Cathedral or Lightbrary Quartz Crystal – Revisit

As a reminder, we are going to revisit all the quartz crystal types, condensing the information to just a few items to make remembering easier.

cathedral/lightbrary quartz crystal

This week we’re going to revisit Cathedral or Lightbrary quartz crystals. There is a long blog post on this, posted previously, here. I will try to extrapolate on that information rather than repeating it.


Descriptively, these crystals are comprised of smaller points, surrounding and merging into a main point. They remind me of a sandcastle. Because I am more familiar with sandcastles than cathedrals, this is the image that comes to mind for me. However, this will be the only reference to a sandcastle in this blog post, but a sandcastle is similar to a cathedral in shape.

Below are some drawings I did of a Lightbrary or Cathedral crystal and a sandcastle. See how there is one main crystal (like the main spire of the sandcastle) and it is surrounded by smaller points, some of which are merged into the main point? Compare that to how some of the “rooms” of the sandcastle are merged and some are just very close (share a wall).

cathedral or lightbrary quartz crystalThe two names, which are used interchangeably, will help you to remember #1 what they look like and #2 what they do.

  1.      In “Cathedral” you get a physical reference (what they look like), and
  2.      In “Lightbrary”, you get a metaphysical reference (what they do or how to work with them)

I try to do this with all the different crystal configurations and their names. If you can compare them to something you already have in your database, it is helpful, then, to use this comparison so you don’t have to learn and recall “new” information.



photo credit: – Newcastle Cathedral

Just as we did last time with Bridges, to better understand (condense) the meaning of a Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal, it is helpful to understand what an actual cathedral (the building) does (what is its function?).

I really didn’t know how a Cathedral functioned (other than the beauty of the structure) so I went to Sir Google and asked. I have paraphrased what I found, and highlighted some parts for further emphasis where it applies to crystals.

We’ll recap how this applies to the Cathedral crystal after this list. (The following information, heavily paraphrased, came from this website on English cathedrals):

CATHEDRAL (Churches):

  • are places that can convey a sense of the spiritual and sacred
  • are a center of worship and mission
  • are often the oldest building in continuous use in its surrounding area and of significance to the heritage, culture and community life of the area it serves
  • act as focal points for services and celebrations
  • are the oldest buildings in continuous use in their environments
  • are complicated both archaeologically and architecturally
  • are unique and priceless heritage assets
  • are open in times of national crisis and celebration and act as focal points in their communities
  • cathedrals are immensely rich learning resources
  • have a very significant role in ensuring the continuity of conservation skills and in educating new craftsmen

So, as you can see, there is rich tradition surrounding cathedral (churches), and they serve as not only places of worship, but even more-so, places of learning, and delving into history and tradition. One also experiences the divine and sacred energy in these living works of art.


Knowing what we now know about actual cathedral churches, simply apply that to Cathedral crystals. Easy enough!

And as the heading implies, what about the Lightbrary part?

Lightbraries refer to the METAphysical part of the equation. Metaphysically, Lightbraries are extremely powerful Lightworkers and are full of wisdom. They transmit very high vibration and can be used to raise your vibrational frequency (more on this later).

It is said that the smaller points (the points which surround the Main, large point) contain information from the Akashic records.

I am told it isn’t so much that the records or information is written WITHIN the crystal, but that the energy contained within the crystal assists the soul in reaching the Hall of Records. To reiterate, as is the case with Record Keepers, I am told the information isn’t as much “burned onto” the crystal in question, but the crystal acts more as an energetic portal to the information.


To add to what we’ve learned about cathedrals, as the name implies, a Lightbrary is like a library made of light: light-brary. Your knowledge about libraries fits here! For me, a very similar energy to that found in cathedrals is also found in very old libraries.

The only difference in the reference to libraries is that the library reference in this case applies to the Akashic Records. For those of you new to the idea of the Akashic records, here’s a quote from Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. website:

“The Akashic Records or “The Book of Life” can be equated to the universe’s super computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.”

It is important to note that I am not suggesting that one cannot enter the Records without the assistance of a Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal. However, one might use the visual (the shape) and the energy (vibration) of the Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal to assist them to more easily enter the Records.


By working with these Cathedral or Lightbrary crystals, one might receive assistance in working with the Akashic Records. Also  remember they transmit very high vibration and can be used to raise your vibrational frequency.

If you have never had the opportunity to visit an actual historical cathedral, imagine the feeling of profound spiritual depth you might feel within its walls. For hundreds of years (in many cases), people have made pilgrimage to this holy site, adding to the rich depth of etheric and sacred energy present.

It truly doesn’t matter if you are associated with the particular religion of that cathedral, the energy present is undeniable.

Couple that with the fact that many of these cathedrals are built on sacred areas of Earth vibration (Ley lines, etc). Here is an interesting website about Ley Lines and structures built upon them, there are countless others.

Just as one might enter a cathedral or library just for the energy (rather than to worship or to read a book), one might work with a Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal in the same way: simply BEing in its presence to raise your own vibration.

CATHEDRAL - LIGHTBRARY Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John

CATHEDRAL – LIGHTBRARY Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John


  • A Cathedral or Lightbrary gives us hints on how its energy works in its two names:
    • Cathedral, for its shape (and function)
    • Lightbrary for its function (and energy).
  • A Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal contains the energy configuration to boost or assist one to access the Akashic Records.
  • They contain great depth of sacred wisdom energy.
  • They are very high vibrational crystals, so can assist in increasing ones vibration.

I hope this review of Cathedral or Lightbrary crystals has been helpful to you. Next time we will review Channeler or Channeling crystals.

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  1. Beth Allen says:

    You broke it down beautifully. I often see these terms used to describe crystals and have no clue what they mean. At least now I feel more educated on the different types of crystals.

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