A COMPREHENSIVE LOOK AT PROGRAMMING CRYSTALS (Part 1 of 2) What is it and Why to do it

Rainbow crystal

Rainbow crystal, represents hope and optimism

In the last post we talked about charging your crystals. I hope you were able to pull in some full moon energy and give your crystals some much needed attention, rest, and rejuvenation. This week we’re going to revisit programming since it is a natural followup to charging. It’s a big topic so I’m splitting it into two parts. This week we’ll cover what programming is, what it ISN’T and why do it. Next week we’ll talk about how and when.

Recording what you want assistance with is the basic premise behind programming a crystal.

You simply determine what kind of assistance you would like from your crystal friend, and then respectfully ask the crystal to agree to help you. It ISN’T telling the crystal what to do and then leaving it on its own to “fix” your problems or manifest your desired reality. More about this later.

Programming crystals isn’t a have-to. Meaning they will still work to raise the vibrations, bring in energies, and alter the light to benefit whatever structure they may have, without any input from us. However, if you are going to request the help of a crystal for something specific (during meditation, for magical works, astral travel or to contact Angels or Spirit Guides, for example), you will get better results if you program your crystal with that specific intent. It is similar to making sure that two people who want to work together get on the same page about their goal or end result.

Programming your crystal allows you and your crystal to work together toward a clearly focused goal.

Programming is also helpful in achieving a goal or end result because it requires that you become clear on what it is you’re aiming toward. The best “program” is one that is well thought out and concise. This ensures that you are clear about what you want. It isn’t micromanaging the Universe, however. Broad strokes are fine, and the less specific details (such as how you get there) the better. These statements may seem to contradict each other, but really, they don’t. Let me explain.

As an example, let’s say your “end result”, (for which you are programming the crystal), may be that you would like to be in a dedicated, loving relationship. What you need to do now, is define that for yourself. What would it look like to be in this desired relationship? How would it feel? How would the other person treat you? How would you treat them? What are the big picture desires you have for wanting this relationship to manifest? I’m not necessarily talking about specific physical characteristics or that they have a specific job, and I’m not talking about making a specific person fall in love with you. It is more that you are deciding what it means, exactly, to be in a dedicated, loving relationship. Then the details of how that comes to you is up to the Universe. In this way, you are open to all possibilities (including possibilities of which you might have never dreamed or even imagined).

The next step in programming is basic Law of Attraction stuff. If you aren’t familiar with what the Law of Attraction is, here is a quote from Wikipedia: “The law of attraction is the name given to the maxim “like attracts like” which in New Thought philosophy is used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from “pure energy”, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.” Thoughts become things, and matching our vibrations with the vibration of our desires brings the desire to us (manifests it in our reality).


Soulmate crystal

So, now you have distilled your desired “program”; you can see, feel and be in this space as if the end result has already been attained. Now it is time to decide which crystal you might like to help you. Because your program is about relationship, you might choose a Soulmate crystal to help you with this task. The first thing you should do is attain the Soulmate crystal which resonates with you (it may be one you already have in your crystal family or it may be a new one you adopt specifically for this purpose). The next thing you should do before programming is familiarize yourself with your Soulmate crystal. I call this familiarization process the “check in”. I call it this because you are “checking in” with how you feel before you pick your crystal up, which is discovering your baseline, and then you are “checking in” with the crystal.

To begin the check in, find a comfortable position and become mindful of any sensations you might have. What kind of mood are you in, how does your body feel? Take more than a few seconds on this. Take several moments and really go inside and become mindful of what your body is experiencing. What sounds do you hear? Do you see any colors? This is determining your baseline so you will be able to “hear” your crystal speaking to you when you begin.

Once you are fully aware of your baseline, pick up your crystal. Sit with it and notice how you feel with the crystal in your hand. How is what you are experiencing different from your baseline? Do you notice any sensations in your body which weren’t there when you started the check in? You may see colors or pictures, hear sounds, feel sensations such as buzzing or tingling, experience a shift in mood or a difference in lightness or heaviness of your limbs. Pay attention to your chakras. Do you have a pressure or sensation in any of them that is different from the baseline? Which direction is the energy flowing? Is it up or down, does it stay in one place? These are all ways that your crystal is speaking to you. It will vary from person to person depending on your primary sense. It may be several of these sensations, layered.

This may be a crystal with which you are already familiar (one which has lived with you). It is important to do all of this again with your crystal even if you are familiar with it and have previously done a check in. It just means it may take a little less time than it did in the beginning; but it is still a very important step. You’re in a different place and the crystal is as well. What the crystal tells you this time may be very different than what you heard (felt, saw) last time. You need to reestablish the connection with your crystal, in the light of this new program, and the best way to do that is with the check-in.

Besides becoming familiar with the sensations (energetic connections) you get from your crystal, it’s good to also look at it. Become familiar with what it looks like physically. Since we’re talking about a Soulmate crystal in this example, how do the two crystals stand together? Are they merged or kind of separate? Is there Fairy Frost, Rainbows or mirror fractures inside? Are the sides smooth or Lineated? Does it have Barnacles or Bridges? How does it physically feel in your hand? Is it heavy or light? Try holding it in different positions and determine how it likes to be held. This may seem like a big procedure and you might wonder if all this is necessary. Becoming intimately familiar with your crystal is an important step for after you are done with the initial program and when you are working with it toward your goal. I’ll go into this in more detail later.

I don’t know how many of you reading this are familiar with Mike Dooley. He was one of the people featured in the movie The Secret. I’m going to paraphrase a story he told in one of his You-Tube videos because it struck a resonant chord for me, and it applies wonderfully to the subject of working with and programming your crystal. Following is a heavily paraphrased rendition of what Mike Dooley said in the video, after being run through the Genn-filter. What struck the chord with me was this: He said that most of us got the Law of Attraction mostly right, but we are missing a very important step. He compared the process with using a GPS. Following is a scenario. As you read, keep what I have been talking about with programming your crystal in mind.

So, here’s our scenario regarding the GPS. Before we even turn the GPS on, we have to know where we want to go. Let’s say we have a new friend who lives on the other side of the country. Say we live in New York and they are 3000 miles away in California. When we decide to go, we could just plug “California” in the GPS, but that could put us a LONG way from where our friend actually is. We need to narrow it way down. So we get specific. We add the town, the street and finally the house number. Notice here that we don’t tell the GPS which roads we will take and we don’t even have to have any idea how to get there, turn by turn. We just have to know exactly where we want to end up; our New Friend’s house at 123 ABC Street, Anytown, California.

If you watched The Secret, you might remember when they were talking about getting your vibrations in alignment with what you want. That if you want a red sports car, sit in your chair at home, pretend you’re in your new sports car: feel the sports car around you, smell the upholstery, visualize the scenery, the smell of the air, engage all your senses. (So, likewise, in our trip to Anytown, California, the next step might be packing our clothes, preparing the car for the journey, placing a hold on our mail, taking time off work.)

Here’s the catch: After watching The Secret, and applying the suggestionsmost people found that it didn’t actually work for them! That no matter how much they immersed themselves in the imaginary experience, aligned with the vibration, (felt, believed and KNEW that the sports car was coming, was indeed THERE), most people realized that when they opened their eyes, there they still sat. In their chair, in their house, not in the red sports car. They do this again and again, and still, no red sports car. Sadly, they decide that the Law of Attraction is nothing more than New Age Hooey. What they don’t realize is that they have missed a crucial step.

So, this is the point where Mike said The Secret had it wrong, and he went on to explain the missing final step: You can plug in your coordinates, pack your car, cancel the mail and get time off work. You can get in your car, put the key in the ignition and even start the motor. BUT YOU HAVE TO PUT THE CAR IN GEAR AND DRIVE. In ANY direction. You don’t have to have any idea how to get to California. You might pull out and head east when you need to go west. THAT’S OK. The GPS will gently redirect you and you will be on your merry way. But you will NEVER get there, no matter how well planned the trip, no matter how aligned you are with the vibration, if you don’t put the car in gear and drive.

The very same is true with programming your crystal friends. You’ve accurately defined your desired end result (specific street address) <check>. You’ve found the crystal friend you would like to have help you (attained the Garmin or TomTom GPS) <check>. You have become intimately familiar with your crystal friend so you can call its image into your mind at will (learned the ins and outs of how to navigate with your GPS unit) <check>. You sat with your crystal friend and described your end result clearly, aligning with the vibration of being in a loving, committed relationship (programmed the exact street address coordinates into the GPS) <check>. And now you apply the final step: YOU PUT YOUR CAR IN GEAR AND DRIVE.

With the relationship scenario, you put yourself out there. You go to places where you might meet new people. You get off the couch and out of your comfort zone. Just because you’ve programmed it, you don’t expect the crystal to magically produce the desired result. Most people who have attained crystals to work with on certain issues, and who may have even followed other’s instructions on how to program, find that they don’t achieve the desired results. So they buy another crystal that is said to bring financial abundance, healing, weight loss, help with astral travel or any of 1000 programs you might have in mind. They buy and buy and program and program, but still they don’t achieve the results. So either they a) keep buying, keep chasing the crystal descriptions or b) begin to think that working with crystals is (I’ll say it again) nothing more than New Age Hooey. But they didn’t apply the final step. It DOES work! We must keep in mind it is a co-creative endeavor. Our crystals will help us, and will help us hold the vision, but we have to do the work as well.

You may be thinking, “Well that’s just great. What’s the point in programming a crystal if I still have to do all this work!?” Compare it to the GPS trip again. You plug in the coordinates, the GPS maps your route and guides you, but you still have to drive. Your butt will get tired and you will have to put gas in the car and eat and navigate traffic and may have to deal with bad weather and construction. You may have a flat tire or encounter a detour. But still you know, that providing you keep your car in gear and moving, and also that you heed the warning when you make a wrong turn and Carmen the Garmin tells you “redirecting… make a U turn” you will end up at your desired destination. Granted. You could make the same trip without a GPS, but you have to agree it would be much harder.

The beauty of the GPS and programming your crystal is that you can redefine the program at any time. You may get half way there and decide you don’t want to visit your new friend after all, and you decide to visit someone in Colorado instead. So you hit “new destination” on the GPS, plug in the new coordinates, and you’re off. Same with your crystal. Cleanse and Clear your crystal, let it know you are switching gears and have a new end goal and start again.

So this looks like a good place to stop this post. Next time we’ll finish up with programming. We’ll talk about how to do it, what times are better, and how to maintain the program until you reach your destination. So until next time, start thinking of a program (where do you want to go), get it distilled (what is the exact street address), and select a crystal with which you resonate (buy the GPS that fits the bill or dig the one you have out of the glove box). This week, do the check in and become intimately familiar with your crystal. We’ll get right into programming in the next blog post. Consider choosing an easy program to begin with (drive to the corner store) and then work on the bigger programs (driving across country). As an example, in an end goal to attain a healthy weight, choose a small step initially. Say, to help you to drink more water and cut out soda (easy program) and then as you meet that goal and as you become familiar with your crystal and how programming works, choose to program for a bigger goal (losing 50 pounds).

I’ll see you next week and we’ll get to the second part of this post, the programming!

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2 Responses to A COMPREHENSIVE LOOK AT PROGRAMMING CRYSTALS (Part 1 of 2) What is it and Why to do it

  1. Olga says:

    Hi! Thank you fro your post! I especially liked the analogy you made between crystal programming and GPS, and that actually ‘driving’ the car, ‘turning the engine on’, is very important (many people, I think, miss this thing). But I wanted to ask you – you said that only the goal is important, not the small details, e.g. in a relationship case, you do not have to give ‘parameters’ of a person you would like to meet. I have just read the book by a famous Russian psychic and he says the opposite-the more details you give about car/person/job/house you want to get (he even talks about giving time/location when/where you want to get it!), the better, more exact, result you get. What do you think about this approach?
    I am a crystal healer myself, and this post is very useful for me – thank you very much! I myself wanted to make a video about how I program crystals, and your post made me think more about what I will talk about in my video…
    I plan to make series of video about cleansing and taking care of crystals, where I will talk about how to cleanse crystals using four elements of earth, fire, air and water, as well as sound and essences, and how to meditate with and energise (program) the crystals. So far, I have just made a video where I talk about the history and science behind cleansing and taking care of crystals – if you are interested, you can watch it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deOPtENZJ58
    You are welcome to use or check the references I have shared in my videos. I cleanse my crystals using water, air (incense), fire and earth (salt), I also found cleansing with essences and sound works very well, this is also a faster method.

    If you are interested, I can later also share the links to my other Youtube clips covering how to cleanse crystals with the four elements of fire, water, earth and air. I would be happy to hear your thoughts or those of others. If anyone uses different methods to cleanse crystals, please let me know, I’m always interested in other peoples opinions and experience! I wish everyone the best with their crystal work!

    • Genn says:

      Hey Olga! Thanks for sharing! YES! I can see how describing in detail might be a way to go about manifesting… I have been of a mind that while we DO need to be specific, we also need to be open to ideas which might never have occurred to us. It gives the Universe more room and also might bring us something much greater than we could have dreamed. However if we pinpoint it so precisely, then there is no room for “better than we can imagine”. For example, what if a person who used to travel by foot or horseback wished for a faster means of travel. They might only be able to envision a car, which WOULD be faster. But that knocks out airplanes which are faster still!! … Just a thought. I like to be specific and also add the “or even better” disclaimer, and also try to be mindful of recognizing a manifestation which doesn’t look exactly like the picture I described. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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