Channeler or Channeling Quartz Crystal – Revisit

As a reminder, we are going to revisit all the quartz crystal types, condensing the information to just a few items to make remembering easier. This week we’re going to revisit Channeling or Channeler quartz crystals.

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal

There is a long blog post on this, posted previously, here. I will try to extrapolate on that information rather than repeating it.


How do you determine if you have a Channeling quartz crystal? Channeling or Channeler crystals are one of the metaphysical configurations determined by counting edges of crystal faces. To avoid being super repetitive, you can find a more in depth discussion of faces and edges of faces, here, and also, here. This will just be a brief overview.

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal -

In a Channeling crystal, the main face will have seven edges and the face directly behind the main face will have three edges. This is known of as a 7-3. To determine whether the crystal is a Channeler, you will have to count the edges of the main (largest) face and the edges of the face directly behind it.

Channeling or Channeler quartz crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

In the pictures, I made a little skip in the line to show where the edge of each face starts and stops. Sometimes, like in the example below, one of the edges is very tiny, so count carefully!

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

The Channeling face isn’t always symmetrical, as in the crystal pictured above, but the most “textbook-perfect” Channeler quartz crystals usually are symmetrical.

Gas Phantom Channeling quartz crystal -

The triangle or three-sided face behind the seven-sided face may be very small, or it may be large.

Channeler or Channeling quartz crystal -


Just as we did last time with Cathedral or Lightbrary crystals, to better understand or condense the meaning of a Channeler crystal, it is helpful to understand what actual channels do (what are their functions?). What is a channel? According to the online dictionary:


  1. a length of water wider than a strait, joining two larger areas of water, especially two seas.
    “the channel to the north led us to the Black Sea”
  2. a band of frequencies used in radio and television transmission, especially as used by a particular station.


In thinking about actual channels, simply apply that to Channeling crystals. Easy enough!

In the case of both examples above, the channel basically connects two larger areas for an exchange of some sort. In the case of water, you might imagine yourself as one body of water, your target or goal as the other body of water, and the channeling crystal would assist as a conduit for a flow of information (etc) between you and the other.

In the case of a media channel, there is “invisible” information constantly streaming in the ether. A channel (such as on your TV or radio) helps you to tune into the area with a specific frequency or information. So, in this case, you might imagine whatever information you want to access and the channeling crystal will help you to narrow the input so you receive the specific information you are looking for.


Channelers help you access higher wisdom, either in the form of your Higher Self or Spirit Guides, or of Angels. They can also bring you love and light from beings in the higher realms.

When working with a Channeling crystal imagine yourself on one end of the “channel” and your desired connection on the other. It might help to remember that the crystal helps to channel that exchange between you and the other side.

CHANNELER Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John

CHANNELER Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John


By remembering what we know about actual channels, we can put Channeling crystals to better use. The Channeling crystal acts as a conduit to help us to more easily access the area or information we are aiming for.

I hope this review of Channeler or Channeling crystals has been helpful to you. Next up for review is crystal Clusters.

Cathedral or Lightbrary Quartz Crystal – Revisit

As a reminder, we are going to revisit all the quartz crystal types, condensing the information to just a few items to make remembering easier.

cathedral/lightbrary quartz crystal

This week we’re going to revisit Cathedral or Lightbrary quartz crystals. There is a long blog post on this, posted previously, here. I will try to extrapolate on that information rather than repeating it.


Descriptively, these crystals are comprised of smaller points, surrounding and merging into a main point. They remind me of a sandcastle. Because I am more familiar with sandcastles than cathedrals, this is the image that comes to mind for me. However, this will be the only reference to a sandcastle in this blog post, but a sandcastle is similar to a cathedral in shape.

Below are some drawings I did of a Lightbrary or Cathedral crystal and a sandcastle. See how there is one main crystal (like the main spire of the sandcastle) and it is surrounded by smaller points, some of which are merged into the main point? Compare that to how some of the “rooms” of the sandcastle are merged and some are just very close (share a wall).

cathedral or lightbrary quartz crystalThe two names, which are used interchangeably, will help you to remember #1 what they look like and #2 what they do.

  1.      In “Cathedral” you get a physical reference (what they look like), and
  2.      In “Lightbrary”, you get a metaphysical reference (what they do or how to work with them)

I try to do this with all the different crystal configurations and their names. If you can compare them to something you already have in your database, it is helpful, then, to use this comparison so you don’t have to learn and recall “new” information.



photo credit: – Newcastle Cathedral

Just as we did last time with Bridges, to better understand (condense) the meaning of a Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal, it is helpful to understand what an actual cathedral (the building) does (what is its function?).

I really didn’t know how a Cathedral functioned (other than the beauty of the structure) so I went to Sir Google and asked. I have paraphrased what I found, and highlighted some parts for further emphasis where it applies to crystals.

We’ll recap how this applies to the Cathedral crystal after this list. (The following information, heavily paraphrased, came from this website on English cathedrals):

CATHEDRAL (Churches):

  • are places that can convey a sense of the spiritual and sacred
  • are a center of worship and mission
  • are often the oldest building in continuous use in its surrounding area and of significance to the heritage, culture and community life of the area it serves
  • act as focal points for services and celebrations
  • are the oldest buildings in continuous use in their environments
  • are complicated both archaeologically and architecturally
  • are unique and priceless heritage assets
  • are open in times of national crisis and celebration and act as focal points in their communities
  • cathedrals are immensely rich learning resources
  • have a very significant role in ensuring the continuity of conservation skills and in educating new craftsmen

So, as you can see, there is rich tradition surrounding cathedral (churches), and they serve as not only places of worship, but even more-so, places of learning, and delving into history and tradition. One also experiences the divine and sacred energy in these living works of art.


Knowing what we now know about actual cathedral churches, simply apply that to Cathedral crystals. Easy enough!

And as the heading implies, what about the Lightbrary part?

Lightbraries refer to the METAphysical part of the equation. Metaphysically, Lightbraries are extremely powerful Lightworkers and are full of wisdom. They transmit very high vibration and can be used to raise your vibrational frequency (more on this later).

It is said that the smaller points (the points which surround the Main, large point) contain information from the Akashic records.

I am told it isn’t so much that the records or information is written WITHIN the crystal, but that the energy contained within the crystal assists the soul in reaching the Hall of Records. To reiterate, as is the case with Record Keepers, I am told the information isn’t as much “burned onto” the crystal in question, but the crystal acts more as an energetic portal to the information.


To add to what we’ve learned about cathedrals, as the name implies, a Lightbrary is like a library made of light: light-brary. Your knowledge about libraries fits here! For me, a very similar energy to that found in cathedrals is also found in very old libraries.

The only difference in the reference to libraries is that the library reference in this case applies to the Akashic Records. For those of you new to the idea of the Akashic records, here’s a quote from Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. website:

“The Akashic Records or “The Book of Life” can be equated to the universe’s super computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.”

It is important to note that I am not suggesting that one cannot enter the Records without the assistance of a Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal. However, one might use the visual (the shape) and the energy (vibration) of the Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal to assist them to more easily enter the Records.


By working with these Cathedral or Lightbrary crystals, one might receive assistance in working with the Akashic Records. Also  remember they transmit very high vibration and can be used to raise your vibrational frequency.

If you have never had the opportunity to visit an actual historical cathedral, imagine the feeling of profound spiritual depth you might feel within its walls. For hundreds of years (in many cases), people have made pilgrimage to this holy site, adding to the rich depth of etheric and sacred energy present.

It truly doesn’t matter if you are associated with the particular religion of that cathedral, the energy present is undeniable.

Couple that with the fact that many of these cathedrals are built on sacred areas of Earth vibration (Ley lines, etc). Here is an interesting website about Ley Lines and structures built upon them, there are countless others.

Just as one might enter a cathedral or library just for the energy (rather than to worship or to read a book), one might work with a Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal in the same way: simply BEing in its presence to raise your own vibration.

CATHEDRAL - LIGHTBRARY Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John

CATHEDRAL – LIGHTBRARY Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John


  • A Cathedral or Lightbrary gives us hints on how its energy works in its two names:
    • Cathedral, for its shape (and function)
    • Lightbrary for its function (and energy).
  • A Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal contains the energy configuration to boost or assist one to access the Akashic Records.
  • They contain great depth of sacred wisdom energy.
  • They are very high vibrational crystals, so can assist in increasing ones vibration.

I hope this review of Cathedral or Lightbrary crystals has been helpful to you. Next time we will review Channeler or Channeling crystals.

Bridge or Inner Child Quartz Crystal – Revisit

We’re going to revisit all the quartz crystal types, condensing the information to just a few items to make remembering easier.

This week we’re going to revisit Bridge or Inner Child quartz crystals. First, what are Bridges?

metaphysical description crystal bridgeBridges are crystals which penetrate a larger crystal. They are located partially in and partially out of another crystal. When they are larger they are called Bridges, when they are smaller, they are called Inner Child crystals. They both function the same way, and the naming is just semantics, really.

There is a long blog post on this, posted previously, here. I will try to extrapolate on that information rather than repeating it.


To figure out what characteristic energies a Bridge or Inner Child crystal might have, simply ask yourself questions about actual bridges. How do bridges help us?

photo credit burwood bulletin dot org

Usually we use a bridge when access is difficult without a bridge.

What exactly do I mean?

If a bridge is spanning a creek, we could usually still cross the creek without using the bridge. However, without the bridge to help us along, it would be much harder to cross.

Let’s walk through it. In this case, let’s imagine a creek at the bottom of a 10 foot embankment, the creek is 20 feet wide and the other side is 10 feet as well.

First we would have to find a place where we can get down the side of the embankment. Next we must find an area on the creek that the water is low enough for us to cross, and finally we have to find a way back up the other side.

During all of this, we are possibly sliding in mud, certainly getting our feet wet and watching for snakes and other dangers. It is certainly taking a lot longer to get to the other side than it would if we had a bridge.

Now imagine the same crossing with a bridge:

photo credit burwood bulletin dot org


With the bridge there, we can simply walk across. The bridge connects us easily from one side to the other.

In the prior example, the crossing was fairly simple. Ten feet down, twenty feet across, and another ten back up the other side. What if the span was much larger, such as the Grand Canyon? A distance like this would seem almost insurmountable!

A person might not even attempt to connect one side to the other at the prospect of crossing without a bridge. By the time you crossed you might have forgotten what you were trying to connect and you would completely lose your perspective of being on the other side.

Bridges don’t just help make things easier and quicker to connect, they also give the added benefit that we have a different perspective as we cross, as well. Let’s explore that.


We are above the creek, so we’re slightly removed from the in-your-face aspect of the actual crossing. We can cross, but remain unattached to the nitty-gritty and it keeps us from getting embroiled in the muck and crossing. We still enjoy the sound of the creek and the feel of the cool air rising.

From the center of the bridge, we are free to stop, suspended in air (or time). We are at a perspective where we can see both upstream and downstream and both ends of the bridge. It gives us a wider perspective of the situation.

Because we can also still see and access both ends of the bridge, we can easily go back and forth between this side and that.


This is how Bridge crystals work almost identically to actual bridges: First we choose what it is we want to connect (where we need connection).

For example, are we looking to bridge between ourselves and another person, between ourselves and our Higher Self or between ourselves and our inner child? Are we trying to understand another person’s viewpoint or connect with them more deeply?

The applications and possibilities are endless. Rather than bridging to another person, consider “bridging” yourself to a goal – such as losing 10 pounds or quitting smoking. Use your imagination!

Once we have decided, the energy of the crystal can help us to bridge directly to the Other (where ever we decided we want to connect). We don’t have to slog through the steps of getting there (like climbing embankments, wading creeks, etc). This is where the connection occurs.


Another benefit is that Bridges take the guesswork away. You are on one end of the bridge, your destination is on the other. You don’t have to navigate unknowns such as embankments, crossing points or extraction.

Additionally, on your way, you are allowed a wider perspective of how you each got to where you are.

For example, in the case of accessing our Higher Self… how would that look? Where is your Higher Self? It’s hard to imagine how to get there when you don’t know where there is!

With Bridges, you don’t have to navigate the embankments or crossing, you simply jump on and start walking, knowing you are connected to the other side via the Bridge. It’s almost like magic.


We’ve talked about Bridges, but what about Inner Child crystals? Remember, Inner Child crystals are simply smaller Bridges. It is still a smaller crystal embedded partially in and partially out of a larger crystal.

Whether a crystal is called a traditional Bridge or an Inner Child will primarily depend on the energy presented and the person’s preference in naming.

They work the same, they are just smaller, and the energy typically is more subtle and gentle. Bridge crystal and Inner Child crystals are basically the same.

Still, you are connecting and gaining a different perspective with the crossing.


To sum up, whether you are working with a large Bridge or a smaller Inner Child,

  1. Bridge crystals help us to connect,
  2. Bridge crystals help us to access places which might be much more difficult to access without the Bridge and
  3. they also allow us a different perspective, seeing both sides from the neutrality of the middle.

Here is a mandala of Bridge and Inner Child crystals from CRYSTAL MANDALAS: (Learn about crystal by COLORING!) Volume 1:

I hope you have enjoyed revisiting Bridge (and Inner Child) crystals and that this recap has made understanding how to work with them a little easier to grasp.

Would you like to work with a Bridge or Inner Child crystal? Check out these Bridge and Inner Child crystals at Arkansas Crystal Works.

Stay tuned next time and we will revisit Cathedral or Lightbrary quartz crystals.

QUARTZ CRYSTAL WORKSHOP April 13-16, 2018 Fayetteville, AR

Here’s a two month heads-up so you can start planning your trip to Arkansas!

Join me in Fayetteville, Arkansas at the Ozark Research Institute’s Dowsing & Alternative Healing Convention this April. There will be speakers all weekend and a vendor’s area with all sorts of awesome offerings. I’ll be doing crystal readings and will have crystals and books available. What am I covering in my workshop?

SELF-HEALED Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John

SELF-HEALED Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John

“Metaphysical Properties of Quartz Crystal, Simplified!”

Have you ever wondered about the many different types of quartz crystal configurations and found yourself at a loss on how to know where to start? There seems to be so much information to figure out and to remember, it can be overwhelming.

The metaphysical configurations to which I am referring are names such as Record Keepers, Barnacles, Inner Child, Fairy Frost, Key, Growth Interference, Grounding, Isis Face, etc.

There are over forty different commonly found configurations of clear quartz crystal. There are even more if you add in the less-commonly found. Most books or websites list ten or more characteristics for each configuration. And to add to the confusion, nearly all crystals will have several of these different configurations in a single point.

For example, I have a (simple and not unusual) crystal here by my computer that is a Double Terminated, Tabular crystal with Record Keepers, Imprints, Barnacles, Self Healing and Lineation. This is a fairly straightforward crystal and it has seven configurations! Complex crystals would exhibit many more than seven.

If you looked each configuration up in a typical crystal book (or online), you would likely find up to ten different qualities for each of those configurations. Simple math reveals that is up to seventy different possibilities for this fairly simple crystal. What!?

If you are confused (or overwhelmed) when you are presented with this information, you’re not alone. Believe me, I was confused in the beginning, too. I wondered if I would ever get it!

RAINBOW Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John

RAINBOW Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals by Genn John

The good news is that there is an easy way to figure out and remember which crystal configuration helps with what. Lucky for you, I have spent the last 20-plus years condensing this mass of information down into easily assimilated, bite-sized pieces!

Join me in a workshop I will be presenting this April (13-16, 2018) at the Ozark Research Institute’s Dowsing & Alternative Healing Convention in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

In this hour and a half talk I will present the most popular configurations of clear quartz crystal (we will discuss over forty configurations, as time allows) and I will demonstrate easy ways to remember their unique properties. Working with crystal shouldn’t be confusing, overwhelming or complicated.

Here’s a link to sign up and read about the other presenters and to register for the weekend:

Register before February 28th for Early Bird Discounts.  I hope to see you in April!


image empathic broken crystalThis is addressing the second part of a question posed to me (the first part of the question is found here). The questioner asked:

Sometimes [crystals]  jump from my hand or I drop another crystal on them accidentally, etc. I am brand new at this and don’t know how to proceed. Thank you” – K. S.


If you live with crystals for long, there will unfortunately come a day when breakage occurs. Either by dropping them to the floor or onto a hard surface, or even as in the case mentioned above, dropping something on them or clanking them against one another. It happens.

It’s sad and usually heartbreaking for me, especially if it is a favorite crystal. We never want to cause harm or injury to those we love.

The positive note: there is almost always a lesson to be learned in the breaking.

Many times, a “flawless” crystal will be dropped or dinged while in the care of a person, and the person usually feels terrible about this, that it is somehow their fault and that they have “ruined” an otherwise “perfect” crystal.

The message I have received from the Crystal People over and over again, is that more often than not, the crystal has chosen to be damaged in order to assist the person with a lesson on self love and acceptance (and forgiveness!).

empathic broken crystalA further bit of proof of this is that not every crystal which is dropped breaks, and not every crystal which is broken has been dropped.

What does this mean? It is important to note that Empathic crystals bring out compassionate feelings in us. (Empathic crystals are crystals which are chipped, broken or damaged.) When we see a chipped or damaged crystal, we tend to show it love. Even more so if the “damage” is caused by our own hand. The crystal picks up this empathy and amplifies it.

The empathy continues from there on! Remember, a crystal will encounter many people during its lifespan. Each person that expresses compassion for the damage on the crystal increases the empathetic energy of the crystal. It is a cycle that builds and repeats.

Therefore, if the unfortunate happens and you do break a favorite crystal, work with this special empathic energy.

In any circumstance in which you need to bring compassion into the mix, you might work with an Empathic (chipped, broken or damaged) crystal. If it is a crystal which has broken in your care, meditate on the type of crystal, the circumstances, and how it makes you feel that this happened.

Do you need to practice forgiveness of self? Come to terms with imperfections? Learn to accept perceived flaws?

I usually find more often than not that the compassion and forgiveness needed is toward self. Again, especially if the “damage” is caused by you. I tend to get hyper judgmental and hard on myself in these situations and it is hard to forgive myself! I find it is easy to feel compassion for and to forgive others for their mistakes, but we are much harder on ourselves. We expect to be perfect or not “flawed”.

empathic broken crystalIf we work with an Empathic crystal, we can see how much we still love this crystal, not simply in spite of its damage, but a lot of times, because of it. We are able to see what this crystal has gone through in its lifetime and  still it perseveres.

The crystal doesn’t hold any ill will toward us for its change in shape and or resulting flaws, chips or dings. It still just as happily receives and returns our love and acceptance. It is still beautiful and worthy. It isn’t sad or angry at us for “breaking” it, nor should we be angry at ourselves!

In the creation of the damage, the Empathic (chipped, broken or damaged) crystal helps to remind us to be forgiving of our mistakes. In the actual damage, it reminds us to apply the same feelings of love, acceptance and compassion for our own perceived “flaws”.

So! Don’t feel all is lost if you damage a favored crystal, see the lesson in it, forgive yourself, love your crystal MORE and move on!

Storing Crystal – Best Practices

Hello fellow crystal lovers! In this blog post I am going to answer a question I recently received. It also addresses other questions which seem to pop up on occasion, one of which I will answer in another post.

storing crystals

Here is the question:

I have been purchasing tons of tumbles, quartz, and other minerals. Because I have a very destructive cat, I have to keep them stored in plastic craft boxes wrapped with bubble wrap or tissue. The fluorite seems to crack in shipment, or after I receive it. Do they mind being stored this way?

I have probably 500 inexpensive stones ranging from agate into the various quartz types. The fluorite seems to break no matter what I do. Sometimes they jump from my hand or I drop another crystal on them accidentally, etc. I didn’t think of them as people, but I don’t know what else to do… there are simply too many to store open and love everyday. I am brand new at this and don’t know how to proceed. Thank you for your work. – K. S.

So, this actually breaks down into a couple of questions.

Number One: Is it OK to store your crystals away (rather than displaying them) and what is the best practice if you have a LARGE stone family?

Number Two:  What about stones which are broken in our care? (Because it is a long answer, I will address this in the next post.)

image of storing crystals


Do crystals mind being stored away, wrapped in cloth or tissue, bubble wrap or plastic?

This is a great question and one I have asked my own Crystal Guide, Venus. The answer I received is that no, they don’t mind. They realize that there isn’t always room to display them all. Like the questioner, you may have mischievous pets that like to push them off shelves and/or you simply may not have enough shelf space on which to set them (this is the issue I have).

display and enjoy your crystalsWe have our crystal family members on shelves all over the house, in baskets, bowls, jars and trinket boxes.

I also have them stored “away” in several places. For instance, in the (large) wooden jewelry box pictured above, and stacked on shelves in plastic totes, boxes, bags and tins. Some of which have been there for years.

display and enjoy your crystalsAs you might imagine, crystals are infinitely patient.

Venus reminded me, with an obvious wink and characteristic tinkling laughter, that they are accustomed to living in very dark places for very long periods of time (meaning in the Earth). Being in our boxes and storage areas, even if for years in our lifetime, is but a blink in theirs.


Ideally, and in a perfect world, you hear about keeping your stones wrapped in natural fabric (cotton, silk, etc), and this is great! I do this with stones with which I am currently working that are programmed toward a specific goal. Not so much with all my crystals.

In truth, any way that you can store them is fine.

If you have luxurious fabrics or fancy wooden boxes in which to keep your crystals, super! Conversely, if you have decidedly “unfancy” boxes, (plastic, wood, cardboard, whatever!), that is equally fine. Bags, (fabric, plastic, paper)… also fine!


display and enjoy your crystalsSometimes you simply can’t manage to follow best practice recommendations such as wrapping each stone in a special cloth. Oftentimes this just isn’t feasible. Believe me! If you are like me and have hundreds (thousands!?) of stones, you can’t always do this. As long as they are as safely secured as possible, and placed where EVER they are placed with an attitude of thanks and love, that’s perfect!

It is “good enough”!

Sometimes in your journey you may find it necessary that they don’t even live with you in your home, but are packed away in a storage unit. Sometimes it is necessary they live in buckets or boxes in sheds, garages or even outside. This, too, is OK!

The point of this is NO GUILT.

The Crystal People love us unconditionally. They are here to help us to love ourselves and they certainly aren’t here to judge us about how we have to store them. 

That brings me to the only thing that IS important:


Hey, Crystals! Love You!


Unfortunately, sometimes out-of-sight can also mean out-of-mind. So, here’s the main caveat in all of this: However they are stored, wherever they are stored… always be mindful that they are there! Touch in with them periodically.

You don’t even have to do this physically. Mentally is fine. I like to do this during the full moon. I touch in by mentally going to each area where they are stored and ask that they receive the energy of the full moon to recharge and rejuvenate them. I imagine them (in the box, bag, storage area) and say “HEY! I love you!” As long as they know that they are thought of, it keeps the energy exchange between you and your Crystal Family flowing.

So, in summary:

Number one: The Crystal People don’t mind how or where they are stored and number two: be mindful of your (stored) crystal/stone family and be sure to remember to touch base with them periodically! It’s as easy as that!

Stay tuned for stones which are broken in our care.

Do you have special ways that you store your Crystal Friends or do you have thoughts or comments on what I’ve suggested here? If so, please share below!


We’re going to revisit all the quartz types, using some drawings from my Crystal Mandala books (in which I have drawn a mandala of each type of crystal, condensing the information to 4 to 5 items to make remembering easier).

This week we’re going to revisit Barnacle quartz crystals. First, what are Barnacles?

barnacle quartz crystal

Barnacles are small crystals attached to a larger crystal. They almost appear to be glued on. They aren’t penetrating the larger crystal (in which case, they would be called Bridges or Inner Child crystals).

barnacle quartz crystal

barnacle quartz crystal

Barnacles may be large or small. They may appear as thick patches or may be scattered intermittently. Most often, barnacles are located on one plane or only half of the crystal (like moss growing on only one side of a tree). Other times they may appear to be scattered on nearly all sides.

However they are found (small or large, many or few), barnacles on a crystal will signify to you that the crystal on which they are attached most likely has old soul, ancient energy and probably has knowledge to impart. Certainly this is true of all crystals, but crystals with barnacles have an extra emphasis on this type of energy.

I have seen barnacles called “babies” in some descriptions from other sources, however I see babies usually as one or two larger crystals standing at the feet of, or attached to, a crystal with a parental energy.

There might just be a few barnacles on a point, or they might almost completely encrust the point and look like jewels. Almost always, these crystals emit a very Old Soul, ancient feeling.

Here’s an infographic on Barnacle crystals:

barnacle quartz crystal

Metaphysically, the larger crystal is the “Old Soul” and contains the wisdom and trust that attracts the smaller crystals (babies or new souls). I usually find that these Old Soul crystals with barnacles are helpful to us in the way that a loving human grandmother/father or great grandmother/father would be (imagine the Oracle from the Matrix movies). They help us to see things from a wider, deeper, wiser perspective. I think of the description of a crystal with barnacles not so much as a description of the barnacles themselves, but of the energy of the crystal that attracts or grows barnacles.

barnacle quartz crystal

You can find this Barnacle Crystal Mandala in CRYSTAL MANDALAS: (Learn about crystal by COLORING!) Volume 1

CRYSTAL MANDALAS:  Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Barnacle

These are spiral bound books of hand drawn crystal mandalas. Each mandala is an individual 11 x 11 design. The books are all coil bound to lay flat for effortless coloring or studying. There are two copies of each crystal type so you may color one and leave the other in the book as a reference. Learn about crystals as you color!

YIN/YANG QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Yin/Yang ?

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Yin/Yang

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Yin/Yang

The last couple of posts, we have been reviewing Feminine and Masculine crystals. Before we finish the three part series by talking about Yin/Yang (part Masculine, part Feminine) crystals, first a note:

As always, whenever I mention Masculine or Feminine in regard to crystals, people tend to flip their lids! This time was no exception. It would seem that in our societal complex right now, anything to do with “gender” is triggering knee-jerk reactions in people. If you find the use of these terms in relation to quartz crystal offensive, please take a deep breath and allow me to explain.

“Masculine” and “Feminine” are two of nearly FIFTY descriptions of types of quartz crystals. I am simply describing a type (Masculine equals clear, Feminine equals cloudy). These are not terms I made up or assigned to crystals, I am simply explaining names which have been assigned to types of quartz crystals and have been around at least the twenty years I have been doing this.

If you aren’t of the school that believes that crystals are sentient beings (they are) then simply suffice it to say that when someone describes a crystal as physically “Masculine” they are referring to a CLEAR crystal. If they describe it as physically “Feminine” they are referring to a CLOUDY or MILKY crystal. It also bears mentioning that I am talking ONLY about quartz crystals here. Not other types of crystals and gemstones.

So, if you are reading this, and your eye starts to twitch because you think I am assigning gender roles to crystals, I am not…

Physically, we’re talking about clear versus cloudy. That’s it. Energetically, Masculine versus Feminine is another story entirely. It has less to do with how they present physically and more to do with what type of energy with which they present. OK? OK! Moving on!

This blog post will be pretty short and sweet since we have covered both Feminine and Masculine crystals previously. Remember, just as with humans, simply because a crystal presents as Yin/Yang, Feminine or Masculine in appearance “anatomically”, it absolutely DOES NOT mean that it will also be “energetically” Yin/Yang, Feminine or Masculine. This is an important point. Just as with humans, many crystals masculine in appearance (clear) have feminine energy and many crystals feminine in appearance (cloudy) have masculine energy. Still with me?


Some crystals are an equal mix of both Feminine and Masculine, these crystals are called Yin/Yang. Lots of crystals are dense at the base but are more Masculine than Feminine, so these aren’t normally called Yin/Yang. There are also crystals which would be described as a mix of Masculine and Feminine top to bottom (meaning an even distribution of clarity and milkiness throughout. This type isn’t normally called Yin/Yang either. I typically call a crystal Yin/Yang if it is as close to 50/50 as possible (top half masculine/bottom half feminine), or sometimes 40/60 either way as long as there is a really strong area of demarcation where the masculine and feminine meet.

Here is a picture with some examples of Yin/Yang crystals. Notice how clear they are at the top and how milky they are at the bottom and that there is an obvious area where the two meet:

YIN-YANG crystals

So, it’s pretty basic. Yin/Yang crystals are half and half Feminine/Masculine. Not so hard! Basically that’s it for the anatomy lesson!


Feminine = cloudy or milky

Masculine = clear

Yin/Yang = half cloudy and half clear.


Energetically speaking, we’re talking about if a crystal presents with an energy which would be described as Feminine, Masculine or Yin/Yang:

Feminine crystals might help us (both men and women) to get in touch with our feminine nature. They have a soft, yet deep, mysterious energy. Yin in nature, Feminine crystals are intuitive, nurturing and receptive. The energy is more diffuse. If the energy were compared to a light, it would be described as glowing (coming from all directions evenly).

Masculine crystals are helpful when you need to get to the point; they have a sharp and direct energy. Yang in nature, Masculine crystals are more action-oriented and the energy projects rather than recedes. The energy of Masculine crystals is more focused and linear. If its energy were described as a light, it would tend to be a high power flashlight or even a laser pointer (directed out the end in a focused beam).

Knowing that Yin/Yang crystals have an equal measure of masculine to feminine contained in them, they are good for attaining and maintaining balance.


In this set of three blog posts on “anatomy”, we learned that:

  • Feminine crystals are called “cloudy” or “milky”.
  • Masculine crystals are called “clear” or sometimes “water clear”.
  • Yin/Yang crystals are half feminine and half masculine with an obvious area where the two meet.
  • Just because a crystal presents as feminine or masculine doesn’t guarantee that its energy will match its anatomy.
  • Energetically feminine crystals help to connect us with our feminine nature and are have soft mysterious energy and are intuitive, nurturing and receptive.
  • Energetically masculine crystals help you get to the point. Their energy is sharp and direct and they are more action-oriented with projecting energy.
  • Yin/Yang crystals help us to maintain a balance of masculine to feminine traits/energies.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about the anatomy of Feminine, Masculine and Yin/Yang quartz crystals.

FEMININE QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Feminine ?

CRYSTAL MANDALAS:  Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Feminine

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Feminine (click on image to order book)

Today we’re going to revisit Feminine quartz crystals, with the distinction that we’re talking about what a “Feminine” quartz crystal looks like. We’re discussing whether a crystal is called Feminine by features only, not by energy.

In the past I have called this an “anatomy lesson” because basically we’ll be discussing whether a crystal presents physically what has been described as Feminine. The next two posts we’ll revisit Masculine and Yin/Yang quartz crystals. I have described this is whether a crystal is described as masculine (e.g. has “man parts”), is described physically as feminine (e.g. has “lady parts”) or presents physically as Yin/Yang (e.g. as a mix of both).

Because it is pretty short and sweet to describe the LOOK of a Feminine crystal, I will also cover the energetic possibilities. Remember, just as with humans, simply because a crystal presents as feminine or masculine in appearance “anatomically”, it absolutely DOES NOT mean that it will also be energetically feminine or masculine. This is an important point. Just as with humans, many crystals feminine in appearance have masculine energy and many crystals masculine in appearance have feminine energy.

We’ll start with the physical description of FEMININE crystals:

Feminine crystals are described as “dense” and “milky”. The concentration of density in a Feminine crystal varies from nearly opaque Fairy Frost to solid white, milky quartz. Traditionally, quartz crystals which are white, rather than clear, are called milky. My assumption is that since clear crystals are often described as water clear, then cloudy or densely white quartz crystal is often called milky (because it looks more like milk than water). If you talk to a person who doesn’t ascribe to naming the metaphysical aspects of quartz crystals, if you are looking for a crystal which appears Feminine, you would ask for Milky quartz. Quartz Matrix is milky in appearance, so any chunk of white quartz crystal is called milky quartz. When asking, then, you might end up with a chunk of quartz, so to further specify, you would ask for a Milky quartz point or cluster (group of points).

The presence of tiny air bubbles is what causes quartz to appear milky. The veins of Arkansas crystal are milky, so most (but certainly not all) of the crystal in Arkansas has at least a milky base (if a crystal breaks off above the matrix, there might not be any milky nature or Fairy Frost present. Because of the presence of these teeny (even microscopic) air bubbles, milky quartz can be “softer” or broken more easily than very water clear quartz. Don’t misunderstand, though, it isn’t significantly softer. It tends to break more easily, not so much because it is significantly “softer” but the molecules of air bubbles make fracturing easier.

When talking about crystal matrix, which is most often milky in appearance, it makes me also think of the feminine property of giving life. That the matrix is the base from which the crystals spring (or grow), so it further helps explain why milky crystal is called Feminine.

Here is a picture with some examples of Feminine crystals. Notice how densely white (milky) they are:

feminine crystals

Most crystals are part Feminine and part Masculine, a little bit more of one than the other, but not fully either. These would be described as “mostly Feminine” or “mostly Masculine”. Here’s an example of that:

feminine and masculine

The crystal pictured left is mostly Feminine (cloudy or milky) in appearance, with some Masculine (clear) at the termination and down the left side. The crystal to the right is mostly Masculine (clear), with a Feminine (cloudy or milky) base.

Basically that’s it for the anatomy lesson.

Feminine = cloudy or milky

Now, let’s talk briefly about Feminine crystals energetically. Remember that a clear crystal (Masculine in appearance) might have feminine energy. Just as with people, it’s best not to make assumptions based solely on appearance. For example, I often find this to be true with crystals which have an Isis Face (5 sided face). Whether these crystals with an Isis Face are Feminine or Masculine in appearance they often have a strong feminine energy.

Feminine crystals help us (both men and women) to get in touch with our feminine nature. They have a soft, yet deep, mysterious energy. Yin in nature, Feminine crystals are intuitive, nurturing and receptive. The energy is more diffuse. If the energy were compared to a light, it would be described as glowing (coming from all directions evenly).

In order to work with a Feminine crystal, (provided it is energetically feminine, not just physically) one might choose to meditate with it, enjoying the energy of feminine nature which may present as soft, nurturing, creative, life-giving, or Yin. One might also create a grid out of Feminine crystals to hold the vibration of feminine energy. Jewelry might be made of out of a feminine crystal so that the energy could be carried intimately throughout the day, or a small point kept in a pocket or purse for the same result.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about the anatomy (and physiology) of Feminine crystals, next week we’ll revisit Masculine crystals.


Rockwell's kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Rockwell’s kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Today we’re going to discuss the different ways we might work with crystal to increase the vibration of our non-human family (and how they likewise might enjoy these interactions). We’ll talk about cats, dogs, fish, birds, plants and trees…


Cats and dogs react to crystals in different ways. For example, my friend Renee has a bowl of crystals that her cat likes to touch. She said it uses its little paw and moves them gently here to there.

Many people to which I send crystals talk about their cats climbing into the box in which the crystal was shipped. This might not be such a big deal, considering cats and their propensity to sit in random boxes, but they say the cat seems more interested than usual in the crystal boxes. I’m sure they feel the shift in vibration the crystal has created in the space during their travel to their new home.

I have also heard stories from customers who have had their cats and dogs pick the crystal up in their mouths and carry them off after opening their crystal orders. I once visited a friend with a medium sized dog and when I showed him the crystal I had in my pocket, he nuzzled it in my open hand, then grabbed it and ran with it to his bed.

Ody the crystal digger

Ody the crystal digger

Crystals are also great to use for pet therapy for healing, protection and energy. I have rubbed my pets with a crystal, infusing them with both the crystalline energy and Reiki. To keep the energy flowing continuously, I have also sewn crystals onto the collar of my little Chihuahua friend, Ody (the crystal digger), pictured right.

Other than applying a crystal directly to your pet, you can also place crystals in and around pet beds; even in water bowls.

There are some (common sense) things to consider if you decide to use crystals around your beloved pets in their beds or in or near water dishes.

  • Make sure the crystal is large enough that your pet isn’t going to accidentally ingest it, especially larger pets with smaller crystals. Obviously small dogs aren’t as likely to lap up a larger crystal, but it still bears mentioning.
  • If you are using them in or near water bowls, make sure that the crystals are clean of any acid residue that may be present from the cleaning process. If you aren’t 100% sure how clean a crystal is, for safety’s sake, setting the crystal near rather than in the bowl is a better idea.
  • Ensure that the crystal you choose to work with your pet doesn’t have broken or sharp edges that might cut curious licking tongues, sniffing noses or tender paws! Remember pets explore their surroundings with noses and mouths.

Crystals and your plantsBesides working with our crystal friends in a pet’s water dish, consider these other options: What about crystal in our own drinking water, or in the water for our plants or even fish?

Crystals in flower beds

Crystals in flower beds


Both indoor and outdoor plants and trees benefit from crystal. Besides it being a beautiful addition, the increase in vibration helps plants grow and thrive.

You can put crystal into your watering container to charge the water you give your indoor plants.

We also have buried and placed crystal points and chunks around the soil of all our potted plants to help increase their growth and energy.


Clusters placed around the base of trees are helpful energetically; besides being beautiful to look at, the crystals may also draw fairies and elementals!

You may hang crystals in your trees for your own pleasure, to attract fairies and elementals and also for the tree spirit itself. I make mobiles out of wire-wrapped crystals, beads and driftwood and hang them in my trees.


Do you have pet fish?

Crystal can be a beautiful and healthy addition to a fish tank. You need to beware, however, that crystal is often cleaned with acid, making it pretty and rust free. So, if you’re putting crystal into drinking water or into a fish tank, be sure to use crystal that has been cleaned with water only (no acid). In a fish tank, I would even be wary of using soap. Please don’t drop a newly acquired crystal, or cluster, into your fish tank thinking you will be helping your fish with the healing properties of quartz (which would be a great idea) if you are using crystal which may have residual bits of acid on it (which would NOT be a great idea). The same goes for your own drinking water.

If it is a single point that doesn’t have a lot of crevasses, I would think that a crystal previously cleaned in acid would be safe to use if you cleansed it with a brush and rinsed it very well before putting it into your drinking water. However, a better alternative is to place the crystal near, but not into, the water. This is the safest bet, especially where our fish friends are concerned.

Placing a crystal in or near water, especially if you program that crystal for a specific intent, such as health, energy, etc., will help to raise the water’s vibration.

Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo

Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo


Misty the African Grey

Misty the African Grey

If you have birds, crystals can be placed on or near their cage to add calming, higher vibration energy to them.

My cockatoo, Daisy, who is especially high-strung, has a semi-permanent grid on top of her cage. A semi-permanent grid is one which stays in place but is easily moved or rearranged. As a reminder, here is a link to a post on crystal grids.

For Daisy’s grid, I used several different types of stones for various energies. I have some clear quartz chunks to increase vibrations, rose quartz for love, amethyst clusters for calm and polished selenite for angelic and calming energies.


Important to note in all of these crystal applications: Don’t forget to be sure to consider how your particular non-human friend interacts with their environment before introducing a new gemstone into their realm. For example, in Daisy’s crystal grid, I chose polished, rather than raw, selenite, because raw selenite is a very soft stone that chips, flakes and slivers easily. Daisy’s curious beak would be very interested in raw selenite and could be quite dangerous to her. Avoid potential tragedy by being mindful. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.


Remember what I said in previous posts about crystal broadcasting on many different channels in many different languages? It doesn’t just apply to the different ways humans communicate and understand, but also to other beings and how they interact with their world through vibration.

We have determined that crystals help us to access Spirit Guides, Angels and Elementals, as well as to connect with our animal and plant friends. I believe that crystal naturally speaks the language of each of these beings. Think of all the ways crystal might assist and interact with our non-human friends and share the love!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about how we might work with crystals with our beloved pets. Do you have stories to share about your non-human family and how they interact with your Crystal Family? I’d love to hear them. Share your stories below! I’ll leave you with a collage of a few of my furry and feathered family members, past and present:

Beloved pets

Beloved pets