Crystal Energy – Cloudy versus Clear

Feminine, Masculine and Yin/Yang crystals


I had a question about the energy of cloudy versus clear crystal. Milky or cloudy crystals (typically called feminine) and how they compare to clear (typically called masculine) crystals and thought it would be of benefit to post my answer for everyone.

Specifically the question was: “Are vibrational frequencies diminished when crystal is cloudy versus clear?”

The answer is no, the energy isn’t diminished (or less than). The energy of milky or cloudy crystals is DIFFERENT but it is not diminished.


masculine or clear quartz crystalClear crystals tend to have masculine characteristics: forceful, direct, sharp.

Basically energy that projects rather than recedes.



feminine or cloudy quartz crystalCloudy crystals will tend to have feminine characteristics: mysterious, soft, strong but quiet.

They have an energy that sort of glows out rather than shooting out in one direction.

If you imagine the energy emanating from a crystal like light from a source it might help. To explain:


lanternImagine a cloudy crystal like a lantern: you can turn those up really high and they are plenty bright, but the energy glows out in all directions, illuminates the room.

Imagine the energy of a clear crystal like a high powered flashlight. Its energy would be directional like a spotlight.

Cloudy or milky crystals are beautiful to increase the loving vibrations in your home (glowing energy out) or to work with while you meditate (going within).

flashlightSuper clear crystals are wonderful for working with when you want to direct or focus that energy.

You might work with a very clear crystal that also has directional focus (such as a Laser wand or Generator) to project energy outward, physically.

They can be used in meditation, as well, when a direct internal focus is desired.

Use the visual of the different types of lights and how you might use one and apply that to cloudy versus clear crystals. For example:

To illuminate a space in all directions = cloudy or milky

To brightly focus light in one area = clear


Neither is better or worse, more powerful or less powerful. They each have a role to play, and it will depend on the energy you are looking for at the time.

Lots of people have a preference (clear versus cloudy). To be honest, I tend to be drawn to very water clear points. Or water clear points with lots of Fairy Frost and Mirror Fractures inside to lend interest. There seems to be more to explore, visually. Also, the energy in these water clear crystals seems more direct and immediate.

However, that being said,  lots of cloudy crystals have a beautiful energy that is more subtle and might require a quiet attention to fully experience. So a cloudy or milky crystal can require quiet introspection, an energy of “going within” to experience the energy fully.

If you have questions about crystals, feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer your question in a blog post!

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7 Responses to Crystal Energy – Cloudy versus Clear

  1. Novasha says:

    Thank you so much for this info . What about both ends points were man made cute into 2 point on each to look like a natural crystal ( it is crystal) does That matter it just a experiment… to make neckless for the children in our family . Just hope it has some energy .. light joy .. Thank You .

  2. Tom says:

    Question – When I first obtained my Selenite crystals, it was cloudy and I have noticed in the past few weeks that the terminated end and almost the entire crystal has turned to clear. What does this mean?

  3. Lisa says:

    My question is…why would every cloudy crystal my mom would buy…she loved the way they looked…turn clear after wearing it about a week?

  4. Jessica says:

    Great answers thank you

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