Crystal Grid for Lung Issues

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would share with you my most recent crystal grid. I have been battling Pneumonia and the after-effects for several weeks now. I created this grid so the Crystal People could help me bring balance and health back to my lungs.

Grids are very interesting, and something from which we can all benefit. I believe it is best to use what you have (no “special” crystals are necessary) and to use your intuition when building a grid (versus having an “expert” build one for you).

When we use our intuition, we are being guided directly from our higher Selves, our Spirit Guides, Creator and the Crystal People. It is time to trust our own guidance instead of giving our power away. We are all Masters and have the ability to be connected to Source just as much as our perceived Gurus.

We aren’t limited to only working with crystals in our crystal grid. This is a magical working. We are connecting to all time. Our crystal grid helps us to align with our healthy self in this now moment.

I am sharing this grid to spur your ideas and to suggest things which may not have occurred to you. Also to let you know THERE ARE NO RULES!!! Let me illustrate by using pictures of my own grid.

Here is a picture of my grid (which I built on my black piano bench, which was a great idea for grid placement, not such a great idea for photography) I apologize for the picture quality:

Lung grid

Lung grid

I began construction of the grid from the center out. It helps me to use a focal point which represents the theme of the grid. In this case, it was my lung issues.

I Googled images of healthy lungs, found this nice picture and printed it out. I added the little photograph of me that I used in my last grid. If you remember, I choose to use this picture because it represents, to ME, a time when I felt most healthy, balanced and aware. What you use may be as varied as a photograph, a favorite stone, a stuffed animal, or maybe nothing. It is your choice, and there are no wrong answers.

I built the grid outward from there. Some crystals I pointed in toward the center, and asked the Crystal People to bring healing energy IN. Others, I placed pointing away from the center and asked the Crystal People to take energies that no longer serve, OUT.

Here are some pictures with arrows indicating energy flow:


I usually begin by placing crystals with inflowing energy. It is just a habit of mine, and best to do whatever you are called to do. The large blue arrows on the outer edge were placed first. This time I started with the four cardinal points (North, South, East, West) and then filled in the diagonals (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest).

I placed the crystals going away from the center next, and then moved back to the crystals I am about to describe. However, for the sake of keeping the images from being too screwy, I will finish describing the inward facing crystals.

The little half arrows (blue)  are the inward facing termination of some Pecos Diamonds I have. Pecos Diamonds are double terminated quartz crystals which are smokey and included with (I am guessing) a sand or other inclusion. They are special and come from the Pecos River Valley. My Granny picked up these four crystals while rockhounding there, so for me they hold an even more special energy.

The green arrows are four Chlorite included crystals which my good friend Sammy dug in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Chlorite is very healing and also the connection to Sammy (who has transitioned to Spirit) gives these special meaning. You don’t have to find and incorporate these specific crystals, it is just what I happened to have on hand. I incorporated these stones not only for their special qualities, but also for the special connection I have to them. This is important to note.

Next I will describe the crystals which I placed with the terminating end pointing away from the center (to carry unneeded energies out and away):

These crystals were placed facing outward and I asked them to remove any unwanted energies from my chest area. The arrows are in grey.

I also drew little half arrows on the terminating end of the Pecos Diamonds, but they don’t show up very well in the graphic. Just keep in mind the energy of these double terminated crystals flows both toward and away.

I was drawn to add more to the grid which didn’t necessarily have to be crystal oriented. It’s important to remember you can do this with your grids to add depth and also to encourage you to follow your intuition. I have circled these next items in pink.

I was drawn to represent the element of Air. For this I used the four feathers you see pictured. They are special, both because they come from my lovebird, and they are rainbow colored. To me, as well as representing air because they are feathers, the colors represent the Chakras and balance.

You see, it is perfectly appropriate in the building of your crystal grid to include items which mean something to you (whatever that might be). It is also good to remember that as you build the grid you are infusing it with the energies you wish to manifest.

Moving back to the picture above, the next items I was drawn to place were on the outer four corners. Here I placed hematite to ground the energy and also to serve as energy “sinks” (they draw energy). My intent is that the energy which is being drawn from my lungs (the energy which no longer serves) is being pulled into the hematite and grounded out.

Finally, I placed the two crystal friends which I work with when I meditate and do Green Tara practice on each side of the grid for further assistance and also for balance. At this point, my grid felt complete. I spent some time connecting with the grid and thanking all the helpers.

In summary, when building your grid, I can’t emphasize the following points enough:

  1. Use your intuition and trust that you are receiving guidance from not only the Crystal People, but also your Guides, higher Self, Spirit, etc.
  2. Include what you are drawn to include. Follow your gut even if something seems silly.
  3. As well as crystals, feel free to incorporate other items which have significance to you.

Remember to connect with your grid frequently. Thank all the components for assisting you to achieve the goal (the focus of the grid). If the grid is running for a while (mine has been going for about 3 weeks now), periodically cleanse the grid with a touch-in, intend it cleansed (you don’t have to deconstruct it) and reinforce the purpose of the grid. We need to remember to engage with the grid. It is a co-creative endeavor. We are working WITH the grid, it isn’t working FOR us.

I hope this has encouraged you to #1 make your own grid, and #2 to experiment with different ideas! Happy gridding!

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  1. john lomax says:

    Thank you for sharing your own unique brand of this magical technology with us and get well and be well.

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