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“Healing Arkansas Quartz Crystal Points and Clusters Adopted out to Loving Homes” Online presence since 1995!

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  1. Carole says:

    Very happy to find someone who really understands and shares metaphysical knowledge with all people attracted to quartz crystals. Your spirit guide is you. Love and Light to all of {YOU} Very interesting 🙏💜

  2. Hi Genn, Thanks for all the info. I love this site! I’m a psychic and have many crystals in my home. I rented out a room in my home until one night when my renters were drinking and getting loud I clearly heard two of my crystals talking! Once said, “I’m afraid” and the other said, “Me too” I reassured them that everything would be ok.Then I just couldn’t rent the room out any longer. Cutting out the income was scary, but within a few days, I was given information to write a series of books on Ritual and how to best sell them. I’m sure I was lead to this new venture by the crystals. The money has not been a problem since then!
    The crystals are happy and since that experience, I’ve felt appreciation from them and tremendously closer to them. It was a life changer.

  3. LOVE your site. Will spend more time looking around …when I’m not at work 🙂

    I just joined Meg’s Blog workshop so your site is giving me hope. Looks GREAT!

    • Genn says:

      Thanks so much, Melanie! I’m glad you are enjoying it and that it is inspiring hope! 🙂 Meg’s Blogging Bootcamp is the best. She’s an awesome, light-filled person! Thanks for taking the time to comment <3

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