Making a crystal grid. Recently I had a request for a more detailed description of how to do this. This blog post is in answer to that question.


crystal grid

A crystal grid is a layout of crystals programmed for a specific intent or to produce a particular response.

Sometimes you don’t have the size or amount of crystals you would like to have to appropriately grid an entire property or group of people. Obviously it would be very difficult (or impossible) to create an on-site crystal grid for a town, country or planet!

In many cases, a small crystal grid representing a larger area can be a very handy tool. This is where representative grids come into play.


picture of a personal crystal grid

When you create a crystal grid, but want to encompass an area larger than you have crystals for, or want to create a grid for a specific person or family, representative grids are the perfect answer.

Representative grids are a kind of “mini” grid, as the name implies, representing the area in which you want to place the grid.

In representative grids, there is a representation of who the grid is for and the crystals are placed around this central focal point.

As an example, see the small photograph in the center of this grid? That is a picture of me, when I was young. This grid was to help me to reconnect with my inner child.

Grids can be placed around a room, a house, or property, for energy amplification, protection, positivity and shielding.

Typically, in a crystal grid, crystals are placed in a specific pattern, physically surrounding the place, person, animal or plant in question.


With a representative grid, however, you create the grid on a small scale by using something to represent the item being gridded.

For example, in a representative grid, rather than physically placing crystals around your property, you use a picture of your property and place the crystals on or around the picture.

The same goes for gridding for pets, people or groups of people.

For me, the beauty in doing this is that you can use fewer crystals and get more bang for your buck.

You can also more easily program, cleanse and charge your grids when they are on a smaller scale.


representative crystal grid

As this image of a girl and the crystal suggests, the energy is amplified when using a representative grid. What do I mean by this?

If you look at the left side of image, in “life”, the size of the crystal is very small in relation to the size of the actual person.

In a representative grid, however, the size of the crystal is huge in relation to the size of the person (like in the right side of the image).

The same applies to crystal grids for your property or to represent the inside of your home.

Imagine it like this: It is a bit like having a small scale replica of Tokyo and a large size Godzilla toy, which you imagine smashing through the (relatively tiny) city.

Imagine placing the (actual sized) toy in (actual sized) downtown Tokyo. Seeing the toy Godzilla doing any real damage would be laughable. However, the toy sized Godzilla over the tiny town is formidable! The same is true with your crystal grids.

What’s the explanation for this?


When you place the crystals and program the grid with your intent, the crystals in the smaller grid are simply holding the place for the larger crystalline energy to do the work you have requested in the larger field around you. 

I like to imagine the real life area (for example your house and yard) with a ghost or phantom of the crystal that is on the grid, in relative size (like in the Godzilla reference, a huge Godzilla over a tiny Tokyo). An inch long crystal point on the representative grid may look like a 10 foot crystal point on the actual property.

By using representative grids you are able to have representative crystalline energy as big as a tree or a cluster as big as your house!

A crystal grid might be placed around a person or persons (for example, an individual for healing or protection, or around an entire family or group of people).

You might also construct a crystal grid to cover a place (such as your home or property). You could even create a grid to cover an entire town or even the planet.


no rulesGOOD NEWS… There are NO RULES and you can follow as little of these suggestions as you want, or add more ritual and flare. It is 100% up to you and your way of doing things.

There was some concern about timing and having to wait on the phase of the moon for constructing grids, programming, cleansing and clearing. When you decide you want to make a grid, you can begin as soon as possible. There is no need to wait for the moon’s phase to clear, cleanse and program. The full and new moons simply help to give us a date to pay attention to our crystals.

If you still feel unsure, here are my suggestions: Start your cleansing, clearing and programming as soon as you want (when the crystals arrive if you are waiting on an order, or as soon as you gather your crystals that are already there with you.) Do you feel ready to start but you are a ways from a full or new moon? No problem! GO!!

Then when the full moon comes around again, because the lunar energy is at it’s zenith, add the charging at that time.


charging quartz crystal in full moonAs you might remember, energies during the full moon are helpful when things are desired to decrease (because the moon is “shrinking”). Energies during the new moon are helpful with things are desired to increase (because the moon is “growing”).

When the full moon comes, you can remind the crystals in your grid of all the things you wish to decrease (for a family grid example: distrust, fear, blame, whatever) and when the new moon comes you can reinforce the energies you see increasing (hope, love, understanding, etc)…

But you don’t have to wait for the moon to cycle to get started. Remember, there is no “time” as we know it anyway, it’s all an illusion. By using the moon as a gauge it helps us to mark the passage of “time”.

By following the cycles, you will pay close attention to your grids/crystals every two weeks, and then daily as you think if it when you see them and pass by.

Do a big check-in, charge and cleanse on the new moon, and then in between, while you’re in the new moon increasing to full, you see the things you want to grow, growing.

Then the full moon comes and you see the full moon, do your big check-in, charge and cleanse for the full moon. See the energy of the full moon charging your grid like a giant battery. As the full moon decreases and shrinks back to the new moon phase, you see the things you wish to decrease, decreasing!


Remember these few things: crystal grids can be reprogrammed as the need arises, they need to be cleansed and charged with intent periodically (this lets the crystals know you haven’t forgotten they are working on your behalf) and remember to be thankful to your gridded crystals for assisting you to hold and run your intentions.

If you click this link, it will take you to the page where I have grid sets and other gemstones available for your gridding needs. Individual types of crystals (Elestial, Rainbow, Manifestation, Isis etc) like I described for the inside of your home or for individuals can be found here.

I hope these suggestions have helped spark some ideas for your next crystal grid! This post was huge, so I split it into three sections. Stay tuned for a post on constructing a crystal grid, from start to finish. After that, more ideas on crystal gridding.

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