Determining Types of Quartz Crystal Configurations

Soulmate quartz crystal

Soulmate quartz crystal

Within the general topic of quartz crystal you will notice that there are different names for the various shapes that the crystal takes. If you are like me you may have come across conflicting information. Not grossly conflicting, but perhaps different names for the same shapes or different shapes for familiar names. This can be very confusing, especially if you’re new to working with crystals. Keep in mind, all crystal is inherently healing, high vibrational and positive in aspect.

I want to go out on a limb here and say that you can probably expect to find differing opinions on names and naming configurations. I say this because I have, the more I experience. The main thing I want you to come away with from this post is that it really doesn’t matter. If your definition of a couch is 2 sections and someone else says a couch must always have three sections, not two, it doesn’t necessarily make them right and you wrong. It would be too confusing to describe the details here, but just in the past week I have encountered this both in a person to person discussion and also upon reading a website. Both times the person was adamant that their description was correct and other descriptions incorrect. There are many, but two good examples of crystals with a bit of controversy regarding  descriptions/definitions are Soulmate crystals and Gas Phantom crystals. We’ll discuss these separately at another time.

Picture of Gas Phantom quartz crystal

Gas Phantom quartz crystal

Because I have coming up on 20 years of experience working intimately with crystals, I have encountered many different variations and possibilities that sources may present (though not all, to be sure!). Because of this background, it wasn’t confusing or upsetting to me. However, I imagine if I were new to crystals it would be daunting and exasperating at best. Just keep in mind as you journey along, this will happen.

It is also worth saying that what I relay to you from my experience doesn’t make what I say absolute and what you may have learned in a different way wrong. I don’t expect, believe or even desire that everyone must see things my way. What one person calls Barnacles, another may call babies. It’s all semantics anyway.

My crystal guide Venus has explained it to me in this way: All crystal comes from and is connected to what she calls the One… My understanding is that the One is a crystalline energy that is the Source of all crystals. So it would be comparable to God or Spirit (All That Is) but different. Since they are connected, all crystals share the same innate abilities. This is the reason that you may have a crystal shape that is traditionally good for astral travel that you use successfully for healing or vice versa. Remember the example from a few blog posts ago? It was about the car mechanic that taught you math… that you may successfully learn math from someone other than a math teacher. Because they are all connected to the crystalline consciousness (the One), all the varied and different configurations share the potential ability of the next. The crystal itself (the crystal that you can touch and hold) is just the VEHICLE for the crystalline energy or sentience… just as our human bodies are the vehicle for our souls. They are at the same time both separate and inseparable.

It is good to know the names of configurations and how to determine which is which. Knowing this will help because we will have common terminology for comparison and will also help to narrow down which crystal may provide the most help with a particular issue. Imagine it this way: it is true you can use a pencil, a ball point pen, a crayon or a paintbrush to write or express something. However, you would select a ball point for a signature and a paintbrush to fill in a wide area and so on. If you had to, you could use the paintbrush for a signature and the pen for filling in the area, but the most effective way would be to choose the appropriate shape for the task at hand. So it is helpful to know which shape of crystal has the greatest potential to help in order to fine tune your experience working with the Crystal People.

Next time we’ll discuss how to determine where to start when learning the different configurations. In other words, we’ll explore the anatomy of a crystal. After that, we’ll discuss the different shapes by starting at A and working our way through the alphabet, one or two crystals at a time. See you next time!

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