Cleansing and Charging Your Crystal

What are cleansing and charging and why are they necessary? How do they differ from clearing and programming?

We talked about how crystals are inherently healers and teachers. They may be here to teach something specific or simply teach by healing. They may have a definite lesson or the energy may simply be beneficial. You will be drawn to the crystal you need.

Cleansing a crystal is basically energetic washing. Charging is what you might think (charging a battery for example). Clearing on the other hand is erasing prior programming. Programs are specific goals we are working toward with our crystals’ assistance. So you could simplify this by saying that cleansing and charging have to do with stored energy generally and clearing and programming have to do with stored energy specifically.

Don’t get tripped up by terms or worry if you can’t keep them straight. They are incredibly similar terms and they serve incredibly similar functions. I’ll split them up and we’ll discuss CLEANSING and CHARGING in this post and CLEARING and PROGRAMMING in the next.

energetically cleansing your quartz crystalCLEANSING YOUR CRYSTAL

Let’s begin by discussing cleansing. You will need to cleanse your crystal friend of previous energy or experiences it may have encountered. This applies to crystals you have been working with as well as crystals new to your home. Crystals are empathic by nature, and pick up energies in their environment even if you aren’t actively working with them. If the vibrations in the environment are low, the vibrations of the crystal will get all wicky-wacky. Sometimes the crystal will feel “full” or “sticky” energetically. You will need to cleanse your crystal friend of any possible negativity absorbed on your behalf.

When would you need to cleanse a crystal?

  • When it first arrives in your home
  • After using it for healing or intense energy work
  • After a particularly negative experience

It is also wise to cleanse your crystal at least monthly. Even if you aren’t actively working with it, you can be assured it is working with you.

There are as many ways to cleanse a crystal as there are people to cleanse them. Here are just a few suggestions you might want to try:

1.) Hold your crystal under running water. Visualize it cleansing, being open, receptive and energetically “clean”. CAUTION: if you choose this method, be CERTAIN that you match the temperature of the crystal to the temperature of the water. For example, if your crystal is cold, use cold water. If it is warm, use warm water. The best way to do this is to hold your crystal in one hand and run the water over the other and adjust the heat until the temperatures are roughly equal. This isn’t rocket science, I don’t mean to the exact degree, but if you “shock” your crystal by placing it in a temperature very different from itself, you can shatter the inside or even break it (for instance dropping a cold crystal into a very hot bath or a hot crystal into a cold bath). I am told that they don’t like it physically and they also don’t like it energetically. It is jarring and it also indicates to them that you aren’t being mindful while you are cleansing. Testing the temperature causes you to be fully present in the NOW. Once you have the temperature adjusted, hold your crystal under the running water and while visualizing the cleansing, thank it for the work it has been doing on your behalf. If you have access to a clear running stream this works nicely as well. (Secure your crystal in a sock or nylon hose so it doesn’t swim downstream!!)

2.) You may use salt to cleanse your crystal. I’ve been told by the Crystal People that salt water is too harsh. It has to do with the ions of sodium chloride in solution. So if salt is your cleansing method of preference, “soak” your crystal in DRY sea salt. Nestle your dry crystal in a bed of dry sea salt (or other salt). Stir the salt around with your finger periodically as you bury the crystal and visualize it being restfully cleansed. You may add sage or another herb such as lavender or sweet grass if you like. Again, thank your crystal for the work it has done. After a nap in the sea salt, you may want to brush any remaining salt away and bathe it in clear running water and carefully dry it with a natural cloth. However a water bath after the salt nap isn’t necessary, it’s simply a matter of preference. I feel that one or the other is sufficient.

3.) You may use incense, sage or smoke to cleanse your crystal. Simply hold or pass your crystal over (or through) the smoke and visualize it being cleansed and refreshed.

If your crystal is large or if you have too many to possibly cleanse them each individually, it is fine to leave them where they sit and use sage, smoke or energy (such as Reiki) to cleanse your crystal as a group. The only ESSENTIAL ingredients for cleansing are that you are fully present with them in the NOW at the time of cleansing and express your gratitude for their hard work.

If your crystal is new to your home, you might want to meditate with your new friend or carry it around with you so it will pick up your vibrations and become acclimated to you (and you to it).

charging quartz crystal in full moonCHARGING YOUR CRYSTAL

Now let’s briefly talk about charging. Charging is similar to charging the crystals’ “battery”. Crystals like to be charged in the moonlight. Compare it to giving it a vacation from work to rest and rejuvenate. You may want to charge it in the energies of the full moon or the new moon. Choosing which phase of the moon will become more important with crystals which you are programming. However for the purpose of charging in general, full moon energy is preferred. At this time the lunar energies are at their fullest.

Again, if you are like me, you may have far too many crystals to carry them all outside. It’s not a problem. Use the two essential ingredients from the cleansing example and apply it to charging.

  • Be fully present in the NOW and request that the moonlight penetrate and reach your crystals right where they are. 
  • Be grateful and thankful to your crystals and intend that the moonlight is recharging them energetically.

Charging is pretty simple. Add crystal plus the moon and viola! Charged!

Next time we’ll talk about clearing and programming.

If you have any questions about cleansing or charging, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you have other topics you’d like me to cover, let me know. I’ll write a full post on the subject another time.

Until next time, try cleansing and charging your crystals. They will thank you for it!

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