Lung gridHealing grids obviously are different than home or property grids, but they work the same way. First, you select the crystals you would like to help you in your healing session. Do this either by pure intuition or by the configuration of the crystal. What I mean by this, is you may use any type of crystal you have available, programmed for the purpose of healing, or you may use specific types of configurations (eg: Golden Healers, Self Healing, etc).

You may have a set of crystals you use exclusively for healing work. Connect with them and request their help in the healing session with Person X. Or conversely, you may also lay a grid for yourself. For your healing grid, you may place the crystals around a bed, recliner or even on the floor. Just be sure to lay them out wherever you are going to be most comfortable. On this note, you may decide to make a large grid around the person for a healing session, which would be a temporary grid (a grid which you construct and take down after a period of time). You may also have a longer running need (a more persistent health challenge) for which you might want to create a semi-permanent grid, using something in the center of the grid to represent who the grid is for. The picture is an example of one such grid, I created it when I had pneumonia and wanted the grid to run night and day.

To begin, state your intention to the crystal, see yourself or the person in the grid in their highest light. If you wish, along with assistance from the Crystal People, you can ask for assistance from the Creator, Spirit Guides and Angels. Lay the crystals around the person in whatever way you feel led, and then let the person “cook.” When I say “cook”, imagine letting the person soak in the healing crystal energies and encourage them to see themselves in their most vibrant, healthy state while they relax within the healing grid.

Keep in mind the direction of the energy that is flowing out of your crystal points. Imagine them as arrows, the termination being the arrow point. Whichever direction the arrow is pointing is the direction the energy will flow. Double Terminated crystals flow in both directions. For example: If your grid intention is set to bring in energy and healing energy TO the person, then the crystals in your grid would be best pointed INWARD, toward the person. If, on the other hand, your grid intention is to REMOVE something from the person (pain, etc) your crystals would be best suited pointing AWAY from the person. Often you may find that you want to take something out and bring something in (take away pain and bring in soothing energy), in these cases you may point some of your crystals out (to carry away the pain) and some in (to bring in the soothing energy). You may choose to lay the grid of crystals right on the person, or around their body. If it’s a grid for yourself, it might be easiest to lay them around you so that the ones you have placed don’t fall off as you place more.

photo of detail of grid centerGrids can be used in distant healing, as well. If you have a friend that is in need of healing or protection or positivity or … (fill in the blank), you can make a grid for them where you are. To do this, get a picture of the person, or something which represents them, and put it in the center of the grid. Select your crystals, cleanse and clear them, and program them with the particular intent you have for this grid. Visualize your friend in their highest light, healed and whole in this NOW moment. Ask the crystals to hold that energetic signature for you.

The pattern in which you place the crystals is up to you. You might place them in a starburst pattern, all facing in toward the person if they are in need of energy. You might place them in a starburst pointing out if they are trying to rid themselves of something. You might place them in a circle, arrow point to base for protection. If you have a lot of double terminated points, you could lay them in a starburst around the person so the energy would both flow into and out of them. Follow your inner guidance. There are no rules. These are just suggestions to prime your pump of ideas.

I have also seen very lovely grids which incorporate items along with crystal. I have used feathers (to represent air) in grids created to increase my lung function. I have seen beautiful flowers (beauty/love) and even items such as cinnamon sticks (scent), sage bundles or leaves (cleansing), salt (protection), etc. Use your imagination. There are no rules or limits or right or wrong items to include in your healing grids.

I hope this short post has helped sparked your imagination and that you create a crystal grid for yourself or a loved-one! Next time we’ll discuss crystal gridding for animals and plants.

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    I know how to cleanse- what do you mean by “clear”? Is it different than cleanse?

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