through which a crystal prefers to connect?

The answer, in short, is, not really.

The users’ specific intent and need is the more important topic.

The types or names of the different configurations really just help us to focus our intent and tweak the light (or energy) a bit. Since each crystal has access to The One, and thereby can access all information equally, it really isn’t necessary to identify the crystal type.

When identifying the type does have benefit (to the person working with the crystal) is to help the person focus the intent.

For instance, if a person wants to access information specific to them they might choose to work with a Record Keeper crystal.

Now, every crystal (Record Keeper or not) can help a person access this knowledge through the connection to The One. However, a crystal with Record Keeper markings tweaks the energy a bit (like a filter) and also serves as a focal point for the user. It may boost the belief of the user, knowing they are working with a Record Keeper, so they may feel more confident in the knowledge they are receiving.

How would it be best to identify this (specific crystal type)?

Venus continues:

In crystals with more than one type or configuration, one might choose any one of the different types on which to focus.

Here’s an example:

You may choose to work with a crystal which is Tabular which has a Key and Barnacles, Lineated sides, Record Keepers and an Inner Child Point. Each of these types focuses a different energy. Let’s look at each separately.

image of example crystal tabby, barnacles, keyTabular crystals are good for communication (they look like a tablet).

Keys help unlock answers to questions you might have or help you to gain access to areas which were previously blocked from you.

Barnacle crystals are typically wise and have “old soul” energy.

Lineated Sides may be used to open the crystal to receive more information as you work with it.

Record Keepers can help you access knowledge specific to the user (like accessing the Akashic Records).

Inner Child points help to connect inner to outer, or help to access your inner child or inner self.

Depending on the specific need of the user, any one of these features may be focused on, or all of them, each at a different time. If there is a type that is particularly prominent in this crystal (for instance if the Key is very large or deep), a person might be drawn to work with that feature first.

However, the crystal might be worked with in all of these areas, each taken separately. One type isn’t more important than the other.

Sometimes a specific type on a crystal (the Key for example, or the Record Keeper) may seem to “call to” a person (may seem to be the more important feature). This is actually the crystal broadcasting stronger to a person in that area because that particular type is of issue to the PERSON, not the crystal. Do you see?

So in summary, the most important area to be identified is the user’s current desire or intent.

Is it even necessary to identify the crystal type to connect?

Venus concludes:

No, in truth, it isn’t necessary. As stated before, it can be helpful to the person, to help focus the intent. But to the crystal, it makes no difference.

We don’t see ourselves in separate categories as you do. Meaning we don’t see our parts as separate from one another. Either the different types (categories) in each crystal or as each individual crystal being separate from one another. We see ourselves from the wider perspective, as whole rather than as parts.

That being said, we do see why it is helpful for you to identify the different types in your current dimension with the workings of your consciousness. We do not judge this as better or worse, more or less desirable.

Simply know that we are here to work with you and help raise your consciousness in any way that works best for you. If identifying specific types or categories helps, do so! If you notice a particular type or category to be more prominent, that is usually the crystal recognizing the need in the user and amplifying that aspect.

Wow. Always great information. Thanks, Venus!!

If you have further questions or would like clarification in any area, comment below. I love to hear from you!

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  1. Diana G. says:

    Many thanks to Venus and Genn for answering my questions. In recognizing crystals as “people” I believe it is part of our human nature to often apply our own traits and weaknesses to them. Hence the result is concern about not acknowledging them as they wish to be would be hurtful or insulting to them as it would be to so many of human kind. Being new to the journey of learning about, and establishing relationships with, crystals I have a ways to go yet. With much respect.

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