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Genn’s Personal Grid

Permanent grids versus temporary grids are also a determining factor in crystal choice.


In a temporary grid it is ok to use crystals that you might want to use later for something else. For example the ten-inch optically clear Channeler I mentioned in my last post might be perfect for use in a temporary grid. Another example of a temporary grid might be one you place around a person during a healing session. Temporary grids are meant to be set up and worked with for short-term use.


An example of less permanent grids (semi-permanent) would be crystals which line flowerbeds or ring trees. They are probably there at least semi-permanently, unless one moves the flowerbed or decides to re-arrange. Another semi-permanent grid might be on top of your bird’s cage or around the bed of your pet. You might construct these crystal grids with certain crystals, and then adjust as energetic needs change.


You can also make a permanent grid around your house or around your entire property. You may bury the crystal at the corners of your house, under each window, or near the doors. For your property, choose the four corners and space along the fence line if it is big. If you have a large property (many acres of land) you can make a small scale replica and grid that to represent your property. To do this, you would energetically ask each crystal to be present over a specific area. Again, let me hammer this home: Intent is the key. I have a grid built into my bedroom subfloor. This type of grid is obviously meant to be a permanent grid, as it would require tearing up the floor to move or change it. These crystal grids are meant to stay in place, since I’m not moving these grids, they are considered permanent.

Determining which type of grid you are setting up depends on use and placement. Access is the key.

An important thing to take into consideration is how you are personally affected by the energy of crystals, especially where permanent grids are considered. I had a friend who was unable to wear a crystal necklace for long periods because the energy gave her a headache. Being in a room full of crystals made her buzz and react like she’d just ingested a pot of coffee. I am on an even keel with their vibration (we mesh quite nicely), so I have never had this problem; however, it bears mentioning in case you do. If you have this sort of reaction to the higher vibration of crystal, it might not be a good idea to grid your bedroom. Instead, you might choose to grid the kitchen or the living room, but not your sleeping area. I have been living with thousands of crystals in my living space, in my bedroom and closets for coming up on twenty years. I am accustomed to the vibration and fare quite well. This may not be true for you, though, so be cautious of this knowledge when you position your grids, especially if it is a permanent choice, like building them into a room. A semi-permanent or temporary grid can always be moved if it’s making you crazy. If you’ve already placed crystals in a permanent grid and you find they are a little too much, all is not lost. You can touch in with the crystals in your grid and request that they lower their energetic output for you.

You can also layer your grids. You may grid a room, then your house, your plants and trees and then your property. You may also layer energies or intents, for example, a room may be gridded for positivity and your house for protection and the holding of a high vibration.

Stay tuned for more on gridding with crystals. up next, grids for healing purposes.

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About Genn

Genn John has been acting as the legs for the Crystal People as the Keeper at Arkansas Crystal Works, an internet-based source for crystals and crystal knowledge, since 1995. Having accepted the honor to be their voice as well, she is the author of Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers; a crystal reference book for people who desire to fully understand their connection to the crystal kingdom and who wish to enhance their working knowledge of these majestic beings. Genn has also published a 4 part series of coloring books which are a useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning the anatomical structures of quartz crystals. It features precise, extraordinary hand-drawn designs crafted especially for easy coloring and interactive study. Find the store and more at, or her blog at To connect: email -, facebook -, Instagram - gennjohn or Twitter @GennJohn.


  1. Liz says:

    I have made a permanent grid around my home. I buried them around the house and property. But concern is the one of them was dug up by an animal. All stones were still there but uncovered. Can I re-bury them or is my whole grid shot and I need to do a new one from scratch? My grid has nine different points around my home with the 9th being inside. What can I do about this?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Liz! Oh, that’s not a problem at all! Things happen! Your grid is still fine. It is fine to rebury them. No need to start from scratch. You can, however, take this opportunity to reinforce your grid. Become very clear about the purpose of your grid (your grid statement/what the grid is intended for)… thank the crystals that were uncovered and restate your grid purpose to them before reburying. Send your energy to the other points and reinforce them as well (either physically go to the area and send the intentions to each (through the soil, you don’t have to unbury, they will hear you) or do it energetically in your head from where you are). It is good to periodically do this anyway, just to let the grid know you are still counting on it and paying attention. You can thank them for their continued service and send them love as well when you reinforce. Thanks for your question, it was a good one!

  2. kevin moody says:

    Hello??I am searching how to grid a property. I’ve got a grid in place, but there’s a bandit on my property! Size matters and seems to be the common factor in my reason to search for info.
    I had created a beautiful bee bath with 50 of my vintage marbles, some big, all glass kinda heavy! Bees do well accessing water in the tray the marbles lay in. I put it out in my yard and the next morning, they were all gone? Not a single marble was in the bee bath, and I have looked. Really looked?! And now the smallest crystal in the SW corner of the grid is gone. I can hardly believe it, but it is. I’m researching what else might serve as a cornerstone…Big job…until I can acquire another sizable clear Quartz crystal to replace the missing one.
    My shaman friend said Earth takes in crystals and crystals tend to go into the ground . I couldn’t find a single crystal I buried with said shaman friend 15 years ago on another property U had. They were sizable. I went back and dug around where they were, but didn’t find one of them!
    I live in the high altitude desert of Southern California…so extreme weather happens and winds blowing earth all over probably factor in, but it feels like the stones went deeper than I was digging with my garden trowel. So I gave up and figured its nature. What are you gonna do???

    • Genn says:

      Hey Kevin! Hmmm! I have no idea about your missing crystal and marbles! (I bet that is frustrating!) Is it a human gremlin? Fairies? Etc!? I do have a suggestion, though, if you keep having trouble with your grid crystals disappearing outside… You can certainly make a representative grid and keep it in the house. Use whatever you feel drawn to, to represent your home and property (photograph, drawing, blueprint, etc)… lay your grid on the picture. Here is a blog post: I hope this helps! (Maybe leave some small crystals or other natural bling around outside just in case it IS the fairies, just to keep them happy). 🙂

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