No Two are Exactly Alike

image of crystal with eyes - how crystals are like people

One of the main ways how crystals are like people is that crystals all have something different to offer.

The more you work with larger numbers of crystals, the more you will be able to sense the differences between them. Sometimes they are subtle, sometimes not subtle at all!

Just like if we only knew one or two people, we would have no idea how different people can be from one another. We wouldn’t know the different personalities or subtleties of doing things.

I liken it to when we are very young and really only know the people in our family. Once we are introduced to others in school and the community at large, we start to see the variances.

If you can, work with many different crystals to experience the differences between them.

If you don’t have the money to adopt crystals to your family, experience them at the store, visit their pictures online (you can still sense the crystals’ energy from a photograph).

The more crystal personalities you come into contact with, the more you will come to know and recognize the differences.

Crystals are More Comparable to Enlightened Masters

how crystals are like people - photo credit mychaelshaneDOTcomAn important distinction to make in the comparison of how crystals are like people is that Crystals are more comparable to an Enlightened Master than a run-of-the-mill human.

Crystals are on a much higher vibration than most of us and exist in higher dimensions of time-space.

Crystals don’t experience the lower vibration emotions like humans living in 3D. They have risen above the base emotions like jealousy, disappointment or anger. They don’t make judgments about our choices and see that everyone is on their own path in divine and perfect timing.

Crystals embody higher emotions like love, compassion, service to others and working as One without ego or separate identity.

Every Crystal is Unique

how crystals are like people - empathic crystalsEvery crystal is unique. Just like people, there are no two crystals that are the same.

Even chips and chunks of crystal carry energy, healing power and vibration. It’s just that their ability to focus energy may not be as effective as a point with a termination. Even a point with a damaged tip will still have a basic direction that the energy flows.

Depth, wisdom and healing properties aren’t relegated solely to crystals without dings or mine damage.

Just like people, crystals all look different.

As humans, we sometimes judge the crystal by its looks rather than getting to know it and basing our judgment based on the inner qualities. I see this happen a lot with crystals that are chipped, damaged or dinged.

We need to remember the old adage of not judging a book by its cover.

Crystals are Old Souls

Image How Crystals Are Like People Image How Crystals Are Like People Another way how crystals are like people: Crystals are also categorized as being “old souls” or “new souls.”

For instance, a crystal with Barnacles is usually described as having “old soul” energy. This is sort of a misnomer, as all crystals are old souls in comparison to humans; however, crystals with Barnacles do emit different feelings of age.

These wise or old crystals may seem quiet, gentle, deeply still, full of wisdom and lore, but less apt to be jumping around and playing games.

It is a wonderful contrast to the ancient deep wisdom which comes from the old soul crystal to which they are attached.

Not every “old soul” crystal has Barnacles and not every crystal with Barnacles emits “old soul” energy. Just like with people, it’s important not to have preconceptions.

Crystals’ Desire is to Be of Service, Therefore They Like it When we Engage With Them

how crystals are like people- communicating with crystal

Another similarity of how crystals are like people is they like to engage with us. In this way, crystals can be described as social beings.

Because crystals are here to be of service, they like it when we engage with them. If we aren’t utilizing their experience and knowledge and assistance, then they aren’t as able to be of service to us.

They can still raise the vibration in an environment, but when we engage with them on a one-on-one basis, they are able to do so much more.

Similar to the “Prime Directive” in Star Trek which is described as “prohibiting the more advanced races from interfering with the internal and natural development of alien civilizations”, crystals aren’t going to make changes in our lives for us without our immediate input. They are here to “assist us”, they are not here to “do it for us”.

It all boils down to free will. They won’t step in and meddle in our affairs even when our affairs could use some benevolent meddling!

So, if we don’t engage with them, crystals are less able to be of service.

Just Like People, Crystals Have Personalities, Nuances and Differences

how crystals are like peopleWhen examining how crystals are like people, remember that just like people, crystals have different personalities, energies, ways of doing things and energetic variances.

For instance, there are crystals with light, airy energy and crystals with dense, heavy energy.

Some crystals exhibit what I describe as giggly, silly energy and some seem much more serious “just the facts ma’am”. Just like people, they are all different.

It is true that crystals are all connected to what my Crystal Guide, Venus, describes as The One, and they all have access to the same information.

Even though this is true, each crystal still has different subtle (and not-so-subtle) variations in energy, vibration, personality and energy projection. Like I said earlier, the more crystals in which you come into contact, the more you will be able to spot these differences.

In Summary

how crystals are like peopleIt is very important to realize that normally when we compare how crystals are like people, that we actually tend to compare how crystals are NOT like people.

For instance, normally when most people look at a crystal, they see a “rock”. An “inanimate object”. Something not capable of “humanity” or “emotions” or “personalities”.

The unenlightened (uneducated) person sees a rock, not a fellow being. They look at the obvious differences rather than the not-as-obvious similarities.

After all, there are so many ways crystals are NOT like people. Crystals don’t eat, they don’t breathe, they can’t move, they don’t have soft, squishy bodies like we do, they aren’t comparable to us with arms, legs, a head and a face. They don’t speak with a mouth and they can’t move themselves about.

All these differences make crystals seem less like people than like people.

Don’t let these initial obvious judgments cloud your ability to see past the differences and instead see the similarities. Here is a list to remind you of how crystals are like people.

Just like people:

  1. No Two Crystals are Exactly Alike
  2. Crystals are More Comparable to Enlightened Masters
  3. Every Crystal is Unique
  4. Crystals are Old Souls and Have Varying Degrees of “Age”
  5. Crystals’ Desire is to Be of Service
  6. They Like it When we Engage With Them
  7. Just Like People, Crystals Have Personalities, Nuances and Differences

Most of you reading this post are already on the same page as me with this. However, if this is new information to you, I hope this blog post has opened your eyes to how crystals really are more like people than they are not like people.

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