This is the third and final in the series of crystal gridding, crystal grid ideas. Use this blog post to spark your own ideas of what you might like to grid.


crystal grid ideasThere is no limit to the type of crystals appropriate for gridding. To keep the focus of this post from expanding further, I will limit my suggestions to the different types of clear quartz crystal only. Remember you can add in other types of gemstones as you wish.

There are many different crystal grid ideas, and many different crystals will work.

You might choose generic crystals, or you could choose crystals specific to a type of energy you would like to represent. Here are some examples:

Crystal grids can be used to attract fairies and elementals, if that is your intention. To attract fairies and elementals, you might choose crystals with Fairy Frost or Devic Temple crystals (crystals with Fairy Frost, Rainbows and Mirror Fractures).

To increase the Goddess Energy around your property, you might choose Isis Face crystals.

I like the idea of placing a cluster over the home to help with energies, because clusters have a soft (but powerful) energy, they help raise the vibration and they also assist groups of people to get along (to co-create and cooperate).


After deciding on your grid “target” (the reason for your grid) you will need to gather pictures of your intended target (photographs, drawings you make or if you aren’t artistic, simply words). What are some more crystal grid ideas?

For example, on your representative grid, you may draw detailed pictures including trees, garden spaces and other outdoor areas. Consider placing small crystals around these drawings of plants, spaces and trees to help them grow and thrive.

For different ideas, your property might be gridded for protection, love, healing and positivity. Having all of these grids in place at once is what we refer to as layering grids.

To layer a grid, you would use the same grid (you wouldn’t need a separate grid for each layer). Simply program the grid to encompass all of these different ideas.

Consider including rose quartz to ramp up the love, Golden Healers for healing and Rainbow crystals for positivity (hope and optimism). You could program each of these different crystals separately (for example, rose quartz programmed specifically for love, Golden Healers programmed for healing, etc) or program them all as a group if you are using non-specific crystals.


crystal grid ideas for pets


Property, inside your home, people and pets are just a few of the (endless) possibilities for crystal grids. All you need are crystals and something to represent the item for which you are creating the grid.

This representative item doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be an actual photograph, a drawing, or even just a word or name written on a piece of paper. With crystal grids (as is true for most things), intent is more important than content.

Programming the crystals is necessary for your grid to work properly. (Click this link for a reminder on how to program a crystal.) You may choose to program them for any of the reasons I mentioned above. Again, the possibilities of uses for crystal grids are as limitless as your ideas, needs and desires.

crystal grid ideas for property


Using a representative crystal grid for your property is an excellent thing. Again, you can be as detailed or as simple as you like.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: In the illustrations, the crystals in the pictures  are drawings of crystals, but in life, you would place your actual crystals on the drawing. It was simply easier for me to create the picture this way rather than trying to do it with actual crystals.

Start with a representation of your property. Decide what kind of crystals you might want to place in the grid. Depending on the purpose of your grid, you might choose different crystal types.

crystal grid ideas for your home


You might also create a crystal grid to represent the space INSIDE your home.

You might desire that each room have a different energy, to which you would program the specific crystal which you place in the drawing of your home. Again, when creating an actual crystal grid, you would have a drawing representing your home, and then place your actual crystals on the drawing, not drawings of crystals like I have in the picture.

What are some examples of types of crystals you might place in different rooms?

You might place a cluster in the living room or the area of the home where you gather together. Imagine a crystal cluster. All of the points are together, some laying on each other, some running right through the center of others. It is a group of individual crystals, coexisting beautifully together.

Some other ideas of different crystals to place in specific rooms. You might:

*choose a crystal for abundance (Manifestation crystal) in your home office.

*place an Elestial or other soothing crystal for your bedroom.

*keep a grounding crystal in the bathroom to remind you to ground as you cleanse energies.

A Dolphin crystal would be a lovely addition to a child’s playroom to encourage teaching and learning in a joyful way.

Use your imagination. Decide what type of energy you want to be represented in that particular space and choose a crystal for each room. You aren’t limited to using only specific types of crystals, however.

Don’t let specifics hinder you, though. You can use a “generic” crystal programmed for a specific intent and that is just as good if you don’t have all the different types available to you. There are no rules. These are simply SUGGESTIONS.

crystal grid ideas for people


You might also apply these representative grid ideas to an individual person or a family group. You can even create a grid for yourself.

Simply select a picture of the person or group of people that is the subject of your grid. Use the same principles in a grid for people that I described above in the examples of grids for places.

Some ideas for grids for people are for health, love, protection, abundance, cooperation etc.

You might even create a loving grid for a person or group of people with which you have discordant energies.

Program the crystals with loving energies, and perhaps include a cluster for cooperation and getting along with groups. Crystals with Rainbows are a nice idea for infusing hope and optimism. Bridge crystals are good for connection and perspective. Tabby crystals are good for communication.

If the grid is for discordant energies between you and another, consider placing a picture of the two of you together at a happy time. If this type of picture doesn’t exist, select a happy picture of each of you and put them together.


I will be adding some cedar grid boards to the website so you can create small representative grids (stay tuned!). Placing your grid on a movable surface makes it easier to move them if you need to without deconstructing the entire grid. Also, if you click this link, it will take you to the page where I have grid sets and other gemstones available for your gridding needs. Individual types of crystals (Elestial, Rainbow, Manifestation, Isis etc) like I described for the inside of your home or for individuals can be found here.

Happy gridding!

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