Arkansas Tornado Assistance 4-27-14

Well, everyone, I am behind on blog posts. I was working on a post about Orgone and Orgonite, but that isn’t going to happen right now.

tornado Mayflower AR 4-27-14

tornado Mayflower AR 4-27-14

If you have a television or access to news on the internet, you may have seen that Arkansas was hit pretty hard with the recent band of severe weather that came through. We were on high alert where I live and narrowly dodged the bullet. In Arkansas alone, right now there are reports of 14 deaths and many injuries. The news is so fresh I am having trouble actually finding accurate numbers. The towns of Mayflower and Vilonia (suburbs of North Little Rock) are essentially leveled from what I understand. According to Chief Meteorologist Garrett Lewis, “The National Weather Service expects to find EF3 Tornado damage in the Mayflower or Vilonia along a damage path some 40 miles long. The damage survey may take several days to be completed but damage they’ve already seen is consistent with winds from 136-165mph.”

As you might imagine I am feeling a little helpless in the aftermath of the destruction I am seeing through the media and to prevent a feeling of hopelessness, I am writing this blog post. I know there are people in Oklahoma which were also affected by this storm; Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, Georgia ETC!! Yikes!!! I am probably missing some states as well.

Anyway… we can’t do it all, so we do what we can, right? I am particularly struck by the people who have lost and injured furbabies because I know what kind of shape we would be in if any of our furbabies (and feathered babies) were injured or if we were in a shelter or temporary housing where we couldn’t keep them. In light of this we have offered to foster 1 to 2 pups until their families are in a situation where they can bring them home. I am also going to donate to Maumelle Friends of the Animals (MFOA). They are coordinating with a local vet who is triaging the wounded animals and there are lots of broken bones and pets in need of treatment and surgery. MFOA was founded in 1992 and their mission is “To save shelter pets from going out the back door and to help educate the public about the importance of spaying and neutering.” They are a non-profit group helping animals get a second chance at life. Right now they are helping the tornado victims (human and animal) in Mayflower. Here is their most recent post 4/28/14 @ 6pm:

Mayflower update:
We sent 4 vehicles in today with 7 volunteers/workers. We got an initial assessment done. Many, many animal deaths. Pet Crematory Services was able to come out and help. We dropped food off at City Hall where Mayflower Animal Clinic was stationed along with areas along the way. We brought back 6 dogs and 6 cats, but we got a late start.
Tomorrow will start another day and another attempt to go in. I have taken names and numbers and we will start utilizing the offers to help from volunteers tomorrow and the next few days. It’s been a long day. Here are a few pics of our caravan. It was nearly noon before we were even able to confirm eligibility to go in. We will continue to take donations and continue where we can to help. Thank you to all for the donations and calls to help!!!! Y’all have been awesome!

SO! This is where you and I come in… I am going to donate the proceeds for all crystal sales through the end of this month. That’s tomorrow (Tuesday April 29, 2014) and the next day (Wednesday April 30th). If you have had your eye on a crystal, now would be a great time to pick that up. Any amount will help. I have lots of crystals under $10 on the specials and sales pages.

Here is an example from MFOA’s Facebook page of who we will be helping with our donations:

Daisy has found her family but has surgery in her future

Daisy has found her family but has surgery in her future

MFOA: “This is Daisy. Her family has lost everything, including another pet. Maumelle Animal Clinic will be accepting donations for Daisy’s care, upcoming ortho surgery, and for other pets needing medical care. We are about to head out to Mayflower. Lots of animal deaths and injuries. Pets and livestock. Maumelle Animal Services accepting all types of donations. Don’t forget the livestock. Thank you all.”

Thanks, everyone, for helping me to help our local friends and neighbors and their furbabies and hopefully ease their pain just a little.




If you aren’t in the position to help by buying a crystal, please send Reiki, prayers, love and light. Those are desperately needed as well. Please share this blog post with friends.

Here is a link to the crystal pages for your convenience:

Arkansas Crystal Works

or if you prefer making a donation directly, here is the donation page to Maumelle Friends of the Animals page on Facebook.

Love and thanks


here is a wonderful update on the pup pictured above, Daisy: video of Daisy on the news

here is an article about Daisy’s family who were getting married in a nearby town from  “Wedding on day of tornado ‘saved our lives’


Hello, everyone! Thanks so much for a successful fund raising event for the displaced and injured animals from the Arkansas Tornado in Mayflower and Vilonia. It was an EF 4 Tornado 13 football fields wide with winds approaching 200mph on the ground for over 40 miles. We had crystals adopted here in AR (Ft. Smith and Eureka Springs), NH, PA, CA, AZ and the UK!! Some people donated directly. $273 of crystal sales went to Maumelle Friends of the Animals. Thank you for the healing thoughts, prayers, Reiki and monetary assist. May it be returned to you 1000 fold !! May all who have been affected by this storm, in Arkansas as well as the other states, find peace and healing. Love you all

– with Maumelle Friends of the Animals.

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