Bridge or Inner Child Quartz Crystal – Revisit

We’re going to revisit all the quartz crystal types, condensing the information to just a few items to make remembering easier.

This week we’re going to revisit Bridge or Inner Child quartz crystals. First, what are Bridges?

metaphysical description crystal bridgeBridges are crystals which penetrate a larger crystal. They are located partially in and partially out of another crystal. When they are larger they are called Bridges, when they are smaller, they are called Inner Child crystals. They both function the same way, and the naming is just semantics, really.

There is a long blog post on this, posted previously, here. I will try to extrapolate on that information rather than repeating it.


To figure out what characteristic energies a Bridge or Inner Child crystal might have, simply ask yourself questions about actual bridges. How do bridges help us?

photo credit burwood bulletin dot org

Usually we use a bridge when access is difficult without a bridge.

What exactly do I mean?

If a bridge is spanning a creek, we could usually still cross the creek without using the bridge. However, without the bridge to help us along, it would be much harder to cross.

Let’s walk through it. In this case, let’s imagine a creek at the bottom of a 10 foot embankment, the creek is 20 feet wide and the other side is 10 feet as well.

First we would have to find a place where we can get down the side of the embankment. Next we must find an area on the creek that the water is low enough for us to cross, and finally we have to find a way back up the other side.

During all of this, we are possibly sliding in mud, certainly getting our feet wet and watching for snakes and other dangers. It is certainly taking a lot longer to get to the other side than it would if we had a bridge.

Now imagine the same crossing with a bridge:

photo credit burwood bulletin dot org


With the bridge there, we can simply walk across. The bridge connects us easily from one side to the other.

In the prior example, the crossing was fairly simple. Ten feet down, twenty feet across, and another ten back up the other side. What if the span was much larger, such as the Grand Canyon? A distance like this would seem almost insurmountable!

A person might not even attempt to connect one side to the other at the prospect of crossing without a bridge. By the time you crossed you might have forgotten what you were trying to connect and you would completely lose your perspective of being on the other side.

Bridges don’t just help make things easier and quicker to connect, they also give the added benefit that we have a different perspective as we cross, as well. Let’s explore that.


We are above the creek, so we’re slightly removed from the in-your-face aspect of the actual crossing. We can cross, but remain unattached to the nitty-gritty and it keeps us from getting embroiled in the muck and crossing. We still enjoy the sound of the creek and the feel of the cool air rising.

From the center of the bridge, we are free to stop, suspended in air (or time). We are at a perspective where we can see both upstream and downstream and both ends of the bridge. It gives us a wider perspective of the situation.

Because we can also still see and access both ends of the bridge, we can easily go back and forth between this side and that.


This is how Bridge crystals work almost identically to actual bridges: First we choose what it is we want to connect (where we need connection).

For example, are we looking to bridge between ourselves and another person, between ourselves and our Higher Self or between ourselves and our inner child? Are we trying to understand another person’s viewpoint or connect with them more deeply?

The applications and possibilities are endless. Rather than bridging to another person, consider “bridging” yourself to a goal – such as losing 10 pounds or quitting smoking. Use your imagination!

Once we have decided, the energy of the crystal can help us to bridge directly to the Other (where ever we decided we want to connect). We don’t have to slog through the steps of getting there (like climbing embankments, wading creeks, etc). This is where the connection occurs.


Another benefit is that Bridges take the guesswork away. You are on one end of the bridge, your destination is on the other. You don’t have to navigate unknowns such as embankments, crossing points or extraction.

Additionally, on your way, you are allowed a wider perspective of how you each got to where you are.

For example, in the case of accessing our Higher Self… how would that look? Where is your Higher Self? It’s hard to imagine how to get there when you don’t know where there is!

With Bridges, you don’t have to navigate the embankments or crossing, you simply jump on and start walking, knowing you are connected to the other side via the Bridge. It’s almost like magic.


We’ve talked about Bridges, but what about Inner Child crystals? Remember, Inner Child crystals are simply smaller Bridges. It is still a smaller crystal embedded partially in and partially out of a larger crystal.

Whether a crystal is called a traditional Bridge or an Inner Child will primarily depend on the energy presented and the person’s preference in naming.

They work the same, they are just smaller, and the energy typically is more subtle and gentle. Bridge crystal and Inner Child crystals are basically the same.

Still, you are connecting and gaining a different perspective with the crossing.


To sum up, whether you are working with a large Bridge or a smaller Inner Child,

  1. Bridge crystals help us to connect,
  2. Bridge crystals help us to access places which might be much more difficult to access without the Bridge and
  3. they also allow us a different perspective, seeing both sides from the neutrality of the middle.

Here is a mandala of Bridge and Inner Child crystals from CRYSTAL MANDALAS: (Learn about crystal by COLORING!) Volume 1:

I hope you have enjoyed revisiting Bridge (and Inner Child) crystals and that this recap has made understanding how to work with them a little easier to grasp.

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Stay tuned next time and we will revisit Cathedral or Lightbrary quartz crystals.

BRIDGE or INNER CHILD CRYSTAL – Bridge between worlds or to your innermost Self

This week we’ll discuss the metaphysical properties of Bridge or Inner Child crystals.

Here is the description I give about Bridge/Inner Child crystals in my book Understanding the Crystal People:

Bridge or Inner Child Crystal

through and through penetration

Physical description:

A Bridge or Inner Child is a smaller crystal (or crystals) penetrating and located partially in and partially out of a larger crystal. Both names, Bridge and Inner Child, are used interchangeably. I call them Bridges when the point is fairly large and the point seems to equally bridge inner to outer. The Inner Child crystals I see as much smaller and penetrating more “in” than “out” and they have a feeling to me of going “within.” The drawings are both examples of how a crystal may penetrate another crystal. (Either penetrating through and through or only one end protruding.) A Bridge or Inner Child may be represented in either arrangement.

Bridge or Inner Child Crystal

one direction penetration, may be either terminating end (point) going IN or terminating end coming OUT

Metaphysical description:

Bridge Crystals help to bridge between worlds. It may be the inner and outer worlds between your inner and outer Selves or between yourself and others in the physical environment in which you now live. They are helpful in any area you might imagine needing a bridge. They can help you heal and get in touch with your inner child (bridging the gap between your outer self and your inner self).

Bridge and Inner Child crystals are one of the metaphysical configurations falling into the category of crystal projections (crystals penetrating one another).

Determining whether you have a Bridge or Inner Child depends on the size of the penetrating point and the energy presented. So in other words, determining whether you technically have a Bridge or Inner Child point can be rather subjective. They both have the same general energy, which is that of bridging or connecting one thing to another. Remember that both names, Bridge and Inner Child, can be used interchangeably.

As I did with the Barnacles, in most of these pictures I have circled the area of the crystal to which I am referring.

Bridge crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

The above picture is an excellent example of a Bridge crystal.

Bridge crystals - Arkansas Crystal Works

In the example above, the main crystal is being bridged by the crystal on the top right. The crystal on the top right is being bridged by the crystal beneath it, and the smallest crystal is bridging both of those. So as you can see, you may have layers and layers of bridging present.

 Bridge crystals in a cluster configuration - Arkansas Crystal Works

Here’s an example of multiple layers of Bridging. I didn’t draw on this photo because the whole picture would have been traced. Almost every crystal is bridging at least one of the other crystals. In this case, the crystal is a cluster. Most clusters have some degree of Bridging because of how closely the points are situated during growth.

 Bridge crystals - Arkansas Crystal Works

This side view of a Bridge shows how the crystals may penetrate. I have circled all of the bridges, but the one to focus on is the one just below my thumb. See how it is growing into the other crystal, not just sharing a side? It has an energy of bridging or connecting.

 Bridge crystals - Arkansas Crystal Works

The crystal above has many Bridges. The one at the top is an example of how the base of the bridging point may be inside of the main point, with the terminating end of the crystal coming out. In this case, you might work with this crystal to connect (or bridge) an aspect of your inner self to something outside yourself. In other words, an act of your inner self reaching OUT to something as opposed to something external reaching IN to your inner self.

Following are some crystals which have examples of what might be referred to as both Bridges and Inner Child points. Since the names are used interchangeably, I thought it might be helpful to view examples of both types, side by side in the same crystal.

 Bridge and Inner Child crystals - Arkansas Crystal Works

The larger points (mostly to the left) might be considered Bridges, while the smaller, more deeply penetrating crystals (mostly the two to the very far right), might be considered Inner Child. The ones in the center might be either Bridges or Inner Child. Notice in all cases I say “might” not “would”. This is because it depends on the perception of the person working with the crystal and the energy each presents.

 Bridge and Inner Child crystals - Arkansas Crystal Works

In this case, the very large point, upper center, would probably present as a Bridge, and probably also the largest one below that. The smaller ones to the right and left would  probably present as Inner Child. Notice the sparkly tiny crystals in this picture. You should recognize them as Barnacles.

 Bridge and Inner Child crystals - Arkansas Crystal Works

This is an excellent example of a crystal with both Bridges and Inner Child points. Notice how some of them Bridge each other, not just the largest point.

 Bridge and Inner Child crystals - Arkansas Crystal Works

I love this point. This is an example where the subjectivity of the person really comes into play (and what energy they perceive from each penetrating point). They may be seen as either; 1. both Bridges, 2. both Inner Child, or 3. one of each. I tend to see the one on the left as a Bridge, and the longer thinner one on the right as an Inner Child.

Here are a few I would see as Inner Child:

Inner Child crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

As you can see from the text on the picture, this penetrating crystal would actually be what is called a Manifestation point if the entire point were enclosed within the larger crystal. Since it protrudes, it is not. Because so much of it is WITHIN the other point, I see it as an Inner Child (rather than a Bridge). A person might work with this type of crystal to access their deepest most inner self.

Inner Child crystal - Arkansas Crystal Works

This is another crystal which I would call an Inner Child crystal, for the same reasons as above.

In all of these examples, I hope you have stretched out with your imagination to see WHY we name these crystal configurations and also HOW we might work with each crystal. Depending on what type of energy work you do (for example; meditation, healing work, spell-casting, etc), you might choose a certain type of crystal to assist you with your intention.

For example, jumping back to Barnacles, you might choose to work with a crystal with Barnacles to tap into deep wisdom to assist with new ideas (new souls attracted to old soul energy). Or you might simply ask the old soul crystal to enlighten you (seeing that it has attracted Barnacles gives you a heads up that this crystal has knowledge to impart).

You may choose to work with a Bridge crystal to bridge or connect one thing to another. For example, to strengthen a bond or connection between two people or even yourself now to a version of yourself in a parallel reality who embodies the characteristics you desire (smoker to non-smoker, unhealthy to healthy, etc.).

You might choose to work with an Inner Child crystal to gain access to your innermost self, perhaps to heal issues you might have had as a child or on the other hand, to tap into the joy or playfulness you experienced as a child.

In all of these examples, the applications are limitless.

I hope these descriptions:

    1. have helped you learn a little bit more about Bridge and Inner Child crystals and
    2. have given you ideas and sparked your imagination on how you might work with the different metaphysical properties of your crystal friends.

Next week I’ll be back to discuss Channelers.