soulmateLast week we covered part one of A Comprehensive Look at Programming where we covered what it is and why to do it. We’re going to pick right up where we left off last week with actually programming a crystal. If you read the post last week, I suggested you think of a basic (simple) program you might like to try and to find the crystal friend to help you. Once you have chosen the crystal, you need to cleanse and clear it.

As a reminder, cleansing is removing any residual energy it may have picked up in the environment. This crystal may have been recently cleansed, but it is good to do again, just prior to programming.

The next step is to clear it of any prior programming. Clearing is asking the crystal to release any prior programs. Even if you haven’t personally programmed this crystal, someone might have in the past, or it may have picked up a program inadvertently just living in your space. It is always good to erase the blackboard and ensure that you are starting with a clean slate. If it is a crystal you have had for a while, you might have programmed it and forgotten.

These two steps are easy and don’t have to be complex or involve a long ritual. It is as simple as holding the crystal, asking it that it release any prior energies which it may have picked up (this is the cleansing), and then asking it to release any prior programs it may be holding (this is the clearing). If you are big into ritual, feel free to make these two steps as flowery or involved as you would like, and if you are not, it can be as simple as a thought. It’s all up to you.

check-in-no-crystalI’m going to go over the “check in” again, both to remind you of how, and also suggest that you check in even if you became close during the week in preparation for programming. It’s always good to do a new check in before programming, even with your most familiar crystals. It is a way to say hello, give thanks and prepare for your task before beginning. You are also in a new space in every moment, so your check in from day to day, hour to hour or even minute to minute may vary greatly. Before picking up your crystal, do the check in with yourself and your body.

To begin the check in, find a comfortable position. I make it a point not to have any of my extremities crossed, and my feet are flat on the floor. Next, become mindful of any sensations you might have. What kind of mood are you in, how does your body feel? Take more than a few seconds on this. Take several moments and really go inside and become mindful of what your body is experiencing. What sounds do you hear? Do you see any colors? This is determining your baseline so you will be able to “hear” your crystal speaking to you when you begin.

check-in-with-crystalOnce you are fully aware of your baseline, pick up your crystal. Sit with it and notice how you feel with the crystal in your hand. How is what you are experiencing different from your baseline? Do you notice any sensations in your body which weren’t there when you started the check in? You may see colors or pictures, hear sounds, feel sensations such as buzzing or tingling, experience a shift in mood or a difference in lightness or heaviness of your limbs. Pay attention to your chakras. Do you have a pressure or sensation in any of them that is different from the baseline? Which direction is the energy flowing? Is it up or down, does it stay in one place? These are all ways that your crystal is speaking to you. It will vary from person to person depending on your primary sense. It may be several of these sensations, layered. Your crystal may have a message for you or a suggestion on how to proceed. This may be something you simply intuit or it may be direct, as hearing instructions. When you feel connected and attuned to your crystal and it to you, you’ll move to the next step, which is the actual programming.

Again, proper sitting posture is important. Sit comfortably with your spine straight and your feet flat on the floor. Don’t forget to clear your mind. You want to focus on this one thing that you need assistance with, so you don’t want to boggle your crystal up with mind chatter. Connect your head to the heavens and your feet to the earth. Ground yourself while remaining uplifted.

Programming is usually best done with your crystal in your dominant hand (if you are “right-handed” your dominant hand is your right, left if you are “left-handed” for example). Your crystal should be in your dominant hand because your non-dominant hand is receptive. You are sending this program. You may use the crystal in your receptive hand after it is programmed. This will vary on program and desire.

You are going to send your desire from your mind, feel it in your body, imagine it as complete and send these thoughts and feelings down your arm and into the crystal. This is the usual “Law of Attraction” philosophy (we covered the basics in the last post). Visualize and feel yourself not in the ‘wanting and waiting’ stage, but in the ‘completed’ stage. Your crystal is like a portal and can connect you to all times: past, present and future. Be in the NOW with your desire that you are programming into your crystal, complete and successful. As you work with your programmed crystal, it will be holding the final intent for you to help remind you of your goal. With focused intent and a clear request, it really couldn’t be any easier.

Remember, programming your crystal isn’t a requirement. The crystal will still function in all kinds of ways (such as raising vibrations, clearing a room of negative energy and amplification of positive energy, among other things). You also needn’t worry about “erasing information” in a Record Keeper with clearing and programming. If you read the prior blog on Record Keepers you may remember that the Record Keeper crystal is more like a portal to the information rather than something like a read-write CD which may be erased and reformatted.

You may worry that in the beginning you might program a crystal the “wrong” way. Again, with programming as with cleansing and clearing, Intent is more important than content. You really can’t do anything wrong with a crystal if your intent is good. You can’t mess it up or cause irreparable damage with your programming. You might wonder, “What if someone wanted to program a crystal for evil purposes? What happens then?” Because crystal isn’t simply an inanimate tool like a hammer or screwdriver, those with negative intent (incarnate or discarnate) can’t use a crystal in simply any way they choose. A “negative program” simply will not take.

The next steps on how you work with your programmed crystal are as important or more important than the initial programming.

I paraphrased a concept presented by Mike Dooley in the last post. Remember that if the crystal is the GPS and the program (your desired end result) is the address, the route will be mapped for you. You will be guided by the Universe, but you will have to put your car in drive and MOVE. Part of this movement is engaging in whatever activity will bring you closer to your goal. For example, if it is to quit smoking, you might try switching to a lighter brand or even stepping down with e-cigarettes or nicotine patches. If it is to eat a more healthy diet, ramp up your water intake and cut out sodas. If it is to attain a loving committed relationship, you put yourself in places you are likely to meet other people. Remember, even with the programmed crystal, we still have to do the work. (Just like on a road trip, we still have to endure the hours in the car and the possible inconveniences of travel.)

As you work with your crystal, and as you take your steps along the path to your desired goal, it is important to revisit and recharge. Many people think that programming a crystal is a step, complete in and of itself. In fact, programming is just the beginning. It is plugging the address into the GPS. As you work toward your goal (program) you will need to revisit your crystal. Touch in. It might be time to add in a via point (a stop along the way if you decide half way that you might want to tweak your address/program a bit.) It will not do to program a whole bunch of crystals for all these different desires and expect that they will carry the load while we go eat pizza. They are helping us, not doing for us. In the beginning I would suggest programming only one crystal at a time, and add them as you become comfortable with the process. You will need to keep your crystal cleansed of energies, thank it for its work and offer recharging at least monthly. That brings us to the next variable in programming, and that is when.

charging quartz crystal in full moonWe have a natural calendar built in with the changing of the phases of the moon. Like with any magical works, New Moon energies will benefit programs which have to do with new beginnings, growing things, things which increase. Full Moon energy is good for things which decrease, which you would like to see end, or diminish. Whichever moon you choose, you can decide to recharge it the next month on that moon (New Moon or Full Moon). If you can leave it outside, that’s fine, but remember, in our discussion about charging, you don’t have to even take it outside. It is basically a deeper check in and asking the energies to rejuvenate and recharge your crystal. It can certainly do this for itself, but it is part of your responsibility in holding up your end of the programmed desire. It keeps you present with your desire and helps to keep you on track. It is also a good time to take stock, see if you are listening to the GPS when it redirects you when you get off course, or if you have been driving off the map, not paying any attention to where you are or where you’re going.

Basically, that’s all I have on programming! The process may seem a little long and involved at first, but the doing is much easier than the explaining. And remember, even though we have a crystal programmed to a destination (goal) we still have to do the work. Here is a recap:

  • When you select your crystal for a specific task, ask the crystal’s permission to program it;
  • Determine your intention and hold it in your mind in clarity;
  • Check in, first without the crystal and then with it in your hand;
  • Listen carefully for any guidance you receive;
  • continue until you feel attuned and connected to your crystal;
  • Feel yourself in the moment of successful completion of your desire. Pour this feeling into the crystal. Whatever it is you are programming: See it. Feel it. Taste it. Send all of this into your crystal so it can remind you of this successful feeling when you need a boost or assistance with this task.
  • The final step in programming (and the beginning step toward the goal): When you are finished with your positive visualization and focused intent, indicate to the crystal that you are finished. Let it know that you are ready for it to take over in holding your intention. Thank it for its assistance in helping you complete this task, whatever the task may be.
  • Check in often during the month. Daily is great.
  • Recharge and revisit your program monthly, use the moon phase to remind you of when it is time.

Remember that because it is present in all times (past, present and future) your crystal is already there with your successful self. The crystal can “see” that you have already completed whatever task you programmed it to help you achieve. Be grateful and thankful. Ask your crystal to hold that vision for you until you have achieved it or until you have changed your direction. Ask that it remind you when you need a boost. Ground out the energy, put your crystal somewhere special and check in often. Not only will checking in keep you connected to your crystal, and your program, but your crystal may have a message for you or a suggestion on how to proceed. Don’t miss out on this part!

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion on programming crystals. Next week is Christmas, I think I will take a blog-break and join you again in two weeks. If you have topics you would like to have me cover or expound on, or if you have a question about quartz crystal which has been vexing you and you just can’t quite get it, please put them in the comments section below (or email me at genn@arkansascrystalworks.com). I want to write about the things which are important to you. Until next time, Happy Holidays!

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2 Responses to A COMPREHENSIVE LOOK AT PROGRAMMING CRYSTALS (Part 2 of 2) How to do it and When

  1. W. Stacy Elam says:

    Thank you for your articles on Programming crystals it’s a good reference. I have a question about charging quartz with lunar energy. It may be hard for me to express but I’ll be as clear as I can: I’ve often heard and have come to the belief that the Moon is not altogether ‘natural’. There is enough evidence to convince me at present that it was constructed and brought to our planet Millions of years ago with the specific intention of the beings who either created it or who occupy it. My question is this: Do the traditional qualities taught about the Moon, metaphysically speaking, coincide with what may be it’s actual origin and history, i.e., as an ET construct? Knowing it is something constructed by the intentions of beings for a purpose, will it still hold the metaphysical properties taught in Astrology, for example? I’d love to hear what you think about this.

    • Genn says:

      Hey Stacy! Thanks for your excellent question! I guess it’s anyone’s guess to say for 100% certain, but in my opinion it still holds the metaphysical properties that we have been taught and are still experiencing. Does it not still affect the tides and even our own emotions/etc the same as it did when we thought it was made of ‘cheese’, then when we thought it was a naturally occurring ‘planet’, then now when we know it was probably constructed and placed there? Also, for me, the full moon makes an easy reminder to charge and clear our crystals with INTENT on a regular basis… so I think it is as much the intent as the actual moon energies. But, in summary, yes, I believe the energies still hold true, regardless of the moon’s origin or makeup. Plus, when full, it is reflecting the sun, which IS natural (well….. we think so anyway… lol) Thanks again for your insightful question!!

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