Daisy - petAnimals also benefit from crystal grids. My umbrella cockatoo, Daisy, is particularly high strung. She was going nutty from hormones and frustration because her mate was not responding to her advances. Guess who she thinks her “mate” is? That’s right, it’s me. It makes for an awkward situation. I was starting to approach my wits end because she was so nervous, jittery and cranky. There was really nothing I could do to help her. Well, Crystal People to the rescue!

I placed a grid on her cage. In Daisy’s case, I choose to use amethyst because of its calming energies. I chose amethyst clusters in particular because they were large enough not to fall through the bars on the top of her cage. I cleansed, cleared and programmed the crystals to assist Daisy to be calm and happy. I asked her Spirit Guides, and any helpers that may be present who work with animals, birds in particular, to please help. I placed the amethyst clusters on each of the four corners of her cage, said a small prayer and over time, she became less cranky and noticeably calmer.

Daisy - petRecently her frustration level has been increasing. I added a Selenite oval to the center of the four-point Amethyst grid, to introduce soothing angelic energies and to help the Amethyst remain cleansed.

The crystal on Daisy’s cage is an example of a semi-permanent grid. I leave the crystals on her cage, but I can move them if and when I need to. I touch-in with the crystals daily when I put her to bed and cleanse and charge them as needed. Daisy’s grid is also a perfect example of using different crystal types as well as altering the grid as the situation warrants.

It can be helpful to remember that gridding is a fluid endeavor.

Twinkie - petAs discussed earlier, you can do this with dogs, cats, even fish. Remember, though, that it is safest to put the crystal on the outside corners of your fish tank, not inside.

Any animal you have can benefit from your use of a crystal grid to help them. You just need to cleanse, clear, program and intend. It’s as easy as that.

Once your grid is in place, if there has been a change in activity (such as a quarrel or something that has introduced negative energy into the environment, or intense healing work), cleanse your grid. If this seems daunting, remember you can cleanse your crystals without moving or touching them.

Be sure to reconnect and reinforce your grid on a regular basis. Remember to energetically charge your grid during the full moon while you’re at it.

plants - gridYou may build a grid for your plants and trees so that they grow and thrive. Grids can be placed to attract fairies and elementals, if that is your intention. Your property can be gridded for protection, love, healing and positivity. All of these grids in place at once is what we refer to as layering grids.

Don’t forget to cleanse the crystals periodically and touch base to reconnect and reaffirm your intention within the grid. Use your etheric cord connection to reinforce your grids. This means you will need to connect with the crystals before you make the grid. You don’t have to hold each one and go through the entire process individually. Select the ones you want to use in your grid, and connect with them as a group. You will be working with them collectively, so this is a better idea than individually connecting, anyway.

After cleansing and clearing, visualize the intent and goal that you have for the grid. Next, ask the crystals to hold that intention for you; that is programming the grid. Finally, offer your thanks and gratitude for their continued assistance.

plants - gridYou might choose to grid your indoor plants as well.

I like to place crystal chunks and pieces in the pots surrounding the plants in the house. They seem to grow better.

You might also consider creating a permanent grid, placed in the pot before you add all the dirt. This grid will stay there, so remember what I said in an earlier post about selecting crystals appropriate to permanent versus temporary grids. As a reminder, if you know the crystals in the grid will be inaccessible (like the ones built into the subfloor of my  bedroom) you might choose empathic crystals (which are still very powerful) versus jewelry quality or large, AAA grade crystals.

Remember these few things: crystal grids can be reprogrammed as the need arises, they need to be cleansed and charged with intent periodically (this lets the crystals know you haven’t forgotten they are working on your behalf) and remember to be thankful to your gridded crystals for assisting you to hold and run your intentions.

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  1. Justine says:

    My little hormonal baby or teenager Daisy and I have never tried crystals in her cage. She is in love with my old 15 yr old Ringneck who has become my one and only mate. Daisy is a strongwilled 2 and 1/2 south Americlan Conure and would do anything to obtain her unrequited love Mephisto 14 yr old ringneck however as he was my sole compnanion over 13 yrs of different relationships homes and familys he believes he is my partner and wants nothing to do with her sadly. Both ar3 very fond of ‘ grandfather’ who demanded to recieve the energies of the full moon in Pices and lunar eclipse which I had been told this would scatter or muck around the crystals energies. Anyway. I have never listened so easily to a crystal like grandfather and his mini me which I carry with me to stay close to his energies. I may be completely wrong but Ì sense the small crystal is a juvenile I am teaching every day grandfather teaches me.9o
    Crystal love Justine

  2. Dani Montoya says:

    Thanks for this Genn. I love Crystal Grids and keep one set up all the time at my studio for healing. I love working with my crystals!!! Namaste.

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