crystal digging in ArkansasI’ve had this question more than once, so thought I would address it here… What do you do when you buy a crystal online, but when it arrives, it is much smaller than you expected? Will it still work?

Obviously if you are looking for a crystal for jewelry or to fit in a certain place (say a desk or coffee table), size might matter. In this way, convenience and use play a part in the question of size. But, energetically speaking, is bigger really better? Does a large point put out more energy than a small point?

Certainly, by mass alone, a 500-pound single crystal point is going to exude more energy than a tiny jewelry point, but this is not to say that the smaller points don’t have comparable energy or enough energy to matter. Comparatively speaking, a small crystal might have the same energy as a large point.

does size matterFor example, an ant can move ten to fifty times its body weight. Using that gauge, you can see that ants are stronger than humans, ounce for ounce. A small point may be stronger than a large point in the same respect; some very small points are deceptively powerful, meaning that bigger in size doesn’t always mean better. Also, it is easy to put a small point around your neck or in your pocket. Wheeling a 500-pound crystal around in a wagon would get tiring after a while, don’t you think?

Depending on the crystal, its use and your need, a small point can be every bit as helpful to you as its larger cousin. The old adage is true about not judging a book by its cover (or an item by its size). So if you can get around the notion that bigger is better (we’re a society of bigger! and more!), and connect with your new crystal without preconceived ideas (no matter the size), you may find that it has much more to offer than you expected.


Crystal mural from

Crystal mural from

Hello again! This is the last of a two part ‘series’ on a crystal mural we recently hung in our home. If you missed part one (the hanging process) you can read that here.

In this post I want to talk a bit about the wallpaper pattern I chose and why I chose it.

Venus (my Crystal Guide) also will weigh in on the benefits of pictures of crystals such as this mural.


As I said in the last post, I was approached by Anna Fell of Murals Wallpaper about some crystal murals she has. I took a look at all the different styles she had to offer and I fell in love with this one (pictured left). It is called “Rose Crystal Wallpaper”, but for those of you in the know, these are actually Lemurian Seed Crystals.

finished Crystal mural from MuralsWallpaper.comThough many of the crystals pictured are, all of the crystals aren’t Laser Wands like we have come to expect of most Lemurian Seed Crystals we see, but there are other clues leading us to that conclusion. Some of the clues are: the light pinkish coloring is typical of some Brazilian Lemurian Seed crystals, they also have the striations (Lineation), there are some Laser Wands (wider at the base and narrower at the point) and they also have the kind of sand-blasted look typical of Lemurian Seed Crystals.

As an added bonus, some of the crystals pictured are Smoky (Smoky crystals are good for grounding), and simply aesthetically speaking, the smoke color pulls the pink down a bit, keeping it from being too foo-foo. Other features to note, there is also a nice Window on one of them, there is a Twin or Soulmate, a Generator or Merlin, lots of Fairy Frost and some Barnacles.

This is definitely an aside, but I get questions about “seed crystals” often (particularly Lemurian Seed Crystals), and very recently have had several questions about them. Here’s a very recent example of a question that prompted this discussion, followed by my response:

Question: “Since Arkansas was one of the seed places for the Lemurian, Atlantean crystals, have you ever mined any Lemurian crystals and have any for sale?”

My Answer: “From what I understand from reading and studying over the years, the crystals typically referred to as “Lemurian” Seed crystals are found in Brazil, and were given this name according to the crystals found in a certain area there (that have a certain look, structure, etc)… That being said, I suppose one could TECHNICALLY say many of the crystals found (all over the world, and Arkansas specifically) are “seed” crystals (crystals which were seeded).

However, the crystals typically called Lemurian Seed Crystals tend to be Laser wands with heavy lineation and occasional etching, and usually come from Brazil. I have found Laser wands in Arkansas which would qualify as Lemurian Seed Crystals, though they don’t have the sort of sandblasted look that some of the Lemurian Seed Crystal’s from Brazil have. My Crystal Guide Venus is whispering in my ear that many, many crystals are “seed” crystals, and humans have given only crystals with certain shapes the name Lemurian Seed Crystal. This doesn’t make other crystals NOT seed crystals by not fitting the definition.” (Just because a crystal doesn’t fit the “typical” definition of a Lemurian Seed Crystal, doesn’t mean it is not.)

close up of Crystal mural from

Crystal mural from

That’s sort of a tangent and not really on topic for this post about the mural, but it came to mind and now’s as good a time as any to share that tidbit. There will be an upcoming post further exploring the topic of Lemurian Seed Crystals. Stay tuned!

At any rate, regarding the mural and crystal types, what does all this mean? Well, bottom line, (Venus enters my consciousness and answers the question)…

…the TYPE of crystal presented isn’t as important as the ability for you (and others viewing the mural) to access the energy of the crystals. Do they resonate? Do they add a pleasing aesthetic to the space? As we know, it isn’t necessary to connect with a crystal only by holding it physically. Just as you are able to connect with a person, the energy of a person, through a photograph, you can also connect to the Crystal Kingdom through a photograph. Imagine the crystals on Genn’s website, there are some that resonate with you immediately and you know you have a heart connection before you even “meet” in person. It can be the same with a mural such as the one dears Genn and Patti installed and of which we are speaking. The energy of the crystal is there to access. We are not static, or ‘stuck’ in a crystalline body as it were. We are energy, light and formless. Our crystal bodies give us a way to work with you in this 3-D space/time continuum. But we also work with you in Spirit, in Energy, in Formlessness. We are accessible to you at all times and in all ways. It is beautiful to utilize something such as a large image of our crystalline forms (bodies) to help you to connect to us in a non 3-D, non linear way.

So! That was fun! Thank you, Venus!

It’s what we know innately. That images speak to us. They have the ability to pluck our emotions and stir our souls. To evoke emotions and raise vibrations. So why not select an image which feeds your soul, and what better way to feed your soul than with a whole WALL of crystal!?

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the journey of hanging this new mural as much as I have enjoyed the process (and the outcome)! A big thank you to Anna Fell of Murals Wallpaper for this lovely mural, thanks to Venus for weighing in with her thoughts, big thanks to my partner Patti for helping me to transform our new home and thank you for sharing the experience with us!

Maybe after reading this you will want a beautiful crystal mural of your own! Stay tuned for a discussion on Lemurian Seed Crystals and more all about crystals. I welcome your input and comments.


first panel on the floor, getting ready to hang,

first panel on the floor, getting ready to hang

Well, guys, the next two posts will be a departure from the norm for me. I was approached by Anna Fell of Murals Wallpaper, well, because I love crystals and she has crystal wallpaper. I took a look at all the different styles she had to offer and I fell in love with the one they call “Rose Crystal Wallpaper“.

Anna sent me the wallpaper to try out and here I am letting you know what I think! This isn’t a technical “how-to” blog post but more like a “hey check this out” update. There is plenty of the technical “how to” on Anna’s website, USA, website here and UK, website here. After reading this, you may find you would like a crystal mural of your very own!

crystal mural arrives from Anna Fell at

crystal mural arrives from

The mural came safely packaged, rolled in a long cardboard tube (pictured right, partially unrolled). Each of the panels is 4 feet wide, and each panel is numbered in the order in which they hang on the wall (my wall is 8 feet x 8 feet).

The texture of the paper is flexible but very thick, it almost feels like fabric. I assume it is vinyl or something (what do they make wallpaper out of, anyway)!? It has a luxurious look and feel.

The thought of hanging the mural was a little daunting, because I have never hung wallpaper, so I was a little nervous about the whole process initially. Also, our house is old, with many layers of paint and holes from nails and tacks from hanging pictures over the years, so there was quite a bit of prep work to get the wall ready to receive the crystal mural. Start to finish, it really wasn’t all that bad! Here are a few pictures of the process:

Filling holes, removing trim and baseboards and sanding, oh my!

Prepping the wall

Prepping the wall

Putty anyone? How about paint?

prepping the wall for the crystal mural from Anna Fell at

Putty and paint!

Next is a view of the wall, prepped and ready, with Elizabeth supervising, of course! (Ugh! Even after all that work, it still looks kind of terrible!)

prepping the wall for the crystal mural from Anna Fell at

getting there! (Hi Elizabeth!)

The next step was to unroll the entire mural since each panel is printed on one continuous roll. The panels are marked and you simply cut them apart. They are also numbered so you know which piece goes up first.

cutting the panels of the crystal mural from Anna Fell at

cutting the panels

The paper cut easily with a pair of scissors.

cutting the panels of the crystal mural from Anna Fell at

more cutting

The panels are laid out on the floor to be sure they match (and of course, they do). Next you flip them over and wet the backs with a sponge. While bending over to do this, I discovered the floor is a LOT further away than it was when I was younger. Let the grunting, grumbling and complaining begin!

aligning the panels of the crystal mural from Anna Fell at

panels laid out side by side to see that they match

Patti is coating the newly prepped walls with wallpaper paste as I grunt and complain while I damp the backs of the panels. I didn’t take pictures of the wrangling process because it took both of us to get it up there properly. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be, but it was a bit tricky. If you have all the tools recommended on the website, you shouldn’t have a problem.

It took some work to get the panels up evenly without bubbles. However, all in all, it was a fairly easy process, and completely worth the work it took to get it done. My gauge on whether something is too much trouble is whether I would do it again, given the choice. With this wallpaper, I absolutely would. If you would like a beautiful crystal mural in your home but you are a little fearful about wallpaper, I would definitely recommend it. Check out or and tell Anna that Genn sent you. It was a smooth and enjoyable transaction, start to finish!

picture of Elizabeth

Miss fancy-pants, Elizabeth T (for Taylor)

Elizabeth the Pomeranian said if it didn’t come out looking great that she would say she had nothing what-so-ever to do with it! As you will see in the following photo, she is very proud and claims the work as her own.

There are many other murals offered at Murals Wallpaper, not just crystal murals. In part two of this post I talk a bit about the wallpaper pattern I chose and Venus (my Crystal Guide) wants to weigh in on the benefits of pictures of crystals. So, I’ll see you in the next post! And, without further ado, here is a look at the completed mural (and one proud Elizabeth)!

the completed crystal mural from Anna Fell at



We’re going to revisit all the quartz types, using some drawings from my Crystal Mandala books (in which I have drawn a mandala of each type of crystal, condensing the information to 4 to 5 items to make remembering easier).

artemis or candle crystal

This week we’re going to revisit Artemis (sometimes called Candle) crystals. Artemis crystals are long thin points with a 6 to 1 ratio (for example: 1 inch wide and 6 inches long, or 1/2 inch wide and 3 inches long, ETC).

artemis or candle crystal

These long crystals are most often called Artemis, but are sometimes also called Candle crystals. However they should not be confused with Candle Quartz. Candle Quartz is a crystal which looks a lot like a Cathedral or Lightbrary crystal. The candles being referred to in the case of Artemis crystals are birthday candles (on a small scale) or a tapers (on a larger scale).

artemis or candle crystalArtemis or Candle Crystals don’t have to be a certain size. As a matter of fact, they may be quite small (in which case are  sometimes called “Needle Points”) or they may be quite large. The only caveat is that they are at least six times longer than they are wide.

You might notice that you don’t see a lot of large, but do see more small, Artemis or Candle crystals, simply because a long thin crystal tends to get broken in the mining process. The larger, longer and thinner break more easily. You might also notice more Artemis or Candle crystals which are cut and polished for the same reason (they might have been a much thicker crystal with damage to the outside, so they are then cut and polished into a longer, thinner point).

A crystal polished into a thin point will still have the energy of an Artemis but might not have as much precision to its focus as a crystal which is naturally occurring in this shape.

artemis or candle crystalThese crystals are called “Candle” due to their shape, and “Artemis” because they resemble arrows (long and thin). For those of you who might not be familiar with Artemis, she is the Greek Goddess devoted to hunting and nature (among other things). She is most usually depicted wielding a bow and arrows, most often with the arrow pulled back and ready to fire. That is precisely the type of energy these Artemis or Candle crystals have. They focus energy and speed prayers to their goals (like an arrow… shwooop!).

Because of their shape, they are often worn as jewelry (necklaces and earrings) and are also often used in wands.

There are different ways you might work with an Artemis/Candle Crystal. You may choose to work with them in a grid, and let the arrow-like energy help speed your grid to its goal.

You could choose to work with an Artemis crystal as you would a wand, directing energy to a specific spot like a laser beam.

You might wear Artemis/Candle crystals which have been made into jewelry and keep the shooting arrow-like energy in mind as you wear them.

Here’s an infographic on Artemis or Candle crystals:

artemis or candle crystal

You can find this Artemis mandala in CRYSTAL MANDALAS: (Learn about crystal by COLORING!) Volume 1

These are spiral bound books of hand drawn crystal mandalas. Each mandala is an individual 11 x 11 design. The books are all coil bound to lay flat for effortless coloring or studying. There are two copies of each crystal type so you may color one and leave the other in the book as a reference. Learn about crystals as you color!


quartz crystal clusterThe question often comes up: “Where it is acceptable to find and purchase (adopt) quartz crystal?”. I’m not talking about where it comes from in the Earth, but what are acceptable sources available for a person to gather their working collection/family of crystals.

If you live too far away to dig your own, there are plenty of great options available. Even if you are in a town that (gasp!) doesn’t have a store with gemstones. Among the options are the obvious, such as; gemstone stores and shops, gem and mineral shows, spirit fairs and festivals. Other not-so-obvious places where I have found crystals are craft stores (often drilled, for beads), flea markets, antique stores, garage/tag/estate or yard sales, second-hand stores and roadside vendors.

Another perfectly acceptable way to look for your crystal is online. Lots of people over the years have written to me at my online store, Arkansas Crystal Works, asking if it is acceptable to find and adopt crystals from websites such as eBay or other auction sites.  In my opinion, it is the connection with the CRYSTAL that is more important than the connection with the vendor. Don’t misunderstand me here; Obviously you want to adopt from a person you trust, and you need to do your homework to know that you aren’t paying more for an item than its fair market value. You need to be sure that the crystal is authentic and that it is what it is billed to be. Sometimes these questions are difficult to answer if you are new to crystals (and in some cases, even if you are a seasoned collector!). In cases such as these, it might be wise to start with a person or website who you can trust or comes well recommended (most especially if the crystal you are adopting is an expensive one). Once you are more familiar with crystals and you can answer all of these questions to your own satisfaction, I wouldn’t hesitate to place an order for a crystal online if I felt a connection with it. You might be surprised to find that if you take the time to connect, you can actually feel that connection to a crystal through photographs of it, and without being able to hold it in your hand.

I recommend that you ask your friends where they obtained their crystals. Were they happy with the transaction? Did the crystals arrive to their door respectfully (properly wrapped and safely cushioned)? Did the crystal look as if it was loved and cared for in the shipping process? Was the shop owner respectful, both to your friend (the customer) and also to the crystal they ultimately adopted?

I suggest you take some time and read the bio and “about me” info on websites. Trust your gut. If a website gives you a good (or conversely a bad) feeling, trust that. Learning to hear the call from our crystal friends should be easier for you now that you know how to listen. If you are being called by a crystal, you may feel a pull when you see a picture online. Alternately a crystal might call to you in a dream. Crystals can appear to us in the most unexpected places. Be open and ready to answer the call. I have made more (human) friends and reunited with more soul family than I can count whom I never would have met if it weren’t for the Crystal People leading me to them. Be open to the new relationships to which the Crystal People lead you.

I hope this blog post has sparked some different ideas for you to continue your search for Crystal Friends.

UPCOMING WORKSHOPS: Sarasota, Florida October 29th, November 1st


This is working with crystals, simplified! We’ll cover how to identify which crystal you have and how to choose which crystal with which to work.

In this not-to-be-missed two-part series of workshops we will discuss 47 different configurations of quartz crystal (such as Bridges, Channelers, Record Keepers and Phantoms, to name just a few). We will cover how to determine what crystal you have by following a few simple steps and then help you to decide which crystal will work best for your particular need.

The Crystal Cave

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Daisy - petAnimals also benefit from crystal grids. My umbrella cockatoo, Daisy, is particularly high strung. She was going nutty from hormones and frustration because her mate was not responding to her advances. Guess who she thinks her “mate” is? That’s right, it’s me. It makes for an awkward situation. I was starting to approach my wits end because she was so nervous, jittery and cranky. There was really nothing I could do to help her. Well, Crystal People to the rescue!

I placed a grid on her cage. In Daisy’s case, I choose to use amethyst because of its calming energies. I chose amethyst clusters in particular because they were large enough not to fall through the bars on the top of her cage. I cleansed, cleared and programmed the crystals to assist Daisy to be calm and happy. I asked her Spirit Guides, and any helpers that may be present who work with animals, birds in particular, to please help. I placed the amethyst clusters on each of the four corners of her cage, said a small prayer and over time, she became less cranky and noticeably calmer.

Daisy - petRecently her frustration level has been increasing. I added a Selenite oval to the center of the four-point Amethyst grid, to introduce soothing angelic energies and to help the Amethyst remain cleansed.

The crystal on Daisy’s cage is an example of a semi-permanent grid. I leave the crystals on her cage, but I can move them if and when I need to. I touch-in with the crystals daily when I put her to bed and cleanse and charge them as needed. Daisy’s grid is also a perfect example of using different crystal types as well as altering the grid as the situation warrants.

It can be helpful to remember that gridding is a fluid endeavor.

Twinkie - petAs discussed earlier, you can do this with dogs, cats, even fish. Remember, though, that it is safest to put the crystal on the outside corners of your fish tank, not inside.

Any animal you have can benefit from your use of a crystal grid to help them. You just need to cleanse, clear, program and intend. It’s as easy as that.

Once your grid is in place, if there has been a change in activity (such as a quarrel or something that has introduced negative energy into the environment, or intense healing work), cleanse your grid. If this seems daunting, remember you can cleanse your crystals without moving or touching them.

Be sure to reconnect and reinforce your grid on a regular basis. Remember to energetically charge your grid during the full moon while you’re at it.

plants - gridYou may build a grid for your plants and trees so that they grow and thrive. Grids can be placed to attract fairies and elementals, if that is your intention. Your property can be gridded for protection, love, healing and positivity. All of these grids in place at once is what we refer to as layering grids.

Don’t forget to cleanse the crystals periodically and touch base to reconnect and reaffirm your intention within the grid. Use your etheric cord connection to reinforce your grids. This means you will need to connect with the crystals before you make the grid. You don’t have to hold each one and go through the entire process individually. Select the ones you want to use in your grid, and connect with them as a group. You will be working with them collectively, so this is a better idea than individually connecting, anyway.

After cleansing and clearing, visualize the intent and goal that you have for the grid. Next, ask the crystals to hold that intention for you; that is programming the grid. Finally, offer your thanks and gratitude for their continued assistance.

plants - gridYou might choose to grid your indoor plants as well.

I like to place crystal chunks and pieces in the pots surrounding the plants in the house. They seem to grow better.

You might also consider creating a permanent grid, placed in the pot before you add all the dirt. This grid will stay there, so remember what I said in an earlier post about selecting crystals appropriate to permanent versus temporary grids. As a reminder, if you know the crystals in the grid will be inaccessible (like the ones built into the subfloor of my  bedroom) you might choose empathic crystals (which are still very powerful) versus jewelry quality or large, AAA grade crystals.

Remember these few things: crystal grids can be reprogrammed as the need arises, they need to be cleansed and charged with intent periodically (this lets the crystals know you haven’t forgotten they are working on your behalf) and remember to be thankful to your gridded crystals for assisting you to hold and run your intentions.


Lung gridHealing grids obviously are different than home or property grids, but they work the same way. First, you select the crystals you would like to help you in your healing session. Do this either by pure intuition or by the configuration of the crystal. What I mean by this, is you may use any type of crystal you have available, programmed for the purpose of healing, or you may use specific types of configurations (eg: Golden Healers, Self Healing, etc).

You may have a set of crystals you use exclusively for healing work. Connect with them and request their help in the healing session with Person X. Or conversely, you may also lay a grid for yourself. For your healing grid, you may place the crystals around a bed, recliner or even on the floor. Just be sure to lay them out wherever you are going to be most comfortable. On this note, you may decide to make a large grid around the person for a healing session, which would be a temporary grid (a grid which you construct and take down after a period of time). You may also have a longer running need (a more persistent health challenge) for which you might want to create a semi-permanent grid, using something in the center of the grid to represent who the grid is for. The picture is an example of one such grid, I created it when I had pneumonia and wanted the grid to run night and day.

To begin, state your intention to the crystal, see yourself or the person in the grid in their highest light. If you wish, along with assistance from the Crystal People, you can ask for assistance from the Creator, Spirit Guides and Angels. Lay the crystals around the person in whatever way you feel led, and then let the person “cook.” When I say “cook”, imagine letting the person soak in the healing crystal energies and encourage them to see themselves in their most vibrant, healthy state while they relax within the healing grid.

Keep in mind the direction of the energy that is flowing out of your crystal points. Imagine them as arrows, the termination being the arrow point. Whichever direction the arrow is pointing is the direction the energy will flow. Double Terminated crystals flow in both directions. For example: If your grid intention is set to bring in energy and healing energy TO the person, then the crystals in your grid would be best pointed INWARD, toward the person. If, on the other hand, your grid intention is to REMOVE something from the person (pain, etc) your crystals would be best suited pointing AWAY from the person. Often you may find that you want to take something out and bring something in (take away pain and bring in soothing energy), in these cases you may point some of your crystals out (to carry away the pain) and some in (to bring in the soothing energy). You may choose to lay the grid of crystals right on the person, or around their body. If it’s a grid for yourself, it might be easiest to lay them around you so that the ones you have placed don’t fall off as you place more.

photo of detail of grid centerGrids can be used in distant healing, as well. If you have a friend that is in need of healing or protection or positivity or … (fill in the blank), you can make a grid for them where you are. To do this, get a picture of the person, or something which represents them, and put it in the center of the grid. Select your crystals, cleanse and clear them, and program them with the particular intent you have for this grid. Visualize your friend in their highest light, healed and whole in this NOW moment. Ask the crystals to hold that energetic signature for you.

The pattern in which you place the crystals is up to you. You might place them in a starburst pattern, all facing in toward the person if they are in need of energy. You might place them in a starburst pointing out if they are trying to rid themselves of something. You might place them in a circle, arrow point to base for protection. If you have a lot of double terminated points, you could lay them in a starburst around the person so the energy would both flow into and out of them. Follow your inner guidance. There are no rules. These are just suggestions to prime your pump of ideas.

I have also seen very lovely grids which incorporate items along with crystal. I have used feathers (to represent air) in grids created to increase my lung function. I have seen beautiful flowers (beauty/love) and even items such as cinnamon sticks (scent), sage bundles or leaves (cleansing), salt (protection), etc. Use your imagination. There are no rules or limits or right or wrong items to include in your healing grids.

I hope this short post has helped sparked your imagination and that you create a crystal grid for yourself or a loved-one! Next time we’ll discuss crystal gridding for animals and plants.


picture of a personal crystal grid

Genn’s Personal Grid

Permanent grids versus temporary grids are also a determining factor in crystal choice.


In a temporary grid it is ok to use crystals that you might want to use later for something else. For example the ten-inch optically clear Channeler I mentioned in my last post might be perfect for use in a temporary grid. Another example of a temporary grid might be one you place around a person during a healing session. Temporary grids are meant to be set up and worked with for short-term use.


An example of less permanent grids (semi-permanent) would be crystals which line flowerbeds or ring trees. They are probably there at least semi-permanently, unless one moves the flowerbed or decides to re-arrange. Another semi-permanent grid might be on top of your bird’s cage or around the bed of your pet. You might construct these crystal grids with certain crystals, and then adjust as energetic needs change.


You can also make a permanent grid around your house or around your entire property. You may bury the crystal at the corners of your house, under each window, or near the doors. For your property, choose the four corners and space along the fence line if it is big. If you have a large property (many acres of land) you can make a small scale replica and grid that to represent your property. To do this, you would energetically ask each crystal to be present over a specific area. Again, let me hammer this home: Intent is the key. I have a grid built into my bedroom subfloor. This type of grid is obviously meant to be a permanent grid, as it would require tearing up the floor to move or change it. These crystal grids are meant to stay in place, since I’m not moving these grids, they are considered permanent.

Determining which type of grid you are setting up depends on use and placement. Access is the key.

An important thing to take into consideration is how you are personally affected by the energy of crystals, especially where permanent grids are considered. I had a friend who was unable to wear a crystal necklace for long periods because the energy gave her a headache. Being in a room full of crystals made her buzz and react like she’d just ingested a pot of coffee. I am on an even keel with their vibration (we mesh quite nicely), so I have never had this problem; however, it bears mentioning in case you do. If you have this sort of reaction to the higher vibration of crystal, it might not be a good idea to grid your bedroom. Instead, you might choose to grid the kitchen or the living room, but not your sleeping area. I have been living with thousands of crystals in my living space, in my bedroom and closets for coming up on twenty years. I am accustomed to the vibration and fare quite well. This may not be true for you, though, so be cautious of this knowledge when you position your grids, especially if it is a permanent choice, like building them into a room. A semi-permanent or temporary grid can always be moved if it’s making you crazy. If you’ve already placed crystals in a permanent grid and you find they are a little too much, all is not lost. You can touch in with the crystals in your grid and request that they lower their energetic output for you.

You can also layer your grids. You may grid a room, then your house, your plants and trees and then your property. You may also layer energies or intents, for example, a room may be gridded for positivity and your house for protection and the holding of a high vibration.

Stay tuned for more on gridding with crystals. up next, grids for healing purposes.


grid-with-channelersA crystal grid is a layout of crystals placed around a person, (in which you want to affect a change), or a place, (in which you want to maintain a vibration).

You might place a grid around a person for healing or protection. Grids can be placed around a room, a house, or property, for energy amplification, protection, positivity and shielding. Pets and plants may also benefit from crystal grids. Crystals are placed in a specific pattern surrounding the place, person, animal or plant in question.

Programming the crystals is necessary for your grid to work properly. (Click this link for a reminder on how to program a crystal.) You may choose to program them for any of the reasons I mentioned above. Again, the possibilities of uses for crystal grids are as limitless as your ideas, needs and desires.

I’m going to describe a few possibilities, and then you take that knowledge and use your imagination. The sky is the limit !

Intuition is of utmost importance in the process of gridding. If you simply feel, or know, that a particular crystal needs to be facing in a certain direction, or needs to be included in the grid, then by all means, listen to that guidance. You may be receiving it from your Higher Self, a Spirit Guide, or more likely, from the crystal itself. It may be that inner voice whispering, “pssst… hey buddy… pssssst… hey buddy! Put me this way or put me on that corner or put me next to this other guy.” Follow the guidance you are given. You don’t have to know why you are doing it, you don’t have to have this all planned out by degrees and angles and quadrants. Your gut is your best guide; listen to it.

You may select empathic crystals or intact crystals for placement in your grids. There are no rules about which types you must use. I tend to use empathic points and clusters if they are going to be somewhere that I’m not going to see them or have access to them. For example, I have empathic clusters built into the subfloor of my bedroom and buried around the property. The energy is still there and it is a great way to put the less aesthetically “beautiful” crystals to great use. I cringe because all crystal is beautiful and I feel like a skunk implying that this crystal might be more appropriate to put where you aren’t going to see it; that’s not my intent. I do know myself, however, and if I put a ten-inch optically clear channeling crystal in my subfloor, I might wish, at some point, that I had access to it so we could do some different work together. It would be wise to choose a crystal for gridding that you’re not going to want to take a pickaxe to the floor of your bedroom to get to at some later date.

You will need to periodically cleanse and reinforce your grids. I have talked about cleansing in a previous post, click here to refresh your memory. You won’t have to dig up your grid or tear up the floor of your bedroom; you simply touch in and intend that your grid is cleansed. This checking-in also reinforces the connection and keeps the grid running.

Let’s discuss specific ways to make a permanent grid. You can grid a room. If you are as lucky as I was, you might be present when a room is being built; this is when you can place your grid beneath the subfloor, making it much easier to sweep and vacuum later! If you have this beneath-the-floor opportunity, you may choose to place one crystal in each corner, or one right in the center of the room. You can put as many or as few as you want, as large or small as you have. You can use clusters, points or chunks, it doesn’t matter. Intent, as always, is paramount.

There is much more information to share about crystal grids, so stay tuned for more blog posts on gridding crystals. If you have ideas or experiences to share about your own crystal grids, please share!