Did you know there is a newer blog for Arkansas Crystal Works? You may notice the last post on this website was made in 2019. This is because I am actively blogging on my main website, Arkansas Crystal Works. The (newer) blog posts can be found there if you click this link. This Crystal Genn website is still a great resource for all things crystal and I continue to actively check it and answer all

Does it Hurt Crystal When We Work With Negative Energy

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This week’s blog post comes from a question posed by my friend and recent client who uses crystals in her work. In a nutshell it is whether we hurt crystal when we work with it. It is a great question! Here’s the question from my friend followed by the answer I received from (Crystal Guide) Venus: QUESTIONS FROM SHERYL SITTS Regarding whether we hurt crystal “Quick question…many tell us to use crystals to draw out

Why Cloudy Crystals Turn Clear

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Why do cloudy crystals turn clear? First let’s revisit Fairy Frost. What is the cloudy stuff? Tiny air bubbles and sometimes moisture that is trapped in the crystal when it grew. It is called Fairy Frost. Fairy Frost looks like “fog” or “clouds” wisping inside the body of the crystal. This is the “stuff” that is fading to clear upon wearing or after lots of active use of the crystal (meditation, energy work), etc. A crystal

Channeled message: Fear versus Flow

channeler crystal, channeled message

This blog post will be a bit of a departure from the norm. It occurred to me a bit ago that I have never asked for a channeled message for myself (and it isn’t because I am not struggling with issues!) For whatever the reason, I forget to ask for help from my most valued helpers. I finally asked Venus for a channeled message, and she did not disappoint. The reason I am sharing this

Interview of Genn John by Sheryl Sitts of Exploring Possibilities

image of interview of Genn John by Sheryl Sitts of Exploring Possibilities

Would you like to hear a little bit about my crystal journey in my own words? Are you curious about crystals and how best to work with them? Do you wonder about programming crystals or want to know details about the process of an Ask Genn Crystal Reading? Recently I had the honor of being interviewed by my new friend, the lovely and gracious Sheryl Sitts of Exploring Possibilities. This is a fun and informational

Crystals and Pets – Followup

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FIRST, A PERSONAL STORY, AND THEN ON TO THE FOLLOWUP ON CRYSTALS AND PETS On the subject of crystals and pets, we were recently “blessed” with an unexpected stray kitty pregnancy and now have four little baby kitties romping around, so my mind is naturally on cats and kittens (and crystals and pets). Here’s the story: THE STORY OF “MAMA KITTY” We keep a bowl of food out on our porch for the strays in

Record Keepers and the Storage of Information


This is a discussion on Record Keepers and the storage of information. How does it work? Read on for an in-depth description of how the information on Record Keepers is stored (and thereby, accessed). A REVIEW OF RECORD KEEPERS – WHAT ARE THEY? As a reminder, Record Keepers (also called Recorders) are special surface features found on some crystals. Because they are surface features, you have to know how to see them. I have covered this


image ask genn crystal reading

An “Ask Genn” Crystal Reading is a personal reading from the Crystal People, like a tarot reading via living crystal. In an “Ask Genn” crystal reading, rather than using a tarot deck to determine the energies presented for your reading, I use the crystal chosen for you and read its unique characteristics. While this may seem a little confusing at first blush, it actually is pretty straight-forward. I will detail the process further in the


No Two are Exactly Alike One of the main ways how crystals are like people is that crystals all have something different to offer. The more you work with larger numbers of crystals, the more you will be able to sense the differences between them. Sometimes they are subtle, sometimes not subtle at all! Just like if we only knew one or two people, we would have no idea how different people can be from

What is a Devic Temple Crystal?

devic temple

Today I wanted to talk about a type of quartz called a Devic Temple. What are they? What is the description of a Devic Temple? How do you know if your crystal is a Devic Temple? FIRST, WHAT IS A DEVIC TEMPLE? Let’s start with the description. Crystals which have Fairy Frost, Mirror Fractures and Rainbows inside are called (by some*) Devic Temple crystals. Devic Temple crystals are described as having “special places for Light