Channeler or Channeling Quartz Crystal – Revisit

As a reminder, we are going to revisit all the quartz crystal types, condensing the information to just a few items to make remembering easier. This week we’re going to revisit Channeling or Channeler quartz crystals.

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal

There is a long blog post on this, posted previously, here. I will try to extrapolate on that information rather than repeating it.


How do you determine if you have a Channeling quartz crystal? Channeling or Channeler crystals are one of the metaphysical configurations determined by counting edges of crystal faces. To avoid being super repetitive, you can find a more in depth discussion of faces and edges of faces, here, and also, here. This will just be a brief overview.

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal -

In a Channeling crystal, the main face will have seven edges and the face directly behind the main face will have three edges. This is known of as a 7-3. To determine whether the crystal is a Channeler, you will have to count the edges of the main (largest) face and the edges of the face directly behind it.

Channeling or Channeler quartz crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

In the pictures, I made a little skip in the line to show where the edge of each face starts and stops. Sometimes, like in the example below, one of the edges is very tiny, so count carefully!

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

The Channeling face isn’t always symmetrical, as in the crystal pictured above, but the most “textbook-perfect” Channeler quartz crystals usually are symmetrical.

Gas Phantom Channeling quartz crystal -

The triangle or three-sided face behind the seven-sided face may be very small, or it may be large.

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal -


Just as we did last time with Cathedral or Lightbrary crystals, to better understand or condense the meaning of a Channeler crystal, it is helpful to understand what actual channels do (what are their functions?). What is a channel? According to the online dictionary:


  1. a length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas.
    “the channel to the north led us to the Black Sea”
  2. a band of frequencies used in radio and television transmission, especially as used by a particular station.


In thinking about actual channels, simply apply that to Channeling crystals. Easy enough!

In the case of both examples above, the channel basically connects two larger areas for an exchange of some sort. In the case of water, you might imagine yourself as one body of water, your target or goal as the other body of water, and the channeling crystal would assist as a conduit for a flow of information (etc) between you and the other.

In the case of a media channel, there is “invisible” information constantly streaming in the ether. A channel (such as on your TV or radio) helps you to tune into the area with a specific frequency or information. So, in this case, you might imagine whatever information you want to access and the channeling crystal will help you to narrow the input so you receive the specific information you are looking for.


Channelers help you access higher wisdom, either in the form of your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, or of Angels. They can also bring you love and light from beings in the higher realms.

When working with a Channeling crystal imagine yourself on one end of the “channel” and your desired connection on the other. It might help to remember that the crystal helps to channel that exchange between you and the other side.

CHANNELER Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John

CHANNELER Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John


By remembering what we know about actual channels, we can put Channeling crystals to better use. The Channeling crystal acts as a conduit to help us to more easily access the area or information we are aiming for.

I hope this review of Channeler or Channeling crystals has been helpful to you. Next up for review is crystal Clusters.

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