Does it Hurt Crystal When We Work With Negative Energy

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This week’s blog post comes from a question posed by my friend and recent client who uses crystals in her work. In a nutshell it is whether we hurt crystal when we work with it. It is a great question! Here’s the question from my friend followed by the answer I received from (Crystal Guide) Venus: QUESTIONS FROM SHERYL SITTS Regarding whether we hurt crystal “Quick question…many tell us to use crystals to draw out

Why Cloudy Crystals Turn Clear

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Why do cloudy crystals turn clear? First let’s revisit Fairy Frost. What is the cloudy stuff? Tiny air bubbles and sometimes moisture that is trapped in the crystal when it grew. It is called Fairy Frost. Fairy Frost looks like “fog” or “clouds” wisping inside the body of the crystal. This is the “stuff” that is fading to clear upon wearing or after lots of active use of the crystal (meditation, energy work), etc. A crystal

Channeled message: Fear versus Flow

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This blog post will be a bit of a departure from the norm. It occurred to me a bit ago that I have never asked for a channeled message for myself (and it isn’t because I am not struggling with issues!) For whatever the reason, I forget to ask for help from my most valued helpers. I finally asked Venus for a channeled message, and she did not disappoint. The reason I am sharing this

What is a Devic Temple Crystal?

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Today I wanted to talk about a type of quartz called a Devic Temple. What are they? What is the description of a Devic Temple? How do you know if your crystal is a Devic Temple? FIRST, WHAT IS A DEVIC TEMPLE? Let’s start with the description. Crystals which have Fairy Frost, Mirror Fractures and Rainbows inside are called (by some*) Devic Temple crystals. Devic Temple crystals are described as having “special places for Light


unzipping lineated sides

If you have been working with crystals for a long time, (or even a short time), you might wonder how to prepare for receiving more information. This subject falls under the category of unzipping Lineated Sides. The process of unzipping Lineated sides is a subject I have saved for last in this discussion of working with and communicating with your crystal. WHAT ARE LINEATED SIDES AND HOW DO THEY HELP PREPARE FOR RECEIVING MORE INFORMATION?

Communicating With Crystal

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This week we’re going to talk about communicating with crystal. In the last blog post I hinted at what was to come. Namely, learning to determine when and how the crystal “speaks” to you based on your particular “clair”. In order to better understand what I am talking about in communicating with crystal, we will delve deeper into this concept of what I am calling “clairs”. COMMUNICATING WITH CRYSTAL: WHAT ARE “CLAIRS”? When it comes


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The big question: how to work with quartz crystal? Crystal is beautiful and lots of books and websites talk about what it can do and how the energies might help you. But how do you actually put these ideas you are learning into practice? This blog post describes to how to work with quartz crystal. DETERMINE HOW YOUR CRYSTAL WANTS TO BE HELD When determining how to work with quartz crystal, there are many things


crystal grid for property

This is the third and final in the series of crystal gridding, crystal grid ideas. Use this blog post to spark your own ideas of what you might like to grid. WHAT TYPE CRYSTALS SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? There is no limit to the type of crystals appropriate for gridding. To keep the focus of this post from expanding further, I will limit my suggestions to the different types of clear quartz crystal only. Remember you


crystal grid

This is part two of a series of posts on how to make a crystal grid start to finish. This is a description on how to start your crystal grid and follows the process through to completion. WHAT IS THE PROCESS OF ACTUALLY CREATING A CRYSTAL GRID? I’m going to describe a few possibilities, and then you take that knowledge and use your imagination. The sky is the limit ! To prevent reinventing the wheel,


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Making a crystal grid. Recently I had a request for a more detailed description of how to do this. This blog post is in answer to that question. FIRST, WHAT IS A CRYSTAL GRID? A crystal grid is a layout of crystals programmed for a specific intent or to produce a particular response. Sometimes you don’t have the size or amount of crystals you would like to have to appropriately grid an entire property or