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I grew up in California, the granddaughter of rock hounds. I’ve always loved rocks in general but crystals in particular. Beauty is obvious when you look at a crystal. They are sparkly, shiny and gorgeous gemstones. However, initially it didn’t occur to me that they might have life. That they might contain an internal spark as well as the external one I saw. I’m not just talking about a spark as in electricity (which they also have) but a spark of intelligence, of life. Perhaps not life as we usually describe it, but life, none-the-less.

In a story a bit too long to get into here, in the early 90’s, I was re-introduced to crystal after going through chemotherapy and radiation for cancer. I started using the crystal in conjunction with my treatment and learned about its incredible healing power. Since I was living in Arkansas (one of only three places in the WORLD with enough crystal to warrant mining), I started digging my own crystal. I did it for recreation initially and continued because it became an undeniable addiction. There is nothing quite like digging for your own crystal.

Because the crystal had become such a huge part of my life, I began a website. I have been adopting out crystal online since 1995. Why do I say adopting out and not “selling”? I have never felt that crystal is something I am selling, (which implies ownership) but rather that I am helping it get to where it needs to go. My role has been to act as the legs for the crystal; in other words, matching the crystal to its new home and then helping it to get there. Recently I have been guided to become their voice as well. I have written some books. Understanding The Crystal People: A Handbook for Lightworkers and Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals. I also share the crystals’ voice here in this blog. Many of these blog posts can be found, updated, at my blog at Arkansas Crystal Works, and you will find many new blog posts (that are not posted here) as well.

Thanks for spending some time with me here, learning how to connect with The Crystal People!

To read more (this page opens the bio page at Arkansas Crystal Works): click here

14 Responses to About Genn

  1. Mary Lee says:

    Genn’s information is not only stellar, so are her crystals. Genn delivers. I have asked in two separate order for her help. The crystals are magnificent, awake and practically light up a room. Thank you so much, Genn, for all that you share in here and for such loving care of these crystal people. And us!

  2. Kier says:

    Hi Genn!

    I have a question for you,

    What does it mean if a crystal is a channeller at both ends.

    It’s a double terminated phantom quartz.

    Also this crystal speaks to me, she tells me she is from lemuria. The crystal does not have the characteristic lemurian etched lines. Is this possible?

    Would so appreciate your insight!

  3. Vera says:

    Thank You so much for Your Work and Inspiration, dear Genn!

  4. Hi from another john!
    Wow what a breath of
    fresh air you bring to a greater understanding of crystals, just as I hope soon to enlighten humanity at large of S.E.A.L.S! Abbreviation for Surveying Extratarestrial~Interterrestrial Alien Lifeforming Species! That is to say a very large snap shot and hypothesis of what it says on the tin!

    However you have just Co~created another file on crystal connections within this vast understanding to behold!

    Crystals are very important to my life as protection and dreaming, and yet I still do not know as much as I wish I could. So perhaps you would consider sharing and honing so much to teach and tell!

    Kindest Regards Brett

  5. Uma Silbey says:

    Hi Genn,
    I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a very clear description of the various types of crystals. After getting some strong guidance and information from the ‘stone people’, I am writing an update on my older book that I wrote back in 1985, and though I include some of the different types of crystals, I keep feeling very strongly to remind people that all crystals can be used for all of the things the various types of crystals are used for. I really appreciate your reminder of the same thing. Good work!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Uma! Thanks so much for commenting! Yours is among the first books I ever read about crystals. I look forward to reading your update! Much love and many thanks!

  6. invisible says:

    Hi, can you tell me if you have ever come across any fluorite Trigonic Crystals… ???? and is it possible that these exist ????? Hope you can offer some insight…. can you please email me your insights thankyou


    • Genn says:

      Thanks so much for your inquiry! I haven’t studied Fluorite crystals, but I would think that yes, there might be Trigonic Record Keepers on them? I am guessing that you have such a crystal based on your question. Since I’m not as familiar with fluorite as I am quartz, I can’t tell you with any certainty. However, if you think you may have a Trigonic Record Keeper, you could try combining the properties of a Trigonic with the properties of a Fluorite and work with your Fluorite accordingly. I know this isn’t much help, but like I said, I haven’t had the benefit of working with as much Fluorite as I have quartz crystal. Thanks again for your comment!

  7. lauri ingram says:

    Hi! I am gaining a lot of insight from your site and appreciate all your content! I have a double terminated smoky quartz crystal, that is also a true Dow at both ends (i have made sure it is a 3-7-3-7-3-7)…is that rare?? thank you!

    • Genn says:

      Hello Lauri! Yes, that would be VERY rare if it is natural (unpolished). Usually when they are found with this configuration they have been cut/polished. If the sides are smooth (no ridges) and if the faces are smooth (no surface features) you can be safe in assuming it is polished. Doesn’t make it any less useful or any less beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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