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picture of mama kitty and babies - Crystals and Pets

Mama Kitty (Jack) and her four babies

On the subject of crystals and pets, we were recently “blessed” with an unexpected stray kitty pregnancy and now have four little baby kitties romping around, so my mind is naturally on cats and kittens (and crystals and pets). Here’s the story:


We keep a bowl of food out on our porch for the strays in the neighborhood. One day, this sweet kitty came into our yard. We started calling her Mama Kitty because we noticed there were no “fuzzy dice” on the back end.

Weeks later, we were told by a neighbor friend that “Mama Kitty” was in fact “Jack”. She said Jack was left behind after someone moved. She said that Jack was a neutered male (and that explained the lack of proof of male-ness).

We were planning to take Mama Kitty in to be spayed. When we found out she was already fixed, we were happy! Now to get used to calling “Mama Kitty” “Jack” and switching pronouns from “she” to “he”!


Fast forward to Jack, now living in Patti’s workshop full-time, through the cold of winter. Jack was allowed to come and go but preferred to return to the shop at every opportunity.

Jack started getting happily fat and sassy. We would say, “Hey, Jack! You’re getting chubby! You need to slow down on the chow, brother!”

Next thing we knew, Jack was developing moobs (man-boobs). This is when we started to get verrrry suspicious (but still we remained happily in denial)!

Suddenly there was no denying, “Jack” wasn’t “Jack”, he was “Mama Kitty” after-all. I think she told us this telepathically from the beginning. Why else would we call her Mama Kitty!?

Four kittens later, here we sit. Oy vey.

Anyway, I thought it was an appropriate time to address this follow-up on the subject of crystals and pets.


This blog post is a response I gave to a Crystal Friend who wanted to know about her cat and its reaction to some of her crystals.

If you are curious about crystals and pets, this is a followup to that original blog post (here is a link) on the topic of crystals and pets. Read on for the question and response.

I don’t have pictures from the questioner, so I will intersperse this post with random kitty pictures for your enjoyment.


Hi Genn (…) it seems most people’s pets gravitate towards crystals but mine veers away!

My cat used to come and sleep with me when she was done playing each night so we’d wake up together.

I recently got into crystals and tried bathing, meditating and sleeping with them – but whenever a crystal was in the bed my cat wouldn’t sleep with me.

I tried blue calcite, citrine, moonstone, ruby, amethyst. But as soon as I would take the crystal [out of the bed] and place it on a side table, she’d come back to sleep.

In addition, I never really had good dreams with these crystals – I’ve cleansed them in water when I can and all of them have had moon and sun baths (though I haven’t set intentions for them).


image rose quartz wand that used to live with me - crystals and pets

Not the wand in “C’s” story but a rose quartz wand that used to live with me

I did have nice dreams with a rose quartz wand and noticed my cat liked it too.

It was the only quartz she’d come into bed with.

For two mornings she even sat on it. But on the second morning I put the crystal carefully on my vanity right after she sat on it and it fell and broke in half.

The wand was actually a ring holder half painted gold that I felt so bad for in the shop because it looked smothered that I bought it. So I wonder if it had too much contained energy and needed some of its naturalness to come out? (Revisit the post on crystals that break in our care.)

I’m definitely a crystal novice so would appreciate any advice on what you think this all means?? Since the crystal broke, I haven’t slept with crystals and my cat is back.

My cat is also usually quite interested in everything (and especially “witchy” things like tarot readings) so I’m surprised by her active avoidance of all crystals.

I can’t imagine they all still need better cleaning? Or my cat and I need cleansing and it’s too intense for us?

I found her about four years ago as a bag of bones kitten in a garbage and took her in – so have no idea what her past was.

Sorry for how long winded this email is but I would genuinely appreciate your guidance!

I love the idea of crystals increasing the vibration of my space and they have worked to freshen up drooping plants but haven’t been working much for me and definitely not for my cat.

Thank you kindly, C


image of baby kitty - Crystals and Pets

One of Mama Kitty’s four babies

Hey C!

Your letter is very interesting, I appreciate the detail. Here’s what came up for me as I read it… first these statements struck me as significant clues:

“-In addition, I never really had good dreams with these crystals (…)
-I did have nice dreams with a rose quartz wand and noticed my cat liked it too (…)
-I wonder if it had too much contained energy and needed some of its naturalness to come out?) (…)”

First off, I can only assume what’s going on by your recounting and my subsequent intuition. Here’s what I sense:

You know cats (all animals, really, but especially cats) are sensitive to subtle energies. Energies that we might not necessarily notice. If we do, we quickly put them aside and listen to our mind (the logic) rather than paying attention to the sensation if we can’t find a logical reason for the sensation.

You gave me a clue when you said the crystals that your cat didn’t “like” weren’t giving you nice dreams, and the one that the cat liked DID give you good dreams.

Perhaps the stones that your cat didn’t prefer weren’t in resonance with you and that was confirmed by your Higher Self in your dream state.

This is not to say that there is anything “wrong” with these particular stones, but that the vibration simply doesn’t resonate with you at this time.

Your cat would be able to sense that these vibrations were not in resonance with you, and so removed herself from the reach of the discordant energies, maybe in a way to tell you that these stones are out of sync with you (and her).


picture of my friend, Rockwell's, kitty and Orgonite pyramid - Crystals and Pets

My friend, Rockwell’s, kitty and her Orgonite pyramid

Crystals can be out-of-resonance with us and it is a little bit like playing two discordant musical notes next to one another.

A tone deaf person might not notice, but a musician would climb the walls with this fingernails-on-the-chalkboard vibration.

Energetically, we could be compared to being “tone deaf” and the cat, a classically trained musician.

Maybe your not-so-great dreams while sleeping with these certain stones were a clue to you that the vibrations were not in resonance with you.

Your logical mind told you ‘xyz crystal is supposed to help with this or that’, so you slept with them.

Maybe you listened to the logic of what they are good for and weren’t as in tune with the subtle energy (non-‘logical’) telling you otherwise? Kitty let you know “Nope! Not a good match. Bye bye!”

It seems that although you are new to crystal, you have a very good ability to SENSE their energies.

For instance, you were able to sense that the rose quartz felt “smothered” and was in need of rescuing (so you brought it home) and it was able to free itself by breaking.


picture of kitty up to no good - crystals and pets

Kitty up to no good

I know cats are prone to “helping” things to the floor. Do you think Kitty might have helped the crystal to free itself?

If you know she did not, believe it or not, I have been witness to crystals “jumping” to the floor on their own!

I witnessed this very thing happening at a friend’s house. (Pause for side story)

My friend and I were walking to the kitchen, she ahead of me, and we passed a shelf with several crystal points on it. Suddenly one of the crystals “fell” onto the floor in front of my friend (right in the path)!

This seemed unusual, but not super unusual. We figured that we hit a soft spot in the floor or the shelf was bumped, causing the crystal to roll off the edge.

When we picked up the crystal and went to put it back on the shelf, we noticed that the shelf was pretty dusty. Luckily it was dusty, or we would have assumed it rolled off the edge.

Anyway, we saw that the crystal had “jumped” over two other crystals that were between it and the edge of the shelf.

The dust was undisturbed anywhere, and there was a clean spot, proving where the crystal had been.

It could NOT have rolled off or been bumped off without also knocking the other two crystals off, too. So there’s proof that they can (and sometimes do) jump!!


image of Benjamin buttons - crystals and pets

Benjamin Buttons – an homage to Patti’s kitty, Benjamin (on the Other Side), who this kitten looks very much like

Anyway, back to the question at hand. My response continues:

Have you read the blog posts on cleansing and clearing? If you have cleansed and cleared these stones (and it sounds like you have) it is possible their energies just aren’t a match for you at this time. It doesn’t mean that they will never be a match, just that they aren’t right now.

Also my next clue in your letter is here: “I love the idea of crystals increasing the vibration of my space and they have worked to freshen up drooping plants but haven’t been working much for me and definitely not for my cat.”

This shows me that you DID sense that the vibrations of certain crystals aren’t working for you (“haven’t been working much for me”).

This tells me that the crystals you have chosen are “out of resonance” right now. Kitty sensed this and let you know by removing herself from the situation (“definitely not for my cat”).


image of Kitty shenanigans - crystals and pets

Kitty shenanigans

Since you know your cat is sensitive to stones’ energy, you might check with her before sleeping with a crystal.

To do this, pick up the crystal and see if you think it is a good match for you or not, and then ask your kitty.

See if you guys are on the same page to help confirm your inner knowing.

Maybe find a crystal you really don’t have an affinity for and one you really do.

Check these with your kitty and see how she reacts.

By selecting ones that you are pretty sure of the gross energy you might be better able to listen to your guidance with the more subtle energies.

If there is one you feel so-so about or aren’t sure either way, offer it to kitty and see which way she goes. If it is a “no” for her, maybe sit with the stone and see if it is also a “no” for you. Same goes with the “yesses”.

This is something that might take some time, but what else do we have on our journey!?

I would definitely listen to your kitty (by watching her reactions).

If she is telling you she doesn’t care for a stone, consider that the stone might be out of resonance with you right now, and try another.


That was the end of my advice to Crystal Friend, C. And thanks, C, for inspiring such an in-depth look at crystals and pets!

Keep in mind that this advice can be applied to any pet, not just cats.

Dogs like, and can be drawn to, crystalline energy as well as cats and can be very sensitive to their energies as well.

Pay attention to your pets’ reactions to crystals. See if their sense resonates with yours.

You may be a match for a crystal and not your pet and vise versa. Either way, it helps to pay attention to the clues the Crystal People are sending us, even if they are through the eyes of our pets.

Do you have a story about your crystals and pets? I love pet stories, please share!

image louise hay all is well - Crystals and Pets

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10 Responses to Crystals and Pets – Followup

  1. Stephanie Inglis says:

    Will try to make this as short as possible. I have a lurcher, 10yrs old. Last 12 months being a bit of a nightmare with her wetting herself. When I say wetting, I mean flooding the place. 2 washings a day, bed changes through the night etc. She was treated for uti with antibiotics, then treated for ‘spayed bitch incontinence’, as the vet called it. The flooding continued. She was then taken in for a scan and blood tests. Despite Ellie (the dog) being very unsettled and uncomfortable, the vet could find nothing wrong. I know my dog, and a know when there’s something wrong! I didnt know what else to do. Changing to a different vet was the only other option. Around Christmas time, I randomly purchased books just for personal interest including some crystal books by a very well known author on the subject. They refer to illness etc as, ‘dis-ease’. As read in one of the books, I purchased clear quartz, smokey quartz, and que sera. Layed out and used as suggested under a blanket at bed time. Well, over the period of about 2-3 weeks, the problem stopped. Completely. I can’t explain it, I don’t have the answer. She now has them in a pouch attached to her collar and has been perfectly fine. I don’t know what the issue was/is (nor did the vet) but the only thing I done differently, was the use of crystals, that has appears to have given her relief.

  2. Joanne 705-741-8910 says:

    Which crystals should not be around cats. We have 4 cats and heard about selenite not being friendly with cats and their digestion. I need some help with this knowledge.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Joanne! Thanks for your question! Natural (uncut or unpolished) Selenite slivers (it is a very soft mineral) so your information about it is correct. It isn’t about the energy of the stone, more the possibility that they might lick and then get the selenite slivers in their digestive tract. It would be safe (energetically) if you put it near them but not where they can lick or ingest and certainly not in their food or water area. If your cats tend to lick or mouth things I would be careful about where I kept it. Unfortunately I can’t really answer this question more fully, my expertise lies in quartz crystal only (not other gemstones). There are many stones that aren’t safe (for humans or pets) so you have to check them out on a one by one basis with someone who has the expertise of gemstones. I hope this helps!

  3. Renee Nazario says:

    Hi: That was interesting and right on time. I recently bought numerous crystals and 24 stone cabochons to learn to do wire wrapping jewelry. I had the stones and 2 quartz crystals laying on my drafting table to look at when my small parrot started yelling and running around the top of his house looking like he saw a ghost and would not stop panicking even when I talked to him and was getting even more upset, that is when I thought birds feel vibrations in their feet it is a survival technique to feel when an animal maybe approaching. I moved the stones to another room and he stopped completely. The next day I decided to try that again just to be sure it wasn’t a fluke and he had the same reaction. So I have discovered that a couple of crystals don’t bother him even if they are close to him, but he doesn’t like more than that many, guess I will only be making one thing at a time, thanks to my little green vibrational radar, named Cricket.

  4. Christine Goldman says:

    Wonderful information about pets and crystals. Mason who is a black cocker spaniel loved wearing my Ruby Zoisite and hemtite Mala especially when he was sick from Oral Melanoma. He had it on when he walked over the Rainbow Bridge. I also gave out Tiger’s Eye and Amethyst to people who were there to lend support while he crossed over.
    So now our other Dog Watson also a cocker spaniel both had old souls and was definitely my Crystal familiar. I used crystals on him when he suffered from seizures, smokey quartz did wonders for him. He use to have grand mal seizures and through crystals and acupressure points they kept getting shorter and shorter. We did not medicate him, only used crystals and acupressure/acupuncture to help him. They would only last 3-10 minutes from start to finish & then needed to go outside. We believe he put his sickness in a holding pattern after his brother got sick. Then he was doing good and was looking good after he had to ear ablation surgery due to ear infection issues. One ear had Plasma Cytoma burst and we waited for him to heal from that. He also wore the Ruby Zoisite Mala, smokey quartz, angelite, rose quartz and so many others. The healing capabilities are simply amazing. My husband likes to say, crystals are spirits made solid.

    • Genn says:

      Christine! Thank you SO much for sharing your journey with your fur kids and the magical properties of crystals. Beautiful story. Blessings to you and your furry babies and crystal family!

  5. SHARI HRABEC says:

    Great write up on pets and crystals, thank you.
    I have a Labrador, Isaac, who ate rocks as a puppy. Had a terrible time breaking him of that dangerous habit. Now a few years later he seems confused that I (mom) have all these rocks in the house and often holds them. He seems to watch, interested for a few minutes then goes off to do his own thing. But I also have crystal skulls…at times one or more may be out on the coffee table…more than once he has walked up to certain ones and given them a quick ‘kiss’ (licked) them. Other ones he stays back from not’s just interesting I thought. He knows what resonates with him, or maybe what skulls are communicating with him also.

    • Genn says:

      Awww Isaac! He sounds like a sweetie. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Shari! Give Isaac a big squeeze from all of us here in internet-land <3

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