ENHYDRO CRYSTALS – Forbidden Knowledge, Excited Possibility, Magic!

This week we’re going to revisit Enhydro crystals. I LOVE Enhydro crystals! There are many different thoughts about the properties of Enhydro quartz but they mostly boil down to knowledge, possibility and magic. We’ll get to that later in the post. First, let’s talk about what they are.

enhydro-blog-post-imageEnhydros are crystals with fluid inside them. The only way to know for CERTAIN if you have an Enhydro (if there is water or fluid present) is if there is something IN the fluid. This is most usually an air bubble, I suppose it could also be sediment of some kind, but most usually it is air.

While most Enhydro crystals present as clear crystals with colorless fluid, opaque crystals may also be Enhydro, but since we can’t see into the crystal to see the movement of the bubble, there is no way for us to know it is Enhydro.

The best way to see an Enhydro is by turning the crystal until you see movement (imagine the bubble in a carpenter’s level). The movement you see may be of an air bubble (moving up) or sediment (moving down) in the cavity which contains the liquid. If it is sediment it will move down because it is heavier than the fluid, and if an air bubble, it will move up because it is lighter than the fluid. The cavity size may vary from very small, which would allow very little movement of the bubble, to large or even long and thin. A larger or longer cavity would allow the bubble to travel some distance inside the crystal and it might not travel in a straight line, if the cavity is bent. There also may be more than one fluid filled cavity, and you might only see one of the bubbles move at a time. For example, imagine the carpenter’s level which has more than one tube: horizontal, vertical and at a 45 degree angle. These bubbles move independently of one another and in different directions depending on which end of the level is pointing up. When you have an Enhydro, then, you should turn it in several different directions to see if there is movement in more than one direction. The air bubble may be round like the ones pictured, or it may be thin and oblong. Imagine a bubble in an IV tubing. If there is a lot of air in a small space, it squishes the bubble into a long, thin shape.

It is helpful when you adopt an Enhydro, if the previous keeper circles the path of the Enhydro by marking on the outside with a felt-tip pen or grease pencil. Once you find the path, you can remove the marking with rubbing alcohol or fingernail polish remover.

Enhydro Crystal photo credit: www.beautiful-minerals.tumblr.com

Enhydro Crystal photo credit: www.beautiful-minerals.tumblr.com

I haven’t ever had an Enhydro crystal with a bubble easily seen without movement, so I sourced my photos from a google image search.

In the photo to the left, the fluid in the cavities is golden colored. In this type of crystal you could assume it is fluid creating the colored areas, but without the bubble to create movement, you wouldn’t be able to tell for certain if the solution was in a liquid or solid state. Therefore, the magic of an Enhydro crystal is in knowing you have a liquid solution trapped within a crystal which is proven by movement (either a bubble or, less commonly, sediment). It is striking to see a crystal like the one pictured with colored fluid because you are able to easily see where the fluid is.

Enhydro crystal photo credit: www.museumgeek.org

Enhydro crystal photo credit: www.museumgeek.org

In the photograph to the right, the fluid is colorless in a clear crystal so you are only able to “see” the water and cavity when the bubble moves. This is a more common representation of an Enhydro crystal (colorless in clear). In these Enhydros, you really only ever see the bubble. The fluid is rendered “invisible” and its presence is made known only by the existence of the bubble.

Now to describe the feeling or energy of these special crystals. The sensation I get from Enhydro crystals is one of excited possibility…. magic… hidden potential. It’s like finding an unexpected prize or bonus (like buying a coat at a tag sale and later, discovering a hidden pocket with a diamond ring in it!)

Enhydro crystals are loaded with a feeling of possibility. The energy I experience from an Enhydro crystal is what I would imagine it would feel like to experience the sensation of a baby moving inside you: a fluttery excitement and a feeling of promise and great potential. You turn your crystal and BLOOOOP! You see something move!

A friend once asked if Enhydro crystals sometimes represented a balance of feminine and masculine energies. Since I haven’t had the opportunity to work with a lot of Enhydro crystals to answer this from my own experience, I asked the Crystal People for their input regarding her question. Here is their answer:

To your question, of a balance of the Divine Masculine/Feminine, I could see how this would be true, yes, in this way: In experiencing the Enhydro as described above, the feeling of potential, a seed, if you will. The seed (potential) requires incubation, going within (feminine) which then requires the masculine energy for the manifestation of the potential, so therein would lie the balance of both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to see the birth of this potential. So in working with the energies of the Enhydro crystal, one is working with the Feminine, Masculine and the Divine by engaging with the crystalline energy towards the highest good.

Enhydro crystal photo credit: www.eprakonewordpress.com pentacle overlay by Genn

In returning to the masculine/feminine question from above, water is considered Feminine and Air is considered Masculine, so to access the energies of both in one crystal via the Enhydro can be balancing.

Elementally, a crystal represents both Earth and Fire (they are made OF Earth, IN the Earth and the piezoelectric properties link them with fire, not to mention the heat required to create them). So if you take the Earth and Fire elements present in all crystal, add the Water and Air principles of the Enhydro crystal and your intention of linking with the Divine (Spirit) and you have all possibilities. In this way an Enhydro crystal encompasses the energy of all five sacred elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit). What could possibly be better than that!?

The further miracle of Enhydro crystals is that inside this crystal, which we have established at a minimum is thousands of years old, there is trapped fluid which has been there since the crystal’s inception. It’s an unlikely and seemingly magical occurrence, to have present #1 the creation of a cavity in the crystal, #2 which then fills with fluid and enough air to create a bubble, #3 which is then also sealed sufficiently with more crystal deposit to prevent the fluid from escaping. It defies logic, and yet it exists! Therein, to me, lies the magic. While crystal itself is a link to the ancient past, the presence of water inside the crystal is a further link which also provides movement and therefore a more “real” connection. It is awe inspiring to imagine that water which was present thousands of years before can still be seen moving and in a sense, “living” today.

We covered the “excited possibility”, but what about the “forbidden knowledge” and “magic” which I speak of in the title of this blog post? With an Enhydro crystal, we discover that there is fluid inside the crystal, but there is no way to gain access to the fluid (to know what kind of fluid it is) without breaking the crystal open and by that means, destroying it. I liken this to knowledge that, which once it is known, cannot be UNknown and it forever alters the original subject. For instance, if you pry into someone’s life and discover something about them which they asked you respectfully to leave in the past, you may discover something which changes your view of them forever. Or to see an incredible or “impossible” magic trick, and then force the “secret” from the magician in order to know how they did it, the trick forever loses its magic. So in that way, an Enhydro crystal represents forbidden knowledge. We must maintain a respectful distance in order to experience its unique and special properties.

In suggesting how a person might work with an Enhydro crystal, carrying it with you in your pocket or holding it during meditation would work best so you can hold and turn it to see the bubble and feel the energy. You might have noticed that with most of the crystal types, I suggest carrying or holding and I also suggest the possibility of making a grid with them. Because the energy of an Enhydro crystal is primarily kinetic (you don’t experience the energy as fully without moving the crystal), while you could make a grid with them, I think the energy is better encountered with movement.

Unfortunately I don’t have the pleasure of coming across a lot of Enhydro crystals in the Arkansas crystal I have worked with over the years, but I do have a Smoky Elestial Enhydro which a dear friend in Australia gifted me. If you ever have the chance to adopt an Enhydro crystal, do it!

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion of Enhydro crystals. If you have an experience with an Enhydro crystal that you would like to share, enter it in the comments section below, I would love to hear about it!

Next week we will discuss Artemis or Candle quartz crystals.

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See you next week for Artemis or Candle crystals.

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3 Responses to ENHYDRO CRYSTALS – Forbidden Knowledge, Excited Possibility, Magic!

  1. Ron says:

    The bubbles cannot be air but they are likely a gas that was created as the sacred geometry for its form developed in super heated water that contained the ingredients for the mix. The crystal grew around the water trapping it and in further transformation as it all cooled the gas came out of the chemicalized water creating a bubble. Just a wild guess.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Ron! I suppose technically I should say a liquid filled “chamber” inside the hardened crystal which contains a bubble (the make-up is unknown unless you break the crystal) Horror. who would do that!? Thanks for your input!

  2. Rita M. John says:

    Very well written and interesting to read!!! You definitely put a lot of work into making this information available and understandable. Thanks!!!

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