Rockwell's kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Rockwell’s kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Today we’re going to discuss the different ways we might work with crystal to increase the vibration of our non-human family (and how they likewise might enjoy these interactions). We’ll talk about cats, dogs, fish, birds, plants and trees…


Cats and dogs react to crystals in different ways. For example, my friend Renee has a bowl of crystals that her cat likes to touch. She said it uses its little paw and moves them gently here to there.

Many people to which I send crystals talk about their cats climbing into the box in which the crystal was shipped. This might not be such a big deal, considering cats and their propensity to sit in random boxes, but they say the cat seems more interested than usual in the crystal boxes. I’m sure they feel the shift in vibration the crystal has created in the space during their travel to their new home.

I have also heard stories from customers who have had their cats and dogs pick the crystal up in their mouths and carry them off after opening their crystal orders. I once visited a friend with a medium sized dog and when I showed him the crystal I had in my pocket, he nuzzled it in my open hand, then grabbed it and ran with it to his bed.

Ody the crystal digger

Ody the crystal digger

Crystals are also great to use for pet therapy for healing, protection and energy. I have rubbed my pets with a crystal, infusing them with both the crystalline energy and Reiki. To keep the energy flowing continuously, I have also sewn crystals onto the collar of my little Chihuahua friend, Ody (the crystal digger), pictured right.

Other than applying a crystal directly to your pet, you can also place crystals in and around pet beds; even in water bowls.

There are some (common sense) things to consider if you decide to use crystals around your beloved pets in their beds or in or near water dishes.

  • Make sure the crystal is large enough that your pet isn’t going to accidentally ingest it, especially larger pets with smaller crystals. Obviously small dogs aren’t as likely to lap up a larger crystal, but it still bears mentioning.
  • If you are using them in or near water bowls, make sure that the crystals are clean of any acid residue that may be present from the cleaning process. If you aren’t 100% sure how clean a crystal is, for safety’s sake, setting the crystal near rather than in the bowl is a better idea.
  • Ensure that the crystal you choose to work with your pet doesn’t have broken or sharp edges that might cut curious licking tongues, sniffing noses or tender paws! Remember pets explore their surroundings with noses and mouths.

Crystals and your plantsBesides working with our crystal friends in a pet’s water dish, consider these other options: What about crystal in our own drinking water, or in the water for our plants or even fish?

Crystals in flower beds

Crystals in flower beds


Both indoor and outdoor plants and trees benefit from crystal. Besides it being a beautiful addition, the increase in vibration helps plants grow and thrive.

You can put crystal into your watering container to charge the water you give your indoor plants.

We also have buried and placed crystal points and chunks around the soil of all our potted plants to help increase their growth and energy.


Clusters placed around the base of trees are helpful energetically; besides being beautiful to look at, the crystals may also draw fairies and elementals!

You may hang crystals in your trees for your own pleasure, to attract fairies and elementals and also for the tree spirit itself. I make mobiles out of wire-wrapped crystals, beads and driftwood and hang them in my trees.


Do you have pet fish?

Crystal can be a beautiful and healthy addition to a fish tank. You need to beware, however, that crystal is often cleaned with acid, making it pretty and rust free. So, if you’re putting crystal into drinking water or into a fish tank, be sure to use crystal that has been cleaned with water only (no acid). In a fish tank, I would even be wary of using soap. Please don’t drop a newly acquired crystal, or cluster, into your fish tank thinking you will be helping your fish with the healing properties of quartz (which would be a great idea) if you are using crystal which may have residual bits of acid on it (which would NOT be a great idea). The same goes for your own drinking water.

If it is a single point that doesn’t have a lot of crevasses, I would think that a crystal previously cleaned in acid would be safe to use if you cleansed it with a brush and rinsed it very well before putting it into your drinking water. However, a better alternative is to place the crystal near, but not into, the water. This is the safest bet, especially where our fish friends are concerned.

Placing a crystal in or near water, especially if you program that crystal for a specific intent, such as health, energy, etc., will help to raise the water’s vibration.

Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo

Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo


Misty the African Grey

Misty the African Grey

If you have birds, crystals can be placed on or near their cage to add calming, higher vibration energy to them.

My cockatoo, Daisy, who is especially high-strung, has a semi-permanent grid on top of her cage. A semi-permanent grid is one which stays in place but is easily moved or rearranged. As a reminder, here is a link to a post on crystal grids.

For Daisy’s grid, I used several different types of stones for various energies. I have some clear quartz chunks to increase vibrations, rose quartz for love, amethyst clusters for calm and polished selenite for angelic and calming energies.


Important to note in all of these crystal applications: Don’t forget to be sure to consider how your particular non-human friend interacts with their environment before introducing a new gemstone into their realm. For example, in Daisy’s crystal grid, I chose polished, rather than raw, selenite, because raw selenite is a very soft stone that chips, flakes and slivers easily. Daisy’s curious beak would be very interested in raw selenite and could be quite dangerous to her. Avoid potential tragedy by being mindful. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.


Remember what I said in previous posts about crystal broadcasting on many different channels in many different languages? It doesn’t just apply to the different ways humans communicate and understand, but also to other beings and how they interact with their world through vibration.

We have determined that crystals help us to access Spirit Guides, Angels and Elementals, as well as to connect with our animal and plant friends. I believe that crystal naturally speaks the language of each of these beings. Think of all the ways crystal might assist and interact with our non-human friends and share the love!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about how we might work with crystals with our beloved pets. Do you have stories to share about your non-human family and how they interact with your Crystal Family? I’d love to hear them. Share your stories below! I’ll leave you with a collage of a few of my furry and feathered family members, past and present:

Beloved pets

Beloved pets



Daisy - petAnimals also benefit from crystal grids. My umbrella cockatoo, Daisy, is particularly high strung. She was going nutty from hormones and frustration because her mate was not responding to her advances. Guess who she thinks her “mate” is? That’s right, it’s me. It makes for an awkward situation. I was starting to approach my wits end because she was so nervous, jittery and cranky. There was really nothing I could do to help her. Well, Crystal People to the rescue!

I placed a grid on her cage. In Daisy’s case, I choose to use amethyst because of its calming energies. I chose amethyst clusters in particular because they were large enough not to fall through the bars on the top of her cage. I cleansed, cleared and programmed the crystals to assist Daisy to be calm and happy. I asked her Spirit Guides, and any helpers that may be present who work with animals, birds in particular, to please help. I placed the amethyst clusters on each of the four corners of her cage, said a small prayer and over time, she became less cranky and noticeably calmer.

Daisy - petRecently her frustration level has been increasing. I added a Selenite oval to the center of the four-point Amethyst grid, to introduce soothing angelic energies and to help the Amethyst remain cleansed.

The crystal on Daisy’s cage is an example of a semi-permanent grid. I leave the crystals on her cage, but I can move them if and when I need to. I touch-in with the crystals daily when I put her to bed and cleanse and charge them as needed. Daisy’s grid is also a perfect example of using different crystal types as well as altering the grid as the situation warrants.

It can be helpful to remember that gridding is a fluid endeavor.

Twinkie - petAs discussed earlier, you can do this with dogs, cats, even fish. Remember, though, that it is safest to put the crystal on the outside corners of your fish tank, not inside.

Any animal you have can benefit from your use of a crystal grid to help them. You just need to cleanse, clear, program and intend. It’s as easy as that.

Once your grid is in place, if there has been a change in activity (such as a quarrel or something that has introduced negative energy into the environment, or intense healing work), cleanse your grid. If this seems daunting, remember you can cleanse your crystals without moving or touching them.

Be sure to reconnect and reinforce your grid on a regular basis. Remember to energetically charge your grid during the full moon while you’re at it.

plants - gridYou may build a grid for your plants and trees so that they grow and thrive. Grids can be placed to attract fairies and elementals, if that is your intention. Your property can be gridded for protection, love, healing and positivity. All of these grids in place at once is what we refer to as layering grids.

Don’t forget to cleanse the crystals periodically and touch base to reconnect and reaffirm your intention within the grid. Use your etheric cord connection to reinforce your grids. This means you will need to connect with the crystals before you make the grid. You don’t have to hold each one and go through the entire process individually. Select the ones you want to use in your grid, and connect with them as a group. You will be working with them collectively, so this is a better idea than individually connecting, anyway.

After cleansing and clearing, visualize the intent and goal that you have for the grid. Next, ask the crystals to hold that intention for you; that is programming the grid. Finally, offer your thanks and gratitude for their continued assistance.

plants - gridYou might choose to grid your indoor plants as well.

I like to place crystal chunks and pieces in the pots surrounding the plants in the house. They seem to grow better.

You might also consider creating a permanent grid, placed in the pot before you add all the dirt. This grid will stay there, so remember what I said in an earlier post about selecting crystals appropriate to permanent versus temporary grids. As a reminder, if you know the crystals in the grid will be inaccessible (like the ones built into the subfloor of my  bedroom) you might choose empathic crystals (which are still very powerful) versus jewelry quality or large, AAA grade crystals.

Remember these few things: crystal grids can be reprogrammed as the need arises, they need to be cleansed and charged with intent periodically (this lets the crystals know you haven’t forgotten they are working on your behalf) and remember to be thankful to your gridded crystals for assisting you to hold and run your intentions.


Lung gridHealing grids obviously are different than home or property grids, but they work the same way. First, you select the crystals you would like to help you in your healing session. Do this either by pure intuition or by the configuration of the crystal. What I mean by this, is you may use any type of crystal you have available, programmed for the purpose of healing, or you may use specific types of configurations (eg: Golden Healers, Self Healing, etc).

You may have a set of crystals you use exclusively for healing work. Connect with them and request their help in the healing session with Person X. Or conversely, you may also lay a grid for yourself. For your healing grid, you may place the crystals around a bed, recliner or even on the floor. Just be sure to lay them out wherever you are going to be most comfortable. On this note, you may decide to make a large grid around the person for a healing session, which would be a temporary grid (a grid which you construct and take down after a period of time). You may also have a longer running need (a more persistent health challenge) for which you might want to create a semi-permanent grid, using something in the center of the grid to represent who the grid is for. The picture is an example of one such grid, I created it when I had pneumonia and wanted the grid to run night and day.

To begin, state your intention to the crystal, see yourself or the person in the grid in their highest light. If you wish, along with assistance from the Crystal People, you can ask for assistance from the Creator, Spirit Guides and Angels. Lay the crystals around the person in whatever way you feel led, and then let the person “cook.” When I say “cook”, imagine letting the person soak in the healing crystal energies and encourage them to see themselves in their most vibrant, healthy state while they relax within the healing grid.

Keep in mind the direction of the energy that is flowing out of your crystal points. Imagine them as arrows, the termination being the arrow point. Whichever direction the arrow is pointing is the direction the energy will flow. Double Terminated crystals flow in both directions. For example: If your grid intention is set to bring in energy and healing energy TO the person, then the crystals in your grid would be best pointed INWARD, toward the person. If, on the other hand, your grid intention is to REMOVE something from the person (pain, etc) your crystals would be best suited pointing AWAY from the person. Often you may find that you want to take something out and bring something in (take away pain and bring in soothing energy), in these cases you may point some of your crystals out (to carry away the pain) and some in (to bring in the soothing energy). You may choose to lay the grid of crystals right on the person, or around their body. If it’s a grid for yourself, it might be easiest to lay them around you so that the ones you have placed don’t fall off as you place more.

photo of detail of grid centerGrids can be used in distant healing, as well. If you have a friend that is in need of healing or protection or positivity or … (fill in the blank), you can make a grid for them where you are. To do this, get a picture of the person, or something which represents them, and put it in the center of the grid. Select your crystals, cleanse and clear them, and program them with the particular intent you have for this grid. Visualize your friend in their highest light, healed and whole in this NOW moment. Ask the crystals to hold that energetic signature for you.

The pattern in which you place the crystals is up to you. You might place them in a starburst pattern, all facing in toward the person if they are in need of energy. You might place them in a starburst pointing out if they are trying to rid themselves of something. You might place them in a circle, arrow point to base for protection. If you have a lot of double terminated points, you could lay them in a starburst around the person so the energy would both flow into and out of them. Follow your inner guidance. There are no rules. These are just suggestions to prime your pump of ideas.

I have also seen very lovely grids which incorporate items along with crystal. I have used feathers (to represent air) in grids created to increase my lung function. I have seen beautiful flowers (beauty/love) and even items such as cinnamon sticks (scent), sage bundles or leaves (cleansing), salt (protection), etc. Use your imagination. There are no rules or limits or right or wrong items to include in your healing grids.

I hope this short post has helped sparked your imagination and that you create a crystal grid for yourself or a loved-one! Next time we’ll discuss crystal gridding for animals and plants.


picture of a personal crystal grid

Genn’s Personal Grid

Permanent grids versus temporary grids are also a determining factor in crystal choice.


In a temporary grid it is ok to use crystals that you might want to use later for something else. For example the ten-inch optically clear Channeler I mentioned in my last post might be perfect for use in a temporary grid. Another example of a temporary grid might be one you place around a person during a healing session. Temporary grids are meant to be set up and worked with for short-term use.


An example of less permanent grids (semi-permanent) would be crystals which line flowerbeds or ring trees. They are probably there at least semi-permanently, unless one moves the flowerbed or decides to re-arrange. Another semi-permanent grid might be on top of your bird’s cage or around the bed of your pet. You might construct these crystal grids with certain crystals, and then adjust as energetic needs change.


You can also make a permanent grid around your house or around your entire property. You may bury the crystal at the corners of your house, under each window, or near the doors. For your property, choose the four corners and space along the fence line if it is big. If you have a large property (many acres of land) you can make a small scale replica and grid that to represent your property. To do this, you would energetically ask each crystal to be present over a specific area. Again, let me hammer this home: Intent is the key. I have a grid built into my bedroom subfloor. This type of grid is obviously meant to be a permanent grid, as it would require tearing up the floor to move or change it. These crystal grids are meant to stay in place, since I’m not moving these grids, they are considered permanent.

Determining which type of grid you are setting up depends on use and placement. Access is the key.

An important thing to take into consideration is how you are personally affected by the energy of crystals, especially where permanent grids are considered. I had a friend who was unable to wear a crystal necklace for long periods because the energy gave her a headache. Being in a room full of crystals made her buzz and react like she’d just ingested a pot of coffee. I am on an even keel with their vibration (we mesh quite nicely), so I have never had this problem; however, it bears mentioning in case you do. If you have this sort of reaction to the higher vibration of crystal, it might not be a good idea to grid your bedroom. Instead, you might choose to grid the kitchen or the living room, but not your sleeping area. I have been living with thousands of crystals in my living space, in my bedroom and closets for coming up on twenty years. I am accustomed to the vibration and fare quite well. This may not be true for you, though, so be cautious of this knowledge when you position your grids, especially if it is a permanent choice, like building them into a room. A semi-permanent or temporary grid can always be moved if it’s making you crazy. If you’ve already placed crystals in a permanent grid and you find they are a little too much, all is not lost. You can touch in with the crystals in your grid and request that they lower their energetic output for you.

You can also layer your grids. You may grid a room, then your house, your plants and trees and then your property. You may also layer energies or intents, for example, a room may be gridded for positivity and your house for protection and the holding of a high vibration.

Stay tuned for more on gridding with crystals. up next, grids for healing purposes.


grid-with-channelersA crystal grid is a layout of crystals placed around a person, (in which you want to affect a change), or a place, (in which you want to maintain a vibration).

You might place a grid around a person for healing or protection. Grids can be placed around a room, a house, or property, for energy amplification, protection, positivity and shielding. Pets and plants may also benefit from crystal grids. Crystals are placed in a specific pattern surrounding the place, person, animal or plant in question.

Programming the crystals is necessary for your grid to work properly. (Click this link for a reminder on how to program a crystal.) You may choose to program them for any of the reasons I mentioned above. Again, the possibilities of uses for crystal grids are as limitless as your ideas, needs and desires.

I’m going to describe a few possibilities, and then you take that knowledge and use your imagination. The sky is the limit !

Intuition is of utmost importance in the process of gridding. If you simply feel, or know, that a particular crystal needs to be facing in a certain direction, or needs to be included in the grid, then by all means, listen to that guidance. You may be receiving it from your Higher Self, a Spirit Guide, or more likely, from the crystal itself. It may be that inner voice whispering, “pssst… hey buddy… pssssst… hey buddy! Put me this way or put me on that corner or put me next to this other guy.” Follow the guidance you are given. You don’t have to know why you are doing it, you don’t have to have this all planned out by degrees and angles and quadrants. Your gut is your best guide; listen to it.

You may select empathic crystals or intact crystals for placement in your grids. There are no rules about which types you must use. I tend to use empathic points and clusters if they are going to be somewhere that I’m not going to see them or have access to them. For example, I have empathic clusters built into the subfloor of my bedroom and buried around the property. The energy is still there and it is a great way to put the less aesthetically “beautiful” crystals to great use. I cringe because all crystal is beautiful and I feel like a skunk implying that this crystal might be more appropriate to put where you aren’t going to see it; that’s not my intent. I do know myself, however, and if I put a ten-inch optically clear channeling crystal in my subfloor, I might wish, at some point, that I had access to it so we could do some different work together. It would be wise to choose a crystal for gridding that you’re not going to want to take a pickaxe to the floor of your bedroom to get to at some later date.

You will need to periodically cleanse and reinforce your grids. I have talked about cleansing in a previous post, click here to refresh your memory. You won’t have to dig up your grid or tear up the floor of your bedroom; you simply touch in and intend that your grid is cleansed. This checking-in also reinforces the connection and keeps the grid running.

Let’s discuss specific ways to make a permanent grid. You can grid a room. If you are as lucky as I was, you might be present when a room is being built; this is when you can place your grid beneath the subfloor, making it much easier to sweep and vacuum later! If you have this beneath-the-floor opportunity, you may choose to place one crystal in each corner, or one right in the center of the room. You can put as many or as few as you want, as large or small as you have. You can use clusters, points or chunks, it doesn’t matter. Intent, as always, is paramount.

There is much more information to share about crystal grids, so stay tuned for more blog posts on gridding crystals. If you have ideas or experiences to share about your own crystal grids, please share!

How Do You Store, Display, and Enjoy All Your Crystals?

display and enjoy your crystalsLast week I asked you for your questions, and this was one of the really good ones. Good friend and fellow crystal lover, Melinda, said, “How do you store, display, and enjoy all of your crystals? Do you have them on tables, shelves, in divided containers (cosmetic)? I have seen that some people keep stones in a divided tool upright container (for workshop nuts and bolts and stuff), but this won’t work for me. I love having them all out to enjoy, but I really don’t have the surface space to enjoy all of them. I don’t like them in any drawers or tucked away. My dining room table is no longer a place for us, it is only for my crystal friends (not complaining, just can’t think of creative ways to display and enjoy). Any suggestions you may have will be helpful. Hoping not to have to buy a bigger home for all of my friends! :-)”

So, like I said, that’s a great question! It will vary tremendously from person to person, and depending on space requirements and personal preference. I decided that the old adage “a picture’s worth a 1000 words” fit nicely into this description, so this blog post will be more of a show and tell.

Obviously, since I have been tasked with the honor of sending crystals out to their new homes, the way I display, store and enjoy will be different than most. The crystal above is directly in front of me at about head level (I have a roll top desk which I use in my office). It is one of my personal family crystals, and is just a little smaller than my head. It is a Manifestation point, it has an amulet my dear friend Christa Reeves of UniversalGypsy made for me where I can always see and enjoy it. The little bag on top is a mojo pouch I made, full of secret goodies.

I do have a couple of shelves of my personal crystal family members which live in the office with me, but, for me, they don’t stay with me forever. If someone writes asking for something specific and one of “my” crystals steps up for the task, I must bid it a fond farewell. Not always an easy task, to be sure! Here are a couple of those shelves:

display and enjoy your crystals

As you can see, the large Manifestation point is there in the bottom right corner of the picture above. I have shelves stacked on top of the roll top, most surfaces in my house are shelves stacked to maximize storage areas. These crystals came to live in these spaces as they called to me, or were gifted to me by others and share the space with other special trinkets from trips taken or gifts received.

display and enjoy your crystals

Above is a picture of the shelf above the large Manifestation point. Going randomly around my office, there are crystals sitting, waiting to be photographed or included as an Ask Genn crystal, and the following pictures describe those. Below are some beautiful, large Arkansas crystals waiting to be photographed:

display and enjoy your crystals

The next photo is a large box of smaller points, again, waiting to be sent to new homes:

display and enjoy your crystals

Still more clusters and large points waiting patiently:

display and enjoy your crystals

Following is the storage system I have had for the page 20 years, sorted into boxes based on type of metaphysical characteristic, or other sorting criteria. This is near my order wrapping table, and the tissue paper and stuffing also lives on these shelves.

display and enjoy your crystals

The plastic tubs above are the back-up boxes, and the crystals I choose from currently are in these small drawers, separated from Artemis to Yin/Yang. The boxes with all the small numbers on them are how the crystals which are posted to the webpage are stored until they are adopted.

display and enjoy your crystals

Sitting right in front of my keyboard are special crystals, both gifted and which called to me for various reasons. The little rusty looking crystal on the left with the black ribbon tied around it was one which presented to me when I was burying my beloved Gitszy… It is a Dolphin crystal and as I was picking up crystals from around gardens and walkways to place on her grave, it told me it was to remind me of the playfulness and love between the two of us which will last beyond our physical bodies. It lives here by my keyboard, as it has these past two years. To the right of that is a Double Terminated Smoky Tibetan Tabby, good for grounding and communication, full of Rainbows for hope and optimism. To the right of that are three clear quartz points, two Double Term Tibetan Merlin or Generators, and one Arkansas Manifestation crystal. The Pink one is a rose quartz scarab from my dear friend, Carol; it has spent time with the crystal skull, Synergy. The little black tumbles, also from Carol, are Shungite, good for healing, shielding from electromagnetic radiation and grounding. These are crystals which I work with (and which work with me) daily.

display and enjoy your crystals

Moving from the office, the next room really filled with crystal is my bedroom. I’ll only share a few of the surfaces from there. Directly inside my door to the right is this antique Tibetan cabinet with crystals which were lovingly gifted to me from my friends Ken and Karen. They are all crystals which they dug themselves here in Arkansas. There is also a small selenite wand there and a piece of rose quartz from my friend Patti.

To bring us back to giving you ideas of how to display and enjoy, you will see that under the large Twin crystal in the center, there is a smaller rock. I often use crystals as props for larger points if they need a little help standing upright. The smaller points never seem to mind lending a helping “hand”. There is also a small beanbag type pillow which you can nestle a larger crystal on if the base isn’t flat.

display and enjoy your crystals

Next is a wooden cabinet which was given to me as a gift. It isn’t something I would have chosen as a crystal storing option for myself, but it has actually become very handy, and I have learned to like it quite a lot.

display and enjoy your crystals

Most of the drawers have non-crystal gemstone family members, mostly gifts from customers and friends over the years. Some of them have stones which my Granny picked up and they are still in the baggies in which she used to store them, with her handwriting still on the labels. So I guess, this is a crystal and gemstone hope chest/heirloom chest of sorts. Next is a picture of what is on the top of that wooden cabinet:

display and enjoy your crystals

It’s a lovely place for grids, the doilie was hand crocheted by my friend Darla and has a Channeling grid set-up on it right now. The other stones were gifted to me from lovely friends. Black tourmaline hand dug by my beautiful friend Pippa and topaz from my friend Tommy (who also gave me a bunch of sun stone, both of which he had the pleasure of digging himself). There is also garnet in matrix and many other goodies, both found and gifted.

So for some display possibilities, you might consider small bowls, boxes, linens, fabric baggies and pouches. Whatever works for you. My friends Karen and Ken (mentioned earlier) have crystals, both large and small, sitting everywhere! On tabletops, in corners, by themselves or nestled joyfully in bowls and baskets all over their house and it is a crystal HEAVEN! You can look and look and there is always yet another surprise around every corner. Delightful!!

display and enjoy your crystals

Finally, we come to the top of my altar. This is a cabinet about head-high. My spheres live here, most of them gifts from my soul-sister, Angel. Crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite and one glass one I picked up in Mexico years and years ago.

So, as you can see, there are many different ways to display and enjoy your crystal friends. I have been told that they don’t mind being in drawers at all (as long as you don’t forget they are there). Venus said with a slight giggle that they have lived for a VERY long time in the earth, a few years, even up to a human lifetime, is but a blink on their timeline. She reminded me to tell you that it IS important to remember they are there, and to touch in periodically, however. She reminds me that this can be done mentally if you can’t get to the crystal (say, if it is in storage deep in a box where you can’t reach it). This is why it is important to make a strong connection with your crystals, to become familiar with their look, their feel, their energy. That way you can call them up in your minds eye and connect with them from a distance at any time at all, near or far.

Do you have a favorite way to display your crystal friends? Drawers, bedside tables, pockets, bras, window sills, garden paths, tree trunks… These are all places where crystals live at my house. Feel free to comment below and share with the rest of us where your crystal friends live!

Crystal Grid for Lung Issues

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would share with you my most recent crystal grid. I have been battling Pneumonia and the after-effects for several weeks now. I created this grid so the Crystal People could help me bring balance and health back to my lungs.

Grids are very interesting, and something from which we can all benefit. I believe it is best to use what you have (no “special” crystals are necessary) and to use your intuition when building a grid (versus having an “expert” build one for you).

When we use our intuition, we are being guided directly from our higher Selves, our Spirit Guides, Creator and the Crystal People. It is time to trust our own guidance instead of giving our power away. We are all Masters and have the ability to be connected to Source just as much as our perceived Gurus.

We aren’t limited to only working with crystals in our crystal grid. This is a magical working. We are connecting to all time. Our crystal grid helps us to align with our healthy self in this now moment.

I am sharing this grid to spur your ideas and to suggest things which may not have occurred to you. Also to let you know THERE ARE NO RULES!!! Let me illustrate by using pictures of my own grid.

Here is a picture of my grid (which I built on my black piano bench, which was a great idea for grid placement, not such a great idea for photography) I apologize for the picture quality:

Lung grid

Lung grid

I began construction of the grid from the center out. It helps me to use a focal point which represents the theme of the grid. In this case, it was my lung issues.

I Googled images of healthy lungs, found this nice picture and printed it out. I added the little photograph of me that I used in my last grid. If you remember, I choose to use this picture because it represents, to ME, a time when I felt most healthy, balanced and aware. What you use may be as varied as a photograph, a favorite stone, a stuffed animal, or maybe nothing. It is your choice, and there are no wrong answers.

I built the grid outward from there. Some crystals I pointed in toward the center, and asked the Crystal People to bring healing energy IN. Others, I placed pointing away from the center and asked the Crystal People to take energies that no longer serve, OUT.

Here are some pictures with arrows indicating energy flow:


I usually begin by placing crystals with inflowing energy. It is just a habit of mine, and best to do whatever you are called to do. The large blue arrows on the outer edge were placed first. This time I started with the four cardinal points (North, South, East, West) and then filled in the diagonals (Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Southwest).

I placed the crystals going away from the center next, and then moved back to the crystals I am about to describe. However, for the sake of keeping the images from being too screwy, I will finish describing the inward facing crystals.

The little half arrows (blue)  are the inward facing termination of some Pecos Diamonds I have. Pecos Diamonds are double terminated quartz crystals which are smokey and included with (I am guessing) a sand or other inclusion. They are special and come from the Pecos River Valley. My Granny picked up these four crystals while rockhounding there, so for me they hold an even more special energy.

The green arrows are four Chlorite included crystals which my good friend Sammy dug in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State. Chlorite is very healing and also the connection to Sammy (who has transitioned to Spirit) gives these special meaning. You don’t have to find and incorporate these specific crystals, it is just what I happened to have on hand. I incorporated these stones not only for their special qualities, but also for the special connection I have to them. This is important to note.

Next I will describe the crystals which I placed with the terminating end pointing away from the center (to carry unneeded energies out and away):

These crystals were placed facing outward and I asked them to remove any unwanted energies from my chest area. The arrows are in grey.

I also drew little half arrows on the terminating end of the Pecos Diamonds, but they don’t show up very well in the graphic. Just keep in mind the energy of these double terminated crystals flows both toward and away.

I was drawn to add more to the grid which didn’t necessarily have to be crystal oriented. It’s important to remember you can do this with your grids to add depth and also to encourage you to follow your intuition. I have circled these next items in pink.

I was drawn to represent the element of Air. For this I used the four feathers you see pictured. They are special, both because they come from my lovebird, and they are rainbow colored. To me, as well as representing air because they are feathers, the colors represent the Chakras and balance.

You see, it is perfectly appropriate in the building of your crystal grid to include items which mean something to you (whatever that might be). It is also good to remember that as you build the grid you are infusing it with the energies you wish to manifest.

Moving back to the picture above, the next items I was drawn to place were on the outer four corners. Here I placed hematite to ground the energy and also to serve as energy “sinks” (they draw energy). My intent is that the energy which is being drawn from my lungs (the energy which no longer serves) is being pulled into the hematite and grounded out.

Finally, I placed the two crystal friends which I work with when I meditate and do Green Tara practice on each side of the grid for further assistance and also for balance. At this point, my grid felt complete. I spent some time connecting with the grid and thanking all the helpers.

In summary, when building your grid, I can’t emphasize the following points enough:

  1. Use your intuition and trust that you are receiving guidance from not only the Crystal People, but also your Guides, higher Self, Spirit, etc.
  2. Include what you are drawn to include. Follow your gut even if something seems silly.
  3. As well as crystals, feel free to incorporate other items which have significance to you.

Remember to connect with your grid frequently. Thank all the components for assisting you to achieve the goal (the focus of the grid). If the grid is running for a while (mine has been going for about 3 weeks now), periodically cleanse the grid with a touch-in, intend it cleansed (you don’t have to deconstruct it) and reinforce the purpose of the grid. We need to remember to engage with the grid. It is a co-creative endeavor. We are working WITH the grid, it isn’t working FOR us.

I hope this has encouraged you to #1 make your own grid, and #2 to experiment with different ideas! Happy gridding!

My Most Recent Personal Crystal Grid

Recently I wrote a post about making a crystal grid. I promised to tell you about the grid I made for myself. First let me explain how a crystal grid works, and keep in mind, there are literally as many ways to make a grid as there are people to make them. You can either make a grid in “real time” or make a micro-grid. This may sound confusing at first, but it really isn’t. 

A grid in “real time” would be a grid which you place around the actual person or object in question. In the example of the crystal grid I made for myself (which is a micro-grid), rather than having a picture of me at the center, I would physically be in the center of this grid which I would build around myself (sitting, laying, whatever).

picture of a personal crystal grid

If you put a person in the center of a large grid (rather than a picture in a small grid), it would technically be a crystal healing session, and they are very potent. The grid would be “built” around the person physically, and the grid would only be in effect when the object was in the center (because that is part of the working grid). Obviously this is inconvenient if you are looking for healing and/or energy work with the crystalline energies which lasts over a longer period of time (in my case I needed the healing to cover weeks, even into months). Also if you are placing the grid around yourself (or another person) it takes more crystals (you’re working in a larger area) and it can be difficult logistically. This is why you might want to make a micro grid like I have done.

In this type of grid, there is a representation of who the grid is for (in this case, me) and the crystals are placed around this central focal point. Like I said, you can make grids for yourself, other people, or even pets, physical property, etc. When you place the crystals and program the grid with your intent, the crystals in the smaller grid are simply holding the place for the larger crystalline energy to do the work you have requested in the larger field around you, and it acts constantly. I imagine a giant invisible three dimensional grid just like the grid I have made which is with me everywhere I go. When I think about it, I “tap into” the grid and work with the crystalline energy which is working through me.

Anyway, here is a large picture of part of my grid:

picture of a personal crystal grid

Genn’s Personal Grid

I started by placing a piece of blue topaz in the center. I did this because it is one of my favorite stones and I was pulled to do so by the Crystal People. So many times I have been led to a stone and when I look up the properties after the fact, it is always right on. I check the properties less and less now, simply trusting my guidance without having to know why.

Next I placed a picture of myself when I felt healthiest, most “myself” and most sure of who I was. If you look closely, you will see a little blond headed girl around two years old. This may seem an odd statement to make. How could a child of this age be sure of who they are? Aren’t we supposed to learn who we are as we grow older? It is my belief based on my experience, that we tend to forget who we are as we grow. That’s kind of sad but true.

photo of detail of grid center

photo of detail of grid center

When I was this age, I still had memories from previous lifetimes.

One of the first memories I have when I was a little younger than I am in the picture, the neighbors and my older sister (ranging in age from 4 to probably 9 or 10) wanted to play “house”. I was initially excited and remember thinking “Perfect! This, I can do! After all, I AM an actress!” It confused me (and made me a little angry, I admit) when they placed me in the “role” of the baby (I was the youngest of the group, and closest thing to a “baby”). “Of all things!”, I thought… “I should be the mother (the lead role) not the baby!” I argued with them to no avail, and they put me in the highchair and force fed me a mush made of saltine crackers and cold water. I went along with them like a tired aunt humoring the children she is stuck babysitting.

I remember distinctly not having the language skills to be clearly understood, but thinking as lucidly as I do now. My parents seemed clueless and I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t understand me! I would explain things to them slowly (with gibberish and hand motions) until they eventually discovered what I was talking about. While I was initially frustrated, I excused them because they were “young” and just didn’t get it. I knew they would “grow up” and I would try to be patient with them until they did. However, turns out the trick was on me! Instead, started “growing up”… and subsequently, forgetting!

Let’s return to the crystal grid, the picture of this sure-of-herself Genn (who at the time was called Genie) and the blue topaz. Surrounding this I placed crystal  points. Some pointing out, to carry away unwanted energy, and some pointing in, to bring in new and recharged energy. As I placed the crystals I set my intentions and requested assistance.

Detail of directional crystals in crystal grid

Detail of directional crystals in crystal grid

Here is a section of the photograph of the grid which I drew colored arrows on to explain to you the direction of energy flow and my intention as I placed the crystals. I colored the arrows on the crystals where the energy was flowing toward the center (into me) bright green to indicate the health and healing I have requested assistance with from the Crystal People and the Universe. The arrows on the crystals  pointing away (energy flowing out of me) I colored a murky green to symbolize the discordant energies which are leaving me. Two double terminated crystals show in this detail of the grid, I colored them pink to symbolize the love which flows OUT of me and IN to me from the Universe/All That Is.

I didn’t make this grid with the intention of photographing it, (it is built on a shelf next to my bed), so it was difficult to get the whole grid in the shot. There are more crystals placed all around the grid which are not pictured.

detail photo of crystal grid

detail photo of crystal grid










Behind the grid I put a picture of Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion. This picture was gifted to me by Tony Burroughs, author and one of the originators of the Intender’s of The Highest Good and Intender’s Circles. Seeing the picture of Kwan Yin, I am reminded to have compassion for the Genn I am now and the path I am walking. She also represents my intentions to be healthy and happy and to remember who I am, healthy and well on all levels. I also see her as a compassionate guardian of my grid.

The two small clusters on each side of her represent my friends and loving family who I know are by my side, supporting me.

Present, but not pictured, are moonstone and labradorite, two of my favorite stones and several Channeler crystals to connect me to Source (God/Goddess/All That Is) and my Guides and Angels.

Photo of feminine crystal point

Photo of feminine crystal point

The small white stone in the center front is a feminine crystal full of rainbows. She represents strength, femininity, hope and optimism. This is the end of the physical description of my personal grid.

I continue to connect with the grid at the very least twice daily (when I get up and when I go to bed) and also at random times as I go about my day. This grid has been working very well! On physical, emotional and mental levels I am much improved. I am two weeks out from shoulder surgery, where they cleaned out the bursa, broke up the frozen shoulder and shaved off some bone. The doctor was shocked when he saw the range of motion I have already and how little pain I am having. I attribute this directly to the Crystal People, friends who gave me Reiki (both hands on as well as long distance) and healing prayers and energies. So, thanks, everyone!!

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of my personal crystal grid.

Do you use grids? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time, I wish you crystal blessings!