GENERATOR or MERLIN CRYSTAL – For Precise, Direct, Focused Energy

Today we’ll be discussing Generator crystals. This is a configuration which falls under the categories of shape and terminations. Generator crystals are also sometimes called Merlin crystals.


Generator crystals have six equally sized faces and a centrally located tip. It is very unusual to find such a precise configuration. You may find a point with the energetic qualities of a Generator, but the physical description may not be textbook perfect (the tip may be centrally located but all the faces may not be equally sized and each might not reach the tip). We discussed in an earlier blog post that crystals are commonly polished into Generator points. Remember the energy might not be as focused as a naturally occurring Generator because the internal structure is different.

Here are some Generator crystals with equally sized faces which each reach the termination:


Here is an example of crystals with Generator energy but not the textbook perfect definition:

generator energy

The energy of this type of point (not textbook perfect) responds similarly to a textbook “perfect” definition Generator, since the energy all comes out of a centrally located point.

generator energy

What kind of applications are good to work with Generator crystals? Since Generator points are very good for focusing energy, they are especially useful as crystal wands. (If you were wondering, the reason they are also called Merlin crystals is they are often associated with wands and direct, powerful energy, hence the alternate name “Merlin”.) You don’t typically see images of Merlin (or Hollywood wizards) with a crystal wand topped with a Generator crystal, typically they have a staff with or without a crystal ball. However the magic or energy he “throws” comes from his empty hand, hence the powerful way we associate wizards (Merlin in particular) with the energy of Generator crystals.

Generator crystals may be placed in the top of a wand made of other materials (wood, copper, glass, etc), or if you are able to find a Generator that is long and thin (read: comfortable to hold) you might choose to work with the Generator as a wand without an added hilt. Since all the energy is coming out the center of the termination in a direct and focused manner, it is very powerful.

Generator points also make excellent pendulums since the energy is directed out the center and therefor balanced.  They have a crisp, precise, very direct energy. Three good words to describe the energy of a Generator are power, focus and precision.

Today we learned that:

  • Generator crystals have 6 equally sized faces which all meet at a central termination.
  • Generator crystals are very good for focusing energy, their energy is direct, precise and powerful.
  • They are useful as crystal wands and pendulums.
  • Generator crystals are also called Merlin crystals.
  • Crystals which don’t quite meet the exact textbook definition of a Generator may still have the energy of a Generator.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about Generator (or Merlin) crystals. Next week we’ll discuss Golden Healer quartz crystals.

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See you next week for Golden Healer quartz crystals.

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