We’re going to revisit all the quartz types, using some drawings from my Crystal Mandala books (in which I have drawn a mandala of each type of crystal, condensing the information to 4 to 5 items to make remembering easier).

This week we’re going to revisit Barnacle quartz crystals. First, what are Barnacles?

barnacle quartz crystal

Barnacles are small crystals attached to a larger crystal. They almost appear to be glued on. They aren’t penetrating the larger crystal (in which case, they would be called Bridges or Inner Child crystals).

barnacle quartz crystal

barnacle quartz crystal

Barnacles may be large or small. They may appear as thick patches or may be scattered intermittently. Most often, barnacles are located on one plane or only half of the crystal (like moss growing on only one side of a tree). Other times they may appear to be scattered on nearly all sides.

However they are found (small or large, many or few), barnacles on a crystal will signify to you that the crystal on which they are attached most likely has old soul, ancient energy and probably has knowledge to impart. Certainly this is true of all crystals, but crystals with barnacles have an extra emphasis on this type of energy.

I have seen barnacles called “babies” in some descriptions from other sources, however I see babies usually as one or two larger crystals standing at the feet of, or attached to, a crystal with a parental energy.

There might just be a few barnacles on a point, or they might almost completely encrust the point and look like jewels. Almost always, these crystals emit a very Old Soul, ancient feeling.

Here’s an infographic on Barnacle crystals:

barnacle quartz crystal

Metaphysically, the larger crystal is the “Old Soul” and contains the wisdom and trust that attracts the smaller crystals (babies or new souls). I usually find that these Old Soul crystals with barnacles are helpful to us in the way that a loving human grandmother/father or great grandmother/father would be (imagine the Oracle from the Matrix movies). They help us to see things from a wider, deeper, wiser perspective. I think of the description of a crystal with barnacles not so much as a description of the barnacles themselves, but of the energy of the crystal that attracts or grows barnacles.

barnacle quartz crystal

You can find this Barnacle Crystal Mandala in CRYSTAL MANDALAS: (Learn about crystal by COLORING!) Volume 1

CRYSTAL MANDALAS:  Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Barnacle

These are spiral bound books of hand drawn crystal mandalas. Each mandala is an individual 11 x 11 design. The books are all coil bound to lay flat for effortless coloring or studying. There are two copies of each crystal type so you may color one and leave the other in the book as a reference. Learn about crystals as you color!

YIN/YANG QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Yin/Yang ?

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Yin/Yang

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Yin/Yang

The last couple of posts, we have been reviewing Feminine and Masculine crystals. Before we finish the three part series by talking about Yin/Yang (part Masculine, part Feminine) crystals, first a note:

As always, whenever I mention Masculine or Feminine in regard to crystals, people tend to flip their lids! This time was no exception. It would seem that in our societal complex right now, anything to do with “gender” is triggering knee-jerk reactions in people. If you find the use of these terms in relation to quartz crystal offensive, please take a deep breath and allow me to explain.

“Masculine” and “Feminine” are two of nearly FIFTY descriptions of types of quartz crystals. I am simply describing a type (Masculine equals clear, Feminine equals cloudy). These are not terms I made up or assigned to crystals, I am simply explaining names which have been assigned to types of quartz crystals and have been around at least the twenty years I have been doing this.

If you aren’t of the school that believes that crystals are sentient beings (they are) then simply suffice it to say that when someone describes a crystal as physically “Masculine” they are referring to a CLEAR crystal. If they describe it as physically “Feminine” they are referring to a CLOUDY or MILKY crystal. It also bears mentioning that I am talking ONLY about quartz crystals here. Not other types of crystals and gemstones.

So, if you are reading this, and your eye starts to twitch because you think I am assigning gender roles to crystals, I am not…

Physically, we’re talking about clear versus cloudy. That’s it. Energetically, Masculine versus Feminine is another story entirely. It has less to do with how they present physically and more to do with what type of energy with which they present. OK? OK! Moving on!

This blog post will be pretty short and sweet since we have covered both Feminine and Masculine crystals previously. Remember, just as with humans, simply because a crystal presents as Yin/Yang, Feminine or Masculine in appearance “anatomically”, it absolutely DOES NOT mean that it will also be “energetically” Yin/Yang, Feminine or Masculine. This is an important point. Just as with humans, many crystals masculine in appearance (clear) have feminine energy and many crystals feminine in appearance (cloudy) have masculine energy. Still with me?


Some crystals are an equal mix of both Feminine and Masculine, these crystals are called Yin/Yang. Lots of crystals are dense at the base but are more Masculine than Feminine, so these aren’t normally called Yin/Yang. There are also crystals which would be described as a mix of Masculine and Feminine top to bottom (meaning an even distribution of clarity and milkiness throughout. This type isn’t normally called Yin/Yang either. I typically call a crystal Yin/Yang if it is as close to 50/50 as possible (top half masculine/bottom half feminine), or sometimes 40/60 either way as long as there is a really strong area of demarcation where the masculine and feminine meet.

Here is a picture with some examples of Yin/Yang crystals. Notice how clear they are at the top and how milky they are at the bottom and that there is an obvious area where the two meet:

YIN-YANG crystals

So, it’s pretty basic. Yin/Yang crystals are half and half Feminine/Masculine. Not so hard! Basically that’s it for the anatomy lesson!


Feminine = cloudy or milky

Masculine = clear

Yin/Yang = half cloudy and half clear.


Energetically speaking, we’re talking about if a crystal presents with an energy which would be described as Feminine, Masculine or Yin/Yang:

Feminine crystals might help us (both men and women) to get in touch with our feminine nature. They have a soft, yet deep, mysterious energy. Yin in nature, Feminine crystals are intuitive, nurturing and receptive. The energy is more diffuse. If the energy were compared to a light, it would be described as glowing (coming from all directions evenly).

Masculine crystals are helpful when you need to get to the point; they have a sharp and direct energy. Yang in nature, Masculine crystals are more action-oriented and the energy projects rather than recedes. The energy of Masculine crystals is more focused and linear. If its energy were described as a light, it would tend to be a high power flashlight or even a laser pointer (directed out the end in a focused beam).

Knowing that Yin/Yang crystals have an equal measure of masculine to feminine contained in them, they are good for attaining and maintaining balance.


In this set of three blog posts on “anatomy”, we learned that:

  • Feminine crystals are called “cloudy” or “milky”.
  • Masculine crystals are called “clear” or sometimes “water clear”.
  • Yin/Yang crystals are half feminine and half masculine with an obvious area where the two meet.
  • Just because a crystal presents as feminine or masculine doesn’t guarantee that its energy will match its anatomy.
  • Energetically feminine crystals help to connect us with our feminine nature and are have soft mysterious energy and are intuitive, nurturing and receptive.
  • Energetically masculine crystals help you get to the point. Their energy is sharp and direct and they are more action-oriented with projecting energy.
  • Yin/Yang crystals help us to maintain a balance of masculine to feminine traits/energies.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about the anatomy of Feminine, Masculine and Yin/Yang quartz crystals.


call for global meditationTo say the least, this has been a rough time, GLOBALLY. The negative energies have been building and building. Leading up to now; we’ve seen a frightening escalation of war, strife, political discord, division and hate, and now the extreme weather, floods, and fire…

I won’t go on because to do so would be overstating the obvious.

Up until now, I’ve been in a state of angst, not knowing how to help, feeling helpless and useless.

But we AREN’T helpless and it’s time for action. What can we do?


We can all join in and utilize the group meditation effect! You can Google this effect for yourself if you don’t believe it works (it does). It is scientifically proven! Don’t poo-poo this. Our power is great if we band together.

Before you get up in arms and say, “all the woo-woo ‘I’m praying for you’ and ‘I lit a candle’ isn’t helpful”… I agree 100%! Obviously I am not suggesting we ONLY meditate or lend our help energetically.

If you are close enough to lend a hand where it is needed physically, absolutely, do that!  If you have the resources to send money to organizations you trust who can get the funds to the people who need it, do that!  ABSOLUTELY!

On top of these things, what I AM ALSO suggesting is that we use our power and join forces to make a global impact. The “Powers That Be” have convinced us over years of programming that we are not powerful creator beings. WE ARE!  In that light:

CALL TO GLOBAL MEDITATIONI have committed to meditate at the top of every hour, just for a few minutes, fully focused and lending healing, calming energy.

I am visualizing the water dispersing where there is too much, the fires being put out, hurricanes diminishing and flooding eased. The people, animals, plants, trees and land being safe.

Globally. The need is greater than we can individually reach physically with our bodies or monetarily with our donations. Energetically, together we can make a difference!

I liken it to sending Reiki energy to our great Mother and all her inhabitants (including the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water).


It only takes 144,000 of us to lend our energy collectively to make a difference. This is an EASY number to reach!

If #1 you aren’t close enough to physically help and #2 have already donated or simply don’t have enough to donate, then this is something you CAN do. Right now, from the comfort of your own home (or work). It only takes a few minutes. Watching the news and seeing the devastation that they show us and predict is feeding the fire. Instead, see these storms diminishing. See the fires going out. See the people, animals, plants, trees and earth safe and thriving.

Lend a hand physically if you are close. Donate whatever resources you can spare. And then


Please share this and JOIN ME! Do what I have done and set an alarm to go off on the hour. Spend whatever time you can meditating toward this goal. It doesn’t have to be fancy and doesn’t have to take loads of time. I only spend a few minutes, but it is intense and I am fully present. I plan to do this every hour, 9am to 9pm. If we do this across the globe, with our different time zones, the whole 24 hour time period will be well covered.


global meditation

photo credit mother earth journal blogspot

Thank you for all you do!

MASCULINE QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Masculine ?

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Masculine

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Masculine

Last blog post we discussed Feminine quartz crystals, today we’re going to revisit Masculine quartz crystals. As with our discussion of Feminine crystals, we’re talking about what a “Masculine” quartz crystal looks like. In this first part, we’re discussing whether a crystal is called Masculine by features only, not by energy.

In the past I have called this an “anatomy lesson” because basically we’ll be discussing whether a crystal presents physically what has been described as Masculine. (In the next post we’ll revisit Yin/Yang quartz crystals.)

I have described whether a crystal is described as Masculine (e.g. has “man parts”), is described physically as Feminine (e.g. has “lady parts”) or presents physically as Yin/Yang (e.g. as a mix of both). Because it is pretty short and sweet to describe the LOOK of a Masculine crystal, I will also cover the energetic possibilities at the bottom of the post. Remember, just as with humans, simply because a crystal presents a certain way (masculine or feminine) in appearance “anatomically”, it absolutely DOES NOT mean that it will also absolutely be energetically feminine or masculine. This is an important point. Just as with humans, many crystals masculine in appearance have feminine energy and many crystals feminine in appearance have masculine energy.

We’ll start with the physical description of MASCULINE crystals:


Very clear points are described as Masculine. They may be optically clear, or they may have some Fairy Frost (the wispy inclusions inside a crystal). The base of a Masculine crystal may be dense with frost, however if more of the point is clear than cloudy, it is described as Masculine. But as I mentioned above, remember not to have preconceived notions, energetically speaking. Just because a point is Masculine by description doesn’t automatically mean it can only present masculine energy (the same is also true for crystals described as Feminine).

Very clear crystals are often described as “water clear”. Here is a picture with some examples of Masculine crystals which would be described as water clear. Notice how very little Fairy Frost is present, just a few wisps here and there (the crystal in the far left has a Phantom):

masculine crystals

You will find that most crystals are part Feminine and part Masculine, a little bit more of one than the other, but not fully either. These would be described as “mostly Feminine” or “mostly Masculine”. Here’s an example of that:

feminine and masculine

The crystal on the left would be described as “mostly Feminine” and the crystal on the right, “mostly Masculine”. I’ve drawn on the photos to show the areas which are described as Feminine or Masculine. I didn’t mark them as well, but the little dark areas in the crystal on the left (the mostly Feminine crystal) are the Masculine areas, the lighter areas on the crystal on the right (the mostly Masculine crystal) are the Feminine areas.


Now, let’s talk briefly about crystals which present as energetically MasculineWhether or not a crystal presents as Feminine, Masculine or Yin/Yang physically, energetically speaking, here is what you might expect from an energetically Masculine crystal:

Masculine crystals have a sharp and direct energy, and are helpful when you need to get to the point. Yang in nature, Masculine crystals are more action-oriented and the energy projects rather than recedes. The energy of Masculine crystals is more focused and linear. If its energy were described as a light, it would tend to be a high power flashlight or even a laser pointer (directed out the end in a focused beam).


Many people have a preference or are drawn to primarily Masculine, Feminine or even Yin/Yang crystals. You may have a preference that you weren’t aware of. You may tend to gravitate naturally toward one or the other. I personally am more drawn to the look of Masculine crystals and the feel of Feminine crystals! Do you find that you have a preference or that your preference has changed over the years? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

This concludes our discussion of Masculine crystals, next time we will wind up this three-part “anatomy” lesson and talk about Yin/Yang crystals.


Image copyright national Geographic:

photo credit National Geographic

Hello all! I have been ruminating on the upcoming total solar eclipse. It is sure to mean a lot to the United States since it is going right across us (time to step out of our shadow, right, U.S.?), but also certainly important globally. This post has been shifting and squirming in my mind for several days and it is finally deciding it is time to be born into the light… (pun intended)… I don’t know about you, but I have been having some trouble putting my thoughts into words lately. My thoughts are so much bigger than my words that I get tripped up and end up remaining silent instead, since the words just aren’t adequate.

Typically I tend not to say much politically, mainly because there is SO much going on, (not just here, but all over the world) that one couldn’t possibly mention it all… and it all needs mentioning. So much pain and strife, so much suffering, so many dynamics at play. Here in the US we are (still) having a time with hate and bigotry and so much more unspeakable awfulness (the United States has a long history of awfulness). Today in Hot Springs Arkansas, they are having a “gathering” of the KKK and others who were present in Charlottesville Virginia to protest the removal of statues commemorating the confederacy, erected mostly during the times of the Civil Rights Movements. Sending prayers for a peaceful demonstration in Hot Springs today.

Without getting into all of it in detail, suffice it to say that the pain we are seeing, that touches us and our loved ones, that makes us sick in our soul to even think about, much less to experience… all has a purpose and meaning on our paths.

The eclipse is a reminder that all of this pain and discord that we see… all of it… IS us. It is me, and it is you. It isn’t “other”. It isn’t “them”, or “those people over there”. IT IS US. Let that soak in for a minute.

It. Is. Us.

Maybe, since the path of totality of the eclipse is touching all of the United States (U.S.), this is the Universe’s way of giving us a heads up and a reminder that it is US. It is our shadow and must be seen, felt, embraced and released.

My knee-jerk reaction to all of these horrors happening in the world is to scream: “This is not me! I am not this hate and divisiveness, this pain and suffering. This pushing back and snatching and grabbing and yelling, ‘mine!’ This killing, blame and bigotry!” But truth is, it IS me. We are all one. So I AM the “good” AND the “bad”. So what does this mean? I must work to lovingly embrace this shadow side of myself so that it may be more easily released. I must acknowledge it so it may stop screaming for attention.

Photo from:

photo credit

So in light of this rumination, my plans for the eclipse have morphed as I read and learn and study, as I ask for and receive guidance. I have watched my plans go from outer, to inner. In my plans, I see a pulling in, physically, and ultimately spiritually. To explain this, initially, I was going to go out and “watch”. We planned to travel 7 hours to central Missouri to be closer to the path of totality. Then we scaled our plans back and decided to go an hour north and watch with family in Northwest Arkansas. Today I have scaled back even more, and have decided that Monday will instead be a day for INNER contemplation. I’m not sure if I will even go outside. Certainly I won’t be looking at the sun. In reading the shifting of my plans you can see the act of pulling in!

I am viewing this eclipse now as a time for embracing my shadow, my neighbor’s shadow, the world’s shadow. My day will be spent in prayer, in meditation. I will spend the time leading up to and during the actual eclipse embracing the shadow, seeing it as myself and my hidden thoughts and negativities, and then I will see the light, the love and goodness returning to us. Instead of going outside and watching the moon overtake the sun, I plan to be inside, fully expressing, loving, embracing and releasing the shadow, followed by visualizing and envisioning the LIGHT (aka goodness, hope, and LOVE) bursting out.

The Crystal People have been and are working on our behalf, raising vibrations and assisting humanity and the planet. I will be joining them in my meditations Monday. I am sure they will be joining in with us. Be aware of your Crystal Friends. Include them in your thoughts. Thank them for their tireless service!

I have been reading some excellent articles, and I encourage you to follow the links below and read them as well, they may be of benefit. The first is an excerpt written by Sam Littlefair in Two Practices for Times of Tragedy. This article outlines teachings from Tibetan Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön and Zen teacher Bernie Glassman:

Times are difficult globally,” explains Pema. “Awakening is no longer a luxury or an ideal. It’s becoming critical.” Bernie sees practice in a similar light, saying we can use meditation to “get involved in the healing of the earth, in the making whole of the human race.”


The next excerpt is from Everything We Do Matters, But Two Things Are Critical, by Zen teacher and Unitarian Universalist minister James Ishmael regarding the recent events in Charlottesville VA but which applies to cruelties all over the world:

Yes, these are dangerous, dangerous times. There’s a temptation to join those who would just burn it down, hoping that maybe something good might rise from the ashes. But what rises from ashes is usually just dust, and bones, and more ash. We have the capacity to do better.

“We have met the enemy, and he is us. We have met the friend, and he is us. That is the secret that will win the ultimate victory, if anything will. And this is our way. Looking inward, and reaching out a hand and acting. Heart with heart, and hand in hand, we will build a community of hope and possibility.”

We are born out of each other and this world. We live among all things as part, fully a part, with no extra part not of it. And when we fall, we fall together. Intimate.


In conclusion, there are many many people planing global meditations on this day, Monday August 21st, 2017, and as Lightworkers, it is our honor and duty to join in, in whatever way we can. I can’t encourage your participation enough. A quote from the Global Unity Peace Meditation:

By reaching a critical mass of 144,000 people doing this meditation will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.


PS if you need “proof” that the Universe is behind us on this, my eye was drawn to when the last revision of this post was made, which was a completely “random” clicking of the “save draft” button: REVISIONS: Genn, 1 min ago (August 19, 2017 @ 11:11:11)

WOW. We can do this. See you on the other side!


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FEMININE QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Physically, What Makes a Crystal Feminine ?

CRYSTAL MANDALAS:  Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Feminine

CRYSTAL MANDALAS: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystal by Genn John- Feminine (click on image to order book)

Today we’re going to revisit Feminine quartz crystals, with the distinction that we’re talking about what a “Feminine” quartz crystal looks like. We’re discussing whether a crystal is called Feminine by features only, not by energy.

In the past I have called this an “anatomy lesson” because basically we’ll be discussing whether a crystal presents physically what has been described as Feminine. The next two posts we’ll revisit Masculine and Yin/Yang quartz crystals. I have described this is whether a crystal is described as masculine (e.g. has “man parts”), is described physically as feminine (e.g. has “lady parts”) or presents physically as Yin/Yang (e.g. as a mix of both).

Because it is pretty short and sweet to describe the LOOK of a Feminine crystal, I will also cover the energetic possibilities. Remember, just as with humans, simply because a crystal presents as feminine or masculine in appearance “anatomically”, it absolutely DOES NOT mean that it will also be energetically feminine or masculine. This is an important point. Just as with humans, many crystals feminine in appearance have masculine energy and many crystals masculine in appearance have feminine energy.

We’ll start with the physical description of FEMININE crystals:

Feminine crystals are described as “dense” and “milky”. The concentration of density in a Feminine crystal varies from nearly opaque Fairy Frost to solid white, milky quartz. Traditionally, quartz crystals which are white, rather than clear, are called milky. My assumption is that since clear crystals are often described as water clear, then cloudy or densely white quartz crystal is often called milky (because it looks more like milk than water). If you talk to a person who doesn’t ascribe to naming the metaphysical aspects of quartz crystals, if you are looking for a crystal which appears Feminine, you would ask for Milky quartz. Quartz Matrix is milky in appearance, so any chunk of white quartz crystal is called milky quartz. When asking, then, you might end up with a chunk of quartz, so to further specify, you would ask for a Milky quartz point or cluster (group of points).

The presence of tiny air bubbles is what causes quartz to appear milky. The veins of Arkansas crystal are milky, so most (but certainly not all) of the crystal in Arkansas has at least a milky base (if a crystal breaks off above the matrix, there might not be any milky nature or Fairy Frost present. Because of the presence of these teeny (even microscopic) air bubbles, milky quartz can be “softer” or broken more easily than very water clear quartz. Don’t misunderstand, though, it isn’t significantly softer. It tends to break more easily, not so much because it is significantly “softer” but the molecules of air bubbles make fracturing easier.

When talking about crystal matrix, which is most often milky in appearance, it makes me also think of the feminine property of giving life. That the matrix is the base from which the crystals spring (or grow), so it further helps explain why milky crystal is called Feminine.

Here is a picture with some examples of Feminine crystals. Notice how densely white (milky) they are:

feminine crystals

Most crystals are part Feminine and part Masculine, a little bit more of one than the other, but not fully either. These would be described as “mostly Feminine” or “mostly Masculine”. Here’s an example of that:

feminine and masculine

The crystal pictured left is mostly Feminine (cloudy or milky) in appearance, with some Masculine (clear) at the termination and down the left side. The crystal to the right is mostly Masculine (clear), with a Feminine (cloudy or milky) base.

Basically that’s it for the anatomy lesson.

Feminine = cloudy or milky

Now, let’s talk briefly about Feminine crystals energetically. Remember that a clear crystal (Masculine in appearance) might have feminine energy. Just as with people, it’s best not to make assumptions based solely on appearance. For example, I often find this to be true with crystals which have an Isis Face (5 sided face). Whether these crystals with an Isis Face are Feminine or Masculine in appearance they often have a strong feminine energy.

Feminine crystals help us (both men and women) to get in touch with our feminine nature. They have a soft, yet deep, mysterious energy. Yin in nature, Feminine crystals are intuitive, nurturing and receptive. The energy is more diffuse. If the energy were compared to a light, it would be described as glowing (coming from all directions evenly).

In order to work with a Feminine crystal, (provided it is energetically feminine, not just physically) one might choose to meditate with it, enjoying the energy of feminine nature which may present as soft, nurturing, creative, life-giving, or Yin. One might also create a grid out of Feminine crystals to hold the vibration of feminine energy. Jewelry might be made of out of a feminine crystal so that the energy could be carried intimately throughout the day, or a small point kept in a pocket or purse for the same result.

I hope you have enjoyed this discussion about the anatomy (and physiology) of Feminine crystals, next week we’ll revisit Masculine crystals.


Rockwell's kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Rockwell’s kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Today we’re going to discuss the different ways we might work with crystal to increase the vibration of our non-human family (and how they likewise might enjoy these interactions). We’ll talk about cats, dogs, fish, birds, plants and trees…


Cats and dogs react to crystals in different ways. For example, my friend Renee has a bowl of crystals that her cat likes to touch. She said it uses its little paw and moves them gently here to there.

Many people to which I send crystals talk about their cats climbing into the box in which the crystal was shipped. This might not be such a big deal, considering cats and their propensity to sit in random boxes, but they say the cat seems more interested than usual in the crystal boxes. I’m sure they feel the shift in vibration the crystal has created in the space during their travel to their new home.

I have also heard stories from customers who have had their cats and dogs pick the crystal up in their mouths and carry them off after opening their crystal orders. I once visited a friend with a medium sized dog and when I showed him the crystal I had in my pocket, he nuzzled it in my open hand, then grabbed it and ran with it to his bed.

Ody the crystal digger

Ody the crystal digger

Crystals are also great to use for pet therapy for healing, protection and energy. I have rubbed my pets with a crystal, infusing them with both the crystalline energy and Reiki. To keep the energy flowing continuously, I have also sewn crystals onto the collar of my little Chihuahua friend, Ody (the crystal digger), pictured right.

Other than applying a crystal directly to your pet, you can also place crystals in and around pet beds; even in water bowls.

There are some (common sense) things to consider if you decide to use crystals around your beloved pets in their beds or in or near water dishes.

  • Make sure the crystal is large enough that your pet isn’t going to accidentally ingest it, especially larger pets with smaller crystals. Obviously small dogs aren’t as likely to lap up a larger crystal, but it still bears mentioning.
  • If you are using them in or near water bowls, make sure that the crystals are clean of any acid residue that may be present from the cleaning process. If you aren’t 100% sure how clean a crystal is, for safety’s sake, setting the crystal near rather than in the bowl is a better idea.
  • Ensure that the crystal you choose to work with your pet doesn’t have broken or sharp edges that might cut curious licking tongues, sniffing noses or tender paws! Remember pets explore their surroundings with noses and mouths.

Crystals and your plantsBesides working with our crystal friends in a pet’s water dish, consider these other options: What about crystal in our own drinking water, or in the water for our plants or even fish?

Crystals in flower beds

Crystals in flower beds


Both indoor and outdoor plants and trees benefit from crystal. Besides it being a beautiful addition, the increase in vibration helps plants grow and thrive.

You can put crystal into your watering container to charge the water you give your indoor plants.

We also have buried and placed crystal points and chunks around the soil of all our potted plants to help increase their growth and energy.


Clusters placed around the base of trees are helpful energetically; besides being beautiful to look at, the crystals may also draw fairies and elementals!

You may hang crystals in your trees for your own pleasure, to attract fairies and elementals and also for the tree spirit itself. I make mobiles out of wire-wrapped crystals, beads and driftwood and hang them in my trees.


Do you have pet fish?

Crystal can be a beautiful and healthy addition to a fish tank. You need to beware, however, that crystal is often cleaned with acid, making it pretty and rust free. So, if you’re putting crystal into drinking water or into a fish tank, be sure to use crystal that has been cleaned with water only (no acid). In a fish tank, I would even be wary of using soap. Please don’t drop a newly acquired crystal, or cluster, into your fish tank thinking you will be helping your fish with the healing properties of quartz (which would be a great idea) if you are using crystal which may have residual bits of acid on it (which would NOT be a great idea). The same goes for your own drinking water.

If it is a single point that doesn’t have a lot of crevasses, I would think that a crystal previously cleaned in acid would be safe to use if you cleansed it with a brush and rinsed it very well before putting it into your drinking water. However, a better alternative is to place the crystal near, but not into, the water. This is the safest bet, especially where our fish friends are concerned.

Placing a crystal in or near water, especially if you program that crystal for a specific intent, such as health, energy, etc., will help to raise the water’s vibration.

Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo

Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo


Misty the African Grey

Misty the African Grey

If you have birds, crystals can be placed on or near their cage to add calming, higher vibration energy to them.

My cockatoo, Daisy, who is especially high-strung, has a semi-permanent grid on top of her cage. A semi-permanent grid is one which stays in place but is easily moved or rearranged. As a reminder, here is a link to a post on crystal grids.

For Daisy’s grid, I used several different types of stones for various energies. I have some clear quartz chunks to increase vibrations, rose quartz for love, amethyst clusters for calm and polished selenite for angelic and calming energies.


Important to note in all of these crystal applications: Don’t forget to be sure to consider how your particular non-human friend interacts with their environment before introducing a new gemstone into their realm. For example, in Daisy’s crystal grid, I chose polished, rather than raw, selenite, because raw selenite is a very soft stone that chips, flakes and slivers easily. Daisy’s curious beak would be very interested in raw selenite and could be quite dangerous to her. Avoid potential tragedy by being mindful. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.


Remember what I said in previous posts about crystal broadcasting on many different channels in many different languages? It doesn’t just apply to the different ways humans communicate and understand, but also to other beings and how they interact with their world through vibration.

We have determined that crystals help us to access Spirit Guides, Angels and Elementals, as well as to connect with our animal and plant friends. I believe that crystal naturally speaks the language of each of these beings. Think of all the ways crystal might assist and interact with our non-human friends and share the love!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about how we might work with crystals with our beloved pets. Do you have stories to share about your non-human family and how they interact with your Crystal Family? I’d love to hear them. Share your stories below! I’ll leave you with a collage of a few of my furry and feathered family members, past and present:

Beloved pets

Beloved pets


crystal meditationThere are a LOT of different crystal configurations from which to choose. I’m not talking about different KINDS of crystals (such as amethyst, rose quartz, etc) I’m talking about only the different TYPES of clear quartz crystal here. Specifically, the different shapes in which it presents, each with slightly different metaphysical and healing energetic properties. Shapes, such as Barnacle, Bridge, Double Terminated, Extra-Terrestrial, Faden and Growth Interference, just to name a few. I’ve written a series of 4 books with drawings of each type, and in those, I covered forty-six different types. FORTY SIX! And those are just the most commonly found… there are actually a few more!

With that in mind, let’s talk again about how these metaphysical characteristics work. I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating in case you missed the earlier blog posts.

I have been doing a lot of meditating on this, and asked my crystal guide, Venus, for clarity, primarily in how to describe this concept of Metaphysical Descriptions to you. Following is information received from Venus over a period of days, and quoted is where she popped in as I was compiling my thoughts.

VENUS: While the crystal configurations and shapes which have been named by many are a good way to generally categorize these configurations, it can be misleading, because people may think that if a shape or structure implies this or that (via the name or description), that magically, simply by obtaining one of these specially named crystals, the desired outcome will be achieved.

This is not how it works, however, (much like there is no “magic pill” for things such as weight loss). The work must be done on the person’s part, because within this human experience is built in the concept of free will. We (the Crystal People, or even your Guides, Angels, etc for that matter) are not going to cause these changes without your input and full cooperation. We know this would rob you of the fun of playing the game, which is the reason you incarnated!

Imagine for a moment that a CD of the Encyclopedia Britannica was sent via time travel into the past, prior to the time when there was a way to access the information – a time when there were no personal computers. Some people would deny even the remotest possibility that an entire set of encyclopedias could be on this flat shiny disc. Perhaps some of the people know about records and record players, so they are able to entertain at least the possibility that this could be true. They might read the description on the front, and having heard of the encyclopedia Britannica, and by applying what they know about records and record players, their disbelief might be suspended. However, simply suspending this disbelief doesn’t magically grant access to the information on the disc.

Believing that different crystals can magically produce any given result without proper interaction from the user would be as silly as one of the people from the past strapping the disc to his or her head expecting to access the information on the disc.

So, while it IS true that the different metaphysical descriptions can indeed produce the desired result described, the crystal must first be put into use by the “player” to access the potentiality (the “player” in this case is the person wishing for the desired result). To unlock the “magic” of the crystal requires input from the person. The crystal simply helps arrange the puzzle pieces which are already within the user, then it is up to the user to interpret the picture and rearrange it until it suits the desired outcome.

So, without the CD player, computer or boom box, the information on the CD can’t be accessed. I think that is why so many people who really aren’t “into” metaphysics think that people who ARE appear to be a little nuts. Without applying the METAphysical part of the equation, a non-metaphysical person might assume we think that simply obtaining a certain type of crystal will provide the end result. For example, a Time Link to the Future crystal magically catapulting us into the future or a Soulmate crystal presenting us with Prince or Princess Charming without any effort or interaction on our part (which we understand isn’t the case).

VENUS: The translation or application of each metaphysical configuration occurs WITHIN the person. Break it down further and the answer is in the description: META (higher, beyond) PHYSICAL (having to do with material things, things which you can touch, etc). The “magic”, if you will, in these crystals, is beyond the physical. It is the translation of the sound wave into music or the words of a poem into emotion.

soulmateSo, how then, do we actually put this into practice? What if we are looking for a specific crystal and don’t have any idea where to start?

I get this question a lot, and my broad answer is always “go with your gut”. Look at the crystals available to you, see if any of them resonate strongly with you. I always start with the picture (or the physical crystal itself if you are looking in person). If the crystal’s energy grabs me by the picture presented (or the crystal itself), then I will read the description (or look to what “type” it is). Sometimes the description will confirm the reason I am drawn to this particular crystal, other times it is a nice addition but doesn’t necessarily speak to or explain the reason I am drawn to it. Here’s the good news: The reason you are drawn to a crystal isn’t as important as the fact that you were, in fact, drawn to it! For WHATEVER reason. If you are drawn to a crystal, 99% of the time it is the Crystal People speaking to you. Listen!

Faden crystalIf this is just too unstructured for you and you really want more concrete directions, to narrow it down a little bit, sometimes you can reverse engineer your need. Meaning, if you know you are looking to work with a specific energy (let’s pick “Astral Travel” for an example), then you can narrow down the playing field by looking for a crystal which specifically helps with working with this energy. So, in the case of Astral Travel, a Faden Crystal works well.

I can hear you asking, “But how do you get to the place where you know which type is good for what application?” It’s a good question. There is a lot of information out there and it can get confusing! Books, of course, are a handy reference. Not to keep pushing my books, but in the series of Crystal Mandala drawings I made, I intentionally only included, at most, 3 or 4 different things a certain configuration might help with. Most crystal books suggest a long list of 10 to 15 things that each configuration MIGHT help with, (which they absolutely can) but to be honest, my mind shuts down at about number 3 or 4. So when I was just starting out, I often ended my search feeling confused and overwhelmed, which is where I think a lot of you might be at times.

Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals, Volume 1: CATHEDRAL

Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals, Volume 1: CATHEDRAL

In the Crystal Mandala books, which ARE coloring books, (but are NOT meant ONLY for coloring)! I painstakingly created a mandala for each of the 46 different types of quartz crystal metaphysical configurations. Here’s a good definition of what a Mandala actually is from the “A mandala is… An integrated structure organized around a unifying center creating unity.” and “Flowers, the rings found in tree trunks and the spiraling outward and inward of a snail’s shell all reflect the primal mandala pattern. Wherever a center is found radiating outward and inward, there is wholeness–a mandala.” In these Crystal Mandalas, I have drawn a representative example of each type of configuration and minimized your work by condensing the information specific to each type.

If, after #1 “going with your gut”, or #2 “referring to books or other written information” you are STILL not having any luck in picking out just the right crystal for your specific need, and if you feel too overwhelmed even trying, one other way you might select a crystal is to ask a person who has intuitive ability for their help – most especially someone who has the ability to speak with the Crystal People on your behalf. I do this in what I call my Ask Genn offering. I go to the Crystal People with your specific need in mind and the proper crystal will present. In the Ask Genn, I go even further by diagramming your crystal, writing down the characteristics specific to that crystal, and also give a reading, much like a tarot reading, from that crystal. I will write a blog post on this soon.

So, in a nutshell, there are actually as many ways to select your crystal as there are people doing the selecting, but three simple ways suggested here, are to:

  1. GO WITH YOUR GUT and choose the crystal to which you are drawn (whatever the reason!)
  2. REFER TO BOOKS, blog posts or other written information
  3. CONSULT WITH SOMEONE who may intuitively select a crystal or crystals on your behalf, preferably someone who is experienced in speaking with the Crystal People

Hopefully this has helped clarify any confusion or questions you may have had about how exactly we expect these different metaphysical properties to apply to how we work with our Crystal Friends. If you have questions or comments, please share them below. I am always willing to listen, happy to answer and interested in hearing about your experiences! The main thing to remember is however you choose your Crystal Friend, you can NEVER go wrong! Until next time, have fun in the selection process!


111 Little Bear Trail, Hot Springs, AR front of house

111 Little Bear Trail, Hot Springs, AR front of house

*AMENDMENT 8/1/2017

This lovely home has been adopted by a nice guy from Pocahontas 😀 but feel free to read and enjoy the pictures!




Are you considering a move or looking for a vacation home near the historic city of Hot Springs and in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas? We have your solution!

This blog post is a departure from the norm. While it is about crystal (the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas), it is also a personal offering. My partner is selling her home in Hot Springs National Park.

It has been described as “a peaceful wooded haven nestled at the base of a mountain and graced with a creek and abundant wildlife”. That is an accurate description! It was bought as a distressed property and has been extensively updated from the sub-flooring up. A large deck overlooking a wooded area and creek is perfect for summer barbecues and quiet contemplation.

Among the extras are 2 storage buildings, a 2 car carport and two leveled areas perfect for placing large workshops with electricity. It is just 7.7 miles from downtown Hot Springs and a scenic drive from several crystal mines. Crystal has been found naturally occurring on the land (!!) and has also been lovingly situated around the house, in the flower beds and elsewhere on the property.

If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you would like more specifics! Here’s a handy list:

  • 3 bedroom, 2 bath
  • 3 acre, 1,352 square ft home
  • ample storage closets
  • spacious, inviting, sunny kitchen with 4 walls of storage and cabinet space
    • upper and lower surround cupboards
    • plenty of working countertop area
    • stove (electric), refrigerator and dishwasher
    • garbage disposal
  • sliding glass doors in dining room open out onto the back deck
  • washer and dryer
  • central heat and air
  • all new improvements, including:
    • beautiful cork flooring in dining room
    • new duct work throughout
    • plumbing lines (still under warranty) with all new shut-off valves and access doors
  • well water
  • raised garden area set up
  • new electric service pole and new wires from transformer
  • extended deck overlooking creek and wooded area
  • fruit trees (4 peach, 3 fig)
  • landscaping with trees, bushes and flowers (including iris, peonies, roses, clematis)
  • 2 out-building storage units, empty and ready for your treasures
  • 2 car carport
  • wooded, secluded area close enough to the city for convenience
  • bountiful wildlife
  • 3 acres, survey on file
  • tree-lined drive
  • located in Hot Springs National Park
  • Priced to sell at just $99,900

Here are some images of the outside of the house, the back deck and the creek:

Outside of house, back deck and creek

Outside of house, back deck and creek

Here are some images of the inside of the house. There aren’t pictures of all of the rooms, but it is a representative sample:

Inside of house

Inside of house

Here are some more outside pictures of the flowers, creek and a visiting turtle!

111 Little Bear Trail: Flowers, creek and turtle

111 Little Bear Trail: Flowers, creek and turtle

If this sounds like your dream home, drop me an email at and I will answer any questions you might have! If you’re wondering why we are choosing to sell, it is because I need to stay where I am, to be near family. It’s a wonderful home, and we love it, so we are looking for someone to love it as much as we do. We’ve seen fairies in the peach tree and the orb pictures taken here are awe inspiring.

ORBS and PLASMA 111 Little Bear Trail

ORBS and ECTOPLASM: 111 Little Bear Trail

ORBS (contrast lightened) 111 Little Bear Trail

ORBS (contrast lightened) 111 Little Bear Trail

It’s a magical place. If you have ever wanted to live in the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas, in a secluded wooded area, close enough to town to be convenient, and an easy drive to all the working Arkansas crystal mines, this is your opportunity. Don’t miss out! Email me today:


I’ve had several questions about specifics on the property, here is a link to the last time the house was listed, on Zillow. The difference in the price now and the last listed price is because the two large workshops shown in the pictures aren’t offered with the property anymore. But you can see the taxes, school district and other information in the old listing. You might find it helpful.

If you have more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to answer to the best of my knowledge!


display and enjoy your crystalsFirst, what is a Lightworker? Lightworkers are healers, masters and servants of humanity who have contracted to come back at this time, when we know we can be of the most service. We come in all shapes and sizes, with many different skill sets and areas of expertise, with the common goal of service; service to mankind, service to the Earth and all of her many inhabitants. To be sure, it’s not an easy task for which we have signed up. While many of us have had difficult life experiences as part of our path, our learning, it has all been a necessary part of the greater plan.

We are beginning to awaken to our purpose now, during this time of great change, as the new era begins. It is both a scary and exciting time we are in. Soul contracts, both individual and as a group, are what we are playing out. Look to your fellow Lightworkers, take their hands and know that together we can do anything!

According to the Maya, Hopi and other indigenous peoples, with tradition passed on from generation to generation, this is the end of a cycle 28 thousand years long. This knowledge and these stories have been passed, hand to hand, not unlike the continuity of knowledge within the Crystal People.

While humankind has not spanned the eons encompassed by the life of the crystals, we have lived well into the thousands of lifetimes. Most of humanity’s knowledge, however, is broken up as memories that have been made, and forgotten, over and over again, but our souls have not forgotten. Humanity’s collective consciousness has held this knowledge safe for all of us. It is into this that we are tapping during the birth of this new era.

With the help of our Crystal Friends, Angels and Guides, we will raise our vibrations as the vibration of the planet increases as She ascends. It is our responsibility to help increase and then to help maintain the increased vibration that will be required for a successful completion of this cycle, thereby leading into the beginning of the next. By working with our personal crystals, and connecting with crystals still deep within the earth, we can assist this vibratory increase.

It has been a time of increasing turmoil, fear and uncertainty, globally; and we’re being fed a daily diet of the same from the mainstream media. I’m intentionally not mentioning specific events or people, because there are so many horrible things in the news (happening daily) I couldn’t possibly list them all (just as there are that many good things happening, on both the small scale and large). If you haven’t already, I suggest taking (at least) a daily break from the fear conditioning, and if you are already doing this, consider re-doubling your efforts. I suggest, instead, spending some time meditating, enjoying nature or communing with your Crystal Friends. I don’t mean adopt a “Pollyanna” attitude and ignore what is happening politically and globally, but I do suggest balancing the time spent. It’s good to remind ourselves that there is a LOT more good going on than bad.

So much turmoil and sadness seems to be bubbling to the surface, like the baking soda and vinegar volcanoes of our youth… just as with the science project volcanoes, as long as we stop adding ingredients, the bubbling will slow and, finally, cease. I’m working on not adding vinegar to the soda wounds which seem to be opened daily. I am told we are burning off a lot of karma and working through (and thus releasing) old patterns which no longer serve. So, during these times, look to the good, and more importantly, send love to those who seem impossibly hard to love right now. They need it.