image empathic broken crystalThis is addressing the second part of a question posed to me (the first part of the question is found here). The questioner asked:

Sometimes [crystals]  jump from my hand or I drop another crystal on them accidentally, etc. I am brand new at this and don’t know how to proceed. Thank you” – K. S.


If you live with crystals for long, there will unfortunately come a day when breakage occurs. Either by dropping them to the floor or onto a hard surface, or even as in the case mentioned above, dropping something on them or clanking them against one another. It happens.

It’s sad and usually heartbreaking for me, especially if it is a favorite crystal. We never want to cause harm or injury to those we love.

The positive note: there is almost always a lesson to be learned in the breaking.

Many times, a “flawless” crystal will be dropped or dinged while in the care of a person, and the person usually feels terrible about this, that it is somehow their fault and that they have “ruined” an otherwise “perfect” crystal.

The message I have received from the Crystal People over and over again, is that more often than not, the crystal has chosen to be damaged in order to assist the person with a lesson on self love and acceptance (and forgiveness!).

empathic broken crystalA further bit of proof of this is that not every crystal which is dropped breaks, and not every crystal which is broken has been dropped.

What does this mean? It is important to note that Empathic crystals bring out compassionate feelings in us. (Empathic crystals are crystals which are chipped, broken or damaged.) When we see a chipped or damaged crystal, we tend to show it love. Even more so if the “damage” is caused by our own hand. The crystal picks up this empathy and amplifies it.

The empathy continues from there on! Remember, a crystal will encounter many people during its lifespan. Each person that expresses compassion for the damage on the crystal increases the empathetic energy of the crystal. It is a cycle that builds and repeats.

Therefore, if the unfortunate happens and you do break a favorite crystal, work with this special empathic energy.

In any circumstance in which you need to bring compassion into the mix, you might work with an Empathic (chipped, broken or damaged) crystal. If it is a crystal which has broken in your care, meditate on the type of crystal, the circumstances, and how it makes you feel that this happened.

Do you need to practice forgiveness of self? Come to terms with imperfections? Learn to accept perceived flaws?

I usually find more often than not that the compassion and forgiveness needed is toward self. Again, especially if the “damage” is caused by you. I tend to get hyper judgmental and hard on myself in these situations and it is hard to forgive myself! I find it is easy to feel compassion for and to forgive others for their mistakes, but we are much harder on ourselves. We expect to be perfect or not “flawed”.

empathic broken crystalIf we work with an Empathic crystal, we can see how much we still love this crystal, not simply in spite of its damage, but a lot of times, because of it. We are able to see what this crystal has gone through in its lifetime and  still it perseveres.

The crystal doesn’t hold any ill will toward us for its change in shape and or resulting flaws, chips or dings. It still just as happily receives and returns our love and acceptance. It is still beautiful and worthy. It isn’t sad or angry at us for “breaking” it, nor should we be angry at ourselves!

In the creation of the damage, the Empathic (chipped, broken or damaged) crystal helps to remind us to be forgiving of our mistakes. In the actual damage, it reminds us to apply the same feelings of love, acceptance and compassion for our own perceived “flaws”.

So! Don’t feel all is lost if you damage a favored crystal, see the lesson in it, forgive yourself, love your crystal MORE and move on!

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Genn John has been acting as the legs for the Crystal People as the Keeper at Arkansas Crystal Works, an internet-based source for crystals and crystal knowledge, since 1995. Having accepted the honor to be their voice as well, she is the author of Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers; a crystal reference book for people who desire to fully understand their connection to the crystal kingdom and who wish to enhance their working knowledge of these majestic beings. Genn has also published a 4 part series of coloring books which are a useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning the anatomical structures of quartz crystals. It features precise, extraordinary hand-drawn designs crafted especially for easy coloring and interactive study. Find the store and more at, or her blog at To connect: email -, facebook -, Instagram - gennjohn or Twitter @GennJohn.

228 Responses to CRYSTALS WHICH ARE BROKEN IN OUR CARE: what it means

  1. Sunita says:

    Hi Genn,

    Thank you for your blog and hope you are doing well.
    Recently I accidently damaged (dropped) my clear quart which is a crystal that’s close to my heart. It chipped but I was suprise with the way I felt. I felt very light (like some heavy energies was taken away) and I’m more empathic towards my chipped clear quartz. I hold it very closely to me especially more now. Can you give more insights why I’m feeling this way and will there be any changes in my clear quartz’s functionality?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Sunita! Thanks for reaching out. Your crystal will still function just the same as before, with the added benefit of the extra empathic feelings you are having as you talked about in your comment (both towards the crystal, yourself and others). Here’s a link to an updated blog I wrote about Empathic crystals on my website Arkansas Crystal Works. This might give you more information. You might also find that chipping your crystal caused you to feel lighter because you are ready to release some heavy judgments or experiences you have been holding against yourself? things to ponder. Thanks again for your comment!

  2. Michael says:

    Tonight I accidentally broke my favorite crystal. I know it seems strange but it’s now brought up so many difficult and sad feelings. The crystal necklace came from Thailand and was a special gift from my friend, who passed this last December. I also feel a similar emotional pain from this, as similar as when my old girlfriend and I parted ways in that same month. I had the crystal necklace a long time 5-7 years. It’s travelled with me to so many places. My friend and my old girlfriend are both Gemini and it’s my late friend’s birthday tomorrow. I was careless for just a moment and I know it’s an accident, but I never thought it would bring up feelings anything like this. The grieving of my once loving and special gemini people in gemini season. It’s brought me to tears, and I’m sorry all of these loses have happened. I’m working on self forgiveness of these matters.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Michael! It sounds like the crystal is doing just as it is intended to do. Though painful, these are obviously wounds in you that still need tending to. Old tears not cried, regrets not released, all the feelings. It seems appropriate that in Gemini season your crystal broke in two (or more than one piece? I only assume it broke in half – so even if this is not the case literally, it is the case at least, figuratively). I know it may seem hard to see right now, but the crystal has done you a great service in helping you to recognize these wounds in yourself that have come up for release and healing. I would consider keeping the crystal with you (continue to carry it) … the whole thing, all the broken parts. Consider putting it in a medicine bag – and either wearing it as a necklace or in a pocket. Revisit the feelings that come up with you experience time with your crystal, the relationships and the release. Thanks so much for sharing your journey with this special crystal. Honor and give gratitude for the healing gifts it continues to bring you! Big hugs~ Genn

  3. Patrick says:

    I purchased a Rose quartz pendent then charged and energized it, on the 1 St day when I wore it , by the end of day it started chipping off! I was sitting whole day near my crush! What does it mean, why it chipped off?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Patrick! I can’t say what the meaning is for you. What does your intuition tell you about why this happened? Are you sure you didn’t inadvertently clink it against something during the day, causing it to chip? Some suggestions: As you know, rose quartz represents love. Are you being mindful of how being in “love” (the perception of being in love, not actual love) has caused you to be “damaged” in the past? Do you fear damage again? Or is your soul telling you something important about your “crush” that you should be wary of to avoid potential damage in future (ignored red flags for instance)? There are many variables that only you can answer for yourself, my telling you won’t mean anything. But use these few examples and feel what is true for you. I sense there is a message for you in there but you will have to soul search (and be honest with yourself with the answers you receive) as to what the message is. I hope this helps at least a little. I know a cut and dried answer from me would be preferred but it doesn’t always work this way. Hope you find your message easily!

  4. Carson says:

    I found the fragment of a crystal on the floor while cleaning and made the mistake of cupping it in my hand while I picked up other objects. It dug into my skin, cutting me and drawing blood. I’m not sure if it was quartz or selenite, as it was a bit crumbly, but I’ve been working with crystals for over ten years and this has never happened to me. What does it mean? My initial thought was maybe to slow down, but I don’t understand why it needed to draw blood and create the anxiety of a foreign body inside me.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Carson! It sounds like you interpreted the lesson for yourself (slow down)… being mindful at the time that you were holding a potential injury-causing bit in your hand. You might explore how this might apply to circumstances unrelated to crystals? (don’t try and pick everything up at once… deal with the “sharper” more pressing item first and then move on to the other things??) Slowing down and being mindful might be the only lesson in this experience. Only you can say for sure. I hope you find the meaning in this experience that you seek! Thanks so much for your question.

  5. Loi Nguyen says:

    Thank you. I accidentally dropped the stone and discovered that there was a crack inside the stone, the outside was not heavy at all. When I shined the light on the stone, I discovered there was a rainbow in the crack. I don’t know what this is. Hope you can help me explain.

  6. Gwen A. says:

    Hi I dropped my honey calcite today. I felt so bad because I’d just bought it. I was admiring it in the break room when it just slipped out of my hands. This article made me feel better, like maybe I shouldn’t be so perfectionistic about my image. Also the two pieces that broke off were both straight, smooth and equal in size so I gave them to my 2 sisters. Maybe it was a bit lucky because I really wanted to get them something! I’m thinking about getting a bigger one in the future, but for now I really like the vibe of the one I have…even if I still feel a bit guilty.

    • Gwen A. says:

      I’ve just been so clumsy lately. Are there any crystals that could help with that?!

      • Genn says:

        The answer I got when posed whether there was a crystal to help with clumsiness was “simply be more mindful of what you are doing at the time you are doing it”. Clumsiness is often caused by our attention being split. The result is that often whatever you are holding becomes “split” in the process.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Gwen! Guilt is certainly an understandable emotion, but from what I have learned from the Crystal People over the years is that it is unnecessary. Like you said, it really did turn out for the best. Perhaps the breaking wasn’t an accident after all? Therefore, no guilt needed. I’m glad the blog post helped a little. Thanks for taking the time to write!

  7. Dan says:

    is possible to use Kintsugi/kintsukuroi, the japanese technique of mending with gold, to enhance its beauty?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Dan! I have heard of this and think it is an excellent principle. I don’t know how to do it, so I can’t give an opinion on the logistics of how to make this work (I’ve only seen it as it applies to something like broken pottery for example), but I don’t suppose it would hurt to try? Thanks for your question! If you try it, let us know if it works!

  8. kal says:

    hello! i recently just bought more crystals to add to my small collection, and it came with a small amethyst, as a gift. and today when i was cleansing my other crystals, i accidentally knocked the amethyst over my table and it broke into pieces. 4, to be exact. 3 of them are pretty big chunks and the other one is a small chip. and i wondered why it broke. i searched up a little more about it and it says it was a pretty hard stone. can a real amethyst break into pieces just by dropping it? tho, I’m not complaining, they’re still very beautiful. but I’m just not so sure if its real or not so yea. please help, thank u <3

    • Genn says:

      Hey Kal! Yes, amethyst is a hard stone, but it can break. It depends on what surface it hit, how hard and if there was already some internal fracturing (which is very often the case). As you can tell from the blog post, I would still enjoy your amethyst, now 4 times more?? 🙂 Apologies for the delay in responding, my computer has been in the shop. Thanks so much for the question!

  9. Luis Williams says:

    Hello genn, today was very unexpected..a companion of mine was damaged and it had me upset instantly! smoky quartz resembled a bridge and I channeled that message when I found said it will be my bridge for a better wasn’t in my care at the time as I was cleaning and our children were running around our room and one of em knocked it off my nightstand..our 2yr old son is autistic and now that I’ve had time to access the situation and understand it’s clear to see that things happen and we can choose to react negatively or compassionately,though I was unaware of how it happened at the time its significant cause I meant to move it last night before bed but I chose to wait until I cleaned gives myself a chance to look at what bridges and connections I have that are in need of repair or have finally broken..any thoughts?

    • Genn says:

      Hello Luis! I’m sorry to hear about your crystal, but as you say, things do happen, and the lesson is often found more acutely in our reaction to what happened rather than the event itself. It seems clear that the bridge was meant to send you a message of some sort. Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote about Bridges, maybe after reading it you will be able to figure out what the meaning of this particular Bridge breaking means for you. Sometimes it is healthy to “burn” or “break” bridges (as well as “broken bridges can be mended”). Use the blog post to delve deeper into the meaning of Bridges. It certainly does seem significant to me that you thought of moving it but purposefully chose not to. Sometimes bridges can stay intact but provide us with an opportunity to create boundaries (you can put a gate at the end of a bridge that requires a key or permission to access the other side)… there’s that angle, too. I hope these posts help you to better understand the meaning of your companion breaking (and to know it is still lovable). Smoky crystals are grounding and stable (elevate your mood by grounding out lower vibrations) and tabbies are about communication. These are two other clues for you. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope this helps!

  10. Victoria says:

    Hi Genn,
    I’m still relatively new to crystals and have just been devasted tonight from a chip on one of my favorites. Last week I placed my small collection of crystals into a glass container that i got for them, and placed that container on my selenite charging plate. When I went to charge 2 new ones tonight, I noticed a shard of glass on the plate and then went to pick up my container to inspect it and the entire thing shattered to pieces. When cleaning up I found my fluorite octahedron that I got on a far away trip to Maine had been chipped at one of its points. I felt so bad and so sad; but I knew it was out of my control as I cannot understand what could’ve caused the random and unbeknownst-to-me breakage in my container. I was scared the crystal was “ruined” as if crystals have purity culture which is not a positive mindset. Thank you for your article, it has eased my anxieties and I now just feel even more care for this crystal. It’s hard to place what my lesson would be without knowing how my container broke, but i’m thinking maybe a lesson on accepting the uncontrollable. That sometimes life comes along and does some crazy stuff that is out of my hands. (I tend to have a problem with control…) Anyways, I appreciate your comforting words!!

    • Genn says:

      Hello Victoria! Wow. That was a really powerful lesson, wasn’t it!? And you got it right off! I liken the glass breaking to what’s going on in the world right now. It’s confusing, out of our control and sometimes impossible to understand how things got so broken (everything “seemed” like it was going along _fairly_ smoothly until. . .). Just like situations in the world, possibly your dish was cracked (already broken) and you just didn’t know until the increase in energy/vibration blew it out. Keep giving your little fluorite love, comfort and care and remember to do the same with yourself. We’ve all suffered some chips over these past 18 months and the “container” of our worldwide societal structure has shattered but we can love ourselves through it. Get a new container and keep on keepin’ on! Sending you so much love~ thanks for your insightful comment

  11. Yaquelin says:

    Hey Genn,

    I had a black turmaline crystal necklace and i broke the crystal pendant unintentionally but it was 100% my fault and i understand its the consequences i get. The story is i had a very intense argument with my boyfriend (he bought me my black turmaline crystal necklace), however i took it off in the middle of our argument and threw it i walked away and next thing i know he gives it to me and its all broken into little pieces. What should i do ? I fell so bad i did that to my crystal.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Yaquelin ~ ugh. I guess it’s a lesson that when in the heat of the moment if we let our temper rule, things can be broken, sometimes irreparably. Maybe the crystal sacrificed itself to help you more fully realize this hard lesson. What you do with the pieces now is whatever you feel led. You might keep them together in a little bowl to remind you to reign in your temper? Wear them in a medicine pouch? Whatever you feel most led to do. Thanks for reaching out

  12. Laura says:

    I just dropped a beautiful malachite that I only bought last week and now it has a little chipped up part. It doesn’t look much different to before it just feels a little rougher and not as smooth. I felt so bad and sad when it happened. I thought it would still be fine to use but was worried it wasn’t so after reading this article I feel so much better about myself and the situation and about still using it. Thank you for this article. It was very helpful and relieving.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Laura! I’m glad the post helped. I would only be cautious about the rough area so you don’t injure yourself. Other than that, I agree, you should be fine to continue using your malachite. Thanks for commenting!

  13. Adina says:

    Hi Genn
    I have loved every bit of information from your article, and seeing the pictures is so helpful too :).
    Thank you 🌺
    It has definitely changed something in me regarding how I look at flaws, and what to be aware of when a crystal breaks. Just few hours ago I have dropped a beautiful, light colour rose quartz, which was smooth, rounded and fitted in the palms of my hands beautifully. It was like a part of me. I feel sad as I know rose quartz is one of the crystal I really need in my life right now. My confusion comes from the fact that, being quite new to the world and energy of crystals, I have been advised if a crystal breaks in my possession it means it’s completed it’s purpose and I must give thanks and give it back to the Earth, by burying it in my back garden. I had a protection black obsidian which has broken on it’s own in the middle of it, very unusual.. And still trying to find a way of letting go.

    Any information you can provide on this, possible insight and the how I can use the broken crystal to the best of my abilities?

    Many thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Peace and light.
    Thank you 😊

    • Genn says:

      Hey Adina! Thanks for your wonderful comment. I’m so sorry to hear your rose quartz (and black obsidian) broke. I don’t subscribe to the notion of following every bit of advice you read or hear (either here or elsewhere) if it doesn’t resonate 100% with you. If you are told to bury a stone and the thought of it gives you a pain in your gut to even consider it, then THAT ADVICE IS NOT FOR YOU. And that’s OK. It doesn’t mean it is bad advice, it just isn’t for you. I ALWAYS say, do whatever FEELS best to you, whether you can find corroborating opinions about it or not. I know it is nice to find in writing some “expert” telling us what to do, especially when it resonates with what we wanted to do in the first place. It can be very affirming. I put “expert” in quotes, because that person is just someone who has more information on a topic than us, sharing their experience. It doesn’t make them an authority that must be obeyed, or their advice a gold standard (this absolutely includes me). For instance, I always share _what works for me_ but that doesn’t mean it will work for EVERYONE. Therefore, that being said, it can be equally disconcerting when an “expert’s” advice goes against what your gut or inner knowing is telling you. So, I would do whatever you feel LED to do (often this is the Crystal People offering you guidance). If you want to keep the parts together and continue working with it, or keep them in separate places, etc… whatever feels BEST to you is the 100% right answer, no matter what advice you get first hand from friends or gurus or in books, online, etc. People are well-meaning and want to help, so they share what has worked for them in the past. I imagine, if YOU felt you were complete with the stone after it broke, then it might be appropriate to bury it, etc. But it is clear that you AREN’T complete or you wouldn’t still be drawn (to both the rose quartz and obsidian). And that is OK!!! My best advice is to sit with your broken stone and ask IT what will be the best way to proceed with how to work with it in its new form. Here’s a blog post I wrote recently on how to hear what your crystal is saying: maybe that will be helpful. I always do caution that if you continue to work with a broken stone to be mindful of any sharp edges so that you aren’t accidentally cut. Other than that, there is no reason at all to abandon a stone just because it is broken. Hugs to you and your new (now doubled) stones!

  14. ali says:

    I just dropped my amethyst pendulum I got yesterday and it broke a little. I got so angry and sad I can’t stop crying. What do I do?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Ali~ I’m sorry you dropped and broke your pendulum. Things happen. Have you read through the comments and my answers? There might be something there that speaks to you. The best thing you can do is realize that mistakes happen, and your pendulum will still work just as fine (just be sure to be careful of any sharp edges). Amethyst is an inherently calming stone. Work with those energies to help your sadness and tears. I hope you feel better soon.

  15. Karla says:

    Hello. I had an owl carved rose quartz -which is my spirit animal. I took it to the beach with me last weekend and was meditating with it in the sand. I lost it on the beach. Today I went to go buy a new crystal carved owl. I believe this one is howlite. As soon as I got home with it I cleansed it and had it charging on my selenite. I accidentally knocked it over and one of its feet broke off. I was really heart broken and am trying my best to find the meaning behind this. My owl is my protector and I am not sure what the meaning is behind this. Also I am not sure what to do with it. I want to keep my owl and maybe bury his leg that broke off? Or keep it in one of my plants? I am not sure

    • Genn says:

      Hey Karla! I’m sorry to hear about your owl. The best thing to do is meditate on the meaning and see if anything arises for you (you will be a much better barometer of your own situation than a stranger (me). It is good that you already know instinctively what you want to do (keep the owl and perhaps bury the leg or keep it in a plant)… this is you listening to your intuition on this, so I would definitely keep it (like you wanted to) and listen further as to whether you want to bury his leg and/or keep it where you will always know where it is (your plant), either buried or on top. Trust your gut on this. I would meditate with your new owl and ask it what the meaning is about his foot (questions to ask yourself: what happens when you only have one foot to stand on? would that affect balance? stability? give you a narrower stance?… are these issues that you might need to pay attention to in your life? etc). Hope this helps!

    • Mandy says:


      I just bought a smoky quartz crystal and I dropped it in the moment of cleansing it. I felt a grey and disappointed in myself, but after I read your article, it helped a lot!

  16. Steph says:

    Hi! I bought carnelian a few days ago and on the first day I bought it I dropped it and it broke in half. I now have 2 pieces of it and I felt like maybe it was meant to be 2 pieces? Does it still hold the same energy?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Steph! Absolutely. Sounds like you knew the stone would work better for you in two pieces. Its energy is the same, only now you can work with it in two places. (but as a bonus, I would say the energy is 100% in EACH piece, not 50%)

      • Dixita says:

        Hey..i bought a black tourmaline today but it accidentally slipped and fell and hace slight didnt break tho.then.i cleansed it and now am using it ..its fine right?

        • Genn says:

          Hello Dixita! Yes, your tourmaline should be just fine to use. I would be careful with it in future because the cracks make it more vulnerable to breaking (even with intense energy work, and certainly with any subsequent dropping). Just remember that it has some fracturing now and if it does break in the future, you will remember that it dropped and had some fractures. Enjoy your new tourmaline!

  17. Mayuraxee Barman says:

    Hi…I broke my tigers eye crystal tower. It was an accident, it fell on the ground and broke in two parts. Please guide me through this.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Mayuraxee! First of all, don’t feel bad, these things happen. To help me prevent being repetitive, if you read through the comments and my answers I am sure you will find some positive take-aways. If the break is clean, you might consider gluing it back together if that feels right to you. Basically do whatever makes you feel best about it. Thanks for checking in, and sorry to hear about your broken tigers eye.

  18. joana says:

    So I just started working with crystal and people said to keep some crystals on you so I kept selenite and other crystals in my pocket I’ve have my selenite since may 4th and last week it started to shed powder in my pocket so I don’t know how to fix it or if just to throw it away or of it means something

    • Genn says:

      Hey Joana! Thanks for your question! Selenite is a very soft stone and sheds and breaks easily. If you have other crystals in your pocket with it, it is probably being abraded by the other stones. I would wrap it in a soft cloth to keep it from being worn away. I would definitely not throw it away, and the only meaning to it is that it is soft and easily worn away. The other option is to keep it by your bedside or meditation area and not carry it loose in your pocket, only because it is a soft stone. Thanks for checking in!

  19. Brooke says:


    I dropped my selenite bar onto the floor earlier, it fell out of my pocket :((.
    I felt awful that i dropped it by accident. I was wondering whether i could still use this crystal. It hasnt broken, it only has a small chip at the top,nothing major.

    Thankyou :))

    • Genn says:

      Hello Brooke! Absolutely use it but be aware there might be sharp edges. You’re lucky it only chipped, selenite is pretty fragile. Enjoy your selenite!

      • Julia June says:

        I got a fluorite stone the other day and It was dropped 🙁 I was very sad about it especially because it was new and I really loved it it split in two pieces and I read online and many including this article told me to meditate and thank it. I read another article and it said a way to cleanse fluorite is to put it in salt water for a certain amount of days. Should I do this and if yes both the pieces together?

        • Genn says:

          Hey Julia! I’m sorry to hear about your Fluorite. I’m really not an expert on stones other than clear quartz, so I would have to do the same research as you as to whether fluorite is a hard-enough stone to not dissolve in water (for instance, selenite WILL dissolve in water)… I would think fluorite would be ok… but I have also been guided by the Crystal People that salt in water can be too harsh in some cases. I might suggest a DRY salt bath (nestle the stone pieces in dry salt, I would say together) if you feel the need for such a deep cleanse. You can also skip the salt entirely and put the pieces with some selenite which is cleansing with angelic energies. Hope this helps!

  20. Kate Maclean says:

    Thank you for this. Yes there is a lesson in it and it’s reassuring to know any dink or break won’t affect the crystal just our perception of it.

    • Genn says:

      You’re welcome, Kate! Thanks for your comment

    • Joanne says:

      My selenite slipped out of my hand this morning and it broke into 3rds. ( length wise )

      • Genn says:

        Hey Joanne~ I’m sorry to hear that your selenite broke. Though it is sad, I’m not really surprised to hear this, and not surprised that it broke lengthwise. It is a soft stone and it is layered. If you can smooth off the edges if they are sharp, you should still be able to work with it safely. Hopefully reading this blog post and the many comments has helped you to feel better about the unfortunate break. Thanks for commenting.

  21. Lara says:

    This has been incredibly helpful but to be honest i am still a bit confused. I had a jade ‘slice’, i guess you could call it that, and suddenly today it was broken, i know it wasn’t broken the last time i used it and now it is. One big part was missing and i cant find it, and others broke off in my hand when i picked it up. Does this kind of breakage mean something bad (it is now in 5 pieces plus the missing piece i can’t find)? I last used it three days ago, so this must have happened in the last two days since it was completely fine then.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Lara! It is odd that it broke like that, isn’t it!? It’s hard for me to say because there can be many factors to consider. That being said, I tend not to go straight to the “it means something bad” scenario, well, pretty much ever. Whether there is a message in the breaking remains to be seen. Do you FEEL or intuit that there is a message? If you aren’t sure, you can start by asking yourself some questions. Here are some examples of questions: Is something in your life broken right now? Do you feel like something is ‘missing’? Did something ‘break’ (such as with a relationship or at work) when you weren’t looking? ETC. Had you been working intensely with the jade 3 days ago? perhaps the extra energy activated some internal fracturing and caused it to become fragile and then subsequently break when you picked it up? If none of these things apply, it might just fit in the category of “sometimes crystals/stones just break”. Thanks for your comment and I hope you get to the bottom of whether there was a message for you or if it was just “one of those things”. I wouldn’t apply a ‘bad’ or negative meaning to it, though.

    • Alexa says:

      Hi! I bought a rose quartz crystal a week ago that has the word “love” carved in the middle of it and have been using it for meditation and to attract love into my life. I had the quartz in my clothes with me and when I tried to pick something up, it fell and broke in half. I’m unsure as what to do, I thought about using both pieces, one to leave in my nightstand and the other to carry around with me. What makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, is the “love” carving that is has that’s now broken in half. I don’t know if I’m overthinking, but I’m unsure if it could be a bad sign

      • Genn says:

        Hey Alexa! I suppose a person could potentially see it either way (bad sign or not)… I tend to be a “glass half full” person. Thherefore, I don’t believe it is a bad sign. (Why see it as a bad sign when you can just as easily see it as a good sign?) I would go with your initial stance to keep one by the bedside and the other with you. The love has just been “spread around”. Maybe it means not to keep all your “love eggs” in one basket. Expand the love’s reach! 😉 Be cautious of any potentially sharp edges left after the break on the one you carry with you.

  22. Amaya Vega says:

    hey genn. I recently just got into crystals and bought my first bracelet. It was a smoky quartz bracelet that I wore on my left wrist. I am pretty new to crystals and don’t know much about them but I definitely cleansed and charged it. I was playing around with my mother and she lightly slapped my wrist and the bracelet fell and broke into pieces. The crystal beads themselves aren’t damaged but it’s into pieces. and I am not sure if I should cleanse them again and just keep the remainder beads in my room or if I could put a bead onto a necklace. I also don’t know if the Crystal was trying to let go of me considering I just bought it three days ago

    • Genn says:

      Hay Amaya! Thanks for reaching out. To be quite honest, sometimes jewelry just breaks, with no hidden meaning. The clasp could have been loose, the string/wire faulty or any number of reasons. I don’t have a sense that it was a message of any sort from the crystals, and I would definitely re-string them and wear them. You can always cleanse and clear just to settle any possible unease about the reason for the break, but I don’t think it was the crystals casting you off at all. Re-string and enjoy them!! Thanks for your comment!

      • Liia says:

        Hi! I dropped my malachite earring today as I was hanging them on their jewelry hooks. It broke in half. The first thing I saw when I was googling what to do with it was that it was a sign of something bad going to happen to you. I have been so physically stressed about that but this article was helpful in calming myself a bit.

        • Genn says:

          Hey Liia! Please don’t worry, to break a stone is not a sign of anything bad. Sometimes things just break. I think people tend to fear monger a bit much and that’s no exception to websites dealing with crystals and gems. Rest assured that all is well. Thanks for reading the blog post and taking time to comment. 🙂

  23. Tina says:

    Thank you for this article. It helped me so much. One night I put my moonstone ring in between my lips while I was washing my hands (so dumb but I was trying not to damage it) and I dropped it on the bathroom floor. A piece broke off and I sat on the floor and cried, I was heartbroken. It was an anniversary present from my husband. It was late and I couldn’t sleep that night. I read your article and it made me feel better. Now it’s been a couple of weeks. I let the ring sit on my desk with some of my other crystals. Today I felt like I could wear it again. I definitely needed a lesson in acceptance of flaws and forgiveness. My stone is still beautiful even with the missing chunk and I still love her.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Tina! I’m glad this post helped you! I just added another post about Empathic crystals that might help as well, it is on my other site (Arkansas Crystal Works), you can find it here. It is a message from Empathic crystals. Thank you so much for sharing

      • Megan says:

        Hi, I recently purchased a Selenite heart shaped bowl to cleanse my crystals, however when it arrived it was broke. I did contact the company and they are sending me a new one, my mum said she would glue the broken one and use it for her crystals before I say yes I just want to make sure it’s okay and wouldnt cause any bad luck or issues for her

        • Genn says:

          Hey Megan! Sorry to hear about the breakage, selenite can be fragile. Maybe it was for the best because you got a two-for-one and got to share with your mom. I don’t see any problem with gluing the pieces back together. If you don’t want to use glue, the pieces will still work separately, or you could use something to prop them together with. If you’re ok with glue, I’m sure it’s fine for the crystal. It is whatever you both are resonant with. Enjoy your selenite!

  24. Simran says:

    I bought a clear quartz pendent last week online while I was staying at my grandparents house and have been wearing it ever since. Yesterday I came back home and today I dropped it and it broke in half. This really upset me as I am not the clumsy type at all and it also happened with my rainbow chakra pendent where the end (being the root chakra) broke off 🙁 I don’t understand whether this is a sign I shouldn’t wear crystals or maybe I haven’t found one that matches or suits or helps my energy yet. Or maybe it’s a result of the environment I’m in. I was wondering if i should still wear the broken clear quartz? And what I should do with the rainbow chakra one ? And also why they keep breaking 🙁

    • Genn says:

      Hey Simran! Sorry to hear you have been having issues with your crystals. You can certainly still wear the broken pendant if there aren’t any sharp areas that might cut you. I would rethink it if there are sharp areas. Broken crystal can be every bit as dangerous as broken glass. The broken chakra one is a personal call. If you are wearing it to balance your chakras you might not want to wear it without the grounding root chakra. There are simply too many variables for me to give an opinion on what these crystals breaking might mean. My best advice is to sit with the broken crystals and listen to your intuition. What does your gut tell you? Wear it? Don’t wear it? How does it make you feel when you make the decision based on your gut instinct? Ultimately, you are the best authority on whether there is a message there for you and how best to proceed. Trust yourself and your intuition. Thanks so much for sharing!

      • Christina says:

        Hi Genn I have a black obsidian crystal I did some work with it earlier cleansing my body then put it on the sun for an hr.
        Then placed in on my tummy forgot was there I got up and it dropped on the floor cracked in 2 pieces.its my favorite crystal and has helped me a lot.should. Cleanse it again? And send it to A jewelry place to make two different pieces? Cause it’s a powerful crystal I don’t know if this is correct idea ? Or what should I do with it.thank you

        • Genn says:

          Hey Christina! Sorry to hear about your obsidian. These things happen. (I’ve done it myself more times than one). Your vibrations match the crystal and you can’t even feel it anymore, forgetting it is there (until it drops). I would definitely cleanse it, yes, just because it is good practice after working with it in that way. Whether you have the pieces made into two is up to you. If you have a place that will smooth down the rough edges, that would be great (that is if there are any sharp areas, I image there would be with obsidian, seeing as it is natural glass). Now you will have two pieces to work with. Thanks for reaching out. I hope you find the perfect solution for you and your favorite stone(s)!

  25. gaby says:

    Hi! Your article was very helpful! Thank so much for sharing <3 I literally dropped my crystal by accident! I was saying good night to them and I dropped my amber crystal and I fell and and small piece of it broke off and I felt sooo bad it hurt my heart! I don’t know if it has anything to do with it but Just 5 minutes before that I was talking out loud of the universe about my manifestations and how excited I am about them and then shortly after that is when I dropped and broke my precious amber 🙁 I feel awful but don’t know if the two events are tie together but I also showed some love to my amber afterwards. I held it in my hand and asked if it was okay and I had a good energy in my hand that it was and that it still stood strong, does this mean it’s still good to use my amber? Please help I just want to do what’s right

    • Genn says:

      Hey Gaby! Absolutely it is still fine to work with your amber. You did all the right things (felt remorse, showed it extra love, apologized for the accidental drop, etc)… AND got confirmation that it was okay when it sent you good energy and showed you its continued strength. It seems to me like maybe the universe was answering you about your Manifestations, that they are more instant now, so to be careful what you will to manifest (maybe insert the clause “for the greatest and highest good of all” or something like that). It might have been a demonstration that our manifestations are happening more quickly now (less buffer) and that includes things we manifest that we “don’t want” (a manifestation is a manifestation is a manifestation)… this is of course, only my interpretation and I might be way off base. If it doesn’t resonate, please discard. Or use it as a jumping off point to figure out the possible tie to what you were talking about to the Universe (or not) and the subsequent break. It could be any one of dozens of messages. You know your thoughts and circumstances better than anyone. Trust your take on it. That’s my best advice. Trust yourself, it sounds like you are right on track with what you’re sensing. Thanks for sharing your experience. Our love to your amber.

  26. TOMATITO says:

    Today i had a huge argument with my parents and made some mean comments that im sure hurt my mom, i was so angry that i decided to put my protective crystals around myself and lie on my bed to meditate for a bit. I stayed there for like 2 hours, then when i woke from the bed, my Labradorite fell into the floor and chipped itself. I was so sad and felt so much guilty, and i didnt know what to do when that happened. I asked my labradorite for forgiveness and i said that i loved it, and i somehow feel that something is telling me that everything is fine, and when i meditated on it, i could feel its energy saying that it forgived me and that it loved me too. I asked it what should i do, and i could feel that it wants to be buried in soil. Thing is, i dont have a proper place to bury it, and i have no idea on what to do, since it is ilegal to dig stuff on my nearest park (and it usually gets maintained pretty oftenly, like removing chunks of dirt and replacing it with new ones, and im afraid they might take my labradorite on these chunks of dirt too). What do you think i should do in this situation? Also, i know labradorites are very protective, perhaps it could had protected me from something when it fell off and broke?

    • Genn says:

      Hello Tomatito! Sorry to hear about your argument and subsequent breakage. I would suggest “burying” your labradorite in some dry sea salt in a bowl or small box. Be sure it is dry salt, not a salt-water solution. Just dry salt. If you are concerned about the salt reacting with the stone, I would wrap it in a piece of natural cloth like cotton, add a layer of salt, place the bundle on it and cover with more salt. You could add some dried herbs (sage or lavender, wheat grass, whatever you have on hand or available that resonates to you). If you don’t have access to dry herbs, the sea salt should be fine on its own. You could put the bowl or box in a dark closet which would simulate being in the earth. This would just serve as a little cleansing “rest” for your stone, where it would be safe from being dug up. When you intuit the time is right (ask your stone), bring it out, brush it off and discard the salt. Be sure not to use salt water, just dry salt. I hope this helps.

  27. Tyla Oppermann says:

    Hi Gene
    About 8 years ago, my closest and dearest friend sent me a clear blue quartz, pendulum necklace. Naturally…. I loved it! I put it on on a couple of days after receiving it and within the hour…. it fell off. And straight into my hand I might add. I checked the chain and it was fine. No links broken, clasp still intact. A little confused by this, I decided to put it away and just look at it from time to time. I had mentioned to a friend what had happened and she asked… ” Did it fall off? Or did it feel like someone unclipped it? ” . . I wasn’t sure and the conversation stopped there. Today!…. I decided, to put it on a new chain and wear it. I cleansed it before doing so. Again… within the hour…. it fell off!! I felt, and heard, the clasp click, and instantly put my hand out to which it dropped into my palm. My inner voice tells me this is not coincidence, and that I’m not supposed to wear it. Whether this is because its job is done and I no longer need it, or again… because there is another reason as to WHY I’m not supposed to wear it. What are your thoughts/guidance with this?

    Love and light x

    • Genn says:

      Hey Tyla! Wow. That’s quite a story!! I would definitely listen to your gut on this. Did you ask your friend (recently, after this second time) why they wondered if it had fallen or if it was unclipped? That’s a curious question especially considering the latest unfolding! Do you think the necklace wants to be used as a pendulum (not worn)? Since it fell into your hand the first (and second?) time that makes me wonder. Keep us posted on what transpires! I love a good mystery. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Vaneesri Kaul Tyagi says:

    Thank for for this amazing article!!! Soo moved. I accidentally dropped my very new amethyst point and chipped it in places and my instinct was to keep it despite some suggested i don’t. But I connect totally with what you said and I have a new bond. I am soo grateful. ❤️

    • Genn says:

      Vaneesri, I’m glad you intuitively knew that your amethyst was still worthy, whole and perfect in its new form. Thanks for your comment!

    • Mau says:

      Hi, Genn, my frosted A note third eye chakra quartz crystal singing bowl got chipped by accident last night, at first I felt shocked because it was new I never used it. I’m supposed to use it to energize my new crystal but I accidentally hit on the edge with the glass. Like I said before I was shocked but I never feel sad or angry it kind of feeling that everything is going to be alright. And because it’s was new I bought it last January 2, 2021, I thought to call the seller might be my crystal bowl have a warranty to replace it. I message them and show the picture they said if it is damaged or affect the sound we can replace it. Now my question is do I need to replace it? First, It did not affect the sound. Second people said it’s bad luck to use if there is a crack or flake/ chipped, third I didn’t have any worry when I hit it by accident. Thank you by the way for this article.

      • Genn says:

        Hello Mau! Thank you for your question, it is a very good one. Sorry to hear that your singing bowl got chipped. Things happen. This is a slightly different issue than when we break crystal points or jewelry pieces. With the singing bowl, if there is a warranty or replacement option, I would definitely take the seller up on this offer. Here’s why: because this is a singing bowl, they are subject to high intensity physical vibrations when using them (do you remember the commercial “is it live or is it Memorex” when the singing lady shatters the crystal glass with her voice?). A flaw can cause the bowl to break spontaneously when you use it (or even if another bowl is played in proximity and the vibrations of THAT bowl come into resonance with your “flawed” bowl). I have personally seen it happen. Besides being very disappointing to break a bowl (because you can’t ever use it for its intended purpose), it can also be dangerous. I would recommend exchanging the bowl if you have that option available to you. I hope this helps!

  29. KateLynn says:

    Thank you so much for the information on Empathic crystals! I just recently accidentally dropped my selenite wand not even a foot from my carpet and now it has fractals on the inner layers- I was so heartbroken about it and felt terrible. But now I feel so much better about the situation.
    Best wishes

    • Genn says:

      Hey KateLynn! I’m sorry your selenite dropped, that is never fun, but I’m glad this post made you feel better! Blessings and love to you and your selenite

  30. Shelby says:

    So I just dropped my Amethyst crystal and it was like one that you wear on a necklace it broke into 2 should I be ok like I don’t have any bad luck or anything?

    • Genn says:

      Hello Shelby! In short, yes, I think you will be fine. You might find more insight by reading the other comments and replies and see what resonates as true for you personally. Sorry to hear you broke your amethyst, any meaning aside. That is never fun.

  31. Lisa says:

    Hi Genn. Thank you for writing this article! I am sitting here with *two* crystals I just broke. There’s definitely self-blame involved: I was sitting watching a tarot reading on my laptop, and a fly landed on the crystals on my desk. I went to shoo it away, rather annoyed, and knocked two pale amethyst towers off the desk, and they *both* broke about 1/3 of the way down! I am a big fan of amethyst, have been very drawn to lavender and the energy of the seventh ray, and had been keeping those on my desk because they reminded me of it. There’s a lot of blame, though: For one thing, my desk is messy, and I’ve been meaning to clean it but was cleaning elsewhere earlier and hadn’t gotten to it, so I can’t help thinking this shouldn’t have happened, my space should have been clearer, and I feel bad because the mess means none of the crystals have the space they should have. I also shouldn’t have been annoyed. The other aspect is that just at that point in the reading, the reader pulled the Charity and Service angel cards… She was interpreting that as we will get back what we have given out, but I was literally just thinking that I haven’t volunteered enough recently, I shouldn’t even still say that I do because I haven’t in a long time. So I interpreted those cards as a nudge for me to get back to my service…. And then I knock my two amethysts off and break them both? If one broke, I suspect I would just chalk it up as an accident. However, I almost feel like two breaking, almost identically, is trying to make very clear that there was a message. You say we shouldn’t interpret negative messages, but the two top, and almost only, things that come to mind are negative.

    I’m also trying to figure out what to do with them. The edges still fit together perfectly, and they’re still beautiful. But I have another crystal I tried to glue a chip back onto, and I feel it just looks bad, and muddied the energy. But these still sit so perfectly together, this feels like I can mend them. Do you feel that gluing two completely separated halves together interferes with the flow of a crystal?

    Any advice would be much appreciated, and thank you.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Lisa! Apologies for taking so long to respond, I was certain I replied to this but I don’t see the reply!? I must have replied in my mind. LOL (that’s not helpful!) I completely understand where you would be blaming yourself, but as you know, this isn’t a constructive response. Do you think it is possible that the crystals “sacrificed” themselves in order for you to get the message that 1. you feel your space should be clearer 2. that annoyance with the fly caused an unintended outcome (breakage)
      but most importantly, 3. the charity and service message was punctuated by the breaking of your crystals? I agree that since they both broke nearly identically and also to the point that they can be put back together almost seamlessly, that it was a message. But I don’t interpret the message as “negative” (like you are being punished), just “strongly worded” (your Higher Self/Guides/Crystal People were sending you a message you couldn’t easily ignore)…

      I have had crystals that were broken in two but fit back together perfectly, and I chose to leave them that way (If it is safe that they won’t fall off again if jiggled). You’re right about the glue, sometimes it does “deaden” them, depending on the crystal. You might use a piece of really strong tape on the backside after you put them back together just to ensure they don’t fall off on accident, and that would avoid the glue blockage. That being said, it’s entirely up to you if you think they will glue back without messing up the flow. Check in with yourself and the crystals, ask them what they want and proceed from there. Hope this helps!

  32. Claudia says:

    Hi Genn! Thanks for the article. I had a rose quartz that I wore as a necklace for a bit over a year now. Yesterday, as I was changing my shirt, the crystal completely separated from the string (the necklace), fell and broke, the necklace was still around my neck. The way it fell is just so weird to me, since the string was completely pressed into the crystal and the crystal doesn’t even have a middle hole when it separated or anything, that’s how pressed it was. This really peculiar way of my crystal separating from the necklace, falling and breaking, really makes me think there’s a meaning behind it. Can you help me out with possible meanings for this? Thank you!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Claudia! It’s really hard for me to say, since if there is a message, it is for you. 😉 Firstly, sometimes these things just happen and there is no message. However, since you FEEL there is a message, there probably is. I would start by looking at how it came off. Have you recently had a relationship that has changed (or needs to change)? You can look at the meanings of rose quartz, look at what happened (how it happened) and then extrapolate to events in your life, that A) have either occurred, and you are getting confirmation or B) needs to or might occur and you are getting a nudge. Hope this helps you to figure out your message! Thanks for the question

    • Shines says:

      I broke my cherry quartz angel exactly 5 days after I got it. I am heartbroken. What message should I take from this?

      • Genn says:

        I’m sorry to hear your angel broke. It is best to look at the circumstances around which the break occurred. Did it bring up any feelings or issues? Usually those are the first places to start if you feel there is a message but aren’t sure. That being said, sometimes things just break and there is no message behind the break. The reasoning (message or meaning) behind a break is a personal and individual, best left up to the individual to decipher. Start with what feelings arose when it happened and go from there. Thanks for checking in!

  33. SUSANNAH says:

    I bought a green flourite pointed crystal for my peace at work. I opened it, loved how cool it was and placed near my throat. It felt good. I stood up without remembering and it broke into 3 pieces. I reached and picked it up and my hand got warm, almost numb….felt odd/off. Why would that happen?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Susannah! Sorry to hear that you broke your crystal. I have forgotten a crystal was on me many times. Usually that happens when the energy of the crystal totally melds with your energy, so you no longer even FEEL it there (it feels like it just kind of “melts” into you). I”m not sure why you experienced the odd/off feeling when you picked it up. I’m not surprised that it felt warm, it sounds like you were merging well with it. Unfortunately, sometimes these things happen. If the edges of this crystal aren’t sharp or dangerous, you can still continue to use it in pieces, it’s 100% up to you (and whether it is too jagged on the edges). Whatever you do, be mindful of the sharp areas if there are any.

  34. Natalie Ljuckanov says:

    Hey there,

    So today I bought a rose quartz crystal with a pointed tip and as I was showing my mom and sister the piece and went to go put it back into my hand to bring it upstairs with me it dropped and chipped the top off a little bit. What does this mean/ what should I do with it now?

    Much love xx

    • Genn says:

      Hey Natalie! Sorry to hear that this happened. Unfortunately, it is a common ocurrence. Take a second to read through the other comments and my replies to them, there are several that are similar to your situation. You might be able to find an answer that resonates with you. There can be many reasons (messages) in a crystal chip, and conversely, sometimes crystals just chip and there is no message. It’s up to the person to determine whether it _feels_ like there is a message in the chipping for you. For me, it usually is a signifier to be mindful and accepting of my own chips and newly broken areas. Meditate on this, check out the other comments and see if something stands out for you. Thanks so much for reading the blog and for leaving your comment!

      • Sadie says:

        Dear Genn, I have a rose quartz crystal attached to a silver necklace which my mum gave to me for Christmas- I have always particularly resonated with rose quartz but she did not know this so I felt like the crystal kind of found me. I wear this necklace everywhere I go and always feed positive energy to the crystal. However, a few weeks ago, without having knocked it or bashed it in any way, I looked down to find the rose quartz had completely split down the middle diagonally and it took me around an hour to find the other missing half which had been lost. I feel a particular significance in the split and have read that burning lavender, sage, or thyme etc could help purge it of any negative energies it may contain if it was broken via protection. I’m not entirely sure if it is a good or bad sign but I look forward to hearing back from you!!

        • Genn says:

          Hey Sadie! sorry to hear about your broken pendant. The meaning behind it is best left to you (you know better than anyone what significance it has based on what is currently going on in your environment/energies), trust your own gut and intuition. That being said, sometimes crystals have flaws (especially rose quartz) and you may have just been running a lot of energy through it (neither “good” nor “bad”), just energy. My gut feel is that it isn’t a “sign” of something good or bad, it just “is”. However, if you FEEL it is a sign (either “good” or “bad”), this is your intuition telling you to pay attention to whatever situation comes up in association with the break. If you get nothing, it just “is”. If a situation presents in your mind (as a “cause”), it gives you an opportunity to address the feelings around the situation. Smudging the pendant pieces certainly can’t hurt, if you feel you need to, then, again, it is your intuition guiding you. I would also suggest giving the pieces a “rest” when you are done (a cleansing bath in the moonlight for example) you can add dry herbs as a bed (such as lavender) if you have them. Thanks for sharing. I hope this helps!

  35. Ophelia says:

    Thank you for making this article! I just got my very first crystals today and after I cleansed them with water and was drying them off, I accidentally dropped my blue sandstone and when it broke it hurt me as though I had just hurt a loved one. I didn’t know it would affect me so much. I was wondering what to do with the pieces that broke off? And will the affects it is supposed to give still work or will it be lessened? Thank you so much again!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Ophelia! I know how much it hurts when we accidentally break our friends! Send it love (I know you already are). You can do whatever you are led to do with the pieces. I like to keep them, some people like to return them to the earth… you can keep them near the larger piece or put them in a small bowl with other little broken bits… if you have a medicine pouch you would put them in there. it is completely up to you and there is no wrong answer, only the answer that feels right to you, and that is the right answer. thanks for your comment!

  36. Elki says:

    Hi Genn, I’m so glad to come across your article. Recently I’ve claimed two Citrine oblisek for myself and my partner. The tip on one of the towers has chipped (very small) and I was fully aware before I claimed it. The reason why I went ahead was because there were only two and I decided to get both. I gave the perfect one to my partner and kept the chipped one to myself. I have been trying to connect to it but somehow still trying to convince myself that it will still works as well. For someone who has OCD, I am also trying to remind myself to look past perfections. Do you have any advice?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Elki! Yes. I’ve been guided to understand that one of the biggest lessons with Empathic crystals is to be more loving, tolerant and accepting of woundings or imperfections. Not just those of others or for the wound the crystal itself has sustained. It is a huge lesson for many regarding SELF love and acceptance. It is most easy for us to accept the imperfections of others but I find that it is SO hard to FULLY accept (even embrace and love) imperfections in ourselves. Take a look at the areas in yourself that you judge as imperfect and see if the crystal can help you to fully love those “chipped” areas within. Not just to “accept them” (which is passive… “the chip is there, so I have to love it”) but to EMBRACE them (which is active – “I see the chip, I love the chip and I honor the journey the crystal went through which caused the chip”). The chip won’t hinder the energy of the crystal, as a matter of fact, it brings more to the table because it brings with it the lesson of Empathic crystals. I Hope this helped!

      • Elki says:

        Thank you so much Genn! This is so helpful and I absolutely agree about us being harsh to ourselves on our own flaws. I will now see these chips in a different way, and appreciate these imperfections even more. THANK YOU!

  37. Luna says:

    Hi there thanks for the article I will really appreciate your help. I am travelling and wanted to keep my rose kwartz safe (it was a gift from my spiritual teacher and is very important to me especually because i’m looking for a partner and love) suddently while i wanted to wrap it better, it just fell of my hands and cracked to two parts. I’m heart broken and feel sooo gilty. Is it possible to glue it back? And don’t understand the meaning

    • Genn says:

      Hey Luna! Apologies for taking so long to reply, I didn’t see this message! Don’t be worried about your stone breaking being a “negative omen”. If there is a message, really only you can know for sure. But take comfort and rest assured that the crystal isn’t sending you a negative message, they don’t do that. Have you been able to think about the possible meaning since you wrote? You can certainly glue it back together if you and the crystal feel that is the way to proceed, or leave it in two pieces. Sometimes the message of a broken talisman is to find the wholeness and “magic” in yourself rather than depending on the talisman to bring us what we desire? (Meaning that the breaking of the crystal doesn’t have to mean that you should feel guilty or heart broken (implying that because it broke you can’t find love).) I hope this makes sense, and again, my sincere apologies for taking so long to reply.

  38. Amon says:

    Thank you for this article, really helpful & peace bringing 🙂 i have a particularly energetic quartz double point that i’ve dinged & chipped a few times, the most recent time was particularly traumatic (for ME, haha) and upon asking if it would like to be laid down, it always tells me how much it loves & still wants (needs) to be with me 🙂 and yes indeed, she feels so much more charged up—— offering of compassion—— each time she’s been dinged!

    My question is about a selenite orb & red selenite pyramid i accidentally left in the rain. They’ve lost a little luster & have some spots, i’m wondering how best to offer healing to them? I also read somewhere that since selenite is formed from water, water doesn’t actually energetically tarnish it. Input? 🙂 many thanks!!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Amon! Sounds like you and your special crystal are doing well. As to the selenite, it is a very soft stone and is water soluble. (I had a friend put some in a creek and they shrunk considerably by the time he realized and took them out.) The water on your selenite has probably dissolved a thin layer off them both, in effect dissolving unevenly and making the polished surface lose luster. The spots could be slightly more dissolved places leaving the appearance of “spots”. Not much you can do physically to fix (unless you had polishing equipment)… but you can offer them love and learn to accept their new appearance. Thanks for your comment!

  39. Laura Ormenisan says:

    Hello Genn! I have a beautiful citrine that has broken today in two pieces. It is interesting that before it broke I wrote in my therapy notebook what I learned about being wealthy in my childhood. Not great things. I m reading a book about changing financial habits now and I have to do some exercises. I tried to glue my citrine but it doesn’t want to stick back. What should I do with it? I still love it. Thank you!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Laura! Sounds like your citrine wants to be left in two pieces. Perhaps there is more message to be seen in the breaking regarding the childhood lessons you were working on. Maybe it is a physical demonstration of “breaking away” from old patterns and ways of thinking (and that the patterns don’t need to be put back to the way they were before, time for something new). I would work with the citrine same as before, but as two pieces, and also explore the parallels of “breaking” and “old habits”. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Lalini says:

    Hello I keep a lapis lazuli wand under my pillow each night when I sleep. Today as I was adjusting the pillow it fell and broke in half. I am sad but I know it will still do the job. Does this mean the 2nd part needs to be somewhere else?
    Thank you 🙏

    • Genn says:

      Hello Lalini! I’m sorry to hear about your wand. The best advice I can give is to follow your inner guidance about this. Do you feel like part of it would better serve from another location? Perhaps the pointed end could be put to a more focused use and the non-pointed end more diffuse (assuming it is not a double terminated wand, that is)

      • Lalini says:

        Hello Genn Thank You for your quick response. That is the same thing I felt. I thought I will give it a rest by burying under a tree leave to recover and nurture itself then reuse it. 🙏🏼❤️

  41. Jason Seidel says:

    Hello Glenn,
    I have an important question.
    I did a big mistake today…
    I was very angry and frustrated earlier today. I held my clear quartz in my hand and just out of nowhere I threw it on the ground and it shattered into six pieces what am I supposed to do?!
    Can I glue it bag together and burry it for a few weeks in the soil so it can heal? That what I read in an article before I came here.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Jason! My sincere apologies for taking so long to respond, I wasn’t getting notifications about new comments. I’m sorry to hear about this incident with your crystal. It is good to acknowledge your mistake in the injuring. You can try to glue it back together or you can leave it in pieces. Either way it can serve as a reminder as to the consequences of our actions when we act out in anger and frustration (often innocents get harmed, or we harm ourselves). It is perfectly natural to experience these emotions, don’t misunderstand my reply. Seeing that the crystal is now broken and forever changed is a good reminder to be mindful of how we react when angry and do our best not to turn our anger on something or someone else. The crystal being broken now, you see it will never be the same (even if you glue it back together). It is the same with when we lash out at ourselves or others in anger and frustration. It is never our intention to willfully harm another, but it does happen when we find ourselves in pain, probably more often than we realize. Ask your crystals’ forgiveness, forgive yourself, and do your best to be more mindful of your actions in future. I hope you find this reply helpful, and please know I am not passing judgment. Things happen and we lash out. Best to learn from our reactions. Thanks for your comment. <3

  42. Elaine says:

    I used my iron pyrate rose on a healing grid. On picking it up two sections lifted off the stone. I have pieced them together but not stuck them. Can I use the stone as it is, can I use the broken pieces as separate pyrate crystals? I do feel sad and yet the plainness inside to the beauty outside seems to have a message – that from something so ordinary there can be such beauty. I would so welcome your thoughts and comments if possible.

    • Genn says:

      Hello Elaine! My sincere apologies for taking so long to respond, I wasn’t getting notifications about new comments and they aren’t posting to the website as they should. You can absolutely use the stone as it is and it sounds like you have excellent insights on the message. Perfect! I have nothing to add, except keep on doing what you’re doing! Thanks for your comment!

    • Jasmine says:

      Hello I came across your article and I have a bit of a question I got me and my mother clear quortz necklaces my mom didn’t even get to wear her necklace but she did hold it and did take a look at it she noticed that it had good size chip came off but she doesnt know how it happend because she didnt touch it she is worried that if she wears it that it will be bad luck she continued to tell me upset saying that she is broken enough and know that it’s chipped it’s upset her but she put it on today because I told her it’s trying to teach her a lesson about her self and the crazy part is I got her just a regular silver necklace for mothers day and the necklace was called beautifully broken what do u think is the best way to ease my mother about this and the best way to heal this crystal

      • Genn says:

        Hey Jasmine! Apologies for taking so long to reply, I didn’t see this message! Have her read this blog post, maybe it will ease her mind. The best way to heal the crystal is to love it, just as it is, dings and all (same way we heal “broken” people). Thanks for reaching out!

  43. Lucy Preston says:

    I broke my selenite wand it and a fluorite tip on one end, I had put it beside my bed, as have been feeling my mother close who almost 6yrs ago. I bought it on our 1 special day trip to Glastonbury, a wonderful day, it chose me. I was busy cleaning and knocked it off my bedside table. The tip of fluorite has clean come away. I was very sad, then I found your post. And it has helped me understand My situation right now. I’ve felt an incredible surge this week, even with all that is happening in our world right now, I have felt a shift and another awakening, and been channeling again, great and ancient wisdom and knowledge. And even through all the fear and darkness around this virus that is claiming lives, I have found love and hope, and a peace I have not felt in many many years. Reconnection with The All X my heartfelt thanks and love

    • Genn says:

      Lucy~ Thank you for taking the time to share your story! I am so glad that finding this blog post helped you to shift your perspective. SO happy to hear you are in a place of love, peace and hope. Stay well out there. Sending a virtual hug!

  44. Terri says:

    Hi Genn! I just found your post and I was really touched! A few weeks ago, I was showing a friend my red jasper stone. I told her that I was drawn to purchase it because of the way it fit the curves of my palms exactly. And immediately after I stated this, it fell from my palm onto the pavement and split in half. She laughed because of the irony and because I started tearing up hehe. I should mention that I’m not particularly knowledgeable about crystals but I’m trying to learn more as I’ve always had empathic sensibilities. I didn’t realize that I needed to bury the stone though and now I genuinely feel guilty that I’ve neglected it for this long. Would I still have time to bury it if this happened almost a month ago? Thanks again for this post, it really has brought me some comfort and taught me how to care for, respect and appreciate stones and crystals that I hadn’t realized before!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Terri ! Sorry to hear about your jasper. The burying isn’t a necessity, just a possible suggestion of many so don’t feel guilty or neglectful! You can keep the two pieces together, you can keep one and gift one to a friend, you can bury, you can glue, you can keep the two pieces together but not affixed… Whatever you feel led to do!! I’m glad the post helped you and brought you some insights about our mineral friends!! Thanks for sharing!

      • Supriya says:

        dear ma’am didn’t understand the meaning “you can glue but not affixed”
        Isn’t glueing affixing??

        • Genn says:

          Hey Supriya! I think you are referring to this comment “…you can glue, you can keep the two pieces together but not affixed…” ? What I mean is you can place the two pieces together (as in side by side) but not glue them (so they remain separate). Hope this clarifies 🙂

    • Alison says:

      I worked late and was exhausted, forgot my silk bag of my daily carry stones in my pocket and washed my jeans. My anxiety is terrible, I’m heartbroken over this!
      My blue agate, green aventurine and carnelian are fine-but should I do anything because of the wash?
      My rose quartz chipped. This is one of my favorite stones! What can I do to restore anything that may have been lost? Please advise/help, I would be extremely grateful!

      • Genn says:

        Hey Alison! First let me soothe your heartbreak and anxiety. You haven’t done anything “wrong” or caused irreparable harm. Everything is OK. Crystals are strong and resilient and a good tumble through the wash won’t hurt them at all. Had they been softer stones like selenite (which can dissolve in water) or opal, you might have had a different outcome (but still nothing to blame or berate yourself for). As you said, your agate, aventurine and carnelian are fine and will remain so, so no worries there. As to your rose quartz… do you still have the chip? Is the chipped area of the rose quartz sharp or dangerous (will it cut you)? These aren’t questions to make you feel you have damaged it (that the crystal is upset by the chipping), but to ask if you are safe to continue using the stone. If the chipped area isn’t sharp, I would continue as usual. Show the rose quartz some love. Is it possible you have not been loving to yourself lately? The rose quartz may have chosen to chip in order to remind you to love your OWN chips, even (and especially) the ones you cause to yourself. Rather than heartbreak and anxiety, take this lesson from your rose quartz to love yourself more and be kinder to yourself. You were exhausted and simply forgot. No more self flagellation. Your crystals certainly don’t choose that for you. You have been carrying them around in your pocket, they know your heart and love you. All is well.

  45. Beth says:

    Hi, just a few minutes ago I was organizing my desk, and I was putting all my rose quartz type thing on top of something. I have a pentacle necklace with a rose quartz on it, when I went to take it off it slipped and fell on the floor resulting in it breaking in half. I’ve had lots of bad luck the past few months, and a few bumpy roads in my friendships. I didn’t exactly know what to do, because I couldn’t find the other piece so I thanked the crystal for its work and buried it outside. Did I do the right thing? I eventually found the other piece but I’m not sure what to do with it? One of my good friends recently broke up with her s/o, should I give it to her? I’m very lost, as I’m a baby witch and this has never happened before. Thanks so much!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Beth! Thanks for reaching out. First off, you did the right thing by responding to your instinct (which was to thank the crystal and bury it). So, trust your gut that you did do the right thing! You might want to thank and bury the other half as well, since you were led to do that with the first half. You really can’t go wrong here, especially when you do whatever it is you felt led to do (for whatever reason). However, if your gut tells you to share the other piece with your friend, do that. Be sure to cleanse and clear before doing so. Thanks for your question!

  46. Sandra says:

    Five months ago I have received aa a gift rose quartz bracelet that I simply love. Since then, bracelet broke twice. The first time it broke while I was putting my top on, simply broke in half and stones fell on the ground. I was very very sad. Bracelet was under warranty so I got replacement , totally new which just broke a month after, woke up with bracelet broken in half. I know there is a lots envy around me and some people with not good intentions/ bad energy. What is my bracelet telling me? Also, a month before I got my bracelet ( from my godmother) my long time relationship ended. I have strong feeling that there is some sort of message in all of it. Thanks

    • Genn says:

      Hey Sandra! Thanks for your question. First off, if you feel there is a message, it is best to go to your inner guidance and ask, because you will know better than I. That being said, you might have already done that and couldn’t get an accurate message FROM yourself TO yourself (that happens a LOT). My first instinct is to simply consider that it is faulty workmanship. If the bracelet came from the same manufacturer and both broke in the same way, that would be the direction I would go. Have you tried restringing the beads with stronger jewelry wire and a stable clasp? However, if you feel there is a message, perhaps there is. Since rose quartz is about love, and if you have people around you with envious or bad energy, it might be telling you to love yourself, in spite of “broken energy around you”. Sit with the bracelet and ask the rose quartz if there IS a message in the breaking. Since the quartz itself didn’t break, I am still leaning towards poor workmanship in the construction. Hope this helps!

    • Amy says:

      Dear Genn,
      Nearly 6 months ago my mum brought me a rose quartz as my father was dying in a hospice. I’ve just accidentally washed it in my jeans pocket and then it’s fallen on to a stone floor and some has cleanly broken off…..what do I do, what could this mean? I’m struggling with my grief and I feel full of despair that the crystal my mum gave me to help during a difficult time has broken. I have also been having difficulties within my marriage, is this a sign? Thanks in advance

      • Genn says:

        Amy~ Please don’t despair. I understand having a stone with such significance break in this way can leave one with a certain sense of panic, worry and uncertainty. Don’t worry. The way I read it, your rose quartz is simply mirroring your current situation, and reminding you to care for yourself and love yourself even though you have been recently “broken”. Love yourself more. If you find it difficult to show yourself this unconditional love at first, love your poor little broken rose quartz. It will reflect the love back to you. After doing this for awhile, try sending yourself the same love. Just as it was broken thorough no fault of its own (or any fault… things happen!), you, too, were also “wounded” with the passing of your father. The times right now are very difficult, energies are running high and there is discord and fear in the air. I can’t speak to the situation with your husband, but just keep these things in mind. I see the main theme of the breaking as LOVE YOURSELF. Keep your chin up. Know all is well, even when it sometimes doesn’t feel like it is.

        • Amy says:

          Thank you. The loss of my Dad is massive and I literally feel like my heart is broken, it physically hurts. I feel very vulnerable and lost. My husband I think finds emotions difficult to handle, he did say he’s lost his father in law and wife too because I’m so taken up with grief and just trying to function. I guess it’s playing out in some of the moody behaviours he is expressing.

          • Genn says:

            Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with your relationship with your husband. Grief can be a murky place to wade through, remember to be kind to one another and kind to yourselves. Ask your rose quartz to assist and when you see the break there, remind yourself that you, too, are on your way back to wholeness (or to understanding the shape of the “new you”)… different, but still loving and lovable. Sending you soothing balm and lots of love.

  47. Abey says:

    Hi Genn
    I recently purchased a selenite charging bowl on my travels and upon my return and unpack I have opened it back up and the lip has split in half and it’s no longer a bowl really it’s a sort of half moon shape … I was/am so upset when i found it and i wasn’t sure what to do , I know i could keep it but in terms of using it now how can I use the energies you mentioned of empathy energy, also can I still use it to charge crystals or would you recommend any other uses? What’s your take on it?

    Thank you so much for your time , I hope you’re having a good new year so far!


    • Genn says:

      Hey Abey! Ugh. Sorry to hear about that. It’s so disappointing, isn’t it!? I completely understand the upset! That being said, I would absolutely still use it for charging my crystals. I can’t really envision the new shape, but I am guessing it won’t easily sit flat (meaning not wobbly). If not, you can use a small beanbag or bit of folded cloth or something to make a little “stand” for stability. Go ahead and proceed with the original use. If that was to charge your other stones, continue on! Take the moment to acknowledge the break. Maybe see it that sometimes WE are broken in two and it feels like we will never be whole or useful again. We are changed, certainly, but can still be useful but maybe in a different way than we originally pictured ourselves being. If the pieces will fit back together to make the bowl whole again, you can consider gluing it if this feels right to you. I have found that Goop glue doesn’t yellow. If you are crafty, you could glue it and then put gold leaf along the crack. There is a Japanese principle the “art of precious scars”… from Google – Lifegate: “The Japanese art of kintsugi teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but to display with pride.” Just some suggestions. Try and enjoy the new shape of your bowl. Honor the journey it took in the becoming of something different but still useful! Happy 2020 to you as well!

  48. Tito says:


    Quick question. I bought a blue stone pendant that I’ve been wearing for about 2 months. I just noticed it has blood inside the tip portion. There’s no signs of cracks or wear on the stone. It was in clean conditions before today. I’m creeped out. Does this mean anything? Would love some feedback. Thanks!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Tito! Unfortunately I really don’t have any helpful feedback on this… it is possible that the stone had a reddish inclusion that you didn’t notice until today or ?? It is also possible that there is a hairline fracture in the stone that you can’t see or feel but is there, none-the-less. Maybe something got in there, some water or something and it rusted? I wish I could offer more concrete suggestions, but that’s all I have. I wouldn’t worry about it or take it as a bad omen or sign, myself. However you have to go with your gut and how YOU feel about it. Wish I could have been of more help to you. Thanks for the inquiry!

  49. Ann says:

    I dropped my black hematite when putting it on the windowsill to charge during the lunar eclipse, it’s split in to three parts and looks like it’s been sliced almost…as I type this my chest is tight, I feel anxious. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Genn says:

      Hello Ann! Thanks for your question! I’m sorry to hear you dropped your hematite. It’s always sad when we break a stone. If you can, breathe through it. I have heard about hematite spontaneously shattering while being worn. What I am about to suggest is taken from that standpoint. This might not apply to your situation, see if it resonates. It is certainly possible that you simply dropped it (Freud’s “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”). However, since you had anxiety and physical symptoms related to the drop, there may be more to it. My theory is that you might have had these emotions (regarding anxiety) in your energy field (even on a deep subconscious level) and the hematite drew those emotions out, grounding them, (bringing them from the emotional plane into the physical). In so doing, the energy being grounded was strong and the hematite broke because of it or the shift caused you to fumble and drop. Good news is, the hematite will still work in pieces. I would cleanse and clear the stones to be sure. It’s good they got charged in the full moon, that will help, too. Work on releasing the anxiety that the hematite helped to loosen and free up, try not to hold onto it. To put a positive spin on the break, now you have 3 pieces of hematite instead of 1. I hope your anxiety has eased since the breaking and that this reply helps a little.

  50. Sheree says:

    Hello .
    So i recently separated from my partner. Whilst moving my furniture out if the house, i have somehow broken my clear quartz that i wear on mt necklace along with a rose quartz and amethyst. It has snapped clean in half. Im not sure exactly when it has happened and i dont remember getting them caufhy on anything as they usually sit under my top. Im not sure if this is a good or bad vibe.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Sheree~ I’m sorry to hear about your separation. That is never easy. I try not to assign any positive or negative connotation to these events in a blanket way… Meaning, sometimes there is a message, sometimes not. It depends on the situation, the person and how you feel and react to the breaking. I can say that we do try and assign meaning to these type of things (this is always a good thing… this is always a bad thing) but it is never this cut and dry. Take a look at how you feel about the crystal breaking, what feelings it brings up for you and meditate on that. You can even sit with the two pieces and ask the crystal if there is a message. Is it possible that it represents the split in your relationship? Sure. Is it possible it was simply broken because you klunked it on accident? Also possible. Look at how you feel about it and proceed from there. It might help to read all of the comments and my responses, as I know there is a lot in the other comments/replies that apply to your situation as well (short of me repeating it all here again). I hope this helps. Sending you love in this time of new transition.


    I received an angel crystal from a good friend. When i was home, I took it out of its bag and it fell on the floor breaking one of the wings in 2 pieces. I didn’t even have a chance to sit with it or clean it. Does this have a meaning behind it?
    Thank you in advance for your guidance.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Jennifer! Thanks for reaching out. This is always sad when our crystals break. The best way I have been able to figure out if there is a lesson or a meaning, is to sit with the outcome. Did you self blame when it happened? What were your reactions? If there was no internal dialog about the occurrence, it may just be that it broke because it is fragile. If you find that you had strong emotional reactions (I am so clumsy! look what I did! I’m a terrible person! ETC) then you might need to look at those reactions and see if there is any truth in them or just your knee jerk typical (habitual) responses. You’re really the only person who can determine whether there is a lesson in it for you. As I have said before, rose quartz is about love, but especially self love. Do you love yourself, even when you are obviously broken (broken wing)? Do you still feel lovable even after being broken? Do you feel hindered in flying, moving forward or like forward momentum sends you in circles? Just some things to look at to help you to suss out whether there is a message for you in this breaking. I hope it helped! Sending love to your angel and you. <3

    • Dominique Nicole says:

      Gift a piece. Now you have a truly empathic crystal. You own the bigger half and the wing that broke into two pieces can be given as two gifts to two people who need some extra loving and care.

  52. Jayne says:

    Hi, this morning I accidentally dropped my rose crystal and a lump broke off. Whilst I was picking it up a piece sliced my finger open. I didn’t notice until I saw the blood. I had bled over the crystal too. Does this mean anything? I am in the early stages of a divorce and can’t help but wonder. I cleaned the crystal in salt water and dried it in sunlight. It’s now sat by my bed. I feel sad at breaking it but it looks beautiful and, I guess, have two rose crystals now. Thank you.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Jayne! Sorry to hear about the divorce, energies are always sharp and painful with that, even when we are resolved that it is the best and right decision for us. The rose quartz breaking speaks volumes to me. Here’s what I see… First off, rose quartz is associated with love and relationship but mostly love (love of self, love of other). In your rose quartz breaking, I see how it is mirroring the love you experienced with your partner as breaking (one shared love becoming two). Also that there are sharp edges involved, to remind yourself to be careful with yourself and your fresh wounds so you don’t hurt yourself (or another) when not thinking. Not being aware that the crystal was broken until you saw that you were wounded I see as how you probably will encounter wounds in yourself (that you don’t even know are there) and you probably won’t discover them until you look down and see that you are “bleeding” (notice that you have been wounded). With divorce, this may be in a day, a week, even a year (or more) later. Keep your rose quartz pieces near as you take in its lessons for you. It is good that you also see the good in the occurrence. Meaning you feel sad at the breaking (sad about the relationship breaking in two) but you are still able to see the beauty in yourself and your now newly shaped relationship. Seeing the two pieces, maybe you can experience the separation of you and your former spouse as “different but still good”. I hope this helps!

      • Jayne says:

        Thank you so much.
        That was so insightful and it’s helping me feel more positive about the future – perhaps I do have one!! Xx
        I have two rose crystals now, not one broken one.
        Kindest wishes x

        • Genn says:

          Hey Jayne! You absolutely do have a future, and it is bright. It’s hard to go through this kind of trauma because we tend to put our nose right to the problem and pain we are in and forget to look up and out. Breathe and know you are supported and loved beyond measure. Remember to look up and out!

      • Anna says:

        Hello I have a rose quartz stone that I wear caged and around my neck as an necklace and my niece yesterday was interested in it and she accidentally pulled it and it just chipped a little on the side . I am currently in a great relationship we are coming up on are 3 years very soon and I couldn’t be more happier with how things are going between us . But also yesterday a ex of mines reached out to me I was just wondering if you could give me some insight of this situation

        • Genn says:

          Hey Anna! In my opinion, I don’t think the two are related (the crystal chipping and the ex). Sometimes crystals break and sometimes exes reconnect. It’s up to us how we handle the situation as it is presented to us.

  53. Alex Monk says:

    HI there

    I had my blue sodalite in my crop top and i took my top off forgetting it was in there. It broke when it hit the ground :0( i decided to still use it as i love it so much but i didnt glue the piece back on – i am not sure if i should glue it back on or just leave it as it with the end of the stone broken.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Alex! Sorry to hear about that. I’ve also dropped crystals that I forgot were in my shirt. The energy just blended in so well that I completely forgot there was something in there! Ugh. Anyway… If the edges aren’t sharp, you can go ahead and leave it as it is. If you feel better gluing it back together that’s ok too. It’s really up to you. I tend to leave them as is, but that’s just my preference. Thanks for your question!

  54. Kim says:

    I was very grateful to find this article on broken crystals. I bought a beautiful palm stone of Super Seven Crystals yesterday as I have been struggling with the death of a friend and feeling like I am “wilting” with trying to keep moving forward in excessive Summer heat. Once home I tucked it in my bra while I made a cool drink, anticipating a lovely sit down with my new crystal. As I bent over it fell from my bra and bounced across stone tiles, breaking off a chunk from one end and several tiny chipped pieces. I was devastated! I had only just bought it! So I did a little Google research with all the questions asked above…. Donning 3 pairs of glasses for extra magnifying I glued on the larger chunk with super glue (ironic super seven + super glue!) and was able to glue 2 smaller chips back, the rest was too minute. I decided that we now had a shared injury, both of us broken and in need of empathic care and compassion. I laid it to rest overnight surrounded by gentle loving energy crystals. This morning I used a piece of wetting sandpaper and gently polished off any sharp edges from my repair or from where chips remain. I lit some Reiki Healing incense and passed my crystal through the fragrant smoke then held it in meditation. I fully relate to your explanation of it now being an Empathic crystal and I feel a unique connection to it now, being an Empath myself. A devastating breakage has become a reminder that all things benefit from compassion, care and connection and I hold close the intention of kindness and nurturing the broken. My crystal now is a synchronous reminder of this value!
    Thankyou Glenn for your thoughts you shared!!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Kim! I’m sorry to hear about your friend and your struggle. And I am glad that you heard the message sent from this loving crystal. Remember to apply the same compassion, care and connection to yourself that you showed your crystal, and you have won the day! Thanks so much for sharing your experience in such detail. Love and blessings to you

  55. Dhristi Mehta says:

    Recently my rose Quartz heart shaped pendant broke into three pieces. I put it back by glue together. But I don’t know at the back of my mind and over thinking I feel as the Crystal fell, like now it’s unlucky for me to wear it. Also, does it change the energy when it breaks and also I put it back with glue, it was the right thing to do right? So shall I wear it or just get a new one?

    • Genn says:

      Hello Dhristi! Sorry to hear your pendant broke. Whether or not to continue wearing it has to be a decision you make yourself (it will depend ultimately on how it makes you feel when you wear it). Broken crystal can serve as a metaphor for our own brokenness and how we choose to see ourselves after the injury. My view is that after a broken heart, you can mend it, but you will probably always see (be aware) of the fact that it was broken… But after time, you get used to the new shape, the cracks and the unevenness, and instead of seeing the heartbreak (no pun intended) or the trauma that caused it, you begin to see the pain you endured and how you keep persevering. You see the breaks in a new light. Not as something “less than” because it was broken, but “more than” because now it has endured a major, literally shattering, event (and yet it has been made whole again). You see your wounds and choose to show them love, care and understanding (patience, even), not in SPITE of the breaks, but BECAUSE of them. If you can see your broken pendant in this light and show it (and yourself) unconditional love and honor the journey the trauma brought, perhaps it would be good to continue wearing it. But like I said, this has to be a decision you make for yourself. Determine how the broken heart pendant relates to your personal situation and how that makes you feel with the wearing. It is possible that if you can’t wear it, you can put it in a place of honor and remember to send it (and yourself) love when you see it. Thanks so much for your comment!

      • Dhristi Mehta says:

        The broken heart rose Quartz pendant doesn’t really relate to my personal current situation, at least not that I know of. The breaking of the Crystal was also cause my mom has told me to remove the pendant as we had to go for a function and it wasn’t matching my outfit and my mom was really keen but still I didn’t feel like removing it. Then after I came back from the function I wore it, then after a few minutes when I was walking, the pendant fell down as the chain wasn’t put in the right hook, so the chain was loose and the pendant fell. I’m so upset cause I had told my mom I didn’t want to remove it. Anyways, what’s done is done and I put it together and all pieces are there as well (I think). But since a few days a bit of more drama is happening in my life and negative stuff, at the back of my mind I think or wonder or feel that it could be cause my pendant broke and there might be a negative or a bad or a different energy in it. What do you think? Do the energies change after the rose Quartz breaking or also does it lose its energy or is it the same?

        • Dhristi Mehta says:

          And also is it a bad sign or something? No, right?
          Also I read it somewhere a crystal breaks when it’s job is done. Do you agree with that? And do you think it applies to my pendant. If that’s the case then I’ll just keep it my room near me and I’ll buy another rose Quartz heart pendant. What do you think

          • Genn says:

            You might choose to keep the necklace near you and buy another to wear or go ahead and wear the repaired one. After determining what the message is, that might help you decide how to proceed. If it makes you feel bad to wear it, the obvious choice would be not to wear it. If it makes you feel good, or reminds you of the message it brought, then you might choose to wear it. It is 100% up to you and there is no right or wrong answer. Thanks for your excellent and thoughtful questions!

        • Genn says:

          To begin with, I am not of the mindset that a crystal will bring bad luck or negativity (broken or not). That being said, some crystals can highlight or shine a spotlight on negativity, making it seem like the crystal brought the negativity, but in reality it only shows you what is already there. Also, take in what I said in the previous reply but don’t take my interpretation quite as literally. As an example, the “break” doesn’t always have to mean a “broken heart” as we might think of it. It might apply to anything which is broken (such as something like discord between you and your mother), etc. Extrapolate on this, don’t take this literally, either… only you can know what fits. Do you think it is possible that a part of you felt wrong in “disobeying” your mother (going against her suggestion to remove it), so you weren’t resolute in your conviction to go ahead and wear it? Meaning, you might not have latched the clasp securely (you might not have been standing strong behind your conviction to wear it and so let the niggle of doubt leave the necklace not quite secure?). As to the question about whether a crystal breaks when its job is done… I see this in a different (but similar) way. I think a crystal might break when it knows it is time to shift the energy for you. You mentioned that there has been a lot of drama and negativity lately. It is possible that the way the crystal broke (a partially locked clasp) is reminding you to be mindful of paying attention to fine details to avoid potential accidents in future? The best way I know to determine if there is a message (with anything) has many steps. Look at the circumstances around the event (what caused it) and see how that applies to your life in general. (You might have been distracted by the back and forth between you and your mother about the pendant, resulting in a partially latched clasp). Next, see what feelings the result of the crystal breaking brings up for you. This might present as feelings such as self blame, intense sorrow, disappointment that it is broken, anger with yourself, feelings that the crystal is no longer adequate or worthy, ETC. This is highly subjective and will depend on the circumstances around the break. The feelings it brings up in you serve as a clue as to what the message might be. This has become quite a lengthy reply, I hope it helped answer some questions for you!

      • Dhristi Mehta says:

        For me my pendant breaking is not the issue. Like obviously I’m sad cause it broke but it’s fine I guess, I have fixed it, most of it is. I think the issue is cause of over thinking and stuff cause I feel or think that as it’s broken it can mean bad luck if I wear it, so then cause of that I might get another rose Quartz heart pendant and keep this one in my room near me.

        • Genn says:

          It sounds like you are working out what steps you would like to take based on your reasoning of the facts at hand. Good job! Again, there is no right or wrong here. Listening to your gut is always the best course of action. Kudos!

          • Dhristi Mehta says:

            I want to wear the repaired pendant, because of the stuff it has attracted to me and the energy it gave me before it broke. But now as it broke, like few negative dramatical things have been happening in my life since a past 4-5 days and at the back of my mind I feel it’s cause of the broken pendant. Like I know it’s not true but it’s still at the back of my mind. Anyways so for a while I am going to wear a new Rose Quartz heart shaped pendant and keep the repaired Rose Quartz heart shaped pendant near me and then when I feel like or if I feel like wearing the repaired one, I will do that!! Thank you for your opinion, have a good day!!

  56. Khushi says:

    What to do when you buy a cracked Crystal unknowingly, is it considered bad?

    • Genn says:

      Hello Khushi! No, it isn’t considered bad at all. Sometimes our crystals break in our care, sometimes we receive them broken. I see it as an opportunity to show this damaged crystal your unconditional love (even if it is cracked, broken or “flawed”), and to feel the love return to you, including your “flaws” or perceived “imperfections”. We are all “damaged” in some way. Sometimes the flaws aren’t immediately apparent, like with your crystal. This is similar to people we come into contact with. If a crystal is cracked, you will need to show it extra care so the crack doesn’t split and the crystal break. The same applies to the people we encounter that we didn’t know (initially) they had wounding. Extra care and gentleness is called for. Thanks so much for your question!

      • Hello Genn, recently I received news about some new irreversible developments in my health and around this period of time, I came across this clear quartz heart that twinkled at me in the shop and I knew I had to get it and I’m not even a hearts person. I bought it for the little hematite inclusion and rainbows as a symbolism of the news I’d just received from my doctor which made me feel I was so tainted forever. So I brought it home and a month later while taking videos of the rainbows within, I held it a little too delicately and it slowly slipped out of my fingers and hit the floor and scattered across. one slab of it at the side came off and broke into a million pieces. ))): I still have the heart, it still looks like a heart, the rainbows are still intact but the thin slab at the side is just in a million pieces now and I couldn’t even find all of the pieces as they were just in really tiny shards. Surprisingly I did not cry and sadness was not the first emotion I felt, but rather I felt relieved that the majority of the crystal was still in its original recognisable form with the tiny hematite inclusion in the corner still intact. What could this mean?

        • Genn says:

          Hello! I’m sorry to hear about your health challenges and also your broken crystal heart. The first thing that comes to mind for me, is your crystal showed you that even though it was “altered” or “changed” after being broken, it still maintained its heart shape and the rainbows and inclusions are still there (the beauty and interest)… Especially since the crystal reminded you symbolically of yourself and your new health developments, I see this occurrence as a metaphor as to how you got news from your doctor (you broke a little) but you are still basically unchanged and intact, beautiful and interesting. Sometimes crystals may choose to be “damaged” to assist the user in love, compassion and forgiveness of SELF, even with our imperfections, illnesses and challenges. Best of luck to you on your healing journey! I hope this explanation helped

  57. Sarah says:

    Hi! I finally found real calcite and not heated amethyst at a gym show. I have a combination of the calcite, labradorite, and rose quartz. I had just expressed my love of the combination when my childrens father dropped my calcite and split it into two. He was very apologetic and seemed to be being way too hard on himself. I reasured him that it was okay and things happen. Im wondering if i should give him the broken calcite or how can i bring up to him that he may possibly be being hard on himself and to forgive, when hes not really into crystals himself? And thank you. I think its awesome you have taken your time to answer all of these comments from people who care about their crystals. Much love.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Sarah! Thanks for your comment! You’re absolutely right that things happen! And it does sound like a good lesson for him on forgiveness of self. You might broach the topic and tell him what you have learned about crystals which break in our care and their possible meanings. You could tell him that this is what you’ve learned, and he is under no obligation to agree or believe, that you are simply sharing knowledge in case it resonates with him. You might offer him half of the broken calcite and keep half for you (or your kids?) Just a thought. Thanks for sharing!

  58. Reality says:

    so 2 days ago i bought a black tourmaline crystal and i had only used it once and then i put it in my purse as we are travelling across country and today i pulled it out of my bag and it is in 2 pieces and it is cracked all the way up…what should i do with the pieces, can i still use it and does it have any significant meaning for as to why it has broke?

    • Genn says:

      Hey There! You can certainly still work with it in pieces. It’s 100% up to you whether you want to keep it as is and work with it that way or turn it into jewelry or a hanging. No worries! Thanks for your question!

  59. Simone Scott says:

    Hi Genn,

    I am sooo upset to the point I am mourning my crystal. I have for some time wanted to invest in crystal jewelry pieces. Yet never perhaps came across the right one for me. I happen to manifest its attraction during an event I was working. During my break I happen to run across a market that was closing for the weekend. While all the other vendors had already closed. I happen to walk right into my answer. A vendor with crystal jewelry. I had already picked out a couple pieces and was ready to check out. Until I gazed upon a faceted solid Carnelian heart crystal ring. The only one he had and in my size in fact. The vendor also mentioned he had the piece for sometime and no one could fit it. I quickly read more on its properties, and it was if it knew I needed it. I fell in love with it immediately. I purchased my items including my new heart and returned to work. Before placing it on my finger I said a prayer and welcomed it. Thanked it for choosing me. I continued to manifest in it throughout the night and the following day. I briefly sunbathed it and washed my hands. Due to its weight and size I would have to dry my ring and my hands. Well, only having it not even a full 48 hours. I had a pretty busy day and it came with stressors, as well as not so nice words spoken while wearing it ( well, at least I feel that way now because my love is now in 10 pieces (extremely sad face)). Well after a long day I went to wash and dry it/myhands. Even with its weight and size, it slips from my grip in the towel and breaks upon my bathroom floor. I am heartbroken literally. So much so I’m crying. Ridiculous right? Smh. I can not bear the thought of not wearing it again I’ve been meditating with it with all of my emotions. I do not want to leave it in its current condition. I felt it’s creative energy although we had just introduced. In your expertise should I repair it? I can’t bear the thought of not trying. I can take it back to the designer. However, I’m anxious he won’t be able to mend it. Nevertheless, what should I do? Why so soon? Lastly, I feel absolutely terrible and upset. We waited so long and I broke it. Any suggestions on how to save it so I can still wear it? Or shall I come to terms with its new shape and sadly but overtime accept its unwearable energy? I love my ring and don’t want to part from it on my body. The only other person who touched it was my 2 year old daughter. She did fight me for it so she could try it on, lol. I hope I covered all grounds to assist with your response.

    Thank you so much,

    Sad trying to be Happy

    • Genn says:

      Hey Simone! I am so sorry to hear that your crystal heart broke. It is never a fun occurrence, even when you know that 1) it wasn’t dropped intentionally 2) there is no blame and 3) sometimes there might be a reason. It still stinks! That being said… if you feel very drawn to try and repair the heart, I don’t see any reason not to. It may not be reparable. But if it is, why not give it a go? If it turns out to not be fixable, you might consider keeping the pieces in a medicine pouch and wearing it that way. Have you recently had an unmourned heartbreak (or is there a possibility that it is old heartbreak but unhealed or un-mourned)? I get the sense that maybe the crystal is helping you to cleanse the heartbreak by helping you to cry over the broken crystal when you could not cry over the broken heart? I could be way off… just see it this (or something similar) resonates. Best of luck with your repairs and thanks so much for your comment.

    • Liz says:

      Sometimes gold adhesives is used to fix broken pottery, to which it become even more beautiful and special. A work of art itself set apart from the ordinary. What it shows is that even that which is broken can be mended and the breakage in fact makes it more beautiful. Perhaps you can find some gold or silver epoxy glaze and fix the stone yourself to make it more beautiful than before and to always remind yourself that there is beauty found within adversity.

      • Kim says:

        This is the Japanese practice of Kintsugi where things are lovingly repaired and the breakage lines are filled with gold. It’s a very Wabi Sabi concept of seeing beauty in imperfections making the broken piece honoured and respected and uniquely individual. It’s a beautiful concept!

  60. Christine says:


    I’ve only been getting into crystals very recently and I still have a lot to learn about them, so I don’t know whether this means something.
    I’ve had this rose quartz necklace for the longest time, but only been wearing it for few days. I accidentally pulled on it while changing and it fell to the ground and broke in two. Should I be concerned? What can it mean?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Christine! The best way to know if there is a message in the breaking is to sit quietly and examine what feelings come up with the breaking. Sadness, blame, anger, guilt, self-criticism, etc. There is sometimes a healing message in the breaking, sometimes not. It is highly subjective and depends on the person, the crystal and the circumstance. It is rarely what we think (that we are bad, that we are being punished, that something bad is going to happen because of it, etc). It might help to read through the comments and see if any of the answers there resonate with you as well. My advice is no, you should not be concerned (as in something bad happened or will happen) but yes, we should always pay attention to things that happen because there MIGHT be a message in the outcome. These might include things such as: being more mindful… being less self-critical… loving yourself, even the broken parts… showing compassion to our traumas (or the traumas of others)… and a million other possibilities. It is possible ,too, that there is no message. Sometimes things break. It is up to us to monitor our reaction, our inner talk, which might help us to see whether there is a message in there for us. The message I have is that I don’t see broken stones as “omens” or “fore-bringers of bad meaning”. Remember that All Is Well as you search for your possible meaning. Thanks for your comment!

    • Megan says:

      Hello All esp Genn-
      I have been trying to get pregnant for exactly a year this coming Aug. My crystal healer did this amazing crystal/fertility grid on me and then gave me a peach moonstone to hold until I see her next. I have had it on me for about two weeks.
      I am probably currently around ovulation and my husband did have relations yesterday- after I had the moonstone on my person and I dropped it on the dreaded bathroom floor- and it split in two.

      First I felt horrible (still do) that she lent me this precious stone to help and I broke her property.
      Now I am thinking about the bigger message … I will sit with the pieces and spend some time reflecting but wanted to ask you your input.

      Thanks you so much for your guidance ?

      • Genn says:

        Hey Megan! Congratulations on your new endeavor and thank you for sharing your question with us. First of all, I have to say that sometimes stones break and there is no hidden agenda or meaning behind the breaking. This is certainly possible. However, if you feel there is a message for you in the breaking (and there may well be), I would certainly do like you said and sit with the pieces and reflect. See what presents for you. It is possible that the crystal is finished with its work and you are no longer in need of its assistance. 😉 Of course, we won’t know if this is true until some time passes. 😉 (this is my suggestion but it may be wishful thinking on my part). Other possible meanings… you need to be “broken wide open” to receive (meaning, completely open to receiving that which you ask). Do you have any areas (hidden very deeply, even from yourself) where you are “closed” or “blocking” the energy of getting pregnant? If not, this suggested possibility may not apply. These are but two of hundreds of possible scenarios or meanings from the breaking. Of course, you will be the best person to suss out if there is a message in the breaking for you. Anything we say here is pure conjecture. That being said, if anyone has anything to add, feel free. 🙂 Megan, I know this wasn’t a definitive answer but maybe it will help to point you in a direction. Best of luck with your fertility grid for a positive and joyous outcome <3

  61. Joey says:

    Hi Genn, I dropped my amber stone that was on a thread and it broke into two pieces. Of course my first reaction was incredible guilt and sadness, especially because a second before that happened I thought that I should take it and put it around my neck, but I decided to do that afterwards since I wanted to workout first. Then I moved one item that caused it to fall and that was it. Anxious, I picked the two parts to wash them and then the bigger piece fell from my hands and broke into another two pieces. So in my head I’ve made two mistakes and I’m now left with three pieces of the stone. I’m writing this message to you with a headache that I have from crying over it, for the past half an hour. What are your thoughts on this and your suggestions? I know this means that I should be more careful and grounded, but still… Should I take them for a repair and put them back together?
    All the best,

    • Genn says:

      Hey Joey! First of all, (if at all possible) TRY not to feel guilt, blame, shame or anger towards self. It is not productive and actually damaging to your soft insides. Imagine if your inner self is a little kid, who, in their exuberance for just being alive, accidentally knocked over a glass of milk. If this little kid started apologizing and crying and hitting itself for making this mistake, how would you react? Would you berate and scold, shame and guilt your sweet little friend (and continue to do so every time you saw the milk jug)? My guess is no. You would clean up the milk, remind the little one to be more mindful next time and move on. There isn’t always a message in a broken crystal or gemstone (as Freud said, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”). However… take some time to meditate on it. Ask if there might be a message in this breaking for you. Is there an area in which you have recently been “broken wide open”? Do you need to be softer toward yourself and your broken edges? Or, possibly it is a reminder to not beat yourself up or judge yourself so harshly when you make mistakes which accidentally cause damage. Whether to repair it or not is completely up to you. If you feel like it will make you feel better to fix the damage, you certainly can do that. If you feel like you are still going to kick yourself because you broke it (say, if it doesn’t repair back to its perfect, whole, unblemished self) then you might reconsider. The first step to take is to FORGIVE YOURSELF !!! Take a deep breath. Apologize to your amber and then discuss with it whether it wants to remain in three pieces or if it wants to be one piece. Hugs your way.

  62. Jacqueline says:

    After I done my things inside the bathroom. I accidentally dropped my serpentine circle pendant inside the room have part that got chipped off. Can help to explain to me about this? Hopefully its not bad luck.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Jacqueline~ Sometimes crystals just break. That being said, read the previous comments and the blog post and I think you will find that some of the answers to other people’s questions will apply to you. I don’t see these things as bad luck or bad omens. Messages perhaps, but not bad luck.

  63. Sara says:

    Hi, I recently bought a beautiful rose quartz crystal necklace with a gold plated edge, I dropped it last night and it broke. There is a piece which came out completely and a crack along another section but it’s still held in the gold edge frame, barely. Could I glue it and repair it and continue to wear it as jewelry?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Sara! If you think that the pieces will fit back together and not have any sharp edges (and will stay together after gluing) I don’t see a problem with trying. Best of luck!

  64. JJ says:

    This is the 2nd time I’ve broken a clear quartz, both times because I’ve forgotten I was holding it somewhere (in this case tucked into my shirt). Other crystals I’ve had no trouble caring for. (1) Am I not ready for clear quartz? (2) what should I do with the pieces. Particularly the smaller shards?

    • Genn says:

      Hey JJ – I do this a lot (forget I am holding or forget I put in in a pocket or ?? and they drop). I don’t know your experience with quartz, but if you get along well otherwise, if it is simply in the forgetting and dropping… my sense is that you are attuned to the energy of the crystal (not that you aren’t ready for it, quite the opposite)… Your current energy and the quartz start to vibrate at the same frequency so you become unaware of the quartz. Meaning your vibrations are attuned to each other so the sensations match and you subsequently forget the crystal is there. That was hard to describe, I hope it makes sense. And as to the pieces and shards, it’s up to you. You can keep them in a fancy bowl if you like them and want to see them, or you can put them in with a houseplant to help raise the vibrations of the plant. The possibilities are endless. Go where you are led. I hope this helped! Thanks for your comment

  65. Becca says:

    I’ve been carrying 2 rose quartz crystals everywhere with me for the last few months in an attempt to heal from a breakup and manifest something new. I’ve just been taking about a new love interest with a friend and whilst doing so dropped one of them and chipped the corner. Do you believe this is a sign to steer clear?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Becca! Thanks for your question! To be honest, you’re the only one who can judge that. The crystal chipping could mean many things, you will need to meditate with the crystals and see if you get any messages. I can’t say whether it is a “sign” for you with this new love interest or not, but one sense I get is the fact that you are recently “chipped” yourself and to remind yourself to take care of yourself and your possible “rough edges”. If it makes you feel like it IS a sign to steer clear, perhaps you had the thought before you ever chipped anything (doubts about this person)? Time for some inner questioning. I would suggest meditating with these stones and see what you get. Best of luck!

  66. Rayne says:

    So, I just bought a labradorite stone. It was the second day that I had bought it, and I was holding it in my hand and admiring it when it dropped. It broke into two pieces and now I do not know what to do with it. Can someone help me? Please……

    • Genn says:

      Hello Rayne! I’m sorry to hear that your stone broke, it’s never fun when that happens. As I say in the blog post, sometimes it happens for a reason (to help you honor your own chips, dings and “broken areas”) etc. Depending on how it broke, you might want to hold the pieces together when you work with it or maybe work with the pieces separately. Have you considered holding one piece in each hand? Or, if it is for simply raising the vibrations or for aesthetic purposes (not an active working stone), I have some that are broken and I simply put the pieces together where ever it is being displayed. Just remember when you go to pick it up that it is in two parts so it doesn’t drop and break again. Just some options.

  67. Mickey says:

    Thank you for this article! I’m just starting to get into crystals and I bought a few carnelian crystals (among others) to help cleanse the energies of past relationships. I bought them on Sunday and since then I’ve lost a smaller carnelian stone and just shattered a rather expensive larger polished carnelian stone when it slid off my lap. I’m heartbroken about this and can’t possibly believe that this is a coincidence. Do you have any guidance or suggestions about this?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Mickey! Thanks for your question! The first thing that came to mind for me was that perhaps the carnelians are mirroring your relationships that you are cleansing (one disappeared, and the other, which was highly valued, shattered )… do they mimic your relationship energies that you are cleansing? Perhaps the stones are helping you to cleanse the energies more deeply and even literally. Does this resonate? Perhaps meditate on the possible parallels of these two carnelian events to your relationships. You can still do the cleansing, and maybe now, even more fully cleanse the energies in order to start with a clean slate. I hope this helps! Thanks for sharing

  68. Anjali Ramdhonee says:

    Hello. I just bought a blood stone healing wand… I was extra careful and told everyone to be careful while handling and they did. However, when I picked it up today, it accidentally banged against my singing bowl and the tip is damaged :/ Can It still be used for healing? or it is better to get it repaireD?

    • Genn says:

      Hello Anjali! If there is no danger of being cut with the broken end it should be fine to work with. It depends on your purpose and what you do in a healing session. (For instance, if the edge is sharp and you use it in a massaging way it might not be safe). There is no problem (diminished power) with the wand, in and of itself, just because it is chipped. Perhaps a part of you knew it was going to chip (maybe the crystal communicated this to you) because you were “extra careful” and told everyone to be careful, yet it chipped anyway. I hope this helps!

  69. Malka says:

    Hi, my 10 years old son came back from a school trip today. He bought me a rose quarts necklace. I was so happy and showed it off all day. Now I took it off and it fell on the floor and broke in Half… what does it mean? Is this a bad sign? Should I keep the broken stone or is that bad luck?

    • Genn says:

      Hello Malka! I’m sorry to hear that your stone necklace broke. That is never fun to have our crystals break, for whatever the reason. To begin, I don’t feel keeping a broken stone in any way is bad luck. I would keep the piece if I were you. However, you need to determine if you are uncomfortable with keeping it. Reassess based on your feelings about keeping it. My sense is that you should keep it. The message to me is that even when something is broken, it is still worthy and lovable (not something to be shunned or tossed out). Our “broken” parts should be honored as much as our “whole” parts. To determine if there is a message in the breaking, look at the meaning of rose quartz (love). Have you suffered recent heartbreak or pain regarding love? Perhaps the crystal is telling you to be mindful of your “heartbreak” and honor and love the broken part of you as much as the part that is still “attached”. This is just a possibility. That being said, sometimes things just break and there is no hidden meaning (for example when Freud said “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”). I hope this has helped a little bit!

  70. Rose says:

    I just purchased a peridot pendant and placed it on my gold chain. I went to a friends place and there were a lot of people. One girl was admiring the stone and when I placed my hand over it it dropped off the small copper bed it was attached to. What does that mean. The stone itself did not break.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Rose! Sorry to hear about your necklace. It could have any number of meanings (or none at all). It could mean the stone doesn’t want to be in copper. Or, conversely, it could be as simple as the fact that the stone was not attached properly in the first place. The only way to know if it is a message is to check in with yourself, the circumstance in which it happened and if you sense that it was a message. If the circumstance brings a neutral feeling around the happening, there probably is no message there and it was a simple case of faulty craftsmanship. If the circumstance has some charge to it or feeling beyond the breaking of the setting, then that might be something you need to explore. I hope this helps!

  71. Saahil says:

    Hi, I have a rose quartz crystal with me for nearly a month now. But a few days ago my hand suffered a sharp slit since I accidently placed my hand on its more brittle side while sleeping. Although it didn’t bleed a lot but still would you still recommend me to keep it ? Is it a bad sign ? What should I do with it ? I started keeping it with me once my ex left.

    Please suggest !

    • Genn says:

      Hey Saahil! No, I don’t see it as a bad sign or omen at all. The sense I get is that the crystal is letting you know that your wounds are still very fresh (the emotions can be sharp or biting) and to be mindful of being kind to yourself and patient with your healing and to be sure you are taking care of yourself. Does this resonate with you? I certainly don’t see it as a bad omen or reason to stop working with your rose quartz. Thanks so much for your question!

  72. Sydney Collier says:

    This post is really helping me. I dropped a sodalite I just got and it broke. I really got upset and still am, but this post nailed it for me. It’s a pretty clean break can you glue a crystal or does it mess up its vibration?

    • Genn says:

      Hey Sydney! Sorry to hear you broke your crystal, that is never fun. Glad this post helped. I have glued crystal and not glued crystal. It really depends on you and the crystal. You might ask it if it wants to be glued back together and see what you get.

  73. Yumie says:

    I have a beautiful black phantom crystal pendant, got it when i was 22 years old and started wearing it again after 7 years 2019, it rusted because of the metal around it, i tried removing the rust and accidentally made a minor crack

    I panicked, felt soo bad, telling myself how could i be soo careless and afraid that it would weaken the crystal, but after reading this i feel better now

    • Genn says:

      Hey Yumie~ It is never a good feeling when our crystals break, but when they do, it is helpful to see it from a different perspective. I’m glad you found some comfort in the blog post.

  74. Cherie Campbell says:

    Thank you for this post. Today I broke a beautiful, perfect, smoky quartz wand. The tip broke and shattered into dust. I felt horrible and held her, appologizing for my clumsiness. Then I looked for what to do and what it means. Several sources said it can be a bad omen, but I reject that. Many said it’s not your fault, give her a rest and continue to work with her. This post speaks to the nature of crystals and the love they share. I now can hold her and appreciate the empathy she embodies.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Cherie! Thanks for posting! As you know from reading, I too reject the notion that it is a bad omen. I’m glad you found this site and others, also rejecting this idea. Sending extra love to your smoky as she ramps up the empathy and as you direct the empathy and love to your own broken parts.

  75. Patty says:

    I’m so happy I found your words! I have an Angelite that has been through so much with me, and I absolutely adore her! But for some reason I just keep dropping her and she falls on the same spot, chipping a bit more every time. And every time my heart breaks more, and I apologize profusely like I just stepped on a puppy’s tail. “Oh honey I’m so sorry!! Are you okay??” Yesterday I was showing a friend her chips and saying how I feel so awful that I keep dropping her, and the words just came out of my mouth, “But she always forgives me, and right away.” Exactly!! The lesson she continues to give me is that of forgiveness. She’s an angel! I had never considered the empathy that then emanates, though, but that makes so much sense. Thanks for your post! 🙂

    • Genn says:

      Hey Patty! Glad this post resonated! Thank you for sharing! Tell Angel we all say hello. 🙂

      • Charles Dockter says:

        I had a Tibetan Chrystal and I had it in my pocket of my shirt. I had been told it was quite fragile and had many inclusions in the structure. I was picking up some ice I had spilled and it slid out hit a tiled floor and shattered. A tiny shard was expelled and flew up and made a very tiny slit on my wrist. It had an explosive sound to me and I was devastated and sensed a feeling of intensely being sick in the pit of my stomach almost to the felling of vomiting. Then just remorse and the words oh no were formed on my lips. Next I felt unease in my solar plexus area which lingered for several minutes. Followed by grief of unimaginable depth which disapated quickly with the thought that I had been espousing for the last month or two, which is “let everything that happens be okay”. The second I said that to myself I felt a surge of freedom from something and also no remorse. There were very few pieces of the more than six inch long three forth inch thick Chrystal remaining all of which I carefully picked up as they were very sharp shards. I then placed them in the garbage which will go to a land fill and be buried. Thanks for listening and would appreciate any comments especially about the disposal.

        • Genn says:

          Hello Charles! Thank you for sharing your profound experience with all of us! This is an EXCELLENT example about how our Crystal Friends help us in ways we might not expect. It sounds like you received a deeply magical healing from this crystal when it sacrificed itself to instigate the healing it saw you needed. The disposal is ok, I usually recommend burying if there are shards (sharp or dangerous). I tend to think of burying in my yard, but it is true that one might #1 either forget where they were buried over time, making it a potential future hazard or #2 the crystal shards might work their way up through the soil, also causing a potential danger to tender feet (human or otherwise). A landfill (though it doesn’t invoke the most savory of images) is a safe choice. Another option is to bury them quite deeply in your own yard (say a foot or so?) in an area where you won’t be digging in future. If you go the landfill route, please be sure to thank the crystal for its healing and let it know that you are sending it back to live in the earth. (As opposed to simply “throwing it away in the trash”). I like to use ritual for this type of activity, such as taking a moment to talk to and thank the crystal formally before placing it lovingly in the bin. This lets both me and the crystal know that I am not flippantly tossing it aside. It also allows me to fully (and gratefully) acknowledge the healing I received. I feel this is a critical step in the process. You might take a look at whatever issue you know it healed in you (grief, loss, remorse?) and how it brought you the freedom of knowing that, indeed, “everything that happens IS ok” (even the “bad” or unpleasant stuff). Thank you again for sharing!

  76. Vanessa says:

    Hi! I am what some people term an incarnated angel and one of my major flaws is an inability to accept or tolerate imperfection. My crystal dropping and breaking is actually helping me to deal with and learn to accept imperfection. I am learning to appreciate it all the more because of it’s new imperfections.

    • Genn says:

      This is a hard lesson, isn’t it, Vanessa! It’s nice to have our crystal friends to remind us that our flaws sometimes are what makes us more lovable. Thanks for your comment!

  77. ROBYN M.SILVER says:

    I dropped my crystal wand right after I purchased it .I took it out of the bag and it fell out of my hand and broke in half. At first I was angry and disappointed in myself, but after reading what you wrote I do feel better about breaking them.I picked them up and held them and now I have two wands to work with. They are still beautiful.

  78. Peaches says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I broke my rose quartz into two pieces and just about died. I always carried it in my bra and sleep with it under my pillow. So to read this makes all the sense in the world to me. Just last night i dreamth that my waistbeads broke and scattered on the floor. Today my rose quartz fell on the floor and broke. Hummmm maybe a strong message. I was also wondering if i was a empath I believe i know my answer. Thanks again…

    • Genn says:

      It IS so difficult when these things happen, but like you said, for a reason. I’m glad this post spoke to you and hopefully gives you a little peace about it happening and maybe some insight as to what the lesson is. Thanks for your comment!

  79. flowerpower56 says:

    I recently received a crystal from a friend who passed away last year. I was cleaning it and dropped and broke it. I feel terrible. I am hoping I can at least glue it back together. Your comments did make me feel a little better. thank You!

  80. Gabi says:

    This might be called serendipity … I found your blog cause I was searching for an answer to a broken crystal question:) Yours was the first one I read and found an answer that really speaks to me and would like to share.
    I have a number of stones – malachite, hematite, cornaline, a little smokey quartz and a rose quartz point – in a bowl in my meditation corner. Today I felt off all throughout this morning, some sort of stressed feeling and upset.I was going through one of those days when negative self talk about physical appearance goes on. The inner critic was full on:)
    It got me really upset and full of frustration and that frustration manifested in an abrupt, angry mouvement that caused my bowl to flip and the crystals and gems to drop.
    Of all the crystal and gems that dropped the one that happened to be chipped was the rose quartz…
    Rose quartz being about self love, unconditional love for one self and others, compassion .

    You say
    “Do you need to practice forgiveness of self? Come to terms with imperfections? Learn to accept perceived flaws?”

    YES, YES AND YES. The chipped rose quartz is a clear indication that I do. And I will. I will start meditation with my chipped rose quartz, asking for forgiveness and loving light.
    Your feedback will be appreciated.
    Thank you for this post,

    • Genn says:

      WOW! Thanks for sharing, Gabi! Your rose quartz was really talking to you, wasn’t it!!!?? Your meditation with it sounds like a beautiful plan. Now you can look at your crystal, (that you love), and remind yourself to love YOURSELF with all your chips, dings, and perceived flaws. You are perfect, just as you are. Here’s another blog post that you might find helpful on Empathic crystals (which your rose quartz is now). Often the lesson of Empathic crystals is to remember to be compassionate and empathetic to our OWN chips, dings and perceived flaws and to remember we are still beautiful, whole, lovable and worthy. Thank you again, so much, for sharing!

  81. Pingback: CRYSTALS WHICH ARE BROKEN IN OUR CARE: what it means ~ Genn John | Redwolf's Remarks

    • Genn says:

      Thanks for sharing, Redwolf <3

      • Nina C. says:

        Just about an hour ago I grabbed my significant other’s necklace with a beautiful crystal pendant that was a gift from his aunt to help ward off negative energy (she gave me a green beaded bracelet) for us.
        We bought wear our gifts since returning from our visit abroad a few months ago. And so much has been happening in our lives together that he has felt that he needs his necklace gift with him almost always. He is extremely careful with it and hangs it on the wall above us while we sleep. Maybe coincidence there was a nail that happens to be there right above our heads.

        Well, just right now!!! The necklace was on top of our bed and I thought to sit in the chair next to the bed. I thought to put it up where he usually hangs it and once I did that another thought said I should put it back before I drop it and it breaks. At that same moment I dropped it!! And it is broken. I am we are so heartbroken ?. I NEVER touch it! Not one time!!! The only time I touched it was just now!! I felt and he felt like someone died!!!

        (Long story of our situation. We came back to the states and my family issues happened and we are now staying with a long time friend of mine. She is actually at this very moment going through a horrible time in her life and it is so sad. What was supposed to be a short stay has turned into 2 months. )

        I found your article and this is the only thing that has brought the fear inside my whole body to not feel like it is on fire.

        What does this mean?!! Please help…

        • Genn says:

          Hey Nina! I apologize for the delay in responding, I thought I responded to this before but it seems I didn’t? Anyway, I am sorry to hear about the trouble you guys are having which seems to be echoed with your gemstone issue. Perhaps the two of you are feeling broken regarding your current situation and this has been echoed in manifesting the breaking of your talisman. I can only suggest you re-read the post and see if anything resonates for you as to why this might have occurred (if there is a message for you). Anything I say is pure conjecture on my part. I still maintain that broken crystal does not hold animosity or blame in the breaking and the best way to remedy is to discover for yourself what it might mean to you and whether there is a message in the breaking. I hope your situation improves for you soon. Thanks for sending your question!

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